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on September 2, 2004
The introduction to this movie is jaw dropping, the high energy dance routine that opens is top class, not to mention amazing.

The storyline isn't the best, but you get the feeling that the movie ain't really about a storyline its more about showcasing the talented dancers, however Steve Harvey stars as Mr Rad who brings a sense of humor and wittiness (as always) to the film and what little acting there is from other characters it's ok and necessary to be included in order for the movie to be complete.

There are also some cameo appearances from Wade Robson & Lil' Kim.

If you're a fan of hip hop music, B2K and break-dancing's your thing then you should definitely see this movie, if only for the dance routines.
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on November 22, 2004
The general consensus among all these customer reviews about YOU GOT SERVED the movie is that the storyline was "really lame" and "really pointless." I also happen to agree with that majority.

As far as the storyline goes, it is typical of ego-induced projects. (Sorry Mr. Stokes!) However, the only thing that saved this movie was the well-choreographed, gravity-defying dance moves that I have ever seen. (I watched it, but I still don't believe it!) So, for all the B2K fans and IMx fans out there, this is a good movie to watch if you want to take up a new hobby, but don't bother watching the whole movie, skip to all the dancing scenes and enjoy them because there is nothing else to enjoy about the movie. A boring, repetitive, predictable movie with an unoriginal plot, which has all been done numerous times before.

As for cameo appearances by Wade Robson and Lil Kim - please, for the love of...! Stick to your day jobs!

Cheers to Jeff Shannon! ( Editorial Review) Chris Stokes was better off making a documentary about the hip-hop industry; he would have made better use of 90 minutes than the 90 minutes of running around and around and around...
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on July 2, 2005
The storyline of "You Got Served" is a little too similiar to "Drumline; two groups competing with each other and a contest at the end hosted by some so-called celebrity. At least "Drumline" was interesting, but "You Got Served" was corny and boring. The dancing grabbed my attention, but nothing else did. Everyone had dancing skills, but no one had any acting skills. Jennifer Freeman is a total floozy. Anyway, don't rush to watch this movie.
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on July 27, 2004
I think it's really sad that this movie has a rating of three and a half stars, but considering some of the reviews' language I guess that would be predictable. Anyway, this movie was almost absolutely horrible, and I'd have given it 1 star if it weren't for the dancing.

The plot: A group of guys in the inner city are trying to make it as big dancers -- or at least lord it over the rest of the 'hood -- but things keep getting in their way. They are betrayed by one of their team's members; they get caught up in a drug trade; and one of the main characters begins dating one of the other main character's sister. Trouble ensues. The plot was rather sketchy and not very good at all -- it rambles all over the place, jumps from story to story, and drags out way too long -- but it could have survived if the acting were any good. OH WELL. Meagan Goode, Steve Harvey, and Elgin's grandmother were the only good actors in this movie, but unfortunately they have very small roles. I don't know WHY they made Omarion "David" -- they could've given it to J-Boog, who even in a small role proves he's the best actor in the group. Omarion was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAD and Marques Houston, who used to be a much better actor, is almost as bad. Jennifer Freeman is usually decent but in this movie she was also very bad.

The only thing that saved this movie was the dancing; if I were to watch it again (Mommy please save me), I'd probably scan through the acting scenes and skip straight to the dancing, especially watching Wade and his crew (who in my opinion was better than Elgin's crew, but whatever). It probably would've have been better to just cast this movie as two groups trying to make it in the hip-hop industry, minus the drug trading, the my-best-friend-wants-to-get-with-my-sister subplot, and the "urban" lifestyle thing.

2 stars -- the dancing saved it.
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on September 6, 2005
Any attempt at seriously critiquing this movie presents a paradox because all that is wrong with it is hilariously self-evident, and it is devoid of anything approaching good. So, rather than lamenting the "acting" or "plot," I'll list examples of what pushed this movie off the precipice of "bad" and into the yawning abyss of "oh my God, stop, gah!, it hurts."

--Apparently, black middle class young women have only two choices for college: Princeton, or LA Community College.

--Black middle class young men need to serve as pack mules for shady crook types because they can't get real jobs. They're too busy spending all their time dancing, playing basketball, (attending school?), and partaking in one form of violence or another.

--Winning $50,000 is enough money to change your life, or whatever, even when you have to split it amongst the 100,000 people on your dance team.

--If you *really* want to win a dance competition, it's best to hone your skills in an abandoned, dark building, especially after knowing that killer thugs have it out for you.

--Dancing + Rain + Angst isn't drama. It's crap.

--Killing off an inconsequential little kid for the sake of creating some inconsequential motivation for an inconsequential character to "inspire" other characters to dance together is stupid. Especially when said characters still don't choose to overcome their differences and dance together.

Both I and the person I was watching this with were in fits of laughter throughout most of this movie, and the rest of the time, I had my finger on the "scan" button. If you choose to watch this, don't expect to be entertained or engaged in any way. It's probably best to watch this with someone who has a good sense of humor so that you can squeeze some amusement from the experience. Otherwise, avoid at all costs.
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on July 28, 2004
Because one star is the minimum, I'll give it that. But I find it quite hard to believe that this movie is rated so high. There is absolutely no plot, there is no proper acting, the whole movie basically, for lack of a better adjective, 'sucks'.

The dancing is good. I guess. But how much breakdancing can you take before it starts to get on your nerves? I was so bored during the movie that I even started to play on my cell phone in the theatre.

The story line is predictable and boring, the acting is flat, and even the dancing was drawn out and repetitive.

