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on July 31, 2013
I have this hooked up to a sony 5.1 reciever with RCA speakers. I like the back volume control for the bass, it set it at the half way point then used my receiver to calibrate the bass amount. This thing can get really loud and deep. It shakes my entire theatre room and fill it with bass. My theatre room is 15'X35' and you can feel the bass no matter where you are sitting. I originally bought this just to have a sub until I saved up to my a nicer speaker set but I will continue to use this until my speakers or this stops working. As some others have mentioned it does not have auto off but I leave mine on all the time. I have it set up in the back corner of my room so no one ever sees it, or the little green light on the back.
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on January 10, 2008
I am so impressed with this Yamaha sub. Really good sound. Compact, attractive and delivers good thump. Adjustable volume so you can match the sub to your amp, comes with a long power cord and longer subwoofer audio cable (single RCA's on both ends). This was great - literally everything you need in the box. Shipped super quick from Amazon. Ran a demo with NIN's "Year Zero", and I was smiling from ear to ear. If you're on the fence, and are looking for a solid box for a small/medium sized room (mine is 18x12'), this may fit the bill.
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on December 12, 2012
I am not an audio guy and understand very little in nuances of the sound. To me its at the level of: "wow, THAT sounds much better than this..." - so I can tell the difference between good and not so good, but when it comes to fine points of sound - no clue. I have a 47" Vizio TV which sounded slightly better than my cell phone. Then I bought it a Vizio sound bar (as a gift to my TV last Christmas). The improvement was dramatic. After a year listening to it, I gotten used to the "good" and started to want "better". Especially since watching movies with big sound effects, helicopters and explosions still left much to be desired in the sound department. So I got this 8-in box hoping it will make things better without taking too much room next to the TV stand.

BIG difference. This sub has only one RCA input on the back and comes with a long RCA cable to connect to an RCA sub out - which is exactly what my Vizio Soundbar had. It has a power button and the volume button. That it. Super easy for guys like me. In under 5 minutes after opening the box I was enjoying a tremendous improvement on sound. It felt like all of a sudden sound acquired depth and dimension and I felt surrounded by it. Adding this sub to a soundbar has as dramatic effect on sound, as adding soundbar to the TV. It took few more minutes playing with the Volume button to get the right balance between the sound level of the bar and the sub.

Totally worth the money. Exceptionally well priced and solid product.
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on February 5, 2013
You should know that this subwoofer has limited facilities to intergrate into sound installations. This doesn't mean that it is necessarily a bad product, but it lacks flexibility needed for some situations.

- It does not have a crossover frequency adjustment. This means that you should have a pre-amp or receiver that has such an adjustment as you will not be able to control this at the subwoofer.

- It does not have a phase adjustment. For some installations this is required so that the subwoofer will integrate properly.

- It does not take high level (speaker level) inputs. Therefore your pre-amp or receiver must have a sub-woofer, LFE, or pre-amp output to connect to the subwoofer.

Be sure that you don't need any of these features before you buy! Unfortunately the Amazon pages don't indicate these details. You may have to go to the respective manufacturer's web site to get the tech details.

Just as an example for comparison, this Pioneer (I have no connection to the company), in the same price range, DOES have all the aforementioned features:

Pioneer SW-8 100 Watt RMS Subwoofer System

Hope that helps!
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on February 16, 2008
I have an Athena 8" subwoofer that cost roughly twice what this sub did. When I bought the Athena sub three years ago, it was the best subwoofer value going. To be honest, I don't notice a difference between the Athena and this Yamaha in music or in movies. Therefore, this Yamaha sub is a tremendous value. Not for large rooms to be sure, but as an addition to bookshelf speakers or a home theater system, this is a great buy.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2008
This is a great deal for $59 delivered. I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe some hollow sounding computer type sub-woofer that pops when I turn it on and off. This sub has a 50-watt RMS amp at 5ohm. It has a decent .5 inch MFD box with an internal space of almost 10.5 X 10.5 (small!) External is about 11.4 x 11.4 x 11.5 height. It's much better built than the Sony's on this site. They even made a small attempt to support the box with 1-inch corner braces on all 6 sides. The sub sounds great at lower volume. It maxis out fast though. In a small room or apartment, you wouldn't need it any louder. It's the quality of sound that's important, and that's where this delivers. Up to it's distortion point, it sounds like a true big sub-woofer. This is the perfect sub for anybody who is not allowed to shake the foundation. This sub plays deep! It just hits its max excursion fast. Either the amp is more than 50 watts or the speaker can't handle much wattage. Speaking of the speaker, it's about 5lbs. They seemed to have glued a smaller magnet onto the larger one at the base. I've heard of some seedy speaker manufactures doing this, but this speaker seems to deliver pretty good quality. I swapped out the stock speaker with a Dayton and secured the walls with cross braces and then covered the inside walls with carpet. Foam would take up to much space and there isn't much inside already. This setup was a pleasure to work with. The grill pops right off. The speaker is held on by 4 screws in the standard speaker hole location. (making it easy to replace) The amp is held on by 8 screws. The port is held in place mostly by a tight fit and some glue that easily breaks loose. The amp is connected to the speaker with standard removable connectors. That's it. It takes about 3-5 min to take apart. As for the Dayton, it performs about the same as the stock one. It was made for a little bit bigger box, but I wanted to know if the stock speaker was unable to handle much or was it the amp that produced the power. It seems to be the amp. It can push a stronger speaker. If I had a 100 watt 8" speaker with a high SPL, built for a small-ported box, and good excursion level (that's the amount of movement on a speaker), then I would really need the extra bracing. Problem is, that would cost much more than this whole system. That, and I wouldn't use a .5-inch thick box. Where am I going with this... anyway, this sub is worth every penny of $59. If you have a set of decent bookshelf speakers and a sub-woofer out jack on your amp that you're not using, you would be a fool not to get this. To cut costs, it has no auto on/off, and no pass through signal. If you must have auto on/off, buy a remote control on/off power supply from someplace cheap. I had one left over from my X-mass lights. (or use the power connection on the back of your receiver if you have one). This sub doesn't pop at all when turned on or off and its amp is inside the box. This sub is much better looking than a Sony I have. If the person before me didn't didn't give this 4 stars, I wouldn't have tested this out. So thanks! I'm very happy I purchased this. I think its so cheap people are afraid of it! I don't know how they make money on this. (update 1-11-08) to clarify the wattage on these: output power on the spec sheet is rated at 5ohms. 50 watts to 5 ohms RMS and 100 dynamic. It has a 6ohm speaker in it. That means it's probably pushing about 45 watts RMS to the speaker. The frequency response is -4db at 40hz, -10db at 30hz, -15db at 25hz. It has a decent flat response from 45hz to 120hz at 90db. It then tapers off to -5db at 200hz. Not bad for $59 !!! Update 1-15-07 Here's a FYI given to me: The second magnet glued on the back of the driver magnet is for shielding. It is not there to deceive. The second magnet is attached in polar opposite to the functional magnet, canceling the magnetic pollution it would normally give off. (Thanks Kevin!)
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on August 3, 2012
Our Bose subwoofer failed quite a while ago. Basically all it became was a junction box to hook up the other cubes. After living with no bass for longer than I want to admit, I decided to purchase the "Yamaha 8-inch Front-Firing Active Subwoofer" when we recently upgraded our home theater receiver to 7.1. I'm no audiophile, but I do enjoy distortion free music and rich movie sound at the levels we set. My wife's ears are extremely sensitive to bass vibrations so I wanted a system that wouldn't rattle the windows but would fill in the lower range we were missing.

The five minute set up consists of unpacking, making two connections, positioning the subwoofer, plugging it in, and depressing the power button. Oh, there was a little furniture moving involved too, but we won't count that. I quickly performed a receiver auto-calc for the speakers which took another minute. I immediately noticed better test volume out of all my speakers and easily heard the test thumping of the subwoofer.

Next I loaded my subwoofer, bass range test movie, Independence Day, in the Blu-ray player. The beginning of the movie is filled with bass sound as the alien craft passes the moon. Not only did this little subwoofer deliver the range I wanted, the subwoofer allowed the auto-calc to reset the speakers accurately so the receiver wasn't trying to force low end ranges through the cubes. BANG! What a difference in sound! Granted I was starving for bass range but this little Yamaha delivered exactly what we needed. My wife said "wow, that really makes a difference!" For $90, hard to believe what I'm hearing but I'm all smiles.
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on February 18, 2008
Bought this to compliment the Bose 301 Speakers and Yamaha center channel speaker that I have hooked up to my home theater system, and was not disappointed. The speaker is very clear, with no noise or hiss that I can detect and it puts out enough base to rattle the room and to make the cats jump. Excellent sound for regular HDTV, HD movies, and games on the 360 and PS3.
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on May 22, 2015
Now I know why YAMAHA subs get the respect they do. I have a mid-size 4.1 stereo and depend on my ENERGY ESW-C10 powerful, subtle,fast, deep and strong. I found my bass to be accurate,but wanted to add a little punch. The opportunity to get this Yamaha sw012 camealong and I jumped on it. Box was heavy, and it even came with a 15' cable(already got that) didnt really expect much , i mean $99.really?...boy am I surprised adds a solid punch to the low-end without overstressing either sub. Kind of small but nice looking gloss back panel with a LFE input and power cord.The only adjustment is 'volume'(gain) so i was worried about a full range boomy sound--not the case at all! can stand alone with my rear spkrs, or as added bass in my 4.2-setup. I easily holds its own with no boominess. Would highly recommend in an inexpensive 2.1 stereo or as an additional sub in a larger setup clean and low and quality sounding. Best BUDGET sub IMO.!-----4.5 stars----have it set around 50%.--BREAKING it in is Crucial! sounds better now than the 1st week.--and DONT try to remove the grille ty to all who knew that!
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on December 26, 2007
If you're looking for a small sub-woofer, one that will fill a medium sized room with deep bass and you're not looking to impress your friends or drive out your neighbors, the Yamaha YSTSW012 will certainly do the job. Rated at 100 watts peak and 50rms, this speaker provides plenty of bass being driven by my Onkyo 65 watt amp. Fact of the matter is that I can not run the speaker at full power as the bass is too over powering. Attractive amp, convenient size and plenty of power for a reasonable price.
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