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on June 22, 2008
This product does one set of tasks and does it very well - transfer the analog audio signal from LP or Cassette player into digital signal, edit it to reduce noise (called "Clicks and Pops" in the product lingo), and convert it into a Wave file which you can transfer to iPod or burn into a CD. The only issue I have is that the resulting Wave files usually are HUGE (300-400MB for one side of cassette). I had to buy and use another software to convert Wave files into MP3 files (~60% smaller) and store away the old Wave files to save hard disk space. I wish this product software can allow me to get the final files in MP3 format or other formats that have smaller file size than Wave.
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on March 23, 2008
Product is excellent. Some helpful tips. If phonograph needs a preamp get a good one. One preamp was noisy with low frequency hum. Using the preamp from receiver/amp was too noisy. A good preamp provided excellent results. No noise on silent grooves. First record attempt was on a laptop with excellent results. Second attempt was on a desktop. Recordings resulted in occasional sound skips. May be due to USB problems in the computer which instructions discuss. Instructions are excellent. Software very good. Recording process is slow since records have to be played at actual speed.
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VINE VOICEon April 26, 2009
[...]. I was very excited initially, to convert 100+ professionally mixed 90 minute cassettes from the days that I owned a chain of dance clubs. I have always worried about them deteriorating since there are many cuts that were from artists in both rock and r&B, which are totally inaccessible today. I suspect from the many 5 star reviews that this might be a good product but my experience was extremely frustrating. I am pretty electronically savvy and have been using PC's since 1993. Plugged Inport Deluxe into my USB port on a Dell laptop running Vista (high powered system with 4 gig of RAM and plenty of horsepower). At any rate, the user manual is confusing, incomplete, and not in synch with Vista. During set up, several of the screen prompts that they said I would see, with the expected drop down menus in Vista, were not accurate in the "manage audio devices". Xitel was "out to lunch", telling you what to enable and disable. Vista has Sigmatel Hi Def Audio Codec speaker drivers and when asked to disable the speakers Xitel listed something totally different. So I just ignored the discrepancy and moved on through the setup instructions. I spent 4 hours trying to figure this system out, due to the discrepancies. It is not intuitive at all, so you just go with the flow and hope it works.

I was finally able to download a 90 minute cassette, but then it was a real chore trying to find the darned thing on the laptop. I always had to go into the "Find" C:\Cassettes, which was the file name I gave the folder in which I was going to store all my downloads. There is no way to create a shortcut from LPRecorder and LPRipper so that you can access them from your desktop. You have to keep going into the Start menu "All Programs" every time you want to use Inport. After I burned the cassette to my hard drive, I discovered that my soundcard was disabled (forever). Xitel hijacked my system and would not give it back to me. When I went back into Control Panel /"Hardware and Sound" /Manage Audio soundcard speaker system had disappeared. It did not show up at all, in order to allow me to re-enable it so that I could listen to what I had just downloaded. After an hour of trying to recover my soundcard I got frustrated and un-installed all three of the Xitel programs. But even then I had no sound so I had to do a complete system Restore from a week earlier to get my system back to where it was before Xitel jacked it up. Unfortunately lost a few things that I had done in the meantime.

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on January 13, 2013
I use the method of taking my vinyl record audio right out of the headphone jack of my amplifier, into the INport Deluxe converter, and feeding into my laptop computer via USB cable. You get total control of the volume being recorded by the software that way, and it means that you can take audio from ANY source that comes through your amplifier and make a copy of it. So, I can feed audio output from my AR turntable, and also my cassette deck, too.

Although the instruction manual is written better than most, it still lacks all the detail and clarity it should have! It really hasn't been updated since Microsoft Vista, and there are a some slight differences you need to know about for Windows 7. You'll have to browse those up on the internet because they aren't included in the owner's manual. I compared my kit with that a friend of mine got a few years ago, before the release of Windows 7, and everything was identical except that my instruction manual is about one inch larger (same text).

Pay very close attention to how you name your files in "Music", and how you route files for recording, and, editing. The various sections of software are separate, and although they are compatible, they don't "talk" to each other. You've got to be certain that each part of the software knows exactly which file-set you want to work with, and WHERE it's going to go when you've modified/edited/cleaned it. The "source" and "target" software doesn't change automatically, so you have to monitor that very closely. What I'm saying is, don't take anything regarding files or file names for granted!

I'm not trying to say anything bad about the software, which works very, very well -- but you are going to have a bit of a learning curve that will be made more frustrating if you don't pay close attention to where you put files, and what you use them for, and where you send a "finished" file.

Example: When I made a copy of my "Beggars Banquet" album, I piped it into a file I called Beggars Banquet, raw. When I modified it, cleaned it up, and divided up the tracks, I "targeted" that to a totally different folder I called Beggars Banquet, finished. The "de-clicker", "de-popper" works exceptionally well, and even provides different intensities of "cleaning". Result: my 40-year old records sounded almost totally brand new! And, no, it's not a "filter". It's more sophisticated than that, and it is effortless and automatic to use, once you know what you're doing.

