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on March 22, 2013
Amazon did a great job with this product's description. They even included a product comparison to help you choose the right one for you, so I will keep it short. Good features and great sound at a good price! With the 7.1 you can either have 7 speakers in 1 room or 5 speakers in 1 room and 2 speakers in another (Zone B).
I chose the RX-V575 over the RX-V475 because of the multi-zone (Zone B) which I need for my patio speakers. If you do not need speakers in a separate room/area then you can save about $100 with the RX-V475. Furthermore, if you do not need the additional connectivity and network features such as: MHL, AirPLay, and music streaming, then you can save another $150 with the RX-V375 for a total savings of $250 from the RX-V575.
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on May 17, 2013
Overall, this is a great receiver. The sound is fantastic, the set-up a piece of cake, and the there are wonderful DSP options that makes listening to movies and music a pleasure. I think perhaps this is better as a home-theater receiver and 5.1 sounds great here.

The major disappointment is within the DLNA capabilities. First, it is disappointing that the Yamaha only offers audio streaming over the network and not video. The audio streaming is a great feature but poorly executed. The largest failure is the lack of gapless playback from networked audio. This means a brief silent pause will be introduced between every track, making live albums or other continuous play albums (like beatles sgt. pepper lonely hearts club band, for example), painful to listen to. The network audio on screen interface is also boring, clumsy, and not very powerful, especially when dealing with large music libraries. The iOS app is a step in the right direction to correct this, but still has a long way to go until being considered truly useful (i.e. no search feature, music is sorted numerically instead of alphabetically, etc...).

The remote control is also not laid out very well. It would have been more logical to make certain buttuns much larger along with a different general layout.

Despite the downsides, it is still a pleasure to use...and hopefully these issues are just a firmware update away from fixing...
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on June 29, 2014
So I bought this receiver about a year ago, and was pretty excited about it based on the reviews I read, coupled with the price and features of the product. After initially setting it up and feeling my way through the configuration, I was pretty happy with it. I have outside speakers on the patio which are run off Zone-B, and we were having a party for my son where we would be watching a movie on the patio and streaming the audio through Airplay. Well, when it came time to set everything up and test it, the volume to the Zone-B speakers was decidedly low, practically inaudible. I tried many things to troubleshoot the issue, and by the time the party started it was too late, so I had to bring my PC speakers downstairs and connect them to my MacBook Pro. I was not very happy about it, and after reading as much as I could about the issue, I decided I had to reset my receiver back to the original factory settings. That certainly did the trick, but I shouldn't have had to do that. As the months rolled on, I find myself having to reset the receiver at least 1-2x a month, which involves having to reconfigure the settings on the receiver each time. I have performed the firmware update, but it continues to require resetting frequently enough that I'm packaging it up and returning it today.
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on July 19, 2014
I bought this receiver to replace a 4 year old Pioneer 7.1 receiver that lost all of its audio channels suddenly and simultaneously. I've only had the Yamaha for about a month, but, hopefully, it'll give me better service than did the Pioneer. The 575 is an outdated model now, having been supplanted by the 577, but I didn't need or want built in wireless WiFi, and I certainly didn't want to pay an additional $170 for a receiver that otherwise had nearly identical specs. I was glad to find that Amazon still had the 575 in stock at a good price.

The Yamaha receiver doesn't look as snazzy as the Pioneer, but I liked it just the same. All of my input device connections (Blu Ray player, DVD recorder, TV, attic mounted AM/FM antennas and LAN ethernet) transferred directly to the back of the 575.

I'm not interested in using Bluetooth or my phone with this rig, so wireless capability for playback and control is a moot point with me. The receiver is hardwired to my Asus router, as is my Blu Ray player and TV. The receiver immediately found my router and configured itself before I could even call up the page to look at the settings. Internet radio is easy to use and works like a dream. There are tons of stations available in many genres, depending upon your tastes. Right now, I'm listening to some peaceful Celtic tunes.

Automatic speaker setup using the YPAO routine is also fast and easy. After running the setup routine, I find that the sound from my surround speakers is more noticeable and full than it was with the Pioneer, and the sub seems to have found some new energy, as well. The menu offers me the capability of going in and making changes to my speaker and sound settings (such as EQ), but I doubt that I'll need to fiddle with them. Overall, I am entirely pleased with the quality of sound from this receiver.

While there are many features available from this unit, the vast majority of people will use only a few of them. I've found that the ones that I've needed are simple to use and setup, and provide a good level of adjustment and choices for sound quality. I've found that the "Enhancer" feature for use with MP3's and other compressed soundstreams (such as streaming movies from Netflix or Vudu) works very well. I also like that maximum volume levels can be set via a menu. This might come in handy for someone who lives in an apartment. The menu item for lip sync adjustments can also easily be found, which was not the case with my Pioneer.

My TV is connected to the receiver via an optical Toslink cable to the receiver's AV4 input, which I have relabeled "TV". The receiver selects AV4 as its default input for sound from a TV, so all I had to do was rename that input. The hot button labeled "TV" on the remote pulls that input up with 1 touch, and audio is there. The same thing is true for Blu Ray (BD), internet radio (Net) and the radio tuner.

Speaking of remotes, I can understand how the remote might seem a bit complicated and over populated for many people. Personally, I like it. Believe it or not, it's a huge step up from my Pioneer remote, which was almost insane for the the amount of tiny buttons and cryptic, nearly invisible labels that it had on it. I won't miss that. I'm not a fan of trying to make 1 remote do everything with everything, so I prefer to use the remote that came with the machine. I keep them all in a drawer, out of sight in the center section of my loveseat.

