Customer Reviews: You're Broke Because You Want to Be: How to Stop Getting By and Start Getting Ahead
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VINE VOICEon January 9, 2008
When is the last time you sat down and read a book cover-to-cover without stopping? That is just what I did the other day when I got home and found Larry Winget's book waiting for me from Amazon. In "You're Broke Because You Want To Be..." Larry Winget uses this in your face style of self-help coaching to let you know that there is a way out of this debt hole you are in. Given the current state of the economy, this book couldn't have come out at a better time.

Larry puts it on the line and basically says that all of us have the power to make our lives better and stop the financial bleeding if we want to -- and you know what he is right. He states, for example, to get off your rear end and stop watching television and take a class or learn something new to help advance your career which helps you earn more money. He's dead on in that regard -- I personally stopped watching the idiot box over 2 years ago and started taking night classes towards an MBA. It has helped me more than I could ever have imagined.

The problem with this book is that most people, just as Larry says, won't want to do what he tells you to. They don't want to give up their cable TV, they don't want to get a 2nd job to pay off the bills, they don't want to stop eating out every other day. They just want a magic bag of money to drop into their lives. Well wake up folks, it isn't going to happen. The theme of this book can best be describes as "It's All About You!" -- YOU have to sacrifice to get out of the hole and if you aren't willing to or don't want to make tough choices then save your money and don't buy the book and continue living in your financial nightmare.

After reading this book I got the extra "boost" I needed to continue working my 2nd job (my own small business) to help it grow even more. My goal is to be debt free by the beginning of 2009 and I know I can do it -- I got my shot of reality from reading this book. Now I'm ready to hunker down and make it happen!
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on January 2, 2008
Why is this book different? First, it gives you a proven, simple step-by-step process to dramatically improve your financial situation. None of those fancy, complicated theories are included. Instead, the techniques in the book are very specific and you can begin applying them immediately. Second, this book will actually inspire you to start taking action right away.

Don't just "skim over" the book hoping for that one-sentence "magic pill" that will make you rich and famous without any effort. That "magic pill" doesn't exist. The simple fact is this book WILL work for you if you READ IT and DO IT.

Of course, there are always those people who will never take personal responsibility for their financial problems. They'll complain about their physical problems or say how their husband was raked over the coals by his ex-wife's lawyer. Their excuses are endless.

Larry confronts ALL excuses head on. It's fairly easy to find people who have experienced extreme hardships and yet still able to become financially successful. He even gives some very inspiring and detailed examples in this book.

Here are the three steps to follow if you want to improve your financial situation:

1. BUY the book.
2. READ the book.
3. DO what the book recommends.

Another reviewer mentioned the excellent video download you'll receive without cost when you buy the book. I totally agree with her. The download video is an extremely valuable supplement. You might even feel the download video is worth many times the price of the book.
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on December 8, 2008
We perused the financial section at the bookstore, looking for an appropriate financial book to motivate our grown children. We have 5 kids over 30, none of whom get it financially. This book, with a notepad, a journal, a red pen and a check is our Christmas gift and very last attempt to wake them up. Larry's put it exactly like we've been telling them the last ten years -- it's their poor choices that have put them where they are. We hope it works because we're as done as last month's Thanksgiving turkeys as far as enabling them any more. "You're Broke ..." is our last hope of getting our message implemented: that most people don't plan to fail, but they fail to plan; to succeed, you must get out of your comfort zone. Larry puts it like it is, like it or not. His book is a quick, fun read, even for the financially challenged.
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This book is no different from Larry's other books. He tells it like he sees it without pulling any punches. Larry is an in your face, Dutch uncle that tells you what you know to be the truth but don't want to hear.

There are no real secrets to getting out of debt and getting ahead. Just like losing weight requires you to eat less and exercise more, getting even financially requires you to spend less and earn more. It is as simple as that.

If you truly want a guide to achieve a financially sound life, this book is a great start. But do not look for an easy way out or some magic bullet. Larry is a very straight shooter and does not sugar coat any of the medicine. The book gives very straight-forward steps to get control of your finances, get out of debt and get ahead.

The book is well written and easy to read. He gives some very good exercises for the reader to do that will certainly get you on the road to financial freedom. However as he makes it clear very many times, it will not be easy. It probably took you a long time to get where you are and you will not get out of debt overnight. It takes work and discipline.

If you truly want a no-nonsense guide to getting your financial life straight, this would be a good book for you to read and follow the instructions. If you are looking for a quick fix or a secret method, look elsewhere.

Larry finishes the book by giving five examples of his friends who all started with little or nothing and made it big. There are some common threads among their stories. It is a path anyone can follow if they put everything they have into getting ahead. It is simple but not easy. As Larry points out, most people are too lazy to really follow his advice.

