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Style Name: EZ-220 Keyboard|Change
Price:$159.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on October 3, 2012
This is my first keyboard, but it's obvious that Yamaha has perfected the entry level keyboard. It comes programmed with 100 songs with lighted keys to help guide you through them all. All of the 100 songs are in the song book as well. You can chose to play the right hand only, left hand only, or both hands.

There are 3 modes - I love the implementation and the choices for how I can go about learning a song.
1. Listen and Learn: listen to the song and you can watch the key lights/follow along in the song book.
2. Timing: the lighted keys show up for the selected hand without sound, while the sound comes through for the unselected hand. Useful for learning one hand of a song independently.
3. Waiting: the keyboard shows the lighted key, and waits for you to play it.

I also connected the keyboard to my laptop via a USB cable that wasn't provided. No more need for an extra $30 USB to MIDI converter to use Synthesia. Everything works after configuring the keyboard in the Synthesia software. The keys light up with the notes and the music comes through the keyboard speakers/headphone jack.

My main gripe is the useless junk from World Tour that is packaged with the keyboard. The headphones are horrid - I'm using my own headphones with a 1/4 inch jack. The stand is also unusable because it doesn't fit the keyboard, and it gives just enough when you push to never want to place the keyboard on top of the thing. I'm using my desk for now... The wall plug works, but it could be longer.

My advice is to buy the EZ-220 without the extras, get a compatible wall plug, and get a decent keyboard stand.

In short: Keyboard is great, works fully with Synthesia via USB, quality fails on the World Tour items.
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on February 28, 2013
I bought the EZ-220 keyboard because of one clever feature: When you select one of 100 pre-loaded songs to play, the keyboard keys light up in the song's note order.

And when the keyboard is in the "Waiting" mode, the lit key waits for you to play it. Then the light moves on to the next note. It is a great learning tool for beginners.

But here's the problem. When you select one of those 100 songs to play, you automatically get a loud background accompaniment: horns, drums, harps, etc. Some people may find that nice, but I found it VERY distracting.

When I am learning to play a song, I just want to hear - and concentrate on - the notes I'm playing. I don't want to hear horns, drums, and harps also.

I emailed Yamaha about this, and asked if this distracting background music could be turned off. Their answer was no.

So I'm returning this product. If anyone knows of a good keyboard with waiting lit keys, but without any mandatory background music, please let me know.

UPDATE: The Casio LK 280 keyboard also has the waiting lit key feature. The Casio's pre-loaded songs also have background music, but this music CAN be turned off. If you want the details, please see my review of the LK 280.
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on October 5, 2012

The Keyboard is awesome and worth for the money.
Good for the beginners.

The package is not worth it. means the Keyboard is good.
The world tour stand never going to fit for your keyboard.
So whoever wants to buy keyboard just buy the keyboard alone not with this crap worldtour stand bundle.
If you buy with this stand, the stand will help to dry your wet clothes under sun and not for your keyboard.

Finally, Yamaha Keyboard EZ220 keyboard is nice with the sound and the voices and the built in songs and the lights which will help the beginners to learn your favourite songs.
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on March 14, 2014
Got this for my daughter and it is easy. Good keyboard, the lights help learning, but in the very small non-lit screen, you can actually show the hands and which fingers you need to use, but.... it's simply too small to see, even for the kids, let alone be able to see it and play at the same time. This needed to be larger and lit and the keyboard could really help you learn. The screen is hard to read at all times, because it needed to be lit with more contrast!

Even so, I have to tell you for kids to watch and play with these lights, it's a treat and I wouldn't recommend another for kids. Even my son that doesn't play can follow the keys and actually learned a few songs. well Worth it!!

I had a music store for 15 years and this was the one product for children starting piano that I always recommended since it came out and I got it for our daughter.

Pricing is in the range of $125-145 and for the bundle set, which I bought, be prepared to be in the range of $170-$199.

Hope this helps:)
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on October 12, 2013
I replaced a Casio equivalent keyboard with this one and am very glad I did. This keyboard sounds better and has many levels of touch sensitivity. The Equivalent Casio was not touch sensitive and the more expensive version only had two levels of touch. You absolutely need a multi-level touch sensitive keyboard. Anything else is just a cheap toy.

The songs are far better composed on the Yamaha than the Casio and the yamaha is easier to use. The Casio had an annoying voice that was awkward to disable every time you turned the keyboard on. The voice especially annoyed my daughter - and she's only 3! It's her keyboard and she loves it. It's incredible to watch her pressing all the correct notes for a song - even multiple notes at the same time. I've also learned to play Fur Elise in just a few days practice. This is a song I've wanted to play for years!

The Yamaha has a better LCD display that instructs which fingers to use. It would be a great feature if the keys could like up different colors for left and right hands or somehow indicate which fingers to use to press them.

The page turning iPad app is a nice addition and was easy to set up. It would be better if it highlighted to note on the page that matches the lit-up key.

The stand is perfectly adequate - I've own professional stands and while this isn't live-performance touring quality, it's fine for the home. The headphones aren't too bad either.

The main reason why I don't give 5 stars is that the keys feel cheap - which is a real shame because everything else is higher quality than other keyboards at this price.
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on February 4, 2015
Love this keyboard! Just purchased it and already know I'll be spending a lot of time on it. I used to take lessons but stopped and wanted to get back to it. The main reason I purchased this keyboard was for the learning mode, that lights the individual keys you need to play. I almost didn't buy it because of one review I read that said when in the learn mode you couldn't turn off the annoying background music. I found however that you CAN. You turn the "song" volume down to zero and that effectively mutes the background music.