To make my CD copies, I used Nero 9, but you can use many different "burning" softwares. It is very easy and doesn't need any "ripping" because everything is created by the INport Deluxe software initially as WMA files, and those get picked up immediately by Nero 9 and burned right onto blank CD's with no extra modification at all.

Manage your files, learn to "ride" this "bicycle" with a little patience, and you'll master it soon enough. Oh, and arrange your work area so that it is EASY to handle the records, the turntable, the computer, the cabling, etc. I hooked everything up in a corner where I can reach everything from my chair and that makes life a lot easier.

Hey, it's a very good product, and it works consistently well -- and, the price is very reasonable, too. Good luck!
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on April 14, 2008
This product IS amazingly easy to use, and extremely versatile. You can save a little money buying a different interface, but you'll spend a lot more time trying to get things to sound as good. This is actually acceptable for making semi-professional digital copies of garage-band quality tapes. I was recently asked by the members of a band I once engineered to help them get their materials on line, and I was able to use this with almost no attention, right out of the box. It was so easy I returned the fee they paid me--it was worth it just to hear some of that crazy music again!

It also has a pop/click-removing piece of software; it is made for the savage pops of vinyl; it isn't as good with the clicks that you might have on old 1/2 inch tape due to magnetic build up, but it still does something. At the same time, I miss some of the imperfections of the old analog sound. I'm not one of those snobs who can tell what is lost in digital (though of course I CAN tell the loss of fidelity due to an mp3 format). But the hiss of tape added something comforting in the background; it was like ambient music as a background FOR music. And we didn't appreciate it. But the pops I can do without. And so can you with this excellent product. In a few minutes you'll be up and running. [43]
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2009
Having tried several stream recorders to convert my cassettes to digital,
with mixed results at best, I have to say that Xitel INport Deluxe, Works!
When I first received it, I set it up only to find (to my dismay) that
I could not hear anything coming from my speakers, I referred back to the
manual, checked several customer reviews (they do help)figured out what I
was doing wrong, and then once I found a headphone jack with RCA female
plug-ins I was go to good, within 2 hours I had 3 cassettes recorded,split
and stored in my external drive, the sound quality is great, I'm converting
18 year old cassettes (some even older than that)no tape hiss! I haven't
converted them to MP3 yet, but as WAV files they do sound good.
It's any easy product to install,configure and use, the manual explains
everything clearly, step by step, INport really is a godsend to anyone
archiving their analog recordings.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 26, 2012

My husband bought this a couple years ago, and he has put many tapes onto cd's. It works very good, does take time though. I have over 400 cassettes, so this item will keep me busy for a loooonnng time. I will have to buy hundreds of cdR's. My hubs paid 85.00 for it, so this price is a steal almost.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2007
I purchased this for my father for his birthday. The overall idea of the program is wonderful, he has been a longtime musician and is now able to record and save all of the music he's written and performed from tape to CD. However, the program is not very user friendly. He was having some problems starting up and installing, and there really was no clear explanation of what to do. After he had figured it out he went to work on saving all of his music from tape to CD, and all of his old records from record to CD. What a great idea!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2008
It's a great product. Best advice is to really read the manual, understand what's expected of you and practice several times using a non-scratched album. Usually, when you have a problem, it's operator error. Xitel has excellent tech support also. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually fun listening to the old one's while you work. Good Luck! It's driving my wife crazy.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2011
Based on the many positive reviews on this site I ordered xitech inport deluxe and have just spent all day fiddling with the program to no avail. The software pretty much stops with Windows Vista platforms and I had to surf for fixes to settings to resolve issues with sound. I finally contacted the manufacturer via e-mail and received a prompt response. This version is not windows 7 ready but they offer a new version 10.1 for purchase three ways: download only, download plus cd and mailed cd. For purchasers of this product, there is a special upgrade offer but that may only be available through the support group and not through the home page. I downloaded the fix and the mailed cd will follow. This version has been tested by the provider and is said to run very well (as this version of the product does on earlier windows platforms.) Support is helpful. Now I need to purchase a phono pre-amp, as other reviewers have noted, since I won't want to move my amp and phono into the library where I have my computer system.

I did the pre-amp purchase and the new version works fine! I went with the Amazon-reviewed TC750. With everything hooked up, I noticed that listening to the record play while sending it to 'lp recorder' does not give a 'true' equalization of the records produced sound. Users should not worry but should wait to play back the file through Windows Media Player. The sound is fine. On this version, I do not notice any popping, turntable rumble or record static. Perhaps the cleanup steps in the earlier software have been automatically done in this version. I'm not the most rapid of intuitive computer users but, like learning to ride a bicycle, once you know how things seem very logical.
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