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on October 18, 2013
 This tablet was given to me as a gift. This is a great tablet, if you are looking for a low cost tablet. I really love the design of this tablet. It fits nice while holding it with one hand. This tablet is running android 4.1. Web Browsing on this tablet is prefect as well as checking emails. When it comes to watching videos; I wouldn't recommend using the speakers. I would use headphones, the speakers are not the best on this tablet. This tablet comes with lots of preloads apps that are beneficial. I like how the tablet comes with a micro SD card slot. The battery life of this tablet is impressive, I was able to get 4 days of use out of this tablet.

*Cheap and affordable
*A fast tablet processor as well.
*Great for web browsing.
*Easy to travel with.

If you move the screen it becomes hard to see from different angels.

Overall I think this is a great tablet. I recommend this tablet.
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on November 6, 2013
Very good for the price. I have a many tablets, because I write apps and like to test them out on different platforms. First thing I noticed is that the price is very reasonable. Its the first good tablet under $100 that I have found. Second it runs on Android 4.1, which means there are many apps available for it. The nice thing about this tablet versus other tablets of comparable price is that you have access to google play. Other tablets under $100 will not allow you onto google play and "force" you to use there apps which are few and expensive. This tablet is nice you do have access to google play and hence to lots of apps. The dual core gives it good speed. If I had to compare the performace of this tablet with a more expensive one it would be comparable to ipad two.
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on December 14, 2013
I purchased this for my child for her birthday gift. I was hesitant buying this item because of all the negative reviews I read and being that I am not tech savvy, I was unsure it would do the things I wanted it to do but It was very easy to figure out! I was so proud of myself when I connected it to my wi-fi (which I had no clue how to do). It has the same set up as my Android phone so I was familiar with it. My daughter is 5, she can operate this tablet as good as I can. It serves the purpose I wanted it for...she can take pictures, watch netflix and youtube, and play games on it. I'm sure you can do more, but that's all I wanted it for. She even knows how to download games herself (Free one's only). Thankfully a password is required before she can purchase games. It also came with the film screen protector over it. The charger is tiny but I have never had issues with charging it, opposed to some of the comments I read. I've had it for over a month and have had no issues. I don't know the exact battery life, but it lasts long enough for her to play games and watch videos for an entire day.
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on April 6, 2014
tablet is great! and so was the customer service when my screen cracked and no one else was able to fix it,dragon touch sent me a brand new one! 5 stars all the way!
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on December 3, 2013
This was a well thought out purchase. I knew what I wanted when I purchased it and I did my research. I wanted an entry level android tablet. I have an android mini pc and know a lot about how to mod Android so the next step was to find a cheap tablet and get used to it before getting something like a galaxy or a nexus.

So there are a few things I would suggest people take into consideration before purchasing this product.
For me this tablet was a really good buy, at $79.00 it was what I needed to work into using a tablet more often. There are some other things that were a factor.


The mini HDMI port is a really nice feature. I hooked it up to my big screen, and did get the full resolution which was really nice and impressive for such a little guy (you tube, hulu and netflix all looked nice).
The dual core processor is a step above anything else you can get for 79$ (ish).
The micro USB was also a nice touch and can be used in a variety of ways.
The standard screen resolution was higher than most of the models in the price range. (1024 x 600) And while it does not touch the quality of retina displays it is still nice on this little device.
While browsing is not screaming fast It does seem to browse the internet at pretty good speeds.
Sound is alright on the speaker (not great) but the head phone sound is much better (another reason the HDMI is a nice touch).
It is nice to have a TF card slot (Micro SD) and it can take up to 32 GB, but this is nothing too special for this type of device- keep in mind android has some limitations, for instance depending on the version it might be much harder to store your apps on the TF card.
The g sensor is standard and the touch capabilities of the screen seem to work well (once again this is not an ipad).
The wi-fi is standard, nothing special for me.
The front and back cameras are nice, but a fair shot from great.
The device it’s self is light weight and has nice dimensions for a mid-size tablet it seems to be fairly durable.
Lastly the arrival was prompt for me, it was free shipping through Amazon prime and it came on time. The box was nice and well packaged and the cord and charger were in the box with the instructions.


Here is where the device lost the star- the biggest issue I had with this device is the battery could be better- I can get 3-4 hours of use at a time. Almost a week of standby / moderate use, However it seems to charge fast.
The second thing that I must point out is that the screen, although the resolution is not too bad for the size, is not glass. It also discolors if you are looking from extreme angles and has moderate glare in lighting. It is harder to see outside.
The speaker on the device could use some improvement- I don’t use it I use head phones anyway.
Although durable, I would not give this to children under 10.


Most likely one of the best you can get for 79$ (ish). It is solid value for the price, it does function, great for email, Netflix / hulu, light gaming works well, internet use is good, Google play has all the apps you could need. I like this device and consider it something worth what I paid for. However, If you are a tech savvy person with more money to spend- you know what you want, and coming for a tech back ground myself this device will not impress you too much, or disappoint you too much either.

