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on September 1, 2013
After reading reviews on at least 4-6 different shelf stereos, I decided to buy the Yamaha MCR-232BL Micro Component System. I am very happy with my decision and thankful to other reviewers who helped in my purchase decision.

My Wishlist:
1. CD Player (with AM/FM Tuner) - I hate listening to compressed digital audio, MP3s, etc. I own an iPod Touch but I like to listen to my CDs and am not a 'jukebox' listener. I enjoy listening to entire albums from start to finish.
2. Small footprint - I was looking to replace an old Compact (yet bulky) stereo system from the early 2000s that included a tape deck, and wanted a stereo which would fit any of the shelves in my book case (open back) and blend in with the books.
3. High quality non plastic build and components - I used a Yamaha that belonged to a friend and was quite impressed with the superior build quality and the clean, rich sound it produced.
4. Inexpensive - My budget was $300 for a shelf stereo and I purchased my unit from Amazon Warehouse, so it was a little cheaper than a brand new unit, albeit, in just as good condition and in its original packaging, nothing missing and some of the components had never been opened.

Here's a short list of things I like and dislike:

1. For its size, the features, sound output and quality are outstanding. (I have yet to use the FM Tuner and will update the review later). The entire stereo (receiver and speakers) together are smaller than a single speaker on my old stereo, but deliver a far superior quality listening experience (without the annoying multi-colored equilizer display).
2. USB, 30 pin iPod digital dock - I plan on buying a Bluetooth Audio Receiver (which plugs into the iPod dock on this stereo) to pair my Galaxy S3 and my laptop to be able to stream Pandora or YouTube (that's where I sample music before buying) on occasion.
3. Impressive, sleek, clean, unobtrusive appearance - The matte black finish on the receiver and the black wooden finish on the speakers is about as clean as I could have asked for.
4. Price to performance - Outstanding value for the money!
5. Remote Control - The remote control is a pretty good accompaniment to this unit, although i haven't used it much (I enjoy listening to albums from start to finish, so once I drop the CD in, the autoplay feature kicks in.)
6. Bass, Treble, Balance Controls (Remote Only) - The unite comes pre-programmed to play at 0 levels for Bass and Treble (limits are +/- 10). At that level, the sound is rather flat. I turned the Bass to +8 and the Treble to +4 and it made a huge difference.
7. Subwoofer output - Nice, as I plan on pairing it with a subwoofer in the near future.

1. Input poor - This unit has only a single Aux In Terminal (Although the USB and iPod Docking Ports are a plus). This is where I depart from some of the reviewers. It is OK to have a shelf stereo which does everything except serve as a HDTV speaker.
2. .. - That's it.

To sum it up..if you are in the market for a compact shelf stereo that will play your audio CDs, AM/FM radio and do it all with clean, powerful sounding speakers, buy this unit. As with all purchases, it is important to list what you want out of a stereo before buying it to avoid being disappointed. I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to others interested in getting the same out of a stereo as i was.

Note: I purchased a previously used (opened) unit from Amazon Warehouse. The item condition and repackaging was as good as new in original packing.
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on February 13, 2012
5 stars based on what should be recognized as limits for a stereo bookshelf system-it does not replace a full blown stereo but it gives excellent sound when you want to minimize the size of the system. I had a Bose Wave radio that crapped out on me, and Bose offered to let me trade in the old one and knock 200 bucks off of a new one. However, there were a couple of limitations to the radio (most notably only 5 fm presets and a memory that would blank out on the slightest electrical interruption, also not a big fan of the tiny remote-at some point it's a pain in the rear to look for it) so I began shopping around. Came across this, for 300 bucks with a CD player and a docking station (Bose product is 449) and now that I have it the sound is much better than the Bose. More stereo like, whereas with the Bose-while a nice achievement given the compact packaging-it was still the sound of a radio. The Yamaha is much more stereo like (I also looked at a Sony system at Best Buy that had rave reviews, the Yamaha is 10 times what the Sony can do although it is more expensive). Just a heads up, Amazon lists the dimensions in a funny order-Depth is listed first (at least I've never seen that before my experience is depth is last)-and this thing is a full 12 inches in depth so you really need to have a deep shelf to set it on. I found position it about endtable height worked best, really going to be a nice second to the main stereo in the family room.
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on September 7, 2012

