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on November 23, 2010
I bought this game for myself after I bought an Xbox 360 Kinect for my son. I am a 47 year old male, and I lead an entirely sedentary lifestyle -- I sit in front of a computer all day at work, then come home and sit in front of a computer all evening doing Web programming and digital photography. I have always suffered from a sore back and often-sore muscles from my poor fitness. I am not exactly the type to go to a gym and be intimidated by all the muscle guys and muscle women, so I decided to get this game to try to get myself moving.

I can say that Your Shape has been successful at getting me moving again. It's a lot of fun, and there's a large variety of exercises to choose from. I started with the exercies disguised as gym games, which for us sedentary types is a good and fun way to start moving again. I then ventured to the Personal Training mode, and started following a routine for cardio and toning.

There are several things I like about Your Shape (besides being able to exercise in my own home). First, the games and exercises vary from very easy and good for beginners, to very advanced for people in good shape (most of which I haven't tried yet). Second, there is a wide variety of games and exercies to choose from at each level. Third, I like how it tracks your progress over time (by way of total calories burned, and by way of which levels you have passed and which levels you have unlocked by mastering easier levels). Fourth, it does a pretty good job of making sure you are doing the exercises correctly (or at least not horribly incorrectly) by virtue of the Kinect. And lastly, the graphics are pretty nice and clean.

I gave it 4 stars overall instead of 5 for fairly minor issues. One, it's not as easy as I would like to get back to exactly where I stopped the last time I played. For example, I would like the ability for it to return directly to the exact point in my Personal Training session where I last left off. Also, I have noticed that a small fraction of the exercises fail to recognize when I am in synch with the trainer, even though I am as in synch as humanly possible. This makes me do more repetitions, because it won't count my out-of-synch reps as valid. Maybe that's a sneaky way to make me exercise more?

Overall, I'm very happy with Your Shape, and can recommend it, at least for people like me with previously low levels of activity. It may be great for much more advanced fitness buffs too, but that I cannot attest to. I can tell you that after my daily 40 minute evening sessions, I definitely feel like I got some serious exercise, and my tired muscles the next morning are a constant (but good) reminder that my body is indeed getting a workout. By the way, a good addition to this game is a pair of 5-lb weights (or some spare water bottles), which give you a little more of a workout if you use them while playing some of the fitness routines and games. This tip came from the game itself, and I concur.
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on November 4, 2010
I was ready to be very skeptical of the Kinect and motion tracking in general (concerned about lag and accuracy). After playing this for 45 minutes this morning, I was very happy with it. I have used EA Sports Active and More Workouts on the Wii for the past year and have gotten in much better shape with it, but having to hold the controllers and the leg strap gets in the way for me. I was hoping that with this I would be able to consign the controllers to the dust bin of history and so far so good!

I did the initial training, some of the toning exercises, and the first Zen class and can report that everything worked beautifully. And it kicked my butt today, so the intensity is definitely there. I like the feedback given by the motion detection - much more immediate and accurate than the Wii controllers seemed to be. As you move you see your image on screen moving and if there is any lag I don't see it. Doing the lunges for instance, it told me I was getting out of rhythm and was not doing the lunges completely. Using the onscreen trainer and my feedback I was able to correct quickly and see that if I dropped my knees a little bit more the onscreen trainer was happy with what I was doing.

I haven't gone very deep into the program, as I said before, but the range of exercises and number of different programs seems to put it will ahead of the Wii games I have played, and I have to admit I was getting VERY bored with the other programs, so also very glad to have something different to use.
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on November 18, 2010
It's important to note that I have reviewed this product previously, and gave it five (5) stars. Unfortunately, after some more time with the title, I have to come back here and change my rating to three (3) stars. The reason being similar stated as other reviewers.

Yesterday, I decided to try something different - as suggested by vocal prompt. I left my current routine, tried a new one; then decided to continue my old one. Low and behold: all my progress was gone! I had already completed 8 sessions in that routine and had only 4 to go, but now they've been erased to the outskirts of a blackhole and I'm left with 12 new sessions to start afresh. I felt like crying and my motivation dropped significantly. It is this small thing that is costing Your Shape its 5 star rating and going down to 3.

After this, I went and checked the very scarce manual in the cover and found nothing to guide me. This IS frustrating.

