Customer Reviews: Yamaha BD-S673 Blu-ray Player
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on October 10, 2012
I am a Yamaha brand loyalist, with multiple Yamaha musical instruments and stereo components. This player however is prone to erratic behavior, freezes and unresponsiveness. Netflix streaming inexplicably failed after 2 days, returning repeatedly to the home screen without explanation. Two calls to tech support failed to diagnose or correct the problem, and the technicians acknowledged it must be a problem with the unit. Even DVD/CD playback is unpredictable. I returned one to be certain the problem was not a defective unit, but the problems persisted on the second. Avoid this player.
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on October 13, 2012
This was a total surprise. The picture quality was superb, even 3D!. I tested this unit with a Sony 40" backlit LED and also a Samsung 40" 3D Backlit LED and there was no appreciable difference. (The newer Samsung was a lot sharper with better contrast and color).

I also have an Oppo BDP 93 Blu Ray player ($700+) and I was amazed that this unit was so close in quality.

I only have one criticism and that is with some of the apps, particularly Netflix, work OK but don't display properly.

Big plus is you can control it using your iPhone or iPad.


Unfortunately this Yamaha is on it's way back to Amazon!
Blu Ray still works beautifully, as does YouTube. Load times are now ridiculously long. It now takes between 3-4 minutes just to turn on or off. Sometimes it won't turn off at all!

Netflix crashes every time it starts loading content. I just ordered another Sony Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (Black) which performs flawlessly and cost considerably less.

I have reduced rating from 5* to 2* as 3D /Blu Ray is still excellent. I now agree with previous review. Leave this one alone.
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on November 4, 2012
Being an avid Yamaha fan, I deliberately ignored the negative reviews since most of the deficiency seemed to be software related which can be addressed via software upgrade. So I bought the machine and waited a month for it to be shipped. Although a nicely looking piece of equipment, it is very difficult to work with. Even powering up and down is a challenge! I quickly upgraded the firmware to the 1.52, hoping that the problems will "magically" go away. Alas, all the issues continued to exist. I am not kidding when I say powering the machine is nothing short of a cold reboot, ie. press the On button for 5 seconds, release, press the On button again, watch the "Hello" message appears, then watch it say "Bye", and finally press the On again!

The only nice thing I can say about the blu-ray player is the image quality is perfect, but this is not the reason to keep the machine. I have ordered a Sony BDP-S590 and am returning this junk.
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on November 13, 2012
I also have been an avid Yamaha fan for 20 years. I purchsed this product and have it running through my Yamaha RX-V573 Receiver which I am impressed with. I have it plugged into the receiver via HDMI cable and everything looks gorgeous i.e (blu-ray, streaming video, netflix). The main issue I have is the freezing problem. This player will just freeze at Hello or at any point and it is very inconsistant. I can have it working for a few days and then all the sudden it just freezes. And like other reviews, you have to cold boot it in order for it to come back. I installed a powerstip right next to the player, just for this purpose.

I have contacted Yamaha Support to ask when they expect to have a recall or an update to the software (currently ver. 152), but they currently have no intention on making any changes to the product unless they get more feedback like what is shown here at amazon. They did say they would esculate it. I realized this is a new product and it will take people time to post, but please do.

I am currently working with the system configuration to see if I can narrow it down and be able to give Support an exact setup so that they can test it and get the same result. Maybe you guys can also update your posts with your setups, but it sounds like many of you have sent the unit back.

A couple days ago I turned off HDMI Control on the unit and have not had it freeze yet. I will update this post once I know more.

On another note, its very frustrating that a ton of cable companies have not updated their cable boxes to allow for HDMI switching. This is not Yamaha's fault, but still very frustating. This just means that when you switch from one channel to another channel that has a differerent resolution, i.e, 720, 1080, Non HD etc., you may loose picture. The only work around is to manually set your cable box to display one resolution so that it doesnt switch. Most HD cable boxes use 720 and that works for me for now.

Anyway, more to come....

Update: It froze yesterday on the word "MENU" showing on the display. It had been sitting idle at the media menu for about an hour until I tried to play a blu ray disc, but couldnt get the tray to eject because of the freeze. The day before that it wouldnt power on until I held down the power button for the required 5 seconds for a reset which is basically the same as unplugging it and plugging it back in.

