Customer Reviews: You Can Heal Your Life: Special Edition Box Set
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on March 8, 2007
This book was recommended to me after my family suffered a tragedy. At first I was hesitant about it. A non-beleiver, you can say. But Louise Hay broke her message down into easy-to-understand chapters. After reading a few chapters I was convinced that she was right on target.

I learned alot while reading this book. I've applied the techniques from the book to my everyday life, and have had successful results. I'm glad that I was given this book. Unfortunately, I had to give it back, which is why I'm here..... ordering another one.

(Worth the $15 though.)
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VINE VOICEon May 21, 2006
This is a great find and if you have been lead to this book consider yourself a very blessed and fortunate individual. Healing our lives is such an "iffy" proposistion. So many times we derive so many "benefits" from not healing our lives; we can play the victim, we can blame others, we can receive sympathy from others, we can stay limited and small. If you don't want to heal your life right now, that's okay, I don't blame you because it's kind of scary taking complete response-ability for your life, but if you are ready...really, really ready, then this is a book for you.

I recommend reading it with a friend or if you can't do that, read it in front of the mirror. I can guarantee that if you do that, the tears will come. Don't be afraid of getting upset or angry or even disturbed because Truth is upsetting because Truth is unsettling but I warn you, once you've been exposed to a few empowering ideas, you can never go back. You can try, but you'll have this nagging feeling that somehow your life is your creation and you have always been responsible for it. Yeah, your daddy might've been abusive and your mommy might've been alcoholic, but are you going to RISE UP or are you going to sit in the ashes of the past and play dead?

The point of power is always in the present moment so I suggest that you go and reclaim your life. I suggest that you cry, scream, throw things until you get it all out of system and out of complete and total surrender come back to the Life that was always waiting for you to notice it; your life and you are a beautiful, wonderful, magnificent creation that has so much to give.

You can heal your life. You can let the dead bury the dead. You can discover/uncover the Truth that your wholeness is yourt holiness and your holiness is your wholeness.

My only problem with this book is the section in the back where Louise mentions certain physical ailments and the mental attitudes that MIGHT have created the situation. This information can be a blessing or a curse. It can be a blessing because it can give you something to work through and heal or it can be a curse because you can use this information to beat yourself up with or make yourself feel guilty that somehow you created this situation and I don't think that it was Louise's intention for any of us to take this powerful information and find new ways to beat ourselves up. This is the only reason I'm giving the book four stars and not five not because the information is wrong or misleading, but because I've met quite a few people who run around "diagnosing" everyone. Use this information and do not abuse it.

Peace & Blessings
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on March 26, 2008
I'm horrified by some of the negative reviews I've read here.

This from one reviewer on the author speaking on AIDS:

"So, AIDS is not caused by a virus, but by low self esteem. If people will just think better about themselves, their AIDS will disappear.

No need to worry about condoms, or safe sex, or anything. Just maintain a positive attitude, and condoms aren't necessary.

Such a lie is nothing short of grotesque. No, really, it is murderous."

I don't remember getting that at all. I took it to mean that if people had better self esteem and thought better about themselves, they would use condoms and practice monogamy/ safe sex, minimizing chance of contracting HIV/AIDS.

I'm not sure how much I was reading into this book but I will pull it off the shelf in the coming days.

It's a two-way street.
Louise Hay's printed word is not the be-all/ end-all.

She offers suggestions.

It's up to us to think.
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on September 23, 2005
This book is not a very easy read. The first time you read it, you think 'What in the world..?'. But deep down inside a particular sentence or concept rings a faint bell and it makes sense. Everything in the book might not apply to you right away. But there is truth in it and you definitely can use it to heal your life. Hay has come up with a unique approach to life and all it has to teach you maps your road to positivity, contentment, health and happiness. I would suggest reading it at least twice over - even randomly if that what works.
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on July 6, 2006
In the 70s, I read Ken Dychtwald's book BODYMIND and learned early in my life just how amazingly connected our bodies are to what goes on inside our minds. What Hay presents in her book is a direct correlation between illness and where a person is mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Her premise is that each illness has a root cause in self-limiting or negative thinking (From Hay's book: Gout stems from the need to dominate and impatience or anger. Stroke stems from a sense of giving up or resistance -- the idea of "I'd rather die than change.") Even accidents are no accident, according to her. This understanding of health is a challenge to anyone reading the book because Hay lets you know fairly gently that you are responsible for you ... and your health.