Even though I've had the RX-V575 for a short while, I'm liking what I see. If it lasts, I think I'll be happy with it for quite some time.
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on February 28, 2014
Purchased to replace an Onkyo when Onkyo HDMI board started on the fritz after 5 years. There were enough new features to the current release of receivers that this purchase seemed warranted over a repair. There were some distinct sound differences between the Yamaha and the Onkyo but after a couple weeks I admit that I fully adjusted to the slightly mellower Yamaha sound. Many presets are really pointless bells and whistles ... no one really will spend much time listening to their music library in "rich hall" mode will they? Delivers clean well defined 5.1 audio. The direct bypass is a nice option.

Only negative was out of the 4 HDMI inputs one of the inputs already dropped out after 1.5-2 hrs of viewing. This was the feed to my Uverse box/DVR. I had to switch to another input. Luckily the inputs can be assigned to the one-touch buttons. The one touch buttons are a nice feature; you can program several audio/video customizations and save them with the same ease as programming a radio tuner. The other 3 HDMI inputs are working fine so far.
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on April 6, 2014
With Airplay and network standby enabled on this guy, I can step up to my front door, queue up Bell Biv Devo's "Poison" and make a proper entrance into my house, with a shuffle and a slide.

This unit is replacing my previous Yamaha, so it integrated into my home theater without any issue. Since Yamaha re-used the same IR codes as my last Yammy, I just had to plug it in, run YPAO, and it was just working. Sounds great. My only regret is that, since I only have a 5.1 setup, I could have gotten the V475 for $50 less, but that's hindsight.
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on April 12, 2014
In general this is a good little receiver but I had a problem turning the unit on and off with my U-Verse remote control. I tried all of AT&T's remote codes with no success. So I called Amazon tech support and they had other such complaints with no remedy. They then suggested that I try a U-Verse RF (radio frequency) remote control. So I called AT&T. They said the remote will cost $49. With a little haggling I ordered it at half price ($24.50). I received the new remote in two days and programed it from the Yamaha remote control. The AT&T remote has a learning function which means you just point the Yamaha remote at the AT&T remote and press the functions you want to copy. The AT&T remote only operates the AT&T receiver with RF. For all other of your electronics you have to point it at them. After programming the new remote control, it operated the Yamaha receiver perfectly. Thanks Amazon Tech support.
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on March 29, 2014
First off, i'm highly experienced at audio receivers, owning 7 myself currently, and 20 in my life, I've got allot of experience with them. This particular one replaced a Panasonic i had in the living room on 3.1 system. The Panasonic had the unfortunate problem of cutting in and out on certain sources, questionable a copyright verification error, but i digress.

Lets get the easy stuff out of the way:
Every receiver today is pretty much going to accurately reproduce what you put into it
Form Factor:
Pretty standard layout, on the face, remote is a bit confusing where the numbered buttons on the top pick your source, but fine once you figure that out.
Pretty darn loud. if you got much louder, id question why you didn't buy a professional amp.

Now onto the unique stuff:
This receiver will pass through video when you turn it off. super awesome for saving the nice speakers for movies without extra complicated wiring. this allows one wire to the TV even if you want the receiver off.

Simple menu doesn't block the screen or cut off the video feed altogether when you pull it up, a annoyance of my last one.

It will not pass through from the hdmi to the audio output, nor the USB connection. but i haven't heard of any that specifically do this.

it adds a small delay to the audio output, as i have this wired to a whole house amp would like to play them congruently occasionally, this makes this particular setup impossible. (my easy fix will be to purchase a splitter and split the signal of my analog source before it gets to the other amp.) this was not an issue with my last setup.

This is most everything i could ask for in a standalone receiver and then some. I only deducted one star because of the delay.
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on November 19, 2014
I have been using this and the RX-V475 for about 4 months now on a daily basis and like them both. I bought the 475 first for about $200 reconditioned and thought it was such a deal that I bought the 575 twin which I use to drive both indoor and outdoor speakers. Both work the same except for the added speaker zone on the 575.
Great app for controlling these devices. Initially had trouble with it but upgrades to the app and receiver seem to make it more stable. There is an on screen icon that tells you when a receiver update is available so be sure to look for it.
YAO setup works great. This is a set up mode where you plug in the included microphone and it detects this and adjusts the speaker's drive accordingly. For example I had one set of speakers reversed and the receiver detected this and adjusted the output accordingly. It also adjusted for different speaker sensitivities.
The sound quality is excellent and can be customized in many ways. There is also a direct button on the front panel that gives you the pure unaltered sound.
Internet radio and Pandora work well. For example, select the region(state or country) and it shows you a list of available stations in your area.
Not all functions are available on the front panel. For example, Pandora can not be accessed by repeated pressing of the net button as the directions say. Instead I've only accessed it with the iPhone app. I'm still looking for other ways.
Many times you need to look at the TV screen to know what the device wants. For example, to play a USB drive to need the remote to press USB then enter a few times to play the first directory on the drive.
Occasionally, it will lose connection to my router. When this happens, the fastest way to get it going again is to unplug the cat5 cable, wait 15 sec and plug it in again.
Many of the front panel buttons are small with hard to read labels. This is a problem if your wife makes you put this in a closet on a shelf.

Overall, I enjoy the features it has very much which is why I have 2 of these. I find the app to work well with controlling its many features but I subtract 1 start for not being able to get to and control Pandora and other features without a iPhone, TV or remote.
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on April 21, 2014
What a great receiver. Sound is very impressive. Loaded with features. The Iphone/Ipad app works perfect all the time. I hooked this reciever to a wireless access point. It shows up on my network the first time I turned it on and has worked flawlessly every time since. Streaming music from my iphone directly tot he receiver works perfect. Plus from the iphone app I can control almost every feature on this reciever. It is jam packed with abilities. I am buying another one because I am so impressed.
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