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on February 14, 2004
I got this EP after I heard "Fever to tell" and I was pleasently surprised.
It puts all their other songs into context, brings their musical style back to basics with a rawer indie sound.
Karen O's voice is fantastic.She varies from a cute kitten purr to a demented shriek often in the space of one song, and her voice is what make the band special.
"Bang" is the perfect opener to the album with its wonderfull jerky guitar riff, and sex filled lyrics setting the tone for the next 14 minutes.
"Mystery Girl" proves the band capable of a steady rock'n roll number,and "Art Star", my favourite, contains all the elements which make the Yeah Yeah Yeahs such a great band;the inspired guitar riffs,versitial vocals, and punk sensibility.
Not to mention the pop catchiness in all those "doos".
As a guitarist, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a lot of appeal for me because of Nick Zinner's exellent guitar work. Just listen to the riff in "Miles Away" and the way his guitar parts sometimes echoe the lyrics.
"Our time" is the closest thing to a slow song on the EP,and showcases the Yeah Yeah Yeahs potential for writing emotive and sincere songs like "maps" on "Fever to Tell".
I would recommend that anyone who enjoyed "Fever to Tell" buy this record as it condences the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound into 5 slices of brilliance.A fine introduction or definition of the band.
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on July 9, 2004
If you are intersted in the yeah yeah yeah's this album is defianly a good way to start off...
1. Bang - a song that will make you fall in love with karen o's voice instantly & youll defiantly feel an urge to sing & dance too, its a great way to start off the ep.
2. Mystery Girl - now this song will not only inspire you to sing along & dance too but also will make you feel as is if you must keep listening & find out more about this wonderous band.
3. Art Star - it starts out much like 1 & 2 but than she begans growling/screaming 'art star'... i enjoy the song & find it very useful for letting out frustration. also it gives the album a bit more diversity which brings it together very nicely.
4. Miles Away - this is a very pleasant song that will probably become one of your favorites, but than again theyll all probably be your favortie... it gives you a sense of triumph a real good feel-good song.
5. Our Time - also a feel-good song, if your feeling sad this will defiantly bring you up... its a very nice way to end the ep.
So, once you listen to this throughly, & theres no doubt youll enjoy it, than you should pick up 'fever to tell' there most recent album, yeha youll love it, enjoy.
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on July 17, 2002
I first caught this band at a show in NY where, after there set, half the crowd left before the headliners even took stage! I couldn't imagine how a three piece band with no bass player and a singer who pours beer after beer all over herself could be any good. I'm glad I'm wrong a lot.
The YYYs absolutely blew me away with their late 70s/ early 80s grungy fem-punk indie rock sound, incredibly catchy riffs, and a singer who's snotty, charismatic voice screamed of perfection. That night I left with a copy of their EP which does their live act justice.
To start, the produciton quality is perfectly gritty, leaving me to believe the band achieved the exact sound they were looking for. "Bang" begins the album with a riff that would stick in your head for years (if it wasn't for "Art Star"), followed by "Mystery Girl" which features Karen O's most enjoyable and playful singing. "Art Star" is the highlight of the EP with a great beat, incredible screaming, and an absolutely irresistable series of "do-do-dos". Karen O. begins "Miles Away" with an eery quiet that you know will build up and explode, which it does. Lastly, there's the anthem "Our Time" which does indeed blatently borrow the chords of "Crimson and Clover", but it still delivers. At its slower pace, it is the perfect track to end the record with.
Never before had I gotten an album or EP that left me wanting much much more as much as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have. Recently, they've been getting a lot of hype, though deserved, makes me fear that they will get too big too fast, so I recommend this disc of perfection, for it will always show the band at their purest.
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on December 11, 2002
The YYY's are the first so-called garage band to hit the big time that actually sounds like they were recorded in a garage. Their stripped down, raw sound leaves you no doubt that this band loves to make no-frills rock-n-roll. Every track on this album (only 5) has a distinctive flavor and tempts you to wonder how good this band could be.
Track 01 - "Bang!" jumps out of the block with one of the most wicked riffs since The Kinks "All Day and All of the Night."
Track 02 - "Mystery Girl" displays the YYY's most imaginative lyrics coupled with an addictive hook. If you can listen to this track only once, I'd be surprised.
Track 03 - "Art Star" switches gears so fast between the pure punk sound and the catchiest hook on the entire album, you'll be left wondering how the band pulled this song off. This track, in particular, showcases the band's uniquely different sounds.