So, bottom line. After you choose a program like Cardio, Toning, Nice and Easy, etc...stick with it. Even if the routines get boring after a while, you change it once, all progress is lost and you'll have to start all over again. I hope Ubisoft can clear this up and give better instructions, but my fear is that from experience when game developers stay quiet or neglect to mention these kinds of things, it's because they know that there is a glitch. Most reviews on this page are from people just beginning or having the program just for one or two days, but I'm sure that given a few weeks of working with the title all will come back and change their point of view. Yet, my previous review still stands, so I leave it below for you to read.

Nonetheless, I'm tackling it again tomorrow and will bite through to see what happens when I finish my first 12 sessions. Hopefully after that I get some clarity on what exactly is going on within Your Shape.


As a gamer and 9-5 office goer, I have decided at my age I do need some serious exercise. Gyms just don't work as it takes more time than it seems. That was one of the reasons I got excited when they announced Kinect.
The game - as a debut title - is great. Nothing more should be expected for now. It gives you great workouts and feedback.
Though I give it a 5, I still need to point out a few "concerns":
1 - Your avatar on screen DOES lag. But it shouldn't matter, as you should not really be looking at yourself, bur rather your trainer's avatar. When you do exercises, focus on the trainer and keep in step with him/her. This will ensure you stay in rhythm and get good feedback.
2 - The workout programs at points are a bit unclear. They are broken into type, levels and then sessions. Then there is a "Start My Training" which seems to do all the sessions at once. This part is a little confusing and the manual onscreen and in the booklet does little to give more clarity. Hopefully for future releases they will make this set up easier.
3 - Too many submenus. To get to your activity, you may need to go through as many as 6 menus from inserting the disc in your Xbox to actually starting the exercise. The idea of immediate exercise should be incorporated somehow and should be accessible from the start up menu.
4 - The so-called Zen part is still in its baby shoes. There is much room for improvement in this area, and hopefully they can even consider a future game just based on yoga/tai-chi/pilates. For now, what they give is sufficient, but I hope to see more focused choices in the future.
5 - If you have a small screen TV, you're going to have a hard time reading the menus. My big screen TV is in our "game room" which does not have enough clear space, so I had to set the Kinect up in our living room area with more space, but super small TV. I end up walking to the TV every menu to go and read what the hey is written there. Characters are a little too small and crammed. I'm sure on big screen TVs it should suffice.

Final remarks.
If you want to get fit, this title will surely help you get there. From what I've seen, it can easily last you for a year or two, before you need to get something else. I've had it now for 2 weeks, and I've been stiff and sore since then, but feeling satisfied and energetic too. It gives you freedom in your own house, as you can start the cooking, go for a 15 minute routine and even step away from the game while quickly doing something else. The game will automatically pause and when you return it'll pick up from where you left. Those are conveniences that no aerobic class can offer. I'm sure hardliners can even plug in their bluetooth headsets and chat with friends while exercising.

Definitely to be recommended, even with its short-comings.
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on November 4, 2010
Awesome game! I burned 500 calories the first night of playing on it!

I can't see myself breaking a sweat restricted to a Wii fitness board or while holding any foreign objects in my hand. This game seems to be a lot different from the competitors. Nothing in your hands to drop and real workouts from Women's Health and Men's Health magazines.

This game, using the Kinect sensor watches you like a hawk. Which makes it sound like it is going to scream at you for every little mistake, but it is for your own good to improve your workout. Their is no frustration when using the Kinect sensor. The Kinect sensor is accurate about 99% of the time and tracks much better than my experiences with the Wii. (losses 1% because you have to be near the center of the play space before exercises or you'll end up moving arms and legs out)

It is constantly watching your form during exercises and verbally telling you how to correct your form to get the most out of it. It even tells you what exercises you need to work on to correct your form and what exercises you have the best form in. It tracks calories burned over time and builds workout routines custom to your individual fitness goals.

It is the first exercise game I know of that a die hard fitness magazine will get behind and improve with their own input. Do you think any other consoles are going to have fitness industry backed games? Enough said...

(I don't consider "The Biggest Loser" in the fitness industry due to the fact that they are a TV show. Do you think they really want you off the couch and not watching their show?)

I'm in no way connected to Ubisoft or Microsoft. I'm actually a die hard FPS fan (MW2, BF:BC2, and soon Black Ops) who just wanted a little extra energy from an in home workout routine. Yes I could do this without the game, but the game makes sure I do the exercises right and doesn't let me cheat on them. I'm shooting for the 10,000 calorie burned achievement in the first month.
Wish me luck!

My rating: 4.5/5
(It would have been 4/5, but they have the ability to add more workouts over Xbox live)
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on December 18, 2010
There are lots of things to like about Your Shape (the name not being one of them). Kick boxing, Zen gym classes, gym games that are fun and burn calories, and personal training that has a lot of options.

