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Size: Desktop Amplifier|style: Original THR|Change
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on September 20, 2013
I copied this from my other post. Keep a couple of things in mind. Their is no amp hiss or noise when on battery, and I keep all my amps plugged in to a power conditioner. So your home electricity noise might affect how well yours works. I also know this is a long read, but I have been burned by enough amps that I was hesitant on this purchase. Especially after multiple amps I basically lost money on looking for this kind of thing.

Ok guys, so I decided to pick up another amp. criteria were simple (kind of). I already have great amps for at home. But this amp had to be low enough volume for my son and my godson to play around on, it had to have decent set of features, it had to portable, and it had to accommodate both acoustic and electric guitars. So a versatile amp with low volume sound that was unsurpassed for cheap. I know that puts big limits but Yamaha is excellent at audio engineering. basically a battery powered go anywhere. So after talking with a couple people here, and setting my price limit fairly low, I went and checked out the Yamaha THR10C. I know they have 5 models, so here is the break down. THR10 - Original Release Basic Catch All 10 watt, THR5 - 5 watt version, TRH10X - Heavy Metal Version, THR10C - Classic Blues Version, THR5A - Acoustic Guitar Version. Ive owned the marshall battery powered, the roland micro cube, the orange battery powered amps. all bedroom style portable amps. Well I must say I am really impressed with this amp. I picked mine up from guitar center for 160$ out the door (normally retail is 300$). A little negotiating and that I have good repoire with them helped a lot.

What you get: 10 watt amp with 8 presets and 5 empty slots, usb cable, audio in cable (from cell phone or computer or such). I have a good 8 or so effects already on, and combinations their of. Two things that were a plus... One is the line in has its own volume control. So the guitar volume, and line in volume are separated. Pretty nice if you feel the song is over powering just a tad and need to tweek that. The other thing is the acoustic modeling is very impressive. Very solid. In fact I tried it out on a semi hollow, lp, acoustic, and 12 string. When I was in the acoustic room the amp was sitting under me and really not visible. Oh the store was kind enough to put batteries in it, so I didn't have to worry about finding plugs (great thing too, I could jump from place to place and it functioned flawless). A number of people came up with the comment "that fishman really sounds impressive". Well sitting in front of me was a fishman artist series, but I was plugged in to the Yamaha, so I pointed it out, and showed them how I was switching from condenser mic setting to acoustic setting. And at 1/3 the size, and 1/6th the "wattage" it surprised a lot of people just how full the sound was. A lot of people were giving great comments, and one guy even wanted to buy it, but I already had my hands on it. It has incredible tone when using it with the 12 string as well.

Sound output wise. Its 10 watts. But if you don't know how that works heres a quick lesson. Sounds is not linear like you would think on the controls. Sound is logarithmic. So if you want to double the sound of a 10 watt you need 100 watts for twice the sound. 1000 watts to double the sound of a 100 watt amp. So the difference between a 10 watt and the 60 watt fishman? well its about a .6 increase in volume. so don't get caught up in watts over quality. And don't let this guy fool you. Its loud, I had a guy playing on a fender mustang II and I was able to play loud enough to compete over him. Which if you know how watts work a 10 watt amp vs a 40 watt amp is only a .4 increase, but when you add quality it nulls that down. At low volume you don't have the problems you have with other amps. I didn't hear any muddiness, any loss of any real quality, no rubber band effect, and the levels stayed about even. You didn't lose low end and get stuck with only middle tones like a lot of amps I have played do. When I turned the volume down on acoustic or electric the entire range lowered not just one end.

