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on October 20, 2012
The second season is only 20 instead of the 28 from last season, so this has 10 eps for volume 1 instead of 14 eps from last years split season.

The Episodes included are:
Happy New Year
Before the Dawn

Bonus Material includes a Digital Comic, and three episodes from Batman: The Brave & The Bold. Could not find out which episodes of the Brave and the Bold are included, will update when I find out.
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on January 18, 2013
This is not your typical kiddy cartoon which is what I love about it, it has a Serious feel to it like Batman the Animated Series. It has it's humor every now and then. Give these New Comers a'll like them.
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on January 3, 2013
This show is amazing. Best DC animated product out there yet, and Ive seen them all. HOWEVER do complete seasons!! These separate releases drive me CRAZY
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on February 2, 2013
This release also contains the Batman: Brave and the Bold episodes "Rise of the Blue Beetle", "Fall of the Blue Beetle" and "Revenge of the Reach", which can be found on disc one of this set. I really appreciate how WB chooses bonus episodes that are relevent to that particular release/story line. And Blue Beetle has almost taken over the whole show, which is too bad, because he is not one of my favorites. Despite its silly anime style, I would have liked them to use the Teen Titans episodes which featured the original Titans: Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad (Garth) as the bonus episodes. The one with Nightwing would've been awesome too.

It truly is sad if Cartoon Network is cancelling Young Justice and Green Lantern while garbage like Annoying Orange, endless anime, and live action crap remains. I do not understand these people, YJ and GL are the best shows on Cartoon Network. But, then again it doesn't surprise me or most of you either. They show 10 episodes, then repeats, take the show off the air until the following year to stretch it, then out of the blue, bring it back. And they love to release shoddy dvd collections with only 4 eps instead of the full season of only 20-26 episodes like the sad money grubbers that they are. Right now, I'm wishing WB into the cornfields.

PS. Available language options include: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
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on April 24, 2013
This season begins 5 years later....we are told in flashbacks as to what has happened over the 5 years, New members have joined,, some have died, and the usual team has gotten older as we see, but the stories are still consistent the writing is impeccable for an animation and is as grand as the title suggests. Easily one of my favorite animation series.