I purchased a JVC UX-LP5 initially, but was unhappy with the overall quality, poor functionality of the controls, and mediocre sound quality - JVC is NOT what it used to be. There were many references on Amazon to Yamaha's excellent sound quality, and I was drawn to the simplicity, and good reviews, of the Yamaha CRX-332 (Amazon lists the unit I bought as MCR-232BL because that "PACKAGE" also includes the premium speakers, the amp itself is a CRX-332). The Yamaha CRX-332 IS substantially more costly, and you're not likely to ever see it discounted as much as you will micro-stereos in a similar class. The only difference I can see between the speaker/amp packages is the MCR-332 comes with high-gloss furniture-finish speakers, the MCR-232 comes with matt black speakers that show the grain of the wood beneath - in either case the amp is the same, the CRX-332 - you decide if it's worth another $50 for shiny speakers or not. Yamaha has an excellent product, and they know it ... and it's worth paying the extra money for something that is solidly designed, beautifully made, and of such high quality.

The item arrived from Amazon in LESS than 24 hours, was very well packaged, very easy to assemble and get up and running, and is very easy to operate (the only minor caveat I am nearly reluctant to suggest is separate bass/treble knobs instead of having to set bass & treble through the menuing system). I simply attached the speaker wires, hooked up the antennae, plugged it in and turned it on. Another reviewer pointed out that it is VERY deep, and it is: the speakers are absolutely flush, although the amp protrudes from my standard Ikea 12" deep bookcase by perhaps and inch at most, the rubber feet are set back on both the amp and speakers and securing hold the components on the shelf. No problems placing this on a bookshelf, and the little bit that it does protrude looks just fine.

Now, the SOUND quality is .... phenomenal! truly, especially when you consider the size of this unit. The speakers are small, but they produce near life-like clarity that would be uncanny from speakers much larger. I am particularly impressed when listening to solo piano music. It's hard to believe that such small speakers can be driven to produce sound of such quality. Even at low volumes the clarity and evenness of the tonal response is amazing. At higher volumes it is punchy and remains crystal clear and precise. You can even hear the faint sound of brushes dragging across the hi-hat cymbals on my jazz recordings. On classical piano recordings you can hear the felt dampers rising and lowering on the strings!!! On rock 'n roll and music with heavy bass the response is solid and crisp (there is a speaker port to attach a sub-woofer if you REALLY need window-rattling bass, but honestly the bass response is very strong). Rich, clear, evenly balanced sound, easy-to-use controls, intuitively laid out remote control, compact size, discreet styling, impecable quality - you won't go wrong with the Yamaha CRX-332
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on February 15, 2013
Works very well, easy to set up, comes with everything you need, except you might need an iPod docking piece of plastic if you want a tight fit of the device (the iPod dock fits well). My iPod docks with no problem at all. I got this unit because of the positive reviews, and because it has an AUX mini stereo input, which allows me to use it to play DVDs from my computer. The sound is bright, clean and clear, even when cranked to the max. The bass is not very strong, so if you want to rock the neighbors, add a powered subwoofer. I will use this to watch DVD videos and play classical music, so I think I won't need a subwoofer. We have a very old Harman/Kardon 230A, 10w/channel that I compared this Yamaha with. The Yamaha is 20w/channel, so I thought it might be twice as loud, but it is not. The old 230A has a slightly warmer sound, but if it's cranked up, there is distortion. The Yamaha MCR-232 is clean. The speakers are in black wood enclosures, and look great.
Edit: We recently used this system to show a movie to 60 people, and the sound was fantastic, even in the large room (room can seat around 100). Several people asked me afterwards about the sound system, because it worked so well. I did put the speakers up on bar stools, and about 5-6" away from the wall, so the sound could bounce off the wall. The wall is hard plaster, and the floor is hardwood, so there wasn't anything in the room to absorb the sound except the people. I love this system. I got 50' of speaker cable for each speaker, so the speakers were up front, and the amp was near the video projector, for easy access to the controls.
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on December 24, 2013
Yamaha... You need say no more. Even in this compact powerhouse of a system, the sound is crisp and spacious and the subtle details of classical, jazz and acoustic are not lost. Coupled with the Yamaha sub and my world is complete. I purchased this system to be my interim replacement for a much larger Carver amp and pre-amp, the amp which I am beginning a rebuild on. Didn't have anything to listen to while replacing components on the Carver so this micro Yamaha did the trick.