Software is pretty cool. You can control everything and even do advanced effects mixing from a very simple interface. The software will even remove the guitar from the song you are playing, which when the speaker is usb in to the computer it acts like the computers speakers. So anything you play, youtube, mp3, anything gets output through the amp. which has its own output volume. so your not stuck with just the master. I can have my guitar cranked way up, and the output volume at say 2/10. which is really really awesome. and the interface is smart. If you adjust something on the interface the knob doesn't move, but the second you adjust it physically on the amp, the interface goes with the input from the amp. and you have tons of leverage on sound. While this is the C model which stands for classic blues, it comes with the 8 models built in, and 24 models on the software. Including 3 for a bass guitar, and 3 for acoustic. strumming acoustic, flatpicking acoustic, and fingerpicking acoustic. In the software you have a total of 100 models but 75 are empty. You can import, create your own do whatever you want, but on the amp stored you only have 5 custom slots, kind of sucks wish it had more. and the sound output from the usb or aux in is stereo, very crisp clean loud stereo. works great for playing a (mp3,youtube,even dvd) song, and eliminating the guitar out of it, and running your own guitar in (which it will record for you, so its a full on recording interface). Which I might add is nice, you have an acoustic condenser mic, an acoustic pickup, and electric pickup recording interface all in one. for less than 200 dollars with software. Just like any other amp the gain and master work like a preamp and master. gain for preamp and master for well master. Its built after a 6L6 amp. Oh and you have cabinet selection too I might add. They are British Blues 2x12, Boutique 2x12, Cali 1x12, American 1x12, Boutique 1x12, and Yamaha 2x12. The built in amps are Deluxe (fender blues deluxe), Class A (Country or Southern Blues), US Blues, British Blues, Mini (Mini amp solid state circuit sound), Bass (like a Bassman Fender), ACO (acoustic electric condenser mic), Flat (acoustic electric guitar style amp, no effects, no mixing, what goes in comes out as pure guitar). The flat also works great on semi hollow and electrics if you want just pure clean tone. Effects Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Reverb, Chompressor, Gate, Tape Echo.

It does work on my tablet and computer. I have used it with both usb and the aux out from the tablet to play music. It is very light and easy to carry around. It was really fun to run this amp from the tablet on batteries. I was able to outside with my tablet playing the backing track, the usb interface so I could make adjustments, and my guitar. I have a feeling hunting season is going to be a bit more fun this year with these portable capabilities. Its about the size of a 12 pack soda box. Built out of solid medal and powder coated which is nice. For 200$ and after spending hours and hours not much else really compares. You get an amp with settings for both electric and acoustic guitars. You have a computer interface so you can control it via a computer or via the amp. This acts a very accurate computer interface for recording. You can control the volume the guitar and aux in separate. The software will remove the guitar from a song so you can play in its place. When you start up the software it asks what your doing (acoustic, clean electric, distorted electric, piano, or stereo acoustic guitar) all are + vocals, so you can record guitar and vocal together. It will also do music scoring and audio production so you can edit songs you recorded and really master the tone you want. Oh and it has a headphone jack so you can listen to yourself as you play, or not disturb other family members whichever you choose. Oh I must add the software did pickup the mic in both the tablet, and the laptop. So you don't need a mic. The built in mics on both aren't great, but they work.

I hope that helps, I must say I am really impressed with what Yamaha has done, and I have never really heard anyone complain about their Yamaha amp. This is the second one I have owned and as far as low volume playing, its very hard to beat for this price range. What its missing, Bluetooth (I mean really in this day and age it should be blue tooth controlled), and as someone else pointed out the ability to record from the aux in port. With todays technology this couldn't have been hard to add. The software used to change the amp settings is already a very simple program.

Incase anyone wanted to see, here is its size comparison. That's an asus transformer prime tablet docked in a keyboard, and a Gibson hummingbird pro. Its not much bigger than the tablet. Fits on a work desk, or a night stand beautifully, out of the way, but the sound can fill a large room no problem.