Unfortunately, this game is still filled with bugs and poor design choices. In particular, the personal training has people in fits because it makes you do the fitness test over and over and over and over again before it unlocks all of the personal training routines, which it calls "programs".

Worst of all, once you start a "program" in personal training, you cannot switch to a different program without losing your progress on the first one you tried. For example, I did the Sleeve Buster workout several times and see the progress on the overall 12 sessions to complete the program. But if you want to do these lifting type programs and then switch to a cardio program to burn some calories, and then switch back the next day? Poof, all your progress is gone and you are back at the start.

It does remember your calories, but whether this is bad game design or just a bad bug, Ubisoft has been silent. And no fix or clarification yet.

Oh, and the online site where you track your progress is excessively lame and bug filled. My overall calorie count was accurate, but there were whole days of workouts that did not show up on the monthly workout calendar. And tracking progress on your "program" again was poorly done. Even the support forums are buggy, so if you want to complain about the bad features, good luck with that.
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on November 6, 2010
I spent three days working out / playing with this game, and it surpassed my expectations in some ways, and also fell below them in others...

My biggest problem is with the personal training program. There is little room for customization. For example the first two days I did the Men's Health Ultimate Workout (it's their most intense workout). It gave me a very good workout, I was impressed (I've done P90X for 2 years and was worried on the intensity). I went to do it the next day without them changing up the routine at all. I was doing the same exact workout. The game description advertises "Never do the same workout twice" Really? Because I just did!

I decided to change things up a little today and do a bicep workout called "Arm Busting Bicep Workout" You do a total of 9 sets, but it's only 4 actual routines jumping between bicep curl, shoulder press, back row, and another. Not necesarrily bad EXCEPT these are the same workouts from the Men's Health Ultimate workout. Not impressive if you are looking for change up.

By deciding to do the Bicep Workout today to change things up for myself it wants me to start all over on Ultimate workout, instead of having 10 sessions to go, I have to do 12 again. It would have been nice to combine seperate routines into 1 personal program for the variety.

There are two fitness classes... Cardio KickBoxing and Zen. I did the Cardio KickBoxing two times. It's a good workout, but you will probably be doing the same exact workout over and over and over if you continue to do so long term.

UBI pushed the ability to keep track of your results online. It wasn't available day 1 , but they got it up the next day. The site recorded my progress from Thursday and Saturday, but is missing my results from Friday which is disappointing. They still have to workout (no pun intended) the bugs on the site integration.

Don't get me wrong, this game gives you a good workout. I really dislike the ability not to customize. That's bad for people like me who are experienced working out, but may be good for people new to working out that need guidance. You definitely will get results if you stick to it, but just be prepared to get used to do the same workouts over and over again.

Bottom line: Wait for EA Sports Active 2. Your Shape will give you a good workout, is great for people new to fitness, and will give you results, but EA Active 2 will offer more workouts and customization.
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on February 6, 2011
I received an X-Box 360 as a surprise Christmas present from my partner. On Christmas Day I ordered this game using a gift card and received it a on 12/28. Since that day, I have used the game 5-6 times a week and as of 2/6, I have lost 18 pounds. My belly is dissapearing, and I had to run for a train on Friday and didn't get winded for the first time in decades!

Gyms have never works for me. My treadmill, stationary bike, and free weight stay unused. But this game is perfect for me. The immediate feedback in the game from the "trainer", the calorie buring information that I can use in a food diary web site (I use [...]), the YourShape web site that can precisely track what I've been doing all work together to keep me motivated when nothing else ever could. The routines are fun, the music is catchy. It just works.

The game has a few issues, but none are deal breakers. The navigation system is a little clunky and it takes a few minutes to get to start your routine. I see some people complain about not being tracked properly, but as long as I keep the lighting in the room high it's not an issue. I wish there were longer routines, but I compensate just by doing 2 back to back (usually from 30-40 minutes a day). There isn't enough weight training, but I am hoping that 6-12 downloadble routines the company promises this year will correct that. The only big flaw that hasn't been addressed is the lack of floor excercises for your abs -maybe the downloadable stuff will address this too. I also wish the in game representation of me could be a lot clearer and more real world like.

