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on April 27, 2013
EDIT (2013-04-30):
I just found out that if I am charging this bluetooth receiver at the same time that I am streaming music, the device gets too warm and cuts off the audio. This happens through a 12v car charger. I tried using different plugs in my car; one in my dash and one on my console. I also swapped charging cables and used both my Belkin 12v-to-USB adapter and Scoche adapter. In either case, within two minutes of my car turning on, the audio fades out while I'm streaming music. If I unplug the USB charger, the audio immediately snaps back to full volume. After two to three minutes of use (charging + streaming), the device gets incredibly hot to the touch. I have initiated an return in order to send this product back for a refund.


First the positive notes:

The device is smaller than I expected. It reconnects to my iPhone 5 nearly instantly when it turns on, so I don't think I'll have to worry about fixing pairing issues.

Now the negatives:

1) The package comes with the device, a micro-usb cable for recharging the built-in battery, and a 3.5mm jack female-to-female adapter. The adapter was completely broken on the inside; I could not plug in my Bluetooth or headphone into either side of it. It made a "crunch" sound, and inserted off-center.

2) The sound is best described as "tinny". Unlike other Bluetooth streaming devices from Motorola or JBL, this one completely cuts the bass out. Only the frequencies reserved for treble is passed through. Cranking the EQ on your computer or car will only end up making the "booming" midtone sounds, but it will still lack bass.

3) There's extreme compression on any audio, to the point that it sounds like an FM transmitter rather than a Bluetooth connection. I used to own a Bluetooth ver. 1 device (Bluetooth is up to its 4th revision now), and it sounds on-par with that 1st generation from nearly a decade ago.

I connected the Bluetooth to my car and my computer as the input, and streamed from a Samsung tablet and an iPhone. Any combination of testing yeilds the same result. The device is either defective, or it doesn't work as advertised.

It may seem harsh, but I will give this item a one-star rating. Although it works, I must say it doesn't work "as advertised" since cutting out 80% of an audio frequency significantly changes the tone of a musical piece that a customer will attempt to stream over this wireless connection. This is not a device that should be used for audio streaming unless you are fine with having the same audio quality as an FM transmitter (with substantially less bass).
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on March 14, 2013
Comes with a USB cord charger and a coupler, which is intended to connect non-bluetooth headphones to the receiver (connect coupler to end of headphone cord; connect receiver to coupler to allow for a bluetooth connection to/from headphones and a smartphone/tablet). I don't use the coupler that way. Instead I use the coupler to extend the reach of the receiver: plugged a short cable to the AUX port in my car, which is hidden in the console, connected the coupler to the end of the cable, then plugged the xtreme receiver into that. That way, I can close the console with the the receiver sticking out a bit, which I think improves the bluetooth reception between the receiver and my phone. Sounds great. Best to turn the volume on the phone all the way up and then adjust volume via car stereo.

Runs about 8-10 hours on a single charge and can be charged in car using included cable.

My only quibble is sometimes it takes more than 1 try for my phone to connect with the receiver, but otherwise, it works pretty flawlessly. UPDATE: As the instructions advise, to get it into connect mode, press and hold button for 4 seconds; after second series of beeps, it's ready to connect to your device. If you let go of the button after the first series of beeps, it's on, but not ready to connect. Also, it does not connect automatically, but really, it's a 5-10 second process to connect, so for me, this is not a big deal.

Minimal manual, but it's pretty straightforward to use so I can't imagine anything more comprehensive is necessary.

In sum, a very affordable way to convert the AUX port in my car to Bluetooth.
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on May 30, 2013
So in quest to get music through bluetooth, I ordered this through Grupon. I have one bluetooth audio receiver from Logitech for my home speakers and it works fabulous. I ordered this to get the same result for my car. At the end of the day, I was totally disappointed by the performance. Totally cuts the bass from the music. As soon as I connected my phone through cable, it was perfect. I am returning this tomorrow morning.

I would say spend a few bucks more, go for Belkin (If you have aux port near to the charger. I don't, Mercedes gives it in the glove box.) So now I am considering either Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headphones or Samsung HM3000.
If anyone has any suggestion, let me know.
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on July 19, 2013
Convenient and no extra cable hanging out (when not charging) but the sound is on the thin side like one of the other reviews mentioned.
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on February 11, 2014
This does exactly what it is supposed to do. Other reviewers of this product note that there is an absence of bass, frankly that has not been my experience. The sound quality I've experienced using this receiveris very good, and it connects to my phone immediately after I turn the receiver on. I was so impressed with how well it worked in my Prius, I bought a second one to use in my work truck.
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on September 28, 2013
I have only 1 complaint about this product, for whatever reason when it is plugged into an AUX port for either speakers or into your car's head unit, the volume in the bluetooth transferred audio from your phone to whatever the Xtreme 51901 is plugged into is lowered. I purchased two of these (one through groupon for $15 including shipping, and one from Amazon for $23 including shipping), both of these BT streamers I purchased are great and I would have given it a 5 star rating but for whatever reason the audio us reduced in the bluetooth streaming process by (a guestimate) of around 20-25%, which sucks for the one I keep in my house; I connected it to my speakers I use with my iPhone as an alarm and the volume is reduced enough that with the speakers at full volume I sometime dont wake up to it the first time but 4-10x after it first goes off. The one in my car is the same way as far as audio reduction but it's an easy fix because the head unit I use has a "Loud" feature that makes volume 10 of 40 sound like 20 of 40 when that feature is off; so it's virtually unnoticeable in my car. Either way I would recommend it to those that are looking for some way of streaming audio bluetooth, for the price its completely worth it!
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on September 26, 2013
I travel a lot for work in rental cars and love to listen to music on my phone or Pandora. I used to use a cable to go from my phone to the Aux in jack in the car. This eliminates the cable. When going from rental to rental, having the GPS cable and Phone charger cable it is nice to not have the Aux in cable as well.

I use a Garmin GPS with Bluetooth to do hands free and the Bluetooth connection of this unit for music. When a call comes in, the music mutes and I can talk on the phone. This happens automatically. Once the call is done, the music picks up again.

I use an iPhone 4S (What the company gave me), however it should work the same way with any modern SMART Phone.

Regarding frequency response, that is what you have an equalizer for.
To those "Music Snobs" that claim it is lacking this or that, GET REAL!!! You are in a car, the listening space with the worst acoustics!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, wire free connection to an aux in for the car or boom box, get it.
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on July 14, 2013
I was really up in the air about buying this because of the number of people saying the sound quality was bad. I'm glad I decided to go ahead with it! Works fantastic! My car has the aux jack in the glovebox so it's a real pain to play music from my iPhone or iPad. This device makes me wireless. It pairs up easily the first time and you don't have to do it again. When I want to use it I just turn it on and it reconnects. Just used it all day on a road trip to Chicago and it lasted the whole trip. The sound quality was just as good as if i had connected with a wire. I would recommend
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on August 10, 2013
After the first charge and pairing I listened to my iPhone music through the car for no more than 4 hours. It then stopped working. I recharged and tried to pair it again with my iPhone with no success. Don't waste your money on this device.
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on August 6, 2013
We use this on our old school garage radio. Its easy to use and the battery life isn't bad. Was relatively cheap too so I'd recommend it. Solid build quality and the soft touch finish feels nice.
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