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on April 17, 2014
This is a great receiver...very impressed. I'm running it in 11.2 mode (with an external stereo power amp since it only has 9 channels of amplification). Performed the YPAO setup (angle too) and it was 99% good (the subs were set up a little on the weak side on initial setup). Amazing tech! I'm not much for Digital Signal Processing and I usually turn it off in favor of what the sound engineer intended/direct mode but Yamaha hit a home run with this one. Run movies in "Standard" or "Spectacle" (for a little more presence effect) and music in "9 Ch Stereo" (which ends up being 11 channels) and you'll be wow'ed. The DSP effects aren't forced at all...the addition of the presence speakers adds quite a bit to the presentation (like it was supposed to be there from the get go). Doesn't matter if its 2.0, 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1...the DSP processor knows what to do with it. One of the first "WOW"s came from watching the beginning of Lilo & Stitch and hearing Stitch scamper thru the A/C ducting...above us...the processor localized it and output it from the heights. While the receiver is not spec'ed for DTS Neo:X soundtracks it does pretty well with them also (Dredd & Expendables 2 in 11.1), the front heights are spot on/localized but the "wide" channels in the specification are output as a 50/50 mix of the side surround & lower fronts. Now I will say that I ran it in 9.2 for a while and adding the rear heights/11.2 didn't add that much to the "knock your socks off" factor (they're a very rather small part of the action). Most of the DSP magic comes from the fronts so don't be too concerned if you're not running the rear heights. Another negative is the unit is very deep (especially when you use banana plugs), make sure you have a deep shelf. As a side note if you get it up on a local network you can log into the receiver's IP address and set it up in a web based format. It's not the prettiest interface & it's a little slow but every setting is there and it's more intuitive than the on screen menu setup (which is many layers deep and can be hard to remember at first).
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on April 19, 2014
Small cabinet owners check your measurements and shelf weight capacities cause this thing is huge and heavy. Its taller and deeper than my old receiver by a large margin and weighs roughly twice as much.

It has just about every input you can think of and I've filled nearly all of them. The multiple zone support is awesome. You get the main zone and 3 others. There are limitations on what inputs you can use simultaneously due to how many DAC's are in the receiver buts its never been much of an issue for me. Want music throughout your whole house? Turn on party mode and all 4 zones play the same input. its great. No more blasting music from one side of the house to hear it all over.

This thing has power to spare. I'm running 7 speakers with two subwoofers. I'm using the 8th and 9th channels to bi-amp the front speakers. The menu system makes it fairly easy to choose the speaker configuration you have as well as the sub configuration(L/R placement, front/back placement, or mono-aural to both).

Running my blu-ray player through this receiver with the video scaler chip enabled made a noticeable improvement to my picture quality. My blu-ray player is an older Sony BDP-S550 which had the 7.1 decoder built in for the DTS-HD and Dolby Digital TruHD and the Yamaha beats it hands down in sound as well.

The latest firmware update added Spotify support through the Spotify Connect feature(streamed from your phone). This wasn't much of an added feature for iPhone users since it already supported AirPlay but I can see it being useful for Android/Windows users. The spotify connect issues seems to have less latency than the AirPlay anyway(music doesn't stutter or cut out but I haven't checked if this is still a problem with AirPlay after the updates). They also updated the iphone app for iOS7 and the firmware update's features. Spotify now shows up as a source even though it just tells you to connect your phone.

The remote isn't fantastic and I rarely use it except for a handful of advanced settings and/or the initial setup of the receiver. The phone application is a far better remote control for the receiver. There are some settings in the phone application that I have yet to find the way to access them from the remote control. Yet they are an easy 2-3 taps on the phone. Changing the standby mode to keep the network on allows you to turn the receiver on from the phone app as well. If you select it as an AirPlay device from your phone it will also turn the receiver on and to the AirPlay input. Selecting it as the output device from the Spotify app will do the same kind of thing.

If you are an audiophile, have some power hungry speakers, or have a ton of externals to connect then by all means get this receiver and you won't be disappointed. If you don't need an 11.2 channel output, can live with 10W less per channel, and don't need *quite* as good of a DAC(not even both are different) then save yourself the $400 and grab the A2020. Its still a really nice receiver. Assess your needs is all I am saying. If you aren't going to be running multi-room where two DAC's are going to be of benefit then maybe even looking into the A1030(also lower powered amp but still more power then most).
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on December 17, 2013
Huge dynamics, plenty of power, Multi band eq for each channel which is important for me to eq the center speaker, user friendly menu, & in my opinion its the best looking receiver in the market right now.

