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I am surprised none of the cartoon buffs have commmented on this cartoon.
Yogi's First Christmas has become one of the beloved Christmas specials since it aired.
It features all the characters created by Hanna-Barbera and has a pretty good story.
Story borrows a bit from the Grinch who stole Christmas.
Snively an evil character, and a character known as Herman
Hermit are attempting to close down JellyStone National Park
and place the blame of it's failure on Yogi Bear.
Ranger Smith gives Yogi Bear the boot, but Yogi and
others plan a way to save Jellystone using the old
Christmas spirit.
This animated film is a classic.
Daws Butler as Yogi Bear will always be remembered
as a great actor who provided the voice for one
of the most cherished character of all time,
Yogi Bear.
Of course the special comes complete with all the Christmas songs one would expect.
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on March 5, 2005
Every home should have a copy of Yogi Bear's first Christmas. I grew up watching this cartoon and it always brings back some lovely memories of Christmas time. The movie is all about Herman the Hermit and a naughty boy named Snively. Watch how they both team up and try to close down Jellystone park where Yogi lives. In a battle of good versus bad an entire star cast comprising Ranger Smith, Boo Boo, Huckleberry hound, Snagglepuss, Cindy Bear and many more are working harder to try and save the lodge. The fact that all this happens at Christmas time makes the cartoon so much more magical...Wonderful songs, tree trimming, Santa Claus, winter sports and so much more make a great story line. A must watch for the young and the young at heart - Yogi Bear's first Christmas !
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on December 5, 2009
I feel in love with this Christmas special when I was little; I had it taped from TV and watched it every year, until the tape went missing. I've been waiting for this to come out on DVD for the longest time - and now it's here! I received it today, and have watched it over and over again. It's great quality - just like I remembered.

For those waiting for Yogi's First Christmas on DVD - this is what you've been looking for!
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Being a kid in the 1980's, each year at Christmas time there were a series of shows that would play on TV that kids got to see once a year. Every year I remember it being a BIG deal when they were finally on and everyone would call each other on the phone to tell them what channel to find it on.

While the years of seeing a program just once a Holiday are over, the nostalgia of this childhood memory still lives in this program. There were several shows each Holiday season. Peanuts (A Charlie Brown Christmas), Jetson's Christmas, Flintstone's Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and of course Rudolph were all shows we eagerly awaited, but Yogi's First Christmas was my all time favorite.

For years I didn't realise it was called Yogi's First Christmas. There were so many Hanna Barbera characters in it, that I wasn't sure the exact name. Finally after some searching last Christmas I found it.

This is the one where the Ranger, Yogi, Boo Boo, and all the other Hanna Barbera characters work at a lodge for Christmas to keep it open. Snively, the wealthy and spoiled nephew of the lodge owner visits for Christmas and almost spoils the Holiday. Yogi, usually well into hibernation at that time, tries his best to stay awake so he can see his very first Christmas day, and as usual saves the day.