So if you're a couch potato who wants to get motivated and nothing else worked, this might work for you too. I am on track to get to my goal of 200 lbs by April 9th! I love this game!
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on January 1, 2011
I've been playing this game pretty regularly for the past month. It has really gotten me to exercise and is one of the few workout games where you can actually get a good workout - I like it much better than anything I've tried on the Wii. You can kind of think of this as three games in one. One section of the game is called "Gym Games." This is the weakest part of YS:FE. There are only a few, they aren't THAT much fun and don't really get my heart rate up that much. The next section of the game is called "Fitness Classes." Here you can do a selection of different cardio boxing routines or "zen" classes -- these are a combination of tai chi and yoga. Good for post workout cool down. The cardio boxing is pretty good. It starts off slow so you can learn the movements, then it jumps into double time and you really get your heart rate going. The other section is called "Personal Training." This is the meat of the game. It has various workout programs at various levels of difficulty and duration. I've been doing one of the Men's Health workouts and it is indeed challenging. You do need some free weights, which you can use to adjust the difficulty as well.

The game is not without its flaws, though.

1: There are certain movements it has a hard time picking up, even when I'm doing them correctly. This irks a lot of people to no end. It can be frustrating, but sometimes, you can make a minor body adjustment that will get it to accept it. I've heard some people complain that it cuts off the bottom of your legs and doesn't recognize the movement. In my experience, it does often cut off the bottom of my legs, on lunges for instance. However, I've never had a problem with it registering it. If you can get over the fact that it might not register certain movements and "Just Do It," then this will be for you. If you are the type of gamer that NEEDS 100% on everything, then this might frustrate you.

2: Under the Personal Training, the way they do sessions is kinda dumb. Many programs say they have 12 sessions. If you want to switch programs to a different one, it sends you back to session 1. However, this point is moot since I found out that every session is the same. It makes it seem like as you progress through the sessions, you get different workouts, but you don't. That makes it sound like there isn't much variety, but there is a decent amount of variety in the Personal Training Programs. And you will be able to download new ones via Marketplace if you get bored of these.

3: The Kinect has some limitations that limits the kinds of exercises the developers can put in the game. There are basically no floor exercises since the Kinect has trouble picking up some things at floor level. This means no push ups, crunches, planks, and lots of other exercises that could be incorporated into a training program. This also means that the game doesn't have many good ab or chest exercises. There is a lot of cardio options and then for strength programs, you get lots of arm, shoulder, and leg exercises.

Other than these few flaws, the game is solid. If you think you can't get a good workout from a video game, think again. If you are just starting out your workout regimen this new year, the game has options for you too.
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I wasn't expecting much from this, despite my high opinion of the kinect system overall. But when it first fired up, "scanned" me, and showed me a very detailed representation of me, I was shocked. Detail was impressive. And the visual capture of movement was outstanding. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, don't think it's anything like the little "ghost" avatars you use in games. This is detailed down to seeing zippers, collars, anything embossed on your clothes, etc...

And when you're exercising, you begin to derezz (hello Tron fans!) if you step outside of the sensor's area. So it is very easy to keep in place.

This is NOT some high end thing for people looking for advanced exercises, so I'm not sure I understand why some of the people are taking stars away from it... That's like complaining that the car I purchased can't fly at an altitude of 10,000 feet. This isn't designed for that. If you're that advanced, you're likely already using other tools or a real gym for your needs. This is more towards people like me, with jobs that keep us sedentary far too much. If you're out of shape and want to start getting back into shape, then this is a fantastic option. Gives some motivation, far more enjoyable than just stepping on your stairmaster or elliptical trainer at home and watching the clock. Will you get the same workout as you would at the gym? Obviously not. But it is a great tool to start getting yourself in that direction.

controls are the same as most of the kinect things, my complaint on that score is to choose something you hold your hand to that button, which then opens ANOTHER button you have to move to and hold to select. Would've preferred just the first button as the one to hold. Seems a needless step to me. But other than that little annoyance, it's very simple. You also use your feet to select things, such as the number of people participating in an activity.

The representation of you that it shows is very near real time, so the processing it is doing is impressive. Which makes it feasible to mimic the trainer on screen, and to stay in sync with them.

Advanced exercisers may find it a bit lacking physically, but enjoyable visually or for a change of pace. You can still get your heart going, and add weights to help get more out of it.

For someone like me who wants to get more fit after quitting smoking and sitting at a desk for too long, it's a great tool.
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32 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on November 5, 2010
I gave this game a good run through and I have to say it will really make you sweat!!! I could really see how a person could drop some serious weight by using this game on a daily basis. The exercises are fun and presented very well. The only concern that I would state is that this game does require a decent amount of space to fully utilize and properly complete the included activities. This is really a good game!!!
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