This receiver is replacing my Anthem MRX500 which broke down after two years of use & the difference is big, I'm using Jamo Concert series 5.1 speakers set with the C807 as fronts. with the yamaha rx-a3030 plus Bi-amping, they produced earth shaking low frequencies that i couldn't believe it wasn't coming from the sub. you can latterly watch movies without the subwoofer at all. not to mention that the sound scale & clarity is amazing.

No complaints so far & I'm so pleased with it. Expensive but worth every penny. Couldn't recommend a better receiver.
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on February 3, 2014
Got this unit to replace my NAD Master M3 integrated amp, mainly because I want to stream digital music and movies (Pandora, AppleTV) and the NAD does not handle these. I also have a big Sherwood Newcastle receiver in my theater room. The Sherwood has a nasty HDMI handshake problems that many 'high end' receivers have. Well, this Yamaha does everything beautifully.

The 3030 is very easy to setup and operate. I did not use the manual and was able to get everything connected and running in half an hour (including configuring different inputs). The scene mode makes selecting the source and configurations a one touch operation. I also love the fact that you can control this unit with the Yamaha AV app on the iPhone. I can control the unit in a different room, and see what's playing on Pandora without leaving my seat.

All in all, very pleased with this receiver.
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on January 4, 2015
***UPDATED 04/03/2016***

There is no firmware upgrade expected to be rolled up to support HDCP 2.0 version. This product is no longer in production. Those wishing to stay with Yamaha Aventage line should consider the RX-A3050 that is HDCP 2.0 compatible. I prefer to connect all my video source components via the receiver, however, when I bought a Roku 4K player, I received an error message when I connected it to my RX-A3030 and I was notified that the Roku 4K player will default to 1080p. I had to connect the Roku directly to my 4 K TV bypassing the RX-A3030.

I am seeking to trade it in for an updated receiver (fingers cross). I am a bit disappointed that my receiver is obsolete and no support for a firmware upgrade will be expected. I bought it on December 1, 2014.

I have decided to give it a lower rating from 5 stars to 3.

This is my first personal install of any receiver built by Yamaha. The expandability and technological features and prowess of the Yamaha RX-A3030 have exceeded my expectations and is worthy of my five star review.

In my professional opinion, the Yamaha RX-A3030 is one of the best A/V receivers in the market for the money and for future-proofing ones investment as it accepts full U-HD pass through signals including upscaling; and with Yamaha's latest firmware upgrade, it will handle Dolby Atmos. (Note: Before configuring settings, first download Yamaha's firmware upgrades.)

The GUI is very straight forward and user-friendly, however, it certainly could be improved to simplify setup. The instructions are very detailed and extensive and should be read carefully for the installer. Regarding setup, the speakers configuration isn't necessarily flexible. For instance, I am using 1 surround back (right) speaker in my 5.1 setup (I am from the old school of having 2 surround speakers but including 1 surround back speaker), specifically, there are 3 in-ceiling speakers in the roof behind the sitting position. This is my personal preference, of course.) I had to disconnect the third speaker (the surround back-right) for the initial setup to accept the 5.1 arrangement then manually configure into the settings to add just the one surround back-right).

There is so much flexibility and technology into this receiver and providing a review on this forum would be too overly-massive. Video processing and upscaling 1080p to ultra high definition (4K) is seamless. It does an impressive job up-converting low rez to 4K. (A few television shows I have observed via my satellite provider look well, but not perfect.). Currently, watching Blu ray movies from 1080p to 4K is amazing!!!! And playing video games and using my home theater pc (see photo) add more to enjoying the richness of details of viewing and listening pleasure.
review image
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on August 17, 2014
I love this receiver!! I had an Onkyo TX-NR1009 that bit the bullet (hdmi card went out/no audio) 1 month after the warranty expired. I had switched to Onkyo receivers a few years back and originally was using Yamaha receivers. Why I switched to Onkyo at the time is beyond me.