Don't watch this movie unless you have nothing better to do.
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on February 9, 2004
I have known for awhile that I'm just not as young as I used to be. At the opening night of CLUELESS, it was painfully evident when all the kids around me were literally jumping up and down in their seats at the clever wisecracks on the screen, and me and my friend were looking at each other with puzzled stares wondering what exactly we were missing. Now, a decade later, it has happened again. Only this time the adults seemed to enjoy the movie as much as the kids were. Somehow, amongst the horrendous acting and over-the-top scenarios, an entire theatre of kids and adults alike couldn't be more satisfied. People were even making fun at just how bad some of the lines were delivered, but yet the second the music came back on, all was forgiven. Sadly, I missed the boat. It takes a little bit more than great choreography to keep me entertained these days. However, I'm in the minority. I guess this just isn't my genre.
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on June 5, 2004
Believe the hype - this film really is as bad as they say it is. The acting is terrible, the dialogue is ridiculous:
'What are you thinking about?'
'About a lot'.
As for the sub-plots, they are terrible, including the too nicely done romance between Omarion and Jennifer Freeman or worse still, Marques Houston gets jumped while running errands for the local, too cliche gangsta, causing unrest between him and his 'boy' Omarion, why doesn't he just get a real job at a fast food place or something? Also, are we supposed to feel sad when the little ten-year-old boy dies? He's in the film for two scenes and Chris Stokes thinks us as an audience is going to care enough about him? Sorry Chris, we're not that stupid.
Unless you're into hip-hop dancing or a fan of B2K, then I strongly recommend to STAY AWAY from this film. Ladies and gentlemen - this is filmmaking at its very worst.
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on March 22, 2005
Seriously, you've got to be kidding me!!! I have never seen a movie so bad! Breakin and Beat Street were Academy award nominees when compared to this garbage!!! I can't even believe Steve Harvey would actually agree to do this movie (he must've either needed the money, or he and Cedric The entertainer made a bet to see who could bomb in a movie first. Editors note - Steve, you won by a landslide). So, since I'm a HaTeR< I'm gonna stick it to those dorks who actually wrote good reviews for this stupid movie. If you don't like that "Us HaTeRZ" dissed your movie, then too bad, cause you got served. Take a look at all the one and two star ratings and then give me $5000.00 and I'll personally kick you dead in ya butt for being stupid!

personal observations

1. Does the mom even live in the house with Elgin and Liyah? The g-ma had a bigger role in the movie

2. When was the last time your g-ma actually "checked her stash" and gave you $1500.00 to put on the line in a dance battle because some white guys called you out?

3. Speaking of that, when was the last time you put up 5g's in a dance battle?

4. What was Elgin and David delivering for Emerald in those BRIGHT MULTI-COLORED gymbags anyway? Drugs or Mittens and Scarves?

5. I really liked the part where Elgin threw the gymbag straight up into the air when he got jumped by those dudes in the hallway. I also like how they were kicking and punching at air and everything they threw seemed to miss him. But perhaps I was wrong, the fake blood did the trick...

6. Lil Saint was the sad point of the movie. This little 7 yr old kid got shot and died because he hung around a group of ruffnecks who were so bad the cameramen were afraid to film them! Good thing David was there to let him be in his dance group and stay out of trouble

7. Come to think of it, I never even seen Lil Saint do one stinkin dance step. That kid was a hustler - He deserved to die in that movie!

8. And what was up with Beautifull? She was so fine she had to let it be known everywhere she went! Whatever; I'd call her Nancy just to screw with her head. She went from Eve's Bayou to this?

9. How exactly did big, bad Steve Harvey take care of the big time debt that Elgin owed to Emerald anyway?

10. Lil Kim + Acting = Nuff said....

I got a couple more, but I'll stop on that note. I heard Lil Kim may be going to the pen for perjury. What they should do is put her in home confinement and make her watch this poor excuse of a movie at least 15X a day for five years! I can't think of a worser punishment!

BTW - The dancing was off the hook....
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on July 31, 2004
You Got Served came out at the time when R&B group B2K were blowing up the charts and on the heels of their breakup. More or less, I think the breakup itself was a plot to get publicity for this movie. Anyway.....

This movie (if you want to call it that) seems to have no real direction or plot. I think someone actually thought that this movie would be good simply because B2K, IMx, Lil' Kim, LaLa, Wade Robson, and Steve Harvey, etc., were in it or making cameos. Granted, the movie opened number one when it was released, yet it dismally and thankfully fell flat after a couple of weeks.

The dancing in this video is off the chain! If you're like me and grew up in the hood, then this movie will appeal to you and actually have you watching the moves and rewinding them to see them again. Hood peeps know how to settle differences on the dance floor. That's how we do. lol.

The saddest part of the movie, although extremely predictable, actually had me shed a tear. I won't give details for the people who haven't seen this one, but if you do check it out, you know exactly what is going to happen before it is announced; yet it is still touching to the heart and might have some of the more sensitive viewers crying.

Now, I have to say again that someone actually thought this movie would succeed solely on the cameos and the dancing. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. The acting in this film is terribly sub-par. Whoever thought that B2K could actually act needs to go back to the drawing board. The only real B2K member that I thought actually could have some sense of acting was J-Boog, and even he seemed bland and dry. Jennifer Freeman, who I absolutely love on "My Wife and Kids" doesn't deliver at all. Also, Meagan Goode, who isn't the prettiest thing in the world, is playing the same role she is known for in all of her music videos and movies....the "pretty best friend wannabe ghetto" girl. Let's get this girl some acting classes and then we can try again. Another thing: If this dance-off at the end was such a colossal event, where was BET, VH1, or any other music outlet? MTV seemed to be the only one there and even their "coverage" of the event was quite flaccid.

B2K, we all know that you can dance, IMx, we all know you should retire, and Chris Stokes, no, just no. This movie is strictly for the die-hard B2K fans and no one else!!!
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