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on March 20, 2012
This is the best sounding small amp that I have ever heard. I've been playing for 35 years and this is the first amp that I've heard that effectively reproduces the big amp sound at low volumes. The amp is dead quiet so the buzzing issues with the pre-release demo amps has been solved by the updated power supply. The cleans and distortions sound great and the effects definitely do the job. The one thing to be clear about though is that this is designed to be a practice amp for at-home playing or recording so it won't put out enough volume for even a small band rehearsal but it's plenty loud enough for home and it also has a headphone jack. It is metal and built like a tank. This is an excellent product and well worth the money.
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this little beast solely on the videos uploaded on youtube. I know what you're thinking..."Are you nuts!? You spent $299 on something you've never even touched before?!?!" Yeah yeah yeah. I know. However, I have some good news folks. Everything you see in the demos/videos/reviews is 100% true! This little shell from hell gets me the BEST solid state tube modeling tones for the price. I'm quite a tone whore too. I use a Soldano SLO, Framus Cobra and Diezels as my stage amps and have played everything else from there, to kingdom come! This practice amp delivers. I can get near equal tones through the DI connection via USB as micing my boutique amps. AND you get recording software free! its loud enough to make you feel like EVH in 84 and quiet enough to not wake the baby. one thing stands, its consistent tone. If you're looking for a little portable practice amp that inspires you to play more than you already do, and allows you to jam along via iPod/phone... you'd be hard pressed to find anything more FUN! Buy. This. Amp. I say, good day!
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on September 23, 2012
I bought this after I totally ignored it after multiple visits at my local guitar store. However, I tripped over a few reviews on Amazon, which led to several other online reviews and further research, and, I now own this awesome amp. Note: I'm not a solid-state fan, but, the video/reviews/promos on U-tube really got me excited. The THR10 is packed with features. And, said features are packed with technology. Yahmaha thought of nearly every practical/portable thing a home guitar player would want with little sacrifice to tone (in a small package). I'm shocked/amazed..... at the tone, warmth and response this amp has to all peripherals (including your mp3 device, which this unit could sell alone for this use - it sounds remarkable). Anyway, as for the guitar amp, the sound is if you were playing live, but, as if the live sound were a mastered recording. ...Kind of strange to get your head around that concept, but think about it.. All the controls on this amp react diferently to your pick attack/guitar pick-ups and the model of amp you select on THR10. So, my advise is to test this amp VERY, VERY extensively, and you will gain an appreciation for the technology which went into it. Each model breaks up differently, and you can set your bass/mid/treble accordingly to get your tone perfect. Not too muddy, or crisp - just right. Every model is outstanding. Based on my research and thougts here are the models: there is a Fender DRev., VOX AC 30, Marshall JTM 45, Marshall JCM 800, and MESA Dual Rec. Note: they are not called this on the amp, but I surmise this is what they modeled, and they did it so well.. There are quality effects here too: Flanger, Phase, Chorus, Delay, Reverb (Spring and Hall); tap tempo. Oh, you get software too to further modify your favorite tones in 5 presets. I could write on for SEVERAL more paragraphs on how great this amp is. It's loud for it's intended use (playing at home); I get terrific tone at non-ear shattering volume! You will too. All I can say is go to you tube and see the vid done by Soren Anderson (there are a few other terrific vids on this thing). This is a must have, and certainly will scare the crap out most amp makers. PS - anyone giving this a bad review didn't try numerous gain/master/guitar volume/master volume configurations on each model (inluding pick-up differences). I play a strat on the clean channel (high gain/high master) and a PRS on the 5 other models (dual humbuckers). You'll get the most out of this amp by having a guitar with a humbucker and two single coils, or a two separate guitars, one with humbuckers, and one with single coils. Oh, it glows like it has tubes, looks cool, and has terrific software. BUY with confidence - and, play more guitar. If I'm Yamaha, I'm looking to expand on this.

- I'm still really loving this little amplifier - I'm not over it, like many of us get with a new piece of gear, or pedal. My wife is a bit happier that she can now watch her shows while I run off to play my guitar. Note: I have found if you put this amp on top of another amp with an open back cab in a corner - you'll get some nice warm reasonance and added tone. I cannot wait for the future of this technology. If you have reasonable expections, this amp will blow your mind - just be sure to test it out VERY thoroughly. Each of the modeled amps have very unique sonic properties; so, you don't have to turn the gain, or EQ all the way up to achieve great tone. I would love a full size version! Ok, a few other notes: usable volume really begins at 12'O clock. You can make the speakers pop if you turn the master/volume/gain all the way up on the high gain models (you don't need to turn the knobs all the way up to get great Marshall-like tone). Oh, you actually get feed-back on the high gain channels if you get close to the amp with your guitar - COOL! I imagine there will be a loyal army of THR10 followers. PS - this thing is a crazy-good phone/mp3-player amp too!