The good news is that it will power on 100% of the time after a reset. :) I just hope Yamaha sends out an update to fix it soon. The procedure for sending it in to Yamaha to get it fixed, is bascially, you send it in, they work on it for an X number of days and either fix it or send you a new one which unfortunately will have the same problem until they issue a recall for defective hardware (This will never happen) or have a way to fix it via firmware update.

Conclusion: Stay away until Yamaha recognizes the issue and fixes it.
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on November 30, 2012
I have owned many Yamaha products through the years and looked forward to another great product from them. However that was not to be. From the very first time I powered up this system it would not play Blu-ray disc - simply locked up after the initial read - I tried several disc but none would play - Updated to the latest firmware - called Yamaha customer support - nothing worked - after reading several other reviews with the same issue I decided to return this item and purchase a Sony BDP-S750.

The biggest pisser in this whole thing is that I took a $55.19 hit to return this item back to Amazon (restocking fee) - plus $12.91 shipping fee - all for being 4 days outside of my 30 day return window for an item that never worked. My bad I guess for not being mindful of the policy. So if you do decide to give this player or any other item a try be sure to return within your 30 day window.
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on November 3, 2012
I purchased this item before reading the reviews. I noticed that all the reviews were bad, even on other websites. I thought maybe people where over reacting to the products capabilities, but I was wrong. I received the player yesterday and hooked it up but didn't use it until that night. When I turned it on the settings menu came up and the grammar was off and words were misspelled. This was a little disturbing but no big deal. I inserted a blueray disc and the player locked up. I had to power down and up to get it working again. After that it took around 30 to 45 seconds to load the disc. I am sending this junk back. It is a nice looking piece but we want to watch movies, not the player.
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on June 19, 2014
This machine began malfunctioning almost from the start, often freezing and needing to be unplugged and plugged back in repeatedly in order for it to work at all. Finally, a few weeks before the warranty expired, it began locking up every time I tried to use Netflix.

When I sent it back to Yamaha with a detailed description of the problem, the good folks there returned the unit unrepaired and with no note of explanation.

Not only is this player a dog among dogs, a piece of junk, but Yamaha's response to this real problem ends my relationship with them. Too bad. I've been buying everything from pianos to record players from Yamaha for years.

Stay away from this failed product, and, if my experience with a warranty claim is any indicator, stay away from today's Yamaha.
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on February 14, 2013
the player wont turn off, wont turn on, freezes, and stops suddenly while trying to watch netflix. I love Yamaha but wouldnt get this player.
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on January 14, 2014
a few weeks ago I accidentally bought a blu-ray dvd movie that was a region 2 dvd movie. I really wanted to watch this movie on my tv so that is why I bought this player. I downloaded the upgrade and changed the set up menu and it says it will not play due to region code. I have heard that while the player is turned off, your supposed to use the key pad and press the number 2 for a different region code before turning it on, but that didn't work for me..
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on January 24, 2014
This device is entirely unreliable.

1. When you power it on, it powers off again. Solution - hit power again, make cup of tea.

2. It freeze randomly at "HELLO" or "HOME". Solution - remove plug, reinsert, go to step one above, press power twice. Make cup of tea

3. It can take up to 90 seconds to open the disk tray. Solution - hit eject, make cup of tea

4. It can take 3 minutes to start a blu ray disk. Solution - perform steps 1-3, make another cup of tea.

5. DLNA streaming from a wired network device is, how to put it, unreliable, like the previous operations. When it can find a device on the network (1 in 3 times), it will randomly freeze navigating the menus, after which, if you have been lucky enough to start some content, it will stop at some random time. This adds to the excitement of not knowing how much of a show you will get to see, but by now, I've had 6 cups of tea and don't really want another. Oh and it will freeze the unit show STOP on the display, requiring the plug to physically removed from the wall and you recommence at step 1.

6. Finally, for no reason, this device created a network storm of IP traffic, enough to saturate my entire 1GB/s local network and shutdown all other traffic. After an hour isolating devices, I thought, surely, it can't be the BLU RAY player. It's not doing anything, just sitting at HELLO. Well, Hello alright. Unplug the Yamaha, and network comes alive again.

I notice that I'm not alone with these issues.

It's just a shame I didn't see these reviews until after I purchased this unit.

I'd be keen to hear from someone at Yamaha about these problems.
I'd even be prepared to make them a cup of tea - as I've gotten pretty good at this.

Oh - there is one positive - the box is a nice theatre room black.
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