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Suzanne Jauchius's book absolutely grabbed me and I couldn't put it down; then, when I finished I wished there was more. Suzanne keeps a fast pace on her life story and her writing style is very easy to read and inspiring as well. At times I was frustrated with Suzanne's choice of husbands and even more so her non-supportive mother who did not tolerate her intuitive gifts. She finally broke free of her relation addiction and found her own way in life. Through years of therapy she realized her true unique psychic powers and her abilities to care for herself and become successful. This book touched my heart and I reflected on my own life situations throughout her story.

There were parts of the book that sincerely hit home with me. When Suzanne talked about the New Age scene in the 1980's, I could relate: quoting Suzanne's book in chapter 18: "The naturalness of my gift could be threatened by fears, rules, and conventions foisted by so-called 'masters' promoting the 'correct' way to do things. I learned that my ability functioned by instinct." Reading this chapter, I could totally related in my yoga, meditation, and general view of religion. Finding your own way is the way to go!

Suzanne got into a type of group therapy that ended up being a life saver for her. After five failed marriages, she learned about her "codependency" which is a learned survival behavior when we are exposed to a dysfunctional or abusive environment. This was a total eye-opener for me and my own life. We take on the burden of the world and those around us. As Suzanne aged, her connection to nature, the river, and then the experience of Native American traditions including experiences of the sweat lodge, took her into the life she was meant to live. She helps others now in her full-time position as an "Intuitive Consultant".

There were certain parts of the book that popped out at me and said "hey, that's how I feel, it's not so crazy after all". I will definitely read this book over and over again and each time pick up more clues into my own life, truly an inspiration!!!

I was so interested in Suzanne's work that I scheduled a reading with her after I finished reading her book since I too live in Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. I was amazed by the accuracy of her reading. She held a personal object of mine (a blue heart necklace) as she talked about my symbols and described to a 'T' my essence and how I deal with life. It was a real opener; things I kind-of knew about myself deep inside but not really aware of were brought to the surface. Suzanne was able to identify areas in my career, family, and relationships so I could understand my true self and find direction in my life. Suzanne is truly amazing and it was definitely a unique experience!

For those of you wondering about Suzanne now (her book does leave you wondering what happened in her life), she has a thriving practice, is a beautifully fit and spiritual being. She stills lives in West Linn Oregon, is still single, and has son and daughter living close by on her property. The coffee shop no longer exists and the sweat lodge is long gone and replaced by homes along the Willamette River in West Linn.

In my session with Suzanne, I interviewed her briefly on her book and life. She said she's had lots of people ask about a sequel and doesn't have one planned at the moment.

This book is not only available in paper and kindle formats, but also audible version that is narrated by Suzanne herself! The kindle version is the best bargain at $5 whereas the printed book is $15 ($12 on Amazon). The audible version is a great way to go if you're not into reading and want to just listen to her read the book to you :)

Also, you can talk to Suzanne on her call-in show on 105.1 the Buzz in Portland, Oregon once a month. If you're not in Portland, you can get "The Buzz" app for your ipad, or tune in via "TuneIn Radio", or live streaming from 1051thebuzz dot com. It runs the first Monday of the month 4:30-5:30 pm pacific time.

Suzanne is awesome!
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on January 3, 2010
A beautiful true story that reads like a page turning novel. For all of us finding our way home, Suzanne inspires, enlightens and encourages us on our own path by allowing us to walk along and witness hers. For anyone who's never felt like they completely fit in, you will find new courage to find and be yourself.
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on April 11, 2012
The authors own story, told with such candor that it has really allowed us to take the journey of self discovery right along with her. I feel that each of us will find something we can relate to within her journey. You also see her developing her psychic abilities, which she has had since childhood and I have always had a deep interest in people who have that gift. A well written and engaging story.
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on February 7, 2014
This story was really good, it took a lot of courage to open herself up and tell the story. I really believe that she was also very brave to take on the fight to find herself, and the strength to stay with it.
She is very lucky to have such a fantastic gift given to her.
I could hardly wait to return to the book when I had. Interruptions.
S. O'Rourke
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on December 23, 2009
Suzanne Jauchius' story proves that life as a psychic is not necessarily "charmed". You might think that a psychic could use their powers to create or "see" their way through life and thus be able to avoid all the usual human issues or calamities; but, you'll have to read the book to find out just how the story really goes. Suzanne pulls back the curtain on her extraordinary life, abilities, hardships and triumphs and candidly allows her reader to experience her life through human, not "super-human" eyes. Her straight forward writing style reads and flows like a warm fireside conversation with an old, dear friend. The book is a page turner and at the end leaves you desperately wanting to know even more about, what feels like, a newly discovered kindred spirit.
If the world is so fortunate, Suzanne will continue this riveting read with follow-up book(s). Thank you Suzanne!
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on March 15, 2012
I just finished reading You Know Your Way Home, and am feeling overwhelmed...euphoric...blessed...awed, and not to mention.. at home.
Suzanne's story touched my soul in so many ways and gave me fresh hope for myself, my daughter, my granddaughters .. for all women. It is a story of tremendous courage and faith.
For anybody seeking answers about themselves, their philosophy, their ancestry, their hopes and dreams and more, they need look no further for insight as to how to start that journey
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on May 31, 2013
I really enjoyed reading Suzanne's book. It was very touching, and heart wrenching at times! I love tuning into 105.1 The Buzz to listen to Suzanne's segment once a month...she's a very talented lady that holds much empathy for those around her.

I could totally relate to her life story of trying to fit in, and find true happiness in being with someone...only to find out you have to find yourself first before finding the one to make your life with.

This is one of those books I'll read over and over, which is quite rare for me!
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on March 10, 2013
I listen to Suzanne Jauchius every month on Daria, Mitch and Ted and was intrigued when I heard about the book. Once I started the book, I couldn't put it down! I would recommend it to everyone who wants a good read.
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on February 23, 2010
Suzanne Jauchius's memoir about growing up with an abusive mother and having to hide her impressive psychic abilities from her and a string of equally abusive husbands was like a soap opera. It was addictive - every page brought a new melodrama, so you keep reading compulsively to find out what happens next. You want to shake her as she ruefully admits to one bad choice after another, but you cheer her on as she gropes her way out of a prolonged dark night of the soul towards the light of self knowledge and acceptance of herself and her gifts.

Writing such an intimate memoir was a courageous act and, I would guess, the culmination of her own healing process. I think the core messages of the book are ones that we can all take on board: there are no victims, only accomplices; connecting with the natural world is essential to grounding oneself; and finding community supports you in finding inner peace.

As a working psychic Suzanne takes great pride in her psychometric skills and ability to get messages from objects and situations, which she has validated in a wide range of police cases and readings. She is a bit dismissive of the fuzzy emotional impressions of many new age psychics. I suspect that this view is colored by her own history of hiding her emotions and talents from her critics as a defense mechanism.

Anyone who has hidden or suppressed their own intuitive abilities out of fear of ridicule or worse can resonate with her struggle for validation. Ultimately, however, the psychic aspect of the story is only a byplay in her struggle to find validation and acceptance as a human being.

The lessons she learns the hard way are universal, and the fundamental one is that we can't find ourselves in the eyes of others. We must do the inner work of erasing the tapes of our childhood, and releasing the baggage that has kept us from being whole and vibrant and joyful. Suzanne was lucky enough to have found some wonderful mentors along the way, and this book may be her way of paying their kindness forward. In any event, it's a darn good read.
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on February 2, 2010
Excellent memoir. Could not put it down. Read it in two days and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Suzanne's life. Her courage and determination are certainly to be admired and I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the life of a curious and courageous woman.
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