**SECOND UPDATE** - yep, still loving this thing. Love the Marshall-like tones on "Brit-High" setting. Just dial the Master and Gain to about 1 O'clock setting your mids and add some verb/delay. Oh, my! Very nice. Oh, and if you crank it up a bit, and play a while, your ears will ring too. Loud for what it is! Again, you really have to test this guy out to appreciate it. I plan on purchasing the high gain THR10x in the near future -review to follow!
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on May 21, 2012
This is a fantastic amp. Great tones, amazing size and weight. I had a problem with mine when running on battery power (with a fresh set of AA Alkalines). If the gain and volume are set very high the amp will shut down after about five minutes of playing. It will just turn itself off. You will then have to click the on/off switch to off then on to restart it. If you lower the volume and gain it will not shut down. But if you strum very hard with high gain and volume it will shut down again.

This does not occur when running on AC power.
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on March 19, 2013
I have had a number of small amps over the years, this one is a great amp. The THR10C has a terrific set of amp models, but I tend to use the Deluxe model the most. The effects controls are usable and the reverb is good although some have complained about the echo delay, it works for me, but it isn't terrific. The response is similar to a tube amp and a good piece of sonic engineering. This is not a metal style amp nor is it going anywhere but the house or similar small setting. The sound is spacious and great with the potential for editing and storing five of your favorite settings. The bottom end on this small box is better than I would have thought. The only drawback is the expense, but I am happy with this little amp. Certainly a Roland Microcube is a good small practice amp and a lot less, yet it really cannot be compared to this collection of classic amps. It does have this weird or funky looking tube glow which makes no difference to me. I highly recommend this if you have the money and desire to access these amp models in a small package.
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on August 13, 2012
These days I only play and record in my basement for my own amusement. I don't jam or gig. But I've been playing for 44 years, know great tone and don't want to settle for anything less. Then there's my non-musician wife who doesn't `get' why I sometimes repeat playing the same things so many times so I'd prefer she didn't have to hear it at all, which means I seek great tone at very low volume. But even the so-called low-wattage tube amps need to be played louder than I want to get their best tone. My needs point me towards modeling amps, but most of those sound sterile and lifeless; think black-and-white photograph vs. color. It's been a frustrating seven months of searching. But that's over now. I can go back to playing and enjoying myself. And if you're like me, you can too.
If you're looking to practice and record but you still demand authentic tonal versatility from ONE amp, AND you desire reliability too (damn tubes!!), forget everything else out there. I went through Line 6, three Fender modeling amps, and a Peavey Vypyr. Heck, I even bought or tried out a Vox AC4 and even the Blackstar HT-5R to give the low-wattage tube crowd a try. The Vox Valvetronix VT-20 I ultimately purchased came the closest, but NOTHING comes close to the THR!!!
The Yamaha is the best modeling solution you can buy, PERIOD. You want clean Fender country, you got it. Raunchy SRV Texas blues, you bet. Chimey British (Vox) jangle and dirt; in spades. How about that maxed-out Marshall `brown sound'? It's in there, as too are the more modern JCM800 and Mesa Boogie high gain tones. Clean things up by rolling off the guitar volume? Yup. Dynamics that respond to pick attack, palm muting, harmonic pinches and everything else the tube snobs think only those amps can provide? Absolutely! All provided for you in a 7 pound box that doesn't even look like a conventional amp.
Oh, and it can run on battery power. AND you can use the thing as a stereo boom box for your iPod (and can then jam along with the tunes too). AND it comes with Cubase recording software. AND it can also be used as your digital interface to your PC. AND you can download free PC based deep editing software to access more effects (like a compressor and noise gate) and have more precise adjustment over its built in digital effects. AND you can download a cool free practice app for your iPhone that let's you loop a specific section, adjust a song's pitch and then slow it down if you want! All in all, Yamaha has produced a practice/recording environment, complete with the most authentic modeled tones on the planet, which is truly unparalleled in the guitar world, and all for $200 or $300. BTW, I got the $300 THR-10 because I wanted the top-mounted 5-presets and expanded tone controls. I am very glad I did though I read that the THR-5 sounds almost exactly the same for $100 less. Amazing.
Gotta go....I got some serious playing I gotta catch up on!!!!

