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on January 17, 2010
What can I say in description of a book that has had more healing impact in my life than any I have read in a lifetime of 62 years? As a lifetime professional counselor, I have read and studied many books focused on the prospect of healing, but Robert Schwartz's Your Soul's Plan brought the events of my life more into focus than any I have read. I say this, not only as a healer, but also as a Vietnam Veteran, ex-helicopter ambulance pilot with a lifetime of challenge to overcome my own legacy of suffering.

Arranged in a series of case histories, tied together by the theme that there is an overarching life plan, planned pre-birth at a soul-level, we are made aware of how our own lives can fit the pattern he describes. With almost a hundred reviews here, I'll not go into repetition of the details so well described already. There are some things I would like to add.

For those of a skeptical scientific or conventional religious bent, the gentle narrative approach of Schwartz's writing will help you explore ideas that may seem unfamiliar or threatening to you. The consistencies in his discoveries that support his theme are particularly interesting. In my line of work, we might say that - while this may not be "good science" at this point, his discoveries have clinical validity when explored at the level he follows. My own life experiences and observations allow me to be open to the validity of psychic investigation, when it is genuine. Schwartz seems to have put together a good team of psychics to pursue his study. Obviously, it is difficult to establish validation, except on a personal level - but each of us ultimately can only establish truth on a personal level. Consensus and belief about truth can only take us so far.

What I find fascinating is how Schwartz is able to attain consistencies in details about each case he studies, when going from one psychic to another, without communication between the psychics. When one psychic reading of a person corroborates another of the same person, often elaborating or picking up where the other left off, even a skeptic would be hard-put to deny the significance! Such consistency in detail cannot just be made up! Beyond the attribution of clinical validity, where the person recognizes the healing/illuminating effect in his/her life, we now begin to approach the groundwork for scientific study.

Most of all, though, is the warmth and gentle compassion that Schwartz brings through in his work - done in a way that opens the reader to one of the most powerful insights we could have: that a Higher Power endlessly works through us, in total love and compassion, with an endless agenda to help us grow through the endless adventure we call life. Beyond being helpless victims of fate, we need only take responsibility for finding meaning in our experiences and for our endless God-given potential.

Granville Angell, author of The God-Shaped Hole - A Story of Comfort for The Child in All of Us
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on December 24, 2009
Intelligently presented, fast-paced; here is your inside look at pre-birth planning sessions and why souls choose difficult earth journeys for soul growth purposes. It is script writing at the soul level for earth incarnations. This book was hard to put down.

The author has utilized talented mediums to access a soul's pre-birth planning sessions and the resulting stories have you right there watching the planning unfold. For me, this was the high point of each chapter; being present at the pre-birth planning sessions.

Some challenges a soul may wish to set up can be so great that other souls have doubts about being players, so often bargaining is done until agreement is either reached or another soul steps in to take the assignment, or the plan is re-written. This book has you right there, watching the planning unfold and hearing the actual soul conversations.

No abuse to, or affliction of, a soul on the earth level occurs without prior pre-birth agreement. You will learn the reasons why difficult lives are sought and how souls close to you participate in the planning process.
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VINE VOICEon May 16, 2011
I find it amazing how your soul will reveal to you the lessons to remind who you are and why you are back here on earth. my spiritual growth has already introduced me to the material of reincarnation and lessons and about soul planning before we reincarnate, and what those steps might entail from life review once you are back, the meet and greet team, then healing.. So the material being introduced was not new, but I loved the case studies that the author used to provoke the question on why would souls take on such huge challenges like being gay, addictions, illnesses. I just gone through what I had already recognized a huge soul lesson with the passing of my father after a battle with cancer. To read this book and to affirm what I knew was true and then to read so many more fascinating cases of real life challenges and all to learn about love. It is amazing I wonder to myself, what else I have learnt in previous life to get me here. As it is in life, as I am reading this book, OWN was broadcasting its documentary on "becoming Chaz', Cher's daughter who transitioned, and this made the documentary so much more meaningful on what all the souls were trying to learn and teach the world! I was flabbergasted and shouldn't have been surprised with the timing! This book was an eye opening on a deeper level. It took me to another huge learning level and compassion is the lesson that I am facing.
I recommend the book 'souls destiny' by michael newton as a prequel to this book as this made more sense once you had the back ground to what happens to you once you exit your physical body. I am left with this profound awe of myself and the challenges that I have faced, the souls that have joined me on this journey and for all the souls who are here to learn! Why the hell is the earth school so bloody tough! It is all worth it in the end, this book helps you to get there. There is peace to be gleaned at the most challenging of our lessons, this is what I know for sure.
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on October 20, 2012
When I saw the great reviews for this book, I knew I had to read it. I, like most of you, have read several books about karma and reincarnation. I am pretty open minded, but I also try to look beneath the layers for truth. This book has a lot of layers.

The stories all touch your heart, and I do not want to take away from the personal stories. If anything, they show how the human spirit can withstand even the hardest tragedies. However, this book makes it seem like life is a one-way road. Your life is carefully and strategically planned out for you. How easy.

However, I feel (and this is just my belief, not fact) that this type of thinking takes responsibility and power away from people. If you are going to end up as an alcoholic no matter what, because it's your purpose, than why fight it? If your meant to be sick, than you always will be. This means nothing you could have done on earth could have changed this, it is your soul's plight. What about spontaneous healings? So many people have been healed of all kinds of diseases, spontaneously, through healers, and through other methods. Does this mean they have deviated from their soul purpose? If all disease is meant to happen, than why do we have the power to heal it?