When watching it, it really brings back memories of what cartoons were like back in the 1980's. The graphics are nothing like today's cartoons, but every time I watch it it's like being 6 years old and eagerly awaiting Santa all over again.
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on December 6, 2011
Trust me in that I haven't been a 'kid' for many years, but I still love "Yogi's First Christmas"! There's nothing I'd rather have on while I'm doing holiday decorating or baking. Both copies I ordered (one for me, one for my daughter) arrived before the estimated arrival date and in PERFECT condition!
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on October 19, 2014
For years, my Daddy and sister complained off-and-on about the majority of Hanna-Barbera's Christmas classics not being on authorized DVDs, the only known exceptions until '07 were The Nutcracker Scoob, A Scooby Doo Christmas, the first triad of Tom and Jerry Tales shorts ever made, and The Night Before Christmas (starring Tom and Jerry, from MGM). Things looked up in '07 with A Flintstones Christmas Carol being on DVD with A Christmas Flintstone (alias How The Flintstones Saved Christmas, 1964) as a bonus program, along with Joe Barbera's last great achievement, Tom and Jerry's Nutcracker Tale. It still wasn't enough to make us all happy, but starting in 2009, the Warner Archive released Yogi's First Christmas and has delighted my family ever since. Even greater news kept coming; in 2010 was Yogi Bear's All-star Comedy Christmas Caper, in stores everywhere. Around that time, Christmas Comes to Pac-Land was in the season 2 set of the original Pac Man series from the Warner Archive. In 2011, 2 of the original 4 Smurfs' Christmas specials in stores everywhere (Baby's First Christmas and The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas remain not on DVD in the USA, as of 2014), A Flintstone Christmas (1977) and the Emmy-nominated special A Flinstone Family Christmas (1993) together on another Warner Archive DVD, and A Jetson Christmas Carol in the Jetsons' season 2 volume 2 set (a family tradition of ours since we had it on VHS). In 2012 came The Town Santa Forgot, Casper's First Christmas (crossed over with Yogi and his gang), and A Christmas Story (easily better by a longshot, in my opinion, than the live-action cult classic from 1983) together on 1 Warner Archive DVD, as well as Scooby Doo: Haunted Holidays in one of his 13 Spooky Tales sets (with The Nutcracker Scoob completely uncut), featuring Digimon actor Crispin Freeman as a seemingly-worried nephew of his seemingly-possessed uncle, who's the owner of the Menkle Toy Store. In 2013, the biblical classic The Little Troll Prince was paired with the Cabbage Patch Kids' First Christmas made by their sister company Ruby-Spears, thus making it a Hanna-Barbera Christmas classic, by the Warner Archive. Just this year (2014), Tom and Jerry have an all-new Christmas special called Santa's Little Helpers. As you can see, my folks have been quite pleased with my work and research, especially with the HB classics masterminded by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera themselves. But what I'm reviewing is the longest Hanna-Barbera Christmas classic ever made; at 99 minutes uncut, Yogi's First Christmas is a treasure for anyone who appreciates classic animation, not just at Christmastime. Sure, some critics point out endless animation and soundtrack slip-ups here, but that was the norm of Hanna-Barbera's work in the late 70's and early/mid 80's, as many of the staff were getting on in years, so don't let such small boo-boos (no pun intended) get in the way of your watching such classics. Ironically, Yogi's First Christmas came out just 1 year after Casper's First Christmas did, and in fact reuses and reworks songs from it, as the song Hope was twice-reused/reworked from A Christmas Story and A Flintstone Christmas, but with Boo Boo singing it! Reusing and/or reworking old footage and music was also the norm for Hanna-Barbera, and especially for one of its partners Filmation, even in their Christmas classics, so don't let that anger you. At any rate, Yogi and Boo Boo are woken up from their hibernation by their gang of friends, from below the Jellystone Lodge, just in time for their first Christmas, and later wake Cindy Bear out of her hibernation and into the festivities. Throughout the movie, Herman the Hermit tries to sabotage the winter carnival, like he did the previous year, and almost succeeds ruining the tree-trimming party on Christmas Eve with help from Mrs. Throckmorton's Grinchy nephew Snively. Luckily, Yogi unknowingly outfoxed their attempts at every turn, but not so much for Cindy's mistletoe escapades, and ends up proving to all of us that "comes Christmastime, bygones is bygones. It's what you call Christmas spirit." Alongside Disney and Rankin/Bass' animated Christmas classics, Hanna-Barbera's another popular name in Christmas classics, with help from the Warner Archive AND Amazon. If you yearn to see Hanna-Barbera's Christmas classics on DVD, especially if Boomerang ends up not showing them at all, Yogi's First Christmas is a great way to start your collection, for both young and old! There's still a bunch of Hanna-Barbera Christmas classics that haven't been on DVD yet, when I typed this, such as The Nativity, Silent Night Holy Night, Hanna-Barbera's Christmas Sing-A-Long, and the remaining 2 Smurfs' Christmas episodes, so let's keep telling the Warner Archive about 'em; hopefully they might listen to us again! "And to all of you out there, a merry Christmas to you, too. Ho-ho-ho." to quote Yogi as this movie concludes.
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on November 5, 2015
One of the BEST christmas specials EVER. I am so surprised that Hanna Barbera / Warner Brothers have not put out an official, non-DVD-R version of this movie. Major thumbs down to them.

They use to show this every year on television, and it was one of the highlights of the season in our household. Yogi, Boo-boo, Cindy, Oggy Doggy, Doggy Daddy, Snagglepuss, Hucklebery Hound, Ranger Smith, and others. Snively (the spoiled brat) was entertaining to watch.

This movie does have some musical numbers in it, but they work just fine (I'm not into musicals), and they don't overdo it (unlike some of the more recent schlock out there).

There are a lot of crappy christmas specials out there (especially anything made in the last 30 years or so, the majority is pure garbage). Thankfully, this is not one of those. This is a classic that every die-hard christmas lover or Hanna-Barbera fan should own.
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on February 2, 2016
This is my second copy of this Christmas special. I love Yogi and "Yogi's First Christmas" is a highlight for me to watch. I even watch it when it isn't Christmas. The story is simple - Yogi wakes up from hibernation and discovers he has woken up in time to celebrate Christmas. Yogi's problem is staying awake and keeping out of Mr. Ranger's hair. It is just a really nice cartoon.
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on September 6, 2015
This is a good movie. It features Yogi and Boo Boo waking up when they here the Christmas bells. Yogi stays up untill Christmas and long enough to see Santa Claus but not long enough to recieve the picnic basket he has for him. In that time the owner gives him a job and them promotes him several times over. Yogi also wins several contests and reforms a couple of Ebenezeer Scrooges. Well Ill be a spoiler if I say anything more and I probably said to much already. You should get this. Merry Christmas.
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on November 27, 2006
I can't believe this cartoon is not available on DVD yet! It definately belongs on the shelf with Rudolph, Frosty and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. I enjoyed this cartoon growing up and my 2 year old is now asking to watch Yogi's Christmas. The story is great and it is awesome to see all Yogi's friends together in one movie. It definately brings back some fond memories
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