....So when is Part 2 available?
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on October 11, 2013
While I wasn't as impressed with this season as I was with the first, there is still no denying that this is one of the best animated series DC have had going in quite some time. My only real issue was the time jump. This season is set quite some time after the original and the core team has expanded exponentially. I got the impression this was the storyline the animators were planning for their fourth or fifth seasons and, having advance warning that the show would not be getting a third season, jumped forward to that point (don't know whether that's true or not, it was just the feeling I got from the early episodes). While this was not a problem storywise (indeed, it was handled really well, with clever reveals spaced out over the early episodes) I would still have loved to have seen how the team developed from season one to the time period set here. Ah well.
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on December 28, 2013
First of all, it has to be said up front that this series is not ideally suited to kids. It is dark. The color pallet here is significantly muted compared to previous DC animated series. Even the soundtrack is sonically keyed to be darker and more intense, as opposed to the more heroic and triumphal themes heard in previous DC cartoons. There is a bit of a pall of gloom hanging over the heads of our protagonists throughout the sometimes dire proceedings of the entire series. There are lots of secrets and conspiracies here, and complex character interrelationships that evolve and change over the course of the show. While these qualities can be appreciated by older teens and adults, most of the subtleties are likely to be lost on the 14 and under viewer (depending on the intelligence and maturity level of the individual kid, of course - or perhaps best viewed by children with an engaged adult viewer with whom to discuss it). Unfortunately, Amazon's 'Editorial Review' doesn't begin to give potential purchasers a hint of the actual TONE of this series. There's plenty of 'action', but the level of violence is somewhat higher than is typical for most Saturday morning animated programming (although that could perhaps also be said of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, for example). The attention level required for a true appreciation of the show's qualities is probably more than most kids would have. This would explain, in part, the reason the show failed to last beyond 2 seasons, airing as it did in an early Saturday morning time slot on Cartoon Network. The sad fact is that the fate of all DC animated series on Cartoon Network is inextricably tied to the merchandising of a toy line based on the series. If the show spawns a viable merchandise line, then money is returned to Cartoon Network via advertising revenue from the toy manufacturers. GREEN LANTERN THE ANIMATED SERIES was cancelled because major buyer Wal-Mart refused to buy a toy line based on the series, after they felt they'd been burned by loads of unsold toys based on the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Young Justice DID generate a toy line in its first season, but the toy line didn't do well among young kids. It's easy to see why. The overall darkness of the show and complexly-plotted ongoing story arcs in both seasons were hard for kids to follow. YOUNG JUSTICE was written at the same approximate level as regular mainstream DC comics (as opposed to the `DC Kids' comics line) - even BETTER, dare I say, than the 'typical' mainstream DC comic title. The mainstream DC comics line mainly appeals to older teenagers and adult 20-somethings and up. This series really should have been programmed by CN in an 8pm evening time slot, as opposed to early Saturday morning when the audience is mostly younger viewers. Then there was CN's crazy schedule of 'show a half-dozen episodes, take a break for months at a time, then show another small block'. Heck, the intricately-dovetailing plotlines of a dozen characters is even a little hard to keep straight in your mind when watching this series one-episode-after-the-next on DVD (not a criticism, by the way), so it's easy to see how disjointed it would appear in all but the most dedicated viewers' minds with long gaps between new episodes. Quite frankly, I had given up on trying to follow the show out of frustration while it was airing (but mostly NOT airing) on CN. I just decided to hold out and wait until all the Season Two episodes were available on DVD, and I'm glad I did. This is definitely the way to go (or streaming them online, or on-demand on cable) for viewing this series. That way the viewer controls the number of episodes he watches at one sitting, and how quickly he progresses to the next batch of episodes. I have a MUCH greater appreciation of the show now than I ever did when watching it earlier on CN. I must admit, in the instance of going from Season One to Season Two, where CN had aired the last episode of Season One, with the first episode of Season Two airing immediately following the next week (this, after a seemingly interminable hiatus prior to the last few episodes of Season One), that the huge shift of the 'Five Year Gap' between seasons really threw me off. I had not been following any advance news of the series online, so the major revamping of the cast, with a completely-new YJ team line-up composed of characters totally unseen in the first season, and a radically-different status quo for each of the original cast members, took me entirely by surprise. I really felt like I had missed a whole season in there somewhere - but that didn't make sense. How was that possible? I felt like I was just really beginning to know and get into the cast from Season One, since these characters as they appeared in the YJ series were quite different than their counterparts in the regular DC comic books - and all of a sudden the rug had been pulled out from under me. When you watch the series on DVD, you can see how the ongoing subplots eventually do circle back to unresolved threads left over from the first season, but initially the shock of going from Season One to Season Two was just too disorienting. It almost felt like an entirely new show at the outset. This is definitely a series that requires the viewer's attentiveness at all times. Letting your mind or your eyes wander from the screen for a few seconds is detrimental to your understanding and appreciation of the complex character interrelationships and the multiple ongoing plot threads in play. The writers throw twist after twist at the viewer - it seemed to me that a new revelation or previously-undisclosed nugget of information (which causes you to have to reassess your entire previous knowledge of the show) was being uncovered, on average, every 4 episodes or so. As with Season One, it took a number of episodes for me to warm up to some of these characters, but in the end, this series even had me liking Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle. Of course I say new, but this character has actually been around in the DC universe since 2006. I was a big fan of the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, and was rather miffed at DC for the way he was unceremoniously sacrificed (after only ever having starred in one comic book series of his own, all the way back in the 1980s, he was never given another chance) to make way for Jaime Reyes, who to me appeared to be a transparent attempt at 'cultural diversity' by replacing established DC characters with a new 'ethnic' variation that DC could hold up as an example of their political and social consciousness. He was immediately given his own comic book, which was then cancelled after 36 issues (lasting 12 issues longer than the previous Blue Beetle's series). He then made appearances on BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and SMALLVILLE before getting another comic book series of his own in 2011 (this one lasted for 16 issues). It did seem as though this character was almost being forced upon the public, as part of a 'mandate to diversify', which always annoys me. But Young Justice Season Two is actually the first time I have liked the character, which I guess is something to be said. Although there's no real continuity between the two series, it was nice that WB included three key appearances of the Blue Beetle from B: TBATB on the Season Two, Part 1 DVD collection of the show, as those episodes help give the viewer some context on the Jaime Reyes version of the character, particularly relative to the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord.
In summary, although the show presents an 'alternate universe' version of the DC Universe most comic book fans and viewers of previous DC animated series have come to know and love, which may require just a bit of time to warm up to, I would highly recommend this to older viewers and readers of the DC comic books.
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on April 4, 2013
Not to take away from the immortal greatness of Batman:TAS, Superman or Justice League.
But from a storytelling standpoint, this series is the most cohesive and dynamic yet put out by the studio.

The characters have grown since season one and the intrigue and mystery in their adventures is very compelling.

The transition to 5 years in the future from season one is a bit jarring but the circumstances are explained and cogent.

Damn Cartoon Network for cancelling this fine work of animation.
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on May 26, 2013
I love this show because it shows how even superheroes make mistake and own up to them. Even they aren't perfect. I also like how this show has actual plots and characters you care about. Marvel seems to be in it for the money, but DC Comics seems to care about the relation between the viewer and the characters on the show; making sure you can connect to some of the characters in a personal way.
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on September 12, 2014
Mount Justice, the base of the Young Justice team, a younger version of the Justice League Unlimited, gets new recruits including Nightwing(formerly Robin), Blue Beetle, and Wonder Girl(Wonder Woman's younger relative). The Reach, an alien race pretending to be friendly have brainwashed the world. The Justice League is on trial on another planet and cannot help. A secret society called The Light teams with The Ambassador and The Partner to further deceive the Earth. Superhero style action, drama, intrigue, and espionage all rolled into one awesome cartoon! If you like Justice League Unlimited or Teen Titans, this is for you!
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