If you are a person who doesn't embrace personal responsibility ("My boss makes me mad," "It is my mom's fault I grew up this way," "If I could get that loan, my life would be just fine," "I AM NOT defensive!"), then this book will probably just make you angry. If you are a person who wants to explore deep within yourself for those life-changing root causes, then give this book a try. Just don't beat yourself up over sicknesses that affect you now and instead see if changing your thoughts can help you start the healing process. I personally don't give much credence to the oft-repeated verbal affirmations Hay recommends -- she has them for each illness -- but reading them once and comparing them to your current thought patterns can be revealing and helpful.
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on October 24, 2009
Louise L. Hay is the living evidence of her own teachings; she has healed her own life.
She recovered from a horrible childhood; being unloved, and a child victim of sexual abuse (rape),
as an adult she went through a divorce when she had finally started to trust life, and later in life she self-treated her own cancer and recovered completely with a new and healthier diet and different thought patterns; all according to her own teachings and discoveries...

I watched Louise L. Hay on Oprah Winphrey show and was immediately impressed with the beauty and poise of the 80 year-young woman talking, laughing, being so present, so relaxed, so happy, so glowing.
At 75, this amazing woman started taking yoga lessons, and at 76 she took up ball-room dancing,
and she tells us that she is looking forward to the next 20 interesting years!
What a wonderful role model this woman is to all of us!

Her life story could fill three movies; all fascinating, deeply moving.

Her book is her testament.
It is simple and wise, kind but ... unbending.

According to Louise L. Hay and many sage individuals from ancient days, the body speaks to us and it tells us why we are in pain or why we suffer from a certain particular dis-ease.
Thoughs can be poisonous, and just like food they can poison not only our lives and mental health but our bodies.

Change the way you think and your life will change, too.
Fear and anger expressed through different forms of thought patterns contribute to dis-eases.

There is so much potential in all of us and it is never too late!
Louise L.Hay gives examples and provides excersises for self-healing.
This is a book that has healed so many lives, and that is why is it remains a bestseller.
I strongly recommend it!

L. Holm author
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on January 27, 2016
I enjoy this book, I first checked it out from the library and knew I needed my own copy. I am a huge fan of Louise Hay after reading this book and have some of her other works. Great for anyone on a spiritual path longing to connect with themselves and bring a sense of love and ease into their lives :) Affirmations are truly transformative!
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on May 6, 2012
I held back on reading this for a while, and, while reading, have (so far) held back on doing some of the exercises it suggests. Still trying to figure out WHY, but I have some inklings.

I think, if you read this book and do the suggested affirmations and exercises when YOU are in the right emotional place to do them, this book could potentially be life-changing. There's so much good here, so much about rejecting negativity and embracing one's one loveability and worthiness, I think everyone should read this book.

That said, my mother died of breast cancer. I know that she loved me, and wanted to stay with me; I know others who have loved, deeply and completely, and wanted to stay in this life. To suggest that if you love/accept yourself enough, you can cure anything, even cancer, feels to me more than a little bit like blaming the victim for not wanting/committing to healing enough. Possibly I am dumping my own baggage where it doesn't belong. Perhaps I don't want to accept the possibility that my mother did choose to die, rather than to stay in this life.

I will say that, IMO, 95%+ of this book is great. But I also believe, rightly or wrongly, that even with the heart and spirit in the right place, even with accepting and loving oneself as much as humanly possible, that even with the perfect balance of diet and exercise and supportive family and friends and energies, some people will still die of illnesses and diseases, as well as accidents. Life itself is a fatal condition; human beings are not meant to live in perfect health, forever (not that we should resign ourselves without a fight to acceptance of illness and dis-ease, as Hay puts it so eloquently, either.)

Maybe it's my pessimistic attitude that ruins the possibilities for me, I don't know. I do recommend this book, and plan to re-read it in the future.
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on March 10, 2014
Everyone loves this book, the movie it comes with in some offerings is good too. I love and approve of myself is the main affirmation she recommends. It is very helpful with lots of positive poems and empowerment weaved within. Love her thoughts on not being resentful over bills, because the bills trust you to pay them and this is abundance when we are appreciative. There is lots of wisdom on love there. As a Christian I believe God is Creator of the Universe, not the Universe and that is where we differ. The Universe I believe is Life. God is both and is source.
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on March 15, 2005
You can always come back to this book again and again. This is one you want to have in your nightstand for times when you are troubled. It acts as a reference to any problem with positive affirmations to help you through anything with love and kindness.
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