I know so many people, including myself, with chronic illness who have done emotional work and been healed. So much of what happens in our lives are connected to emotions which were resisted and not dealt with as children. I think sometimes those emotions have rolled over from previous lives as well. However, I don't believe you have to LIVE OUT this huge tragedy to learn. I truly believe everyone has emotional healing they have to work on. Maybe it takes an illness to wake someone up to the fact. However, they don't have to live in suffering forever.

Think about this, maybe someone becomes an alcoholic because they have no outlet for their anger, grief, and fear. Maybe they see their parents drinking (because they also don't know how to deal with their anger, fear, and grief) and so they chose that as their escape. Maybe the circumstances were planned out to make it more likely they would become alcoholic. Maybe they chose alcoholic parents who dismissed their emotions, making it an easy set-up for becoming an alcoholic. However, in the end it is the person's choice to either deal with the emotions behind the addiction, and heal the suffering, or continue to live with the suffering of the addiction.

I think maybe the author could have delved deeper. The book seems to only superficially scrape the surface of what living and tragedy is all about. And like the other poster said, you often find what you are looking for. It doesn't matter if the people you interview know what you are looking for. If your intention is to find something you probably would. Perhaps if he had asked those sufferers if they could change their path, maybe the answer would have been yes. I give it two stars for a unique idea, but I think a book like this can lead people down a scary path.

I do believe we may set-up our lives to be difficult so that we can learn, change, and heal. I do not think it is a permanent one-way road though. That would be a sad and unexciting world. I think the main point the book missed was that healing is possible. Once we deal with all our emotional baggage we can actually see why all the drama in our life appeared. We can see the bigger picture of everything. That is inspiring. Believing that destiny will always pave the road for me, is not. This is just my two cents.
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on December 13, 2009
Wow! I have been on my 'spiritual' journey for quite some time, and this is the one book that really made a huge change in my life, and how I live it! We all know there are numerous books out there meant for guidance and finding the one that really speaks to you can be frustrating. We all learn & grow at our own pace & what really helps one to see more clearly, may have the opposite affect on someone else. There are many pieces to the puzzle of life. This book is one piece of my puzzle that really touched me has really given me a whole new way of looking at people, situations, nature, etc.. To everything there is a can learn from all of them! Enjoy!
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on January 6, 2012
The second paragraph of the first chapter clearly defines the author's intent for this work. There is no desire to convince anyone of the absolute reality of pre-birth planning, he simply suggests that you consider the possibility. As I did that, a new level of awareness began to emerge. Present circumstances and past decisions began to have significantly more relevance and meaning. Read with an open mind this book will most certainly provide you posibilties for contemplation.
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on October 7, 2010
This book has taught me a new way at looking at life and at reincarnation.

An interesting point the author elaborated on in person was the difference between our soul's chosen path and our free will. In our pre-birth plan we will make a few different plans to learn a specific lesson. Let's say for example a man soul and a woman soul agree to meet when they are 30 years old and get married. The marriage will be tumultuous and they will divorce but learn a tremendous lesson from it. If the woman at 25 chooses to learn the lesson another way then her and the man at 30 will never meet. If they do meet there will be no attraction because her consciousness has risen and he remains at a lower level.

I have done a lot of healing on mental and spirtitual levels. This is just a new way to open my mind at the possibilites that are out there. Initially I was a little skeptical with the mediums and channelings. Then I realized I do believe in spirit guides. I do believe in getting help from the unseen and spirits. I have experienced it many times in my life. So why wouldn't I take advantage of all the help I can get and use the resources that are available to me in this new age.
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25 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2010
While I am not a believer in the idea or concept of pre-birth planning, I agreed to read this book and give an honest review. The ideas presented within are written enthusiastically but without a huckster's oily bent to "convert" the reader. Ten individual stories are presented for you to read. Each discusses a major life challenge that the individual has chosen before attaining their physical human presence on Earth. Each person learns from the challenges they chose and works toward becoming a better person having experienced those things.

If you are curious or interested in the metaphysical realm/concept, you may wish to read this book.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2012
I am a bedside hospice volunteer. I find that even the very elderly who suffer greatly and have minimum quality of life may be in such bewilderment and uncertainty about life's purpose they have great difficulty reconciling to its end. The information in this book could neutralize that anguish for some and anchor them to their soul's purpose. It could make the dying process an act of peaceful willingness and liberation instead of feeling like assault by a thief in the night. American culture does not set us up to "die well". Our worldview is insufficient. Rob Schwartz contributes to a larger worldview that encompasses death as a functional part of life. If we can actually LIVE as spiritual beings having a human experience, instead of human beings who sometimes have spiritual experiences we will find ourselves up to life's promise. Your Soul's Plan does much to facilitate that shift.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on October 9, 2011
This is a book that has radically changed my perspective in many ways. While the concept of a life contract is not new to me, and I've always believed that people choose their families before birth, I had never thought about all of the ramifications of that. It's pretty mind-blowing to imagine that not only did I choose my parents and romantic soul mates, that I also chose my enemies, and that on the soul level, there is no such thing as an enemy. As I read this book, I had so many ahahs, and I felt it's truth on an emotional level. I highly recommend reading this book, and then passing it along to a friend. It's knowledge that I think will ease a lot of suffering.
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