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HALL OF FAMEon July 13, 2002
When I started construction on a cabin in the woods of northern New hampshire, I wanted to be sure I had a reliable alternative source of eleectrical power both for the construction effort and for time later when the basic power would be unavailable, as in an ice storm or other power outage. I was pleased to find this state of the art model from Yamaha because it had both an enthralling list of desireable features and was within the budgetary figure I had in mind for the generator.
That said, I have been thrilled with just how powerful, durable, reliable and economical it has been both to own and to use. Yamaha truly has created a super quiet, small, and light generator, the best of its kind. it is a 2800 watt generator that emplys inverter technology. It's well suited for equipment requiring a stable frequency and voltage. Voltage output stability very "clean", so it can power microcomputers or sophisticated electronics, a feature we appreciate as we can use it evenings to power a laptop. When power demand power is low, the generator runs at a low engine speed, then, as power demand increases, engine speed increases in a corresponding power curve. This Yahama inverter system meets my needs superbly, and I can highly recommend it. Enjoy!
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on January 2, 2003
When I opened the box and saw this little generator, I thought I was in trouble. But this 2800 watt Yamaha is the new inverter model. Not sure what that means, but it is very light weight but really puts out the juice. We ran 2 screwguns, 2 - 500 watt quartz lights and our radio and this Yamaha barely ran above idle. It weighs half of what our old junker weighs, runs 4 to 5 times longer on a gallon of gas and purrs quiet as a kitten. We have been using this wonderful generator for over a year with no problems at all. It's Yamaha inverter generators for our crews from now on.
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on September 14, 2004
You know what, I just don't get it. Why on earth would anyone spend over a thousand dollars on something without really knowing what they were getting.

You have the first reviewer that complained about not being informed about the need for a transfer switch. Well, I hate to say it, but you don't NEED a transfer switch. You only need a transfer switch if you want to connect it to your home's breaker panel. You must do that regardless of generator in order to meet the latest code standards. You could just as easily run extension cords. They also mentioned about not knowing the NEMA code for the locking plug. Off the top of my head, I believe I was told it was a NEMA L5-30. Funny, I was able to get the information. A quick call to Yamaha would have answered the question.

Then you have the person that complained about the generator not being 240V. First, no where do the specs read that it outputs 240V; it only specifies 120V. Second, the NEMA L5-30 is only for 120V up to a maximum of 30 amps. Third, you could always hardwire a cable from the transfer switch to a male plug for the generator. That's just one solution . . . there are others. Fourth, I clearly read on the website that Amazon would not accept returns.

I would agree that providing a manual online would be nice, but dinging Amazon or Yamaha for an individual's failure to adequately research a purchase is not the fault of Amazon or Yamaha. I called Yamaha with questions and they gladly answered.

All I'm saying is be fair with your review.
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on December 5, 2006
If you want a generator that you can carry by yourself, this is a good choice. It is designed to be light and quiet and meets those goals quite well. I think if you figure the Kw to pounds ratio, this unit will compare favorably to most of those out there. I don't know why someone would try to hardwire one of these to a house. For that, you need a much larger unit. I actually chose the consumer model, EF2800. It came with a longer warranty. I also did not want the GFCI because I've had problems with those types of devices tripping on the starting current for a freezer.
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on June 14, 2010
We needed a medium-duty generator primarily for backup power for a small data center. We were impressed with the quietness of the Honda EU2000 inverter-generator, but chose this because of the larger fuel tank, lower price, higher output, and more rugged look. We have not been disappointed.

It sounds a little louder than the Honda, but is still way quieter than most small engines.

Inverters rarely put out a perfect sine wave, but this one is clean enough to run all of our equipment, including one piece that shuts down when operated from an auto battery and a "modified sine wave" inverter.

It was used for a ham radio field day -- a simulation of emergency operations. It ran 5 transceivers, 5 computers, lights, fans, coffe pots and the like. This is the first time it had been used except to test it in our data center. We ran it for 10 hours, then shut it down to change oil (always a good idea to prolong the life of a new engine) and filled the fuel tank. It ran about 16 hours on a tank -- it was at idle unless a couple transmitters were going at once.

