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A yoga mat is really the only thing that you tend to use on every yoga workout. It cushions your feet and gives you stability during some of the stretching moves. This mat is a full 1/4" thick and provides great cushion for your yoga routines.

First, a note about all yoga mats. Because of what they are made of, they tend to have a chemical type of smell when you first get them. This is normal! You simply air them out for a few days, perhaps wipe them down with soap and water, and this will dissipate. It's like breaking in a new pair of boots - you have to go through that initial phase.

I found the mat to be really wonderful. It is cushiony enough that it supports me in a variety of poses, whether I'm standing, kneeling, laying down, stretching. It is far better than doing yoga on a bare floor - whether that might be wood, stone, carpet or whatever. The cushion is really important for many poses.

Even though it has that nice cushion, it is also stable too. You feel quite firmly planted when you are doing balancing positions. It's not like you are trying to balance on top of a trampoline.

The mat is a good middle ground between "resistant to sliding" and "too sticky". You can readjust your feet when you need to - but if you want to plant your hands, it helps keep your hands in place.

I also really like that the mats comes in a wide variety of colors. People are more likely to exercise if they really like their exercise equipment. If you love green, go for green. I got the light lavender and really like it. To me it is calming and relaxing. Whatever color energizes or relaxes you, you probably can find it here.

The mat might be a little bulky to carry around with you, but you can get a lighter mat for use when you travel. This one is just perfect as an at-home mat, to really give you a solid base for whatever level of yoga you are currently at.

Highly recommended!
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on February 27, 2007
The thickness of this mat is very comfortable. It's much better than the 1/8" mat which I find it too thin. This 1/4" mat gives me enough padding when I sit, and it doesn't throw me off balance when I stand. I also like the length of this mat which is 4" longer than the standard size mat. It's so good to have so much room to stretch when I lay down. Item arrived within the delivery estimate time. Very prompt service.
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on April 17, 2008
I am a daily yoga practitioner who purchased two of these mats in different colors. I was looking for a bargain, and I was encouraged by the high customer ratings. I am very disappointed. First of all, Yoga Accessories did not send me the items until 3+ weeks after I had ordered them. I had to write two e-mails to them. I received replies that they were sorry, they had been meaning to write me and tell me that the colors I had wanted were out of stock and did I want to select other colors. Then, when I did that and finally received the mats, they had a sharp, unpleasant chemical odor that has failed to disappear even after many days of use. This is bothersome during yoga, and I have to light several scented candles and incense sticks to mask the odor.

Perhaps WORST of all, the mats are not sufficiently sticky to hold asanas. For example, my hands slide 1 mm per second in correct Downward Facing Dog pose. It should be noted that I do not have sweaty hands and never have. This is very frustrating because this slippery mat basically defeats the purpose of what it was created for: proper positioning and hold of yoga poses. I have not had this problem with other mats for which I have paid slightly more money.

The only advertising that is true is that the mat is, indeed, slightly thicker than other mats I have owned. But that really doesn't make much of a difference if one cannot hold a pose on the mat.

Despite my correct usage and storage of it, I absolutely do not recommend this product. Find a better quality yoga mat if you need the mat for actual yoga. This one might be appropriate only for other sports like aerobics or jumping rope. I almost hurt myself slipping out of a pose on this mat.

------------------------------- FOLLOW UP REVIEW AUGUST 18, 2014 ------------------------------------------------

Wow, I wrote that review over six years ago! This may be one of the longest time periods on Amazon for a follow up to my review, but I would like to point out that I still own this mat, use it doubled up with another mat, and aside from fraying at the hand and feet points (signs of a well-used mat), it is still operational. It is thin compared to other mats (around half the thickness) and no longer slippery -- that aspect disappeared after around 30 uses. Initially, I dealt with it by using this mat underneath another yoga mat. I like the extra cushioning anyway. That's what I do when I use it for yoga. I also use this mat during strength training because it is essential for maintaining traction when doing weighted lunges, otherwise my athletic shoes slide on our hardwood floors.

I started washing yoga mats after purchasing others following this particular product. Sometimes it helped; sometimes it didn't. I have a high efficiency washer and a four 25-foot lines of clothesline (we're in the country), so that made the process easier. For others, washing may be too onerous a task because mats wash more uniformly in an HE washer versus a traditional one. Also, not everyone has the space or ability to hang their mats outside.

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments because, though we yogis have many things in common, no two people are exactly alike in terms of preferences, hand positions, weight, skin textures, sebaceous oil production, and all the other myriad factors that influence the slipperiness/tackiness of a yoga mat. For this reason, the more input there is on a product, the better a consumer can make an informed, correct choice for herself/himself.