UPDATED May 23, 2014
Still LOVE it!!! And so I went out and also bought a THR-10X for its richer high-gain tones. Another amazing achievement by Yamaha and I'm loving it too. If you can only afford (or justify) one, get the original THR-10; it covers the most ground and does it all very well. The latest models have newer firmware (2.0) which gives them a slightly darker, and some think more rounded, tone. I tried it and, while it definitely has some advantages, I went back to the original (1.0.4) firmware which has brighter high-end and more easily achieves Texas Blues (SRV) tones. Listen to Soren Anderson's YouTube video demo-ing the '10' and you'll see what I mean. I remain as convinced as ever that these Yamahas are the best tone tools on the planet. I may even go out and buy the THR-10C!!!
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on October 26, 2012
I did my due diligence before purchasing this item, reading all the reviews, watching all the videos, and even though they were very complimentary, nothing could have prepared me for what an amazing product this is!

The sheer sonic versatility is astonishing, the engineering is remarkable, the tone and sound for the size are unbelievable, and the portability, usefulness as an interface, the numerous performance and functionality-enhancing components...overall it is about as desirable and useful a piece of gear as I could imagine, and has already brought me great joy experimenting with its myriad sonic possibilities.

This is one of the best pieces of gear, at any price, I now own. If ever lost or stolen I'd replace it without hesitation!

The ability to use rechargeable "AA"'s is a huge bonus!

You can't go wrong with this amp.
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on March 10, 2014
I'm a consultant and spend almost every week (Sunday - Thursday) out at client sites and living in hotels. I picked up a quite playable ChEaPiiphone Les Paul for dragging through airports, but didn't have a solution for an amp that could both be packed into luggage AND produce tolerable tone... until this. I got this amp about a month ago and it packs nicely inside a medium sized suitcase and there's still plenty of room for clothes. I did get the bag for it for additional protection since the airlines tend to abuse luggage and it's survived 3 trips so far. ...but being portable is only part of what makes it a great choice for travelers. For it's size, you would expect a transistor radio sound..Yamaha uses the space very creatively as it has a pretty nice bass component in the range of tones. The overdriven sound it produces is like a recording of a full size amp being whaled upon, played at a lower volume (well I keep it low as a favor to hotel neighbors). I have turned it up at home and it sounds equally good at the high end of it's volume range. The different boutique overdrives it produces are also key. I like the Class A setting with high gain for a ZZ Top Boogie blues sound. ...but can jump quickly to a Vernon Reid-ish Cult of Personality sound by dialing in Mini on the amp selector. The effects (as the modeled amps) do not sound cheap or gimmicky. I have a Fender Mustang II and all but a meager few of the amps are even half-way usable and all the effects sound cheap. I love everything about the Yamaha THR10C. I may even try one of the others since they did such a fine job with this one. for the switch. It does look a little light-weight. I would simply replace it with a heavier duty one if it should ever break. It's just a switch and wiring that in can't be that much work. I definitely would not pay to have it done. HIGHLY recommend this amp for people like me, that travel a lot, and don't want to sacrifice tone for size.
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on October 13, 2014
This little amp is amazing. It sounds & feels like a real tube amp! The Clean & Crunch channels sound like early classic Fender. The lead & Brit Hi are Marshall & the Modern is a Mesa Boogie. The Acoustic sort of surprised me, in that it gave a somewhat realistic acoustic sound. The Bass is like having another clean amp. The Flat is, well flat & only the mid gives any boost or cut & the bass is slightly noticeable. The effects are believable & the tremolo at low settings sound vary leaslieish. The Fazer sounds vary MXR like & nails that early Van Halen sound. The delays & Reverbs sound lush. I have played this in stores & at home with pedals & it loves them. Any gain boosting pedal reacts really well. Can't wait to get more pedals to play with. Check out Philip Sayce's demo on it on Youtube. It's the best representation of what is possible.

I need to update my computer to use the software & when I do I'll post about it.
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