Track 04 - "Miles Away" should please most die hard punk fans. You get a good taste of all the members contribution to the band's sound.
Track 05 - "Our Time" could easily be the overall crowd favorite on the album. There is something for everybody here; a teenage anthem, a very catchy reworking of "Crimson and Clover," even a subtle reference to The Doors and Jim Morrison.
Overall, the band succeeds in producing a album which should appeal to an array of fans, including punk, garage rock, and pop. While the album only includes five tracks, the YYY's have succeeded in producing a very catchy, if not addictive sound.
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on September 11, 2005
i cannot believe so many people are ripping on the yeahyeahyeahs. i have to conclude that they have bad taste. VERY bad taste. either that, or they're the type of people who have to gripe about something just because it's popular.

but i digress. karen o. gives me hope for the future of music. i actually prefer this ep to their full-length release: songs like "maps" and "modern romance" seem a little schmaltzy to me. as always, karen o's howling, moaning, and screaming as if she's in the midst of the most fantastic orgasm of her life is a delight to listen to. the album literally starts with a "bang," then progresses on into the surf rock riffs of "mystery girl." "art star," perhaps my favorite track, is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the pretentious participants of the art world that starts off monotone and ends in throat-wrenching screams.

so, while i agree that in many ways, this band brings nothing new to the table in terms of indy and alternative music, it definitely holds up a fine tradition of hard-rocking bands (like siouxsie and the banshees, as another reviewer pointed out.) with so much pop crap out there, it's nice to know that some bands can still rock out.
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on March 10, 2014
The first song, "Bang", begins with a perfectly American statement,"the bigger the better". Karen O.'s vocal style is a cross between Cat Power and Kat Bjelland (of Babes in Toyland). The country rock "Mystery Girl" could be an outtake from Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville. "Art Star" takes away any sense of innocence this EP could have had with shrieks that would make Diamanda Galas jealous. "Miles Away", energetic, vivid and noisy, a bridge to the final song. "Our Time" is the cherry on top, another song that evokes Liz Phair's wise lyricism and classic rock instrumentation.
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on February 10, 2003
First note: yes, this EP is short... but it's an EP. They are supposed to be small snaps of music released at a lower price. Ideally, this CD should be cheaper, but ten bucks isn't too bad nowadays, especially if the quality of the songs is this good.
Basically, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are another of those critically hyped hip New York bands that sound like other bands. That's not a bad thing, considering how modern rock needs more acts that are fun and just plain sound good. If that means borrowing from the past, I'm all for it... for the meantime. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are to punk-era Patti Smith as the Strokes are to the Velvet Underground, and the YYY's pull a lot of other influences together as well. My favorite cut, "Miles Away" builds up and up until it seems like it taps into the heart of rock and roll, and the cool "Art Star" combines poppy "do do doots" with primal screams and drone lyrics. Both songs are as good as anything I've heard from the New York kids so far, and good reasons to spend 10 dollars. "Mystery Girl" feels like a Broadway show tune disguised as a punk smash-and-grab, which is cool with me also. "Bang" doesn't do too much for me, but its smarmy and sexy lyrics make Karen-O seem a lot like a garage rock Patti Smith, and "Our Time" is a straightforward sarcastic rock ballad with some good points.
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on January 7, 2003
I got the Machine EP and this one as Christmas gifts without having heard any of either, and they ROCK! I think we can expect great things from this band that's more about substance than some of the "garage rock" that's been popularized lately, such as the Vines. Karen O is the most intriguing female rocker since Debbie Harry, and has her talent to boot.
Can't wait for the full-length release this year.
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on July 12, 2016
YYYs best recordings are this first debut EP and the other EP called IS IS, the former being their original raw loud blasting wonderful rock, and the latter their pinnacle work and sound. Only five great songs on each. Of their LPs I like Fever To Tell, Show Your Bones, It's Blitz and Mosquito in that order. Thank goodness this debut classic exists since there seem to be no live YYYs for some mystifying reason.
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on July 22, 2002
One of the most original bands I've heard in a long time. This is one of those albums I just cannot stop playing. The Yeah Yeah Yeah's have that touch of 80's punk to them that brings out some nostalgia, but they are NOT an imitation band. The bring originality by the boat load. Be the first kid on your block to be able to say "yeah, I've been listening to them for a while." Because I have a feeling these guys are only going to get bigger.
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