Thus, I upgrade my rating on the condition that users wash this mat once before using and twice or thrice if they are allergic to toxins (and who isn't?). Due to the fact that I have not needed to wash other yoga mats and could use them right after purchase, and for this mat's thinness compared to other mats, this mat gets three and a half stars. It certainly has staying power, and it has been a friend through many yoga, weight, and stretching sessions.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2007
Wow, I couldn't believe how terrible this mat smelled when it arrived. I almost returned it also. Thanks to Google, I figured out that some lemon juice and soap and hanging it up for a while could get the mat less smelly in less time.

I can't believe what a difference the thickness makes when compared to a mat of regular thickness. My wrists, my back and knees are much happier. I highly recommend this mat.
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on October 23, 2007
I read reviews & was a bit hesitant re smell. However, I ordered & am so glad. I'm only 5'4" but really appreciated the size--don't have to shift around so much between postures. I ordered burgundy, which is more of a muddy plum, & maybe the color dye has something to do with smell, cuz I don't find mine bad at all. It's just a tiny bit smelly with face to mat. But what does one expect with artificial materials? Only drawback is that it's more bulky due to size, and rolls to just short of 5" diameter, but the comfort is worth it. I've used for several months, & all is well. Buy & enjoy!
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on March 4, 2010
Don't buy this mat. You will slip in downward dog even if you're not sweating. I wish someone told me this before I bought this mat. Now I have to get another one!!
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on November 28, 2015
This was, by far, the worst yoga mat I've ever used. I should have known it was a bad purchase when I first opened the packaging. One side of the mat was covered with an adhesive, shiny, silver material, and to create the texture of the mat, I had to rip off the silver backing. The mat was made of a cheap foamy material, and there was a hole it in before the end of my first time using it for yoga class. I don't know what product I received, but it certainly wasn't the mat shown in the image. An unbelievable rip-off.
review image
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on January 18, 2012
I have never done yoga in my life. I am an athletic 30 something male and into sports so I gave yoga a try. I read a lot of reviews on other mats and went with this one.

Thickness: Perfect. It might be a tad "full" but I have no problems with it and i wouldn't want to go higher or lower than 1/4". It stays in my truck. I use an old mp3 player arm band to wrap it so it stays intact.

Odor:It did NOT smell like other people have said.

Color:I went with "soothing sea", well because it says soothing, and its fine. Color I don't care about.

Slipperiness: I take a Hot Power Yoga class where the room is about 90 degrees. I sweat A LOT. During the first class, i was sliding around quite a bit and getting frustrated. So I read reviews and advice on fixing this. I hand washed it under the shower head with a little detergent. Took a little while to get the soap out though. Next time I will try the washing machine like others have said. Then I hang dried for a couple days. Every class since then, the slipperiness has subsided and is now a great tacky/sticky mat.

Instructions: None were included. It would have been nice if they would have said to wash it before use.

Bottom Line: I did not want to splurge to get a costly mat because I did not know if I would even do yoga for years to come. This mat has been adequate so far after 5 sweaty classes and I think it should last a couple years. However, because of the cleaning aspect it might be worth it to spend the extra $20 to get Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats - Ultra Thick, Extra Long with Rising Moon Focal point Icon, Illuminating Colors, Eco Safe, Free from Phthalates and Latex. From the reviews it sounds like the slipperiness isn't an issue on those mats.
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on October 29, 2012
These mats initially caught my eye because of the eye-catching bright colors and perceived value. When you search for 'yoga mat,' these mats come up as the second best selling item so I figured that they must be worth my money. Unfortunately I couldn't have been more wrong...

The first mat I ordered was the color 'light green,' which judging by the picture, looks like a brilliant shade of mint green. When it arrived, it was a dull olive green, nothing like the color swatch shown on the item page. Since this color was nothing like the color shown on the page, I thought surely they had just shipped the wrong color. What was weird was that when I double checked the invoice, it said 'light green.' It dawned on me that the color representation of this particular mat must have just been wrong. I wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet and decided to send it back and reorder a new color 'teal green.' When the 'teal green' mat arrived it was THE EXACT SAME DULL OLIVE GREEN COLOR!!... MADDENING!!!!

By this point, I was incredibly frustrated and decided to simply settle with the second mat. On my very first class, I found that not only the mat was incredibly, dangerously slippery, it also fell apart before my eyes. All it took was one brush across the mat with my toenail to scratch off a whole line of mat material that ended up covering my pants by the end of class. Finally, when I went to roll it up after class, I found that it wouldn't even roll evenly because it was cut wrong.

So in closing...

1) The actual colors of the mats are in no way similar to the colors pictured
2) The mats are dangerously slippery
3) The mats fall apart after one use
4) They are poorly constructed and not symmetrical

Don't waste your money.
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on September 27, 2011
This mat is a waste of money if you are serious about yoga. After one yoga session using this mat I knew I had to return it. It is way too slippery! It is nearly impossible to do a downward dog much less any of the other standard poses. All your focus will be on just trying to keep your hands and feet in place.
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