Granted, you won't get the massive output of a 400-watt system but in the right room it delivers high-quality sound with a definition that rivals much more expensive systems. Looked at Bose.. Listened to Bose.. Too much money for too little quality. The Bose systems were unbalanced - bass too boomy, mids strident, and Bose had nothing on the shelf that gave me aux, USB, CD, AM/FM. And, I didn't want to wait for "December delivery" So Yamaha it was and it will not disappoint. Get the sub too. I know some folks reviewed well without it but that little extra kick below 50Hz is the special sauce to compliment the otherwise robust speakers. Oh, by the way, the remote is overlooked by should not be. Very user-friendly and responsive. It is well thought out.
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on October 4, 2012
I am a dumbo when putting together anything electronic.With this beauty it took me 2.5 minutes to get the thing wired up and off.Great deep sound and fits perfectly on the filing cabinet in my office.Love it!
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on January 9, 2013
Sound on the system is good. The USB port is not reliable. The port will charge a device but cannot read the device unless the stereo has been rebooted. Very frustrating to have to unplug the unit every time you want to plug in your iPhone. The direct connect iPhone port may work better but it does not have enough space to use the iPhone with a durable case attached.

I question why Yamaha requires you to register to get the very basic support of reviewing a manual online. The site is very unfriendly if you do not share your Facebook account. They refused to publish my review.
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on July 5, 2013
For the price, this is a really good stereo. I was in need of a stereo for a small living room and I had the following criteria: very good sound; under $500 (preferrably under $400); compact enough to fit on a bookshelf; and CD, AM/FM, and iPod compatibility, ideally with an auxiliary cable as well. Surprisingly, there are not many shelf systems that allow you to listen to AM/FM, iPods/iPhones AND CDs.

I saw a number of items in the $100-200 range (Sony, Panasonic, etc) but the sound was quite disappointing and some of the devices felt very flimsy. The Bose Wave III fit the criteria but the price was too high end and the iPod dock was external. The only quality products I found in the mid-price range which had good sound and met all the other needs were the Yamaha and Onkyo systems. It came down to the Yamaha MCR-232 and the Onkyo CS355. The Onkyo was $50 more and had Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth sound was not good because of the file compression. Ultimately, the Yamaha just sounded better (and the lower price doesn't hurt). It's been a few weeks and I'm very happy with this system. For a small unit, the sound is powerful and crisp. It's easy to use, clean looking, supports multiple devices. It even has a USB port so you can plug in your iPad and it will charge the device while playing.

For people who listen to music and the radio, who want a shelf unit for a living room, bedroom or office, who want a system that support multiple inputs (CD, radio, ipod, USB) and who want very good sound but don't need professional-grade equipment, this is a very good value compared to what else is out there.
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on August 9, 2013
Bought this to have a system in the bed room. This little system produces some nice clean sound. I have audio loaded on a USB stick and it reads it all just fine, and the iPhone dock works great. You can even use the USB port with a newer iOS lightning devices and it will work.
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on January 1, 2014
Bought this for my parents for Christmas. I'm not exaggerating when I say the sound coming out of this thing is better than anything I've heard! I've had expensive Car Audio systems, own some very nice Ultimate Ears Headphones etc and this Yamaha System just sounds phenomenal.
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