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on January 21, 2010
I originally chose this product for someone else, who tasked me to find a great bookcase stereo to give as a gift. I ordered it and received it within two days via Amazon Prime. I installed and tested it on Christmas Day. It truly exceeded my expectations in every way. Very attractive layout and veneer, intuitive controls, solid feel, great sound quality. I tested the radio first, then the CD player, then the iPod dock. In all three cases, the performance was very impressive for such a small system. I would compare this very favorably to the Bose system that gets so much advertising. I've listened to that system in several peoples' homes and although it's a good system, I feel the sound quality and appearance of this Yamaha system is superior.

I liked it so much that I immediately ordered a system for our home. I ordered the green color for my friend, but I went with red for our home. It's beautiful and looks very sharp. My wife and I both have iPhones, and we use this system to play our music libraries. It comes with a remote control, which is in itself a very nice little unit. Flawless performance and function. I really have nothing negative to say about this system. It is priced very fairly for its performance, build quality, and appearance. I see another reviewer commented that the speakers cannot be placed adjacent to the unit due to heat buildup. I don't get this at all. The unit never gets hot, and the speakers are placed exactly as shown in the product photographs, that is to say "attached" to the main unit. There are zero issues with heat. I love this little system and I'm sure anyone who takes the chance on one without physically seeing one in the store will be delighted. Anyone have any comments on their experiences or questions, feel free to leave a comment.
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on July 5, 2010
I wish I could rate this unit separately based on sound quality and functionality. Sound quality would be a definite five star, but a tad of a design/functionality flaw I'd rate it 3.

The sound quality of the unit is absolutely amazing! Such a tiny thing producing such awsome sound! One of the nice things about it is that you can move the speakers away from the unit. This way the stereo sound is even more enjoyable, and more pronounced. It has a very nice, deep bass, and clear highs. However, you can customize it to your liking, because it has adjustable, bass, treble, and balance controls. You can also dim the display panel - if you wish.

It stores 30 FM preset radio stations. Comes with an FM wire antenna that you can conveniently plug in at the back of the unit. It does not have AM reception - in case you wonder.

As you prolly read from the details by now, it plays MP3 and WMA sounds/music from CD-R/CD-RW discs, USB flash drives, iPhone/iTouch/iPods, and from an external/portable source. Unfortunately it does not read songs/MP3s stored on DVDs only CD-R/CD-RWs. If you plug in an iTouch/iPod, you can navigate it via the remote control. Eg, you can scroll the songs up/down, you can navigate outside/inside to a different folder/category/play list etc. The LCD display can display the playing time, remaining time, artist name, song name, album name.

It does have an alarm that you can set to wake up to your iPod/iPhone/iTouch, CD, radio or USB drive. It also have a sleep function.

Now here is the bad part, or should I say, inconvenient part. When you turn the unit off, it does not display ANYTHING on its display panel. It means that if you have set an alarm you will not know it because you'll be staring at a blank display. If you have an alarm set and the unit is ON, it will display an indicator that you have a timer set. Also, if the unit is off, it does not display the time either. As a matter of fact, even if the unit is on, it only displays the time when you hold the "DISPLAY" button on the remote for 2 seconds, and even then, the time will be displayed for only a second or two, and then it will switch back to display info about the currently playing media. So this is a disappointing reality.

I think this is the only thing about this unit that is annoying. If the unit incorporates a wake up timer and a sleep timer function (not to mention a clock), why on earth I am not able to see it or have it displayed when the unit is off!? This design flaw is a definite three star (or less)!

(Also just as a comment, you can use it only on one voltage setting. Eg, if you bought it in the states (110V) but plan to move or use it in Europe for whatever reason (220V) it won't work.)

Otherwise it's a great little unit that provides very good sound quality.
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on December 11, 2010
I am a very enthusiastic, experienced, audiophile, having listened to and owned numerous audio systems over the course of many years. I purchased the Yamaha MCR-040 on 12/02/10. It was delivered on 12/08/10, ahead of schedule. I bought it without listening to it, (could not find a dealer in my area that had a demo to hear). I made this decision based on expert and new owner reviews. I have never done this before! I always listen to audio products before I purchase them. However, when I opened the nicely packaged box, a beautiful, well made unit was revealed (I chose Dark blue). It was easy to set up. It's feature laden with a CD player, Fm radio (30 presets), Apple ipod dock, USB input, mini jack for portables and a credit card size fully functional remote, and more. But the main reason I buy any audio system is the sound quality. This unit has a surprising high level of sound quality! The sound is clear, with crisp highs, clean vocals and the absolute best bass response for the price I have ever heard (listening to a high quality CD)!!! As a comparison, several years ago I bought a Bose Wave radio/CD player for my daughter ($500.00). I'm not knocking Bose, they make high quality products. But for $258.00 (that I paid) about half the price of the Bose, the Yamaha MCR-040 equals the overall sound quality of the Bose and delivers much better bass. If you purchase the Yamaha MCR-040, You won't regret it, You will love it, even if you don't listen to it first.
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on February 18, 2011
The sound is O.K., I did have a little higher expectations for something that cost this much. The case is solid and it feels well built. The problem I had was this unit is this: it would just completely shut itself off after about an hour of playing. I could restart it without a problem, but then after about an hour it would shut itself off again. I am pretty tech savvy and yes I checked the sleep timer/etc. I emailed Yamaha directly and explained the problem, their tech guy emailed back and said it sounded like a short somewhere.