I absolutely love the full sound that this receiver provides. The options are pretty much limitless as far as I am concerned. I have it setup in an 8.2 configuration (1 rear surround back speaker).

I purchased an RX-A3020 receiver from a seller on ebay but he was out of stock so they upgraded me to the RX-A3030 unit at no extra charge. I paid 1400 shipped for the factory sealed unit and it has a 3 year warranty as all Aventage series receivers should.

I would have gladly paid the amazon price though if I knew what I was getting into.

Worth every penny and this is the flagship unit. What are you waiting for???
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on February 9, 2014
I've been building out my home theater now for the past couple years as I build up both knowledge and (more importantly) cash. :-) This can be an expensive hobby. :)

For the past couple years I've lived without an A/V receiver. I used an Oppo BDP 105 Blu-ray player as a lightweight A/V receiver and as a DAC. Before adding the Yamaha to my rig, I thought the Oppo did a great job as a receiver. Boy, was I wrong. To be fair, the Oppo is primarily a Blu-ray player, but the BDP 105 also touted itself as having extensive A/V features that were supposedly high-end. So, I thought I was good to go.

I then recently purchased a new subwoofer for my HT. I was disappointed in the sound quality, and was searching for an improvement. I read reviews on this receiver and decided to give it a try. WOW! What a difference this thing made.

Not only did this bring my subwoofer (SVS PB-13 Ultra) to life, it literally brought my entire sound system to a new level. The depth and fullness of sound this thing produces is night/day over the Oppo. The sound is more detailed and it literally fills our HT (24' x 15'). It produces a new level of realism and immersion that blew me away. Even before running the sound optimization, the difference was immediate and impressive.

I also noticed that the surround sound processing is better and much faster than the Oppo. This thing seems to know how to handle just about anything I throw at it from a sound perspective. The Oppo can struggle with certain surround sound formats, at least from PC-based content. (Oppo does great with Blu-ray discs.)

Only gripe so far is the lack of support for popular PC-based video formats. I noticed that the Yamaha DLNA feature can't play many of the HD movies on my home network, all of which the Oppo can play. So, I can't use the DLNA feature of the Yamaha for my network video library. Instead, I have to use my Oppo or PC to decode the video, which then plays just fine through the Yamaha. Wish the Yamaha did this natively. It would save some money/power from having to turn on the Oppo or my PC. I hope they put out patch to expand their supported native video codecs.

If you are looking for a well made, easy to use receiver that will bring your HT to life then give this unit serious consideration. This thing brought our 5.1 HT to a new level. I highly, highly recommend it. One of the best improvements we made since upgrading our front speakers.

(Our rig ... Paradigm S8 fronts, Klipsch RC-64II center, Klipsch RS-64II rears, SVS PB-13 Ultra subwoofer, Yamaha RX-A3030 receiver, Oppo BDP 105 Blu-ray, XBOX 360, PC, Panasonic PT-AE8000 projector, Emotiva XPA-1 monos for fronts & center, Emotiva XPA-2 for rears, Emotiva XSP-1 for stereo pre-amp.)
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on May 12, 2014
One of the best AVR on the market. The build quality the sound and video quality are as perfect as possible. Worth every penny. In US this receiver sells at half price if you compare it with New Zealand.
My AVR drives 2 Polk RTI A7 and centre channel Polk CSI a6 for surrounds 6 kef eggs and sub Kef Cube 2 with great detail and an impeccable sound quality. The power is enough to rock your house driving all 11.1 channels but for a real sublime audition I use Straight or Pure Direct modes (music only). The video up scaling is superb.
The unit is a breeze to set up. and the myriad of connections allows you to use any music source available.

If you buy this unit, you are not going to regret this.
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on January 21, 2014
It was time to replace an older Pioneer receiver. I was using the Pioneer along with a Krell KAV300 I 150 watt per channel amp powering my Martin Logan SL3 electrostatic speakers. Would the Yamaha drive the Martin Logan speakers which demand a lot of clean power? It does so effortlessly so now I can rearrange my gear in another location. It makes everything sound better and I enjoy my home theater better as well. I am biased, I have Yamaha receivers in two other locations and they perform flawlessly.
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on June 3, 2014
Used for a 9.2 setup. Sound quality, ease of use, wireless features, all top notch. Very happy with the purchase.
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