After the 16-hour run, one of the motor mounting bolts had come completely off, and another was loose. So keep an eye on that. We used Loctite and hopefully that will take care of it.

Edited to add -- I let it sit for a few months. Even though I drained the float bowl (there is an easily-accessible screw for that), when I needed it the engine would run, but would surge on idle. I was able to clean the carburetor and it is fine now. But be sure to start this generator at least monthly and run it a few minutes to keep the carb clean. I have heard good things about Sta-Bil, but have never tried it.
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on October 11, 2005
I've been using this generator for one year without any problems. In the field, it powers delicate gear like mole and kino lights for video production, which require clean power.

Starts easy, runs quiet.
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on June 12, 2008
I bought this generator from Amazon about five years ago in order to build our house. It supplies plenty of power to start and run 15 amp saws, compressors, etc. Because our house site is about a quarter mile from the road and one of our neighbors was difficult, it took nearly 18 months for us to get power from the grid. During that time I would have to estimate that the generator ran for 2000-3000 hours. Today we use the generator just for emergency backup; it can handle two refrigerators, the circulating pumps for the heat, lights and the TV, all at the same time without any problem. This generator is relatively quiet, quite efficient, and very reliable. When we run it at slow idle, which is all we need for backup, it only consumes about 6 gallons of gas per 24 hours. Even after all of the hours that it has run, after sitting for six or more months without being started, the generator still starts with ease. I would buy this generator again without reservations.
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on December 14, 2007
I have owned the non-GFI exact twin of this generator for about 5 years. I use it for tailgates and as an emergency generator. This little dynamo ran continously for four and one half days this week due to an ice storm taking out power in Tulsa for around 250,000 customers all week. The generator was barely powerful enough to run my clothes washer and it couldn't get my gas dryer started. No biggie. It easily ran my gas furnace from a pig tail off of a switch, refrig., small TV, crock pot, laptop and a couple of small curly Q low wattage lights using heavy and not so heavy extension cords. Basically covering all of my emergency power essentials. This was using the economy setting on the generator. The generator had electric power to spare. In the early morning it even ran my Mr. Coffee. I only had to fuel it twice a day. All week long during the ice storm my friends were either freezing or scrambling to find a loud, heavy, low quality junk generator at a hardware store. Not me!
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on June 5, 2011
Very impressed with this little powerhouse. Bought this new 6 yrs ago. Compared heavily to the Honda 3000EU. No regrets. The Honda was significantly more expensive. Goes with the Honda, brand strength and reliability. I'm a big Honda fan.
Decided that the Yamaha was built well and, though not as polished and finished as well as the Honda, has enough brand recognition and enough features, at a lower price point.

My use was camping, hunting, light construction. For my camper keeping lights lit and batteries topped off worked well. One issue is that my air conditioning would put too much draw and kill the generator. Not sure how many amps the draw was, but that was the only situation where it didn't handle the pull.

Still use it regularly, camping and hunting with no complaints. I really like the cage structure where the ends are handles and it packs very well where you can stack boxes on it. The choke works great, max pulls when cold is two. (very appreciated)

I usually run premium fuel, though it runs perfect on 87 octane as well. I most like the surge function when powering larger amp draw and the inverter function to power laptops and finer electronic equipment. I feel safe using anything with this generator.

I fully expect to be using this same unit 20 yrs from now.
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on September 10, 2008
We bought this generator to power our RV and have had absolutely no trouble with it for 5 years now. It runs our AC unit and that is what we wanted. It is super easy to carry around, I can do it myself and I'm a medium sized woman. We did not buy a bigger one because of the extra weight and have never been sorry. If I need to use the microwave or the electric water heater, I shut off the AC and run the other stuff. It is pretty quiet when compared to other generators in camp and it starts up easily every time, no matter how long it has been. We usually find it takes a fill up on fuel after about 7 hours of running and does fine if you have to run it continuously for days at a time. We would buy it again, and recommend it to other campers.
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