I contacted Amazon and it was just over the 30 day return policy (I just didn't have time to mess with it), but I had emailed Yamaha prior to the 30 days being up for their advice on the issue. So, amazon was gracious enough to do an exchange for me. Amazon Customer Service has been great! Thanks Amazon... Hope I have better luck with the new unit. If the new unit works, I might move my review up a star or two...

**UPDATE** Well I got my new unit and was happily playing pandora on my ipod touch and after about an hour... bang, the unit shut itself off again all on it's own. I could easily turn it back on with the remote, but of course had to do hands on to restart pandora and again after a time, bang the unit shut itself off again. This is a little annoying... Well, I am going to return this unit and look for something else. I wish this unit worked because it is just a hassle to run around, find a box, pack and return an item, but I don't really have a choice...
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on November 19, 2010
No mistake, this is a very petite bookshelf system, proportioned like a single audio component. Amazon's Product Details shows the outside proportions of the box it ships in.

Unpacked it's actually:
17" wide
4" high
12" deep

It's loud, has good range and strong bass. You can separate the speakers with the long wires included for a better picture. CDs sound great on it, and FM radio. An iPod sounds OK too. FM stations were easy to set up. This had to replace a great stereo system I lost in a move, and it suits me perfectly. I can put it on a bookshelf and forget about it, use the handy remote. With the remote you can switch almost instantly between sources. The design is Dieter Rams-inspired, atomic-retro and very crisp. It complements Jonathan Ive's Apple iPod designs beautifully. It looks like a laboratory audio instrument, not a playback unit. A little bit clinical, industrial and way cool. The design restraint, attention to detail and usability is excellent - the best of Japanese industrial production.
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on May 27, 2011
I purchased this as I wanted to "downsize" from my old full size component system. To be honest, it was hard to believe the positive reviews about it's sound quality and I was preparing myself to be disappointed upon it's arrival. Boy, was I wrong. Out of the box it was clear that this was a very well put together little system, very solid in build, and very attractive in appearance. After the quick set up I was very pleasantly surprised by the sound. Bass was ample and tight, with none of the "boominess" that I had expected. The mids and highs are crisp and clean too. After experimenting I settled on placing speakers on my existing speaker stands (approximately 4' apart)and critically listened to each of the input options... CD, iPod and USB, and I was pretty blown away by the fullness of the sound of this system. CD sound was wonderful on jazz, rock, classical and electronic music. The iPod dock worked like a charm and the sound from the 256 bit rate files was very nice indeed. I then plugged a memory stick into the unit and listened to the same music, same bit rate, and was equally impressed. The FM reception was fine...on a par with other units I've listened to. But since I mainly listen to Pandora via iPod it's not an important part of why I purchased the system.
I did find one unexplainable quirk. Some of the music files on the USB device did not want to play (MP3) even though the scrolling read-out recognized them. After spending some time over the next few days "re-converting" the files I was able to get them to play with no further problem.
There are a few things Yamaha could improve on. The remote has a rather cheap look and feel to it for such a nice unit (although it functions just fine). Also, it would be nice to have some sort of fast search option for the USB input. Right now you have to scroll through folders one at a time via the remote which can be time consuming and somewhat frustrating depending on the number of items on the drive.
Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it to someone looking for very good sound from a unique little system.

NOTE: For those with a vinyl collection. The system works well using a "pre-amped" turntable (line out into "portable" input). I've got my Vestax Handy Trax plugged in and it works great.
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on September 20, 2011
I very rarely return items to stores, but with this Yamaha micro system I made an exception. I recieved the product from Amazon quickly
as usual. The system itself was of very good quality, nothing cheap about this unit. The quality of sound puts Bose to shame. Very good
highs, mid range and bass. The problem that I had was with the remote. The remote is about the size of a credit card and has about
a dozen buttons on it. You have to operate the remote with your fingernail practically. I could hardly read the remote, relatively difficult to preset FM stations. You can't change FM stations except by remote, lose the remote, or it dies, you don't change stations. I called Yamaha and confirmed this, and I packed it up to ship
back. Yamaha should spend a couple more dollars on a decent remote and make the reciever a little more user friendly. Other than these
two issues, a very good quality system, just not for me.
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on December 13, 2011
I've had a problem with my Bose wave system ($450.00). Shortly after the warranty expired,
I started having problems with the functioning of the CD player. I would place a CD in the
player and it may or may not play. After trying to deal with the Bose service department and
the cost of repair, I started looking at other systems. I was very hesitant to spend another
$450.00 on a Bose system.
I found the Yamaha MCR-040 and after reading the reviews, decided to purchase the
Yamaha. Much cheaper than the Bose system. Right out of the box I played a Chopin CD
and an Oscar Peterson CD. It was like taking ear plugs out of my ears. I was extremely
pleased with the quality of the sound for such a small system. I've had the system for a very
short amount of time and haven't made any adjustments but if all remains at such a quality,
I will purchase additional units for our guest room and my studio.
Expensive is not always better . . .
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on January 30, 2010
I have been looking for a mini sysytem for my home office for months. I looked at Cambridge and Bose and while researching ran across the Yamaha Micro. I have the Bose 321 system for my flat screen but I wanted something portable, sounds full and rich and looks good. The Yamaha hit all three. The sound from this system is fantastic..good base, treble and it does not sound tinny. I am glad I purchased this system...besides I love the Orange and it has button controls as well as a remote....bonus!!!!!1 I recommend!!!!!
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on January 14, 2011
Nice little stereo. Be sure to check dimensions, speakers are deep and will not sit upon some bookcases, fireplace mantel, ect. Also, NO INPUTS on back of unit. (a glaring omission)
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