Customer Reviews: Your Child's Self-Esteem
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on June 21, 2003
When my daughter Julia was 7 years old, I was told by teachers, principal, counselors and social workers that I could never expect her to read above 3rd grade level, and must be prepared to support her all her life.
They also noted, as an aside, that she was remarkably well adjusted for someone with her multiple and complex learning disabilities.
Julia is 24 now, a university senior majoring in environmental science, with a 3.75 GPA.
The strong sense of self, of her innate value, which counselors noted even when her future as an independent adult looked completely out of the question, I credit to the fact that I read this book while Julia was still tumbling around in amniotic fluid.
My primary goal with my daughter was to be sure she had a strong senese of her self and her innate value as a human being -- a goal solely and entirely inspired by this book! Because her self esteem was strong, she attacked the challenges of her life with confidence and implacable determination, and won.
My daughter has become a cheerful, unique, self-referring and self reliant adult, and I credit her success to two things: the ideas I got from this book, and my daughter's on powerful will and determination, fueled by the confidence Your Child's Self Esteem gave this parent!
While Ms. Briggs, writing back in the 70's, might not have been terribly politically correct in her discussion of homosexuality (page 144, mentioned in other reviews -- I've actually forgotten what was said), I think we're all adult enough to take what she says, remember when she said it, and filter those ideas through our own value systems to make correct choices. That's a lot of what her book is about, after all!
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on May 7, 2000
As a father, public school administrator, and college professor teaching public school teachers, I have recommended this book to hundreds of others. Without a single exception, those with whom I've shared this title have responded that it was of unusually great value. Many feel it is the best insight into adult/child relationships they have ever found. Written in casual language for lay people, it is especially helpful at diagnosing adult behaviors that give rise to child behaviors that trouble and perplex their parents and teachers. Kids are the way they are with cause and reason, and Dorothy Briggs will help you understand the causes and reasons. It is an easy read and will likely help you in your relationships with others very much. I have just ordered another copy to give a personal friend who has a troubling and troubled teen. Best wishes...
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on August 2, 2000
The whole idea of self-esteem has been misrepresented and mocked in recent years. People who don't really underatand the concept think it means falsely praising children and giving them an unrealistically inflated sense of their abilities or an annoying conceit. What it really means is letting the child know he or she is lovable and worthwhile, which every human being certainly is to begin with. Most all parents feel this about their children in some ways--they love them--but we can communicate otherwise and end up making the child feel inadequate, unloved, that only performance brings approval. The book is beautifully and compellingly written and can really help you see the way if you're feeling uncertain of your parenting or down about how your children are behaving. I always felt better and inspired after reading it and thought of it as a gift to myself and my family--it helped me remember what is really important and also gave me definite ideas about how to parent more effectively, with pertinent information about what kids need at different ages. Along with How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk, I think it's the best there is!
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on February 23, 2006
I found this book when in college, applied it to myself first, and then to all my relationships with children. What can be better than seeing a child blossom, and seeing love in their eyes when they are going to spend time in your presence? No, we can never be perfect, but this book gives the perspective and big picture, so that you can ride out the difficult times, knowing your consistent nurturing of healthy self esteem will come back to reward everyone involved. This is always one of my new parent or struggling parent gifts.
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on January 24, 2002
This book is ideal for anyone desiring a positive, nuturing relationship with their child. Because it makes intuitive sense, it really opened my eyes. It has also given me insight into my own actions and personality, as a parent and an adult, as well as confidence in my own instincts. Often, new parents are given well-meaning but conflicting and misguided advice about how to "get control" of our children, often by parents who could have really benefitted from this book. (This is especially true, I think, for parents of bright, active, sensitive children). The best part is, keeping this philosophy in mind and employing these strategies brought immediate results with my kids (diffused anger, allowed them to get control of themselves so they could behave)and that has given me confidence that I am on the right course. Also, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater regarding "page 144." While the author's conclusions regarding the origins of homosexuality represent outdated thinking, the remainder of her conclusions are on point.
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on January 2, 2006
I really appreciated this book until I got to her views on homosexuality. They so offended me, I almost stopped reading right there. But then, I remembered some of her outdated language and references and checked the copyright date: 1970. So I cut her some slack for her unenlightened viewpoint of homosexuality and read the rest of the book. I'm glad I did.

Her outdated view points notwithstanding...this is an excellent book for raising children with confidence and high self esteem. I was looking for something to help me take my vague plans for raising my 10mo son and turn them into something more cohesive. This book said what I was thinking, very concisely. Recommend it.
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on November 22, 2004
The chapters on "Genuine Encounter" and "I-Messages" are worth reading again and again. Although this book is old, the messages are fresh today. I see parents every day who do not enjoy their children; this book encourages you to appreciate your children every day - a great gift.
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on September 7, 1999
From the beginning of my first pregnancy over fifteen years ago I had been searching for a book to use as a guide in raising my child. I wanted a book that would cover all aspects of child rearing, as well as the different aspects of child development. Three children later and finally I come across the #1 book for understanding a child's physical, emotional, mental, and social developmental stages! How I wish I would have come across this book sooner. The reading is clear and concise, and the information begs to be put into practice immediately! Reading this book has provided the knowledge I needed to change parenting skills that were ineffective into possitive ,productive, and affective parenting skills I wanted. My entire family says thank you!
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on September 1, 1999
I received this book as a gift 13 years ago. It became the main resource book I used while raising my kids. I now give it out to others as gifts. It helped me to get through the "temper tantrums". It teaches ways to help work through difficult times by understanding your childs need for expression and gives you examples and tools to help strengthen your childs self esteem. Good Self esteem is so important in children and it begins to develope from birth. This book is easy to ready and re-read as you go through each phase of your childs developement.
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on April 14, 1999
I always suggest this book to parents as a valuable resource. Often organizations I give talks to want recent book titles (within the past five years) I always keep this one on the list anyway. I teach courses for parents who are divorcing. Some parents have felt so discouraged during divorce and have dropped out of thier children's lives for a time and don't know where to start. This book helps them see how to start again and build the bond.This book gives the key to understanding where to start with building self esteem in children who have problems, with parents who have made mistakes and the fantastic thing about this book is that the philosophy works in creating strength in the relationship. When children feel this bond, and respond to it, it boosts the parents selfesteem as well. I have taught over 7,000 parents and I never fail to mention, "Your Child's Self Esteem", By Dorothy Briggs. I have always wanted to say, "Thanks Dorothy!"
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