Even if you don't have financial problems, it makes a good read and you probably can think of someone to give it to.
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on January 27, 2008
This book is for those people who wonder around in life but have no idea about their finance. The niche of this book is really about the author's personality, not much about the content. Regardless of Larry's real personal style, like an actor, he tried to project a strong personality in order to convince novice readers that he is a "tough mentor." Well, sort of acting tough.

If you look at first half of the book, it is all about those philosophical small talks. These areas are no different from many recent "re-packaging" material out there. They are about you-can-do-it all the way into what-you-want-in-life stuff. The real meat about "You Are Broke" book is to "reduce your expenses" which he spends all the rest of the book talking about it. Things like don't smoke, don't spend money on coffee, etc. Therefore you can find some money to cut debt or to save. They are useful advices but nothing new nowadays. In a couple sentences -- Spend less than you make. Stop using credit.

If you are those readers who frankly cannot take honest and conservative advice from people, and you are more likely to listen to people who ride a motorcycle and have a bull dog, this book may be for you. Otherwise, check out the "My Total Money Makeover" book or radio show by the real expert like Dave Ramsey or Larry Burkett. You will learn more from there and gain great benefits.
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#10) The cool picture of him on the cover.

#9) The fact that he tells you what to expect from the book, starting on page one.

#8) The interesting personal anecdotes he shares, which make you think: "hey, if HE can succeed, so can I."

#7) The way he makes you take a long hard look at how you became broke.

#6) The way he busts through any excuses you might be making about your situation.

#5) The free downloads from his website that you get when you purchase the book.

#4) The stories he includes of other successful people who went from being broke to being rich.

#3) The budget worksheets included in the book and downloads.

#2) The list of things you need to do--NOW--if you want to stop being broke and start getting ahead.


#1) The way he tells it like it is, pulls no punches, and points his finger right where it belongs--at YOU--the reader--and STILL manages to be encouraging, and make you feel as though you CAN turn things around for yourself financially.
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on January 2, 2008
I think it was Thoreau who stated that "most (wo)men live lives of quiet desperation". Larry's book brings this into the financial world by implying most people live lives of fiscal desperation. Self-reliance, taking responsibility for our actions, and doing the right thing can not ensure success but they make a solid fortress against failure. Sure there are bumps in the road, no fortress is perfect, that may derail us--illness, divorce, unforseen calamities--but what I get from Larry's book is this--get the blood off your knees, reassess what needs to be done, and then DO IT!! Don't whine, whimper, complain, or hide--just DO IT!!

Larry's book may not be the answer to everyone's situations but in my personl experience it applies to 99% of the folks I know.

Larry, keep up the good work. I have read all your books and give one to anyone who complains to me how unfair life is. I don't disagree, life IS unfair but "just deal with it".
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on January 3, 2008
Larry Winget is just what I've been needing in my life for a long time. He feels so compulsion to be "tactful", he just tells you what needs to happen and lets you make up your own mind whether you're going to do it.

For those of us who have been using excuses for not getting ahead, this is an ideal book. Yes, my grandmother didn't teach my mother how to be good with money. But there were plenty of other opportunities for her to learn and she didn't take those opportunities. I spent years thinking "Oh, my Mom didn't teach me how to handle money, so I can't do it." That kind of thinking is at an end. Thank you Larry, for opening my eyes!
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2008
I never heard of Larry Winget although as i read the book I was surprised I hadn't. I am a pretty avid reader of 'success' literature, and although I make a lot of money by most standards, I'm a spendaholic. I've read Dave Ramsey's books and like them but there was something about Dave's style that just doesn't click with me.

Larry is much more brash and abrupt but stylistically, we just clicked. He's very much into no excuses and biting the pill and handling business. I like that a lot. His strategies are in many ways common sense, but he has a way of putting things that makes it click. And besides, being broke isn't about not having common sense, it's more about lying to yourself and not doing what you know you should.

His brutal repetitions of You're broke b/c you want to be is just really something I needed to hear. And he masterfully destroys just about every rationalization you can come up with. Perhaps the best was when he asks you to make a list of what's most important to you, then juxtapose it against what you spend your money on. He tells you the latter is what 'really' matters to you and it's hard to argue with.

All in all I think this is a great book. If you're a Ramseyite, you'll very much like this unless you get offended easy with strong language. Even though there's minor profanity, I think it literally has to be there, the whole tone and effect would be lost without it. And if you read this book and first find yourself taking issue with the language, it's likely just an excuse you're making for yourself.

Anyway, I loved it and am going to buy the rest of his stuff (with my extra money after I've paid all of my bills ;-), put plenty away for savings and donated to my monthly charities). And although I loathe watching TV, I'll probably even watch his TV show just b/c he kicks so much a55.
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on March 18, 2015
When it comes to tough love, Larry is a real Casanova. This is just the kick-in-the-butt most of us need when it comes to managing our finances. I come back to it again and again for little tidbits and reminders.
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