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on October 14, 2013
My primary benefit from this product was to have a light and dependable device to use for my catalogs because I am an independant distributor. This device will store all of your data (buy a micro SD card if necessary) and allow you to view the contents on the fly.

This is an android device,

When first opening the product, the manufacturer cannot be any more clear about allowing the device to charge for about 12 hours before it's first use. There is practically no setup after charging it, turn the device on, then search through the media folder to remove the pictures and videos used to test the device before shipping it to you. Some consumers mistake these contents for recieving an old used product.

Installing Adobe PDF reader allowed me to utilize the device for it's initial purpose. Large pdf files need just a little time to preload before you start flipping through the contents or you will slow the process down. Music and videos play with no lag if you dont start it right away.

Browsing the internet on wifi gives me no problems. You can download apps as easy as you download them to your phone.

It is very important to understand this device is not meant for multitasking, decide what you want it to do and close all other applications or you will experience some lag. It does one specific thing at a time without any problems. Including video games.

The battery life is minimal, I have not tried to test it's limit but I have had the device on standby with the screen off for days and still had battery when I remembered to plug it back in. Very good for turning on before meeting many clients and just using standbye during the time in between them so you do not need to constantly restart the device. It is jsut the push of a button.

I have had Ipad and other tablet owners who payed a hundred or two for their device express that they are impressed with it after I tell them it's price.
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on January 8, 2014
I'am retired and do a lot of camping mainly in the national forest campgrounds so i don't have wifi ,I have to go to restaurants where there is free wifi and it's so much easier to carry this tablet then a big cumbersome laptop It's also the first android system I've had and I really like it .
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on December 10, 2013
OK Tablet users. I know, cheapo tablet. but I love this thing. The dual-core processor runs apps nicely although it is a fairly slow browser. The micro SD slot means you can have all the storage you really need. I bought this tablet just to fool around with tablets and assuming I would hate it. I've liked this so much that I am going to go back to the same manufacturer and get their new 4-core version or the 9.7", 4-core version that has the retina display (at half the price of the name brand retina with similar specs)

The bad:
The screen has decent resolution head on (and can pump 1080p via the micro hdmi port - which is nice to have). But you have to be head on to the screen. Minor gripe, but with new things coming out with really good screens you need to know this a retina display.

Wonky power button - you press..hold....release....and then....wait......wait......and maybe it comes on. Maybe you have to do it again. Annoying.

It ships with the cell radio **ON** which kills the battery life. You'll instantly improve your battery life by going under the battery, cell radio and setting it to airplane mode (you'll need to turn the WiFi back on after). The Cell Radio can only be used if you have a 3G dongle attached to connect to cell service so why do they ship it with the battery killer on?

battery life even with the above is pretty skimpy and some apps really eat the power. You'll want to install an app killer and run with a minimum things open.

The good:
Really everything else. The picture is good. I love being able to pump good quality movies onto any TV with an HDMI via a cable. The sound quality is - bearing in mind it's a tablet - better than decent (and very good via the headphone jack). The dual core gives snappy performance and it is a multi-touch screen. I like using a stylus with this, but it's pretty darn responsive. It comes with google play and Android 4.1 -so you've got tons and tons of apps at your finger-tips. The cell radio is on board, so you can get a cheap 3G dongle (one that will hold your SIM) and you can use the thing anywhere you have cell service. The MicroSD slot really ought to be included on all boxes, it vastly expands what you can do with a tablet. The dual cameras are good for what you'd use a tablet camera four generally - skype, quicky snaps and so on.
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on January 26, 2014
Haven't had any problems they sent what I ordered. And it arrived on time. I enjoy this item. I recommend this device to anyone.
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on June 26, 2014
We purchased 3 of these tablets, and within a few months all three had malfunctioned. Tablet Express customer service reps were unhelpful, and one of them was actually rude.

The first one that went bad, Tablet Express after some back-and-forth agreed to "repair" it, and they emailed us a prepaid shipping label. When we got the tablet back, it had not been repaired, and still had the same problem (charger cable port loose, tablet won't charge). So, we sent it back to Tablet Express again.

This time they sent us what looked like a new tablet -- at least, it wasn't the same one we'd returned. But it developed a different problem -- as did the other two -- the download queue would jam, and the only "solution" offered by Tablet Express was to do a hard reset -- thereby deleting everything on the tablet, and then spending the time to reload it, only to have the download queue instantly jam again.

Tablet Express refused to take the tablets back. We were glad we had purchased the SquareTrade one-year warranty on all three of the tablets from Amazon at the time of purchase. Going through the process of filing the claims for the second and third warranties turned out to be a long, slow, frustrating process -- involving another snide customer service rep, and SquareTrade's refusal to abide by the Contact Seller feature here at Amazon (they insist on conducting claim files over the phone, which means nobody except they have a record of what was actually said) -- but finally a few days ago all the claims were processed and we've been reimbursed for all three of the tablets.

Note to parents/guardians: These tablets have a short battery life, get really hot to the hands while in use, and have no -- as in zero -- parental controls.

Very disappointed with the Tablet Express Company, their tablets, and their customer service. Not thrilled with SquareTrade either but at least they finally did come through.
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