This keyboard is perfect for me, the beginner,and was in my price range, not wanting to spend to much. The headphones that come with it are adequate but definitely not something I would buy on their own. However they come with the big jack you need to plug into the back and it's detachable from the headphones, so I can use different ones. The stand works but I agree with a few reviews that it isn't that stable. Probably not best for high energy kids, but it seems fine for calm steady playing. Several reviews mentioned their stand did not come with screws, I wonder if it's possible they overlooked them. This stand didn't have the screws in a separate bag as I am used to seeing, they were instead already screwed into the holes. It was a little annoying to unscrew all of them and then attach the poles, but it worked.

The Power cord that arrived with my keyboard was fromYamaha and works well. The keyboard itself is a thrill, there's something really cool about being able to play full classical pieces in the learn mode. It reminds me slightly of playing guitar hero. It has 100 songs and 392 "voices" (sound effects) some of the sound effects are repeats fyi. The only thing I wish it had was a lit display screen, that would come in handy. For the price though I think it's worth it. I Would definetely recommend this keyboard to a friend. Worth it.
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on September 2, 2015
The keyboard is amazing for the price and perfect for my 9yr old just learning to play. I did see the reviews regarding the stand and hoped it was just a fluke. Turns out that the stand mine came with was definitely the wrong stand for this keyboard and using it would be a very bad idea as the keyboard could easily fall off. So, I searched Amazon for the right stand and called up customer service. Jose S was extremely helpful and figured out a way for me to get the right stand at a net zero cost to me by giving me a discount/refund on my original purchase that included the wrong stand. I did make a recommendation that Amazon review this bundle and fix it to include the right stand, but I thought I would also include this information in a review to help others that may be having the same issue. The wrong stand I received in the bundle is World Tour Model WOR SXKS which only allows the keyboard to rest on top of it = bad idea. The CORRECT STAND IS WORLD TOUR MODEL WOR YXKS which fits perfectly on the keyboard and has screw knobs that screw into holes under the keyboard to correctly secure it to the stand = the way it should be. Hopefully Amazon will remedy the bundle so others can avoid the hassle and frustration, but if not call and explain this information to get the correct stand!
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on December 18, 2012
** Please be aware that the keyboard does NOT fit the stand! It can still sit ON the stand without a problem, but you can't anchor it in. So if you'll be using this keyboard in a situation on stage or standing with a lot of movement, you'll need to find a way to attach it properly, or simply get a proper stand. I already knew this from other reviews before purchasing but knew from experience that I could still set the keyboard on the stand well enough for my purposes.***

I got this keyboard as a gift for my partner who has never really touched a piano before but wanted to learn how to play. This system is great for beginner practice! The grand piano sounds is good, and although the keys are not weighted they are touch-sensitive, so when you hit the keys harder the sound is louder, similar to a real piano. There are a multitude of different instruments that are great to play around with but serve no real purpose at the moment. The built-in metronome is a great help. I thought it would be useless, but it has turned out to be an asset in helping maintain constant rhythm while doing scales.

We haven't started using the pre-programmed songs or the lighted keys for learning, but upon my own short test of this feature, it seems like it might be relatively useless. The lighted keys are a cool idea though - I just don't know if we'll use them for a long time. The iPad app works well, but again it's usefulness might be limited. I already have sheet music for beginners and I thought the iPad app would be provide more versatility than just digitized sheet music with an auto-page turn feature (it uses the iPad mic to determine where you are in the song, and turns the page for you.)

So this keyboard does exactly what I expected for the price. I don't know if intermediate players will like it because it has all the typical issues with cheaper keyboards (plastic non-weighted keys that click if you touch them too hard, for example). But if you have a beginner in the house and you really don't want to spend a lot on a good electric or real piano, this is a good place to start!

Oh, and we don't use the headphones so I can't comment on those...
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on February 8, 2016
Great keyboard and headphones. My daughter has loved learning to play with the pre-installed songs and light up keys. You are able to change the tempo of the songs and learn at a slower pace when first beginning and then move up to faster and more difficult songs as you progress. Comes with song book that goes along with the installed songs. Headphones are great and fit nice. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the stand does not actually go with the keyboard. The keyboard has indention's on the bottom of it so that it will fit snugly and secure onto a stand. However there is no way to make this stand fit into the slots. It's a nice stand but it was obviously not made to go with this keyboard. The keyboard only sits on top of it and could very easily slide off. I would think that if you are going to sell all of these items as a bundle that all the parts would go together, this is not the case with this bundle. It is still a great keyboard but I am thinking we are going to have to purchase a different stand.
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on December 25, 2015
ORIGINAL REVIEW: Unfortunately when we went to open this to set it up for our son on Christmas Eve night we found 9 keyboard stands only in the box. What a devastating disappointment as this was our 8 year old's big Santa gift (and reasonably his last "Santa" year.") Lots of tears involved to say the least and no time to come up with a better solution as everything was closed for Christmas. A valuable lesson on our the box when it arrives, although I'm not sure we would have had time to receive a second one. The box was so heavy we just assumed.... To make matters worse his other gift we had shipped from Amazon came broken with missing pieces which of course isn't related to this review, but just a rough day all around. I'll update my review once we have the keyboard in hand, but what a shame.

UPDATED: We did receive the keyboard which we are happy with BUT ironically the stand that came with the keyboard is different from the 9 stands sent previously and it doesn't fit the keyboard. We should have kept one of the other stands, maybe it would have worked. Hmmph
review image
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