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on January 10, 2012
I'm a prior service Army Iraq/Afghanistan vet, so I am kinda biased in my review. Just keep in mind that, No. These are no set of 14's. If that's your expectation, save your money or try to win the lottery. However, they're pretty awesome for the price. There are some pro's and con's with any gen 1's but thus far I am pretty happy with this product.

The pro's are the lightweight yet apparent ruggedness of the product. A heavy set of night vision has the helmet/skullcrusher riding down on my face and throws the image off. These aren't heavy, so the image stays right where I want it to be. Another pro is that Yukon advertises that the unit CANNOT be interchanged over the left eye... that it is a right eye unit ONLY. This is false. All you have to do is unscrew the bracket from the skullcrusher, and invert it. problem solved. For us tactical shooters, left eye viewing is a must and it is easily done. Another pro is the ease of adjustment. With the push of a button you can flip the unit up without losing your personalized adjustments of the unit... something I was afraid of when I bought this unit. Something else I thought was cool was the lens cover. It has a pinhole apeture in the center. This allows the unit to work in daylight. IF you get the weapon attachment, this could be a pretty useful feature. I wish there was a way to attach a lanyard/550 cord though, so you don't lose it when you take it off. Another pro, aforementioned by Adam L. Rogers, is that I can turn off the unit - even remove the battery, and it continues to work for MINUTES before dying - a REAL battery saver. The last pro is the ease of focus. It's a nice smooth action, and with a quick adjustment I can read a book in total blackout, or literally see as far down the street as I want. I haven't tested the full range of the night vision, but thus far, it sees pretty far, providing adequate lighting is available.

Now for the con's. I have a few gripes about the skullcrusher specifically. The skullcrusher (headmount) is comfortable enough when wearing a baclava, but on bare skin, it's kinda uncomfortable. The chinstrap attachment is a little plastic J-hook, and unless you crank down on the chinstrap, it comes unhooked relatively easily. The chin-cup doesn't stay on my chin very well either. As for the night vision itself, I have very few complaints. One of them is that in total darkness it's almost completely useless. Ambient light, or an IR light is mandatory. With either of these it works just fine - and the unit does come with a IR light. Which leads me another con - the IR light is NOT invisible. If you plan to play airsoft, or anything else where you want to remain hidden - forget about it. If you're looking directly at someone, a red light is visible. Now, the IR light looks like a maglight through the night vision, but it is merely a red glowing orb to someone not wearing night vision. The last con I have, is that no matter what distance you are viewing - you're going to have a fish eye (bubble or halo) effect around the peripheral. It happens, but it's not a game stopper.

In summary to prospective buyers, I have to say this is a pretty awesome unit. It has a few flaws, yeah, but lets be honest folks... if you had $2,500+ to blow on night vision, you wouldn't be considering these anyway. This is an awesome set of NVG's for a pretty awesome price. If you can afford these, I recommend them to you highly.
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on May 16, 2012
ok so ive had some time to try out my yukon and i have to say im very happy with it
it has been no moon and overcast weather lately and that makes things tuff for night vision but this is where
the IR comes in very handy the specs say that you will get 100 yards or soo with the IR on as is the norm that is not totaly true but to their credit i am able to get about 80 yards out of it which is pretty impressive because the clarity is very good for a gen one unit i have used a few before and they were not as good as this i can clearly see a garage with lights on it in detail at 250 yards and one could make out people walking around with no problems as long as they were in the light now if you had a good moon in the sky on a clear night its pretty much daylight i have also seen people saying that your eyes can see just as well once they are ajusted to the dark now is somewhat true you can see but even after hours in the dark things are still fuzzy with the night vision things are crisp and clear to the same distance you can see this being in total darkness with any kind of light be it from a street light or the moon its night and day no pun intended i am able to see my horses from 200 yards in failing light after sunset (less light then a full moon) from 200 yards and can see their eyes from 100 yards in pitch black with IR long story short sturdy but light weight build (means there is less weight to hit the ground if you drop it)
thus doing less damage to the unit the head mount is comfy enough to use for a few hours i did about four hours nonstop and needed a break if one were to put a winter cap or something like that on it would be alot nicer but i am very happy with my purchase and if i had to do it all over again i would do it the same if you want more for your money (for once with NV) get this unit just dont expect it to be a anvis9 or like what you see on tom clancy games

I am back about ten months later and i have to say im very happy with the setup i have used it in overcast stars pitchblack room full moon rain snow fog and at -7 degrees with no major problems at all it is holding up very well soo far i have dropped it once it fell off a table onto hardwood floor didnt hurt it at all the only bad thing i have to say is my focus ring on the front wobbles pretty bad and that is from me putting the cap on without screwing it back to 0 before doing so and thats my only complaint still works just fine and im sure ill replace it at some point one thing i would like to point out for someone who has never used gen1 NVGs is what this will do for you it wont make it into day time if you can see something with your eyes but its all fuzzy like you can make out outlines of trees or what ever at say 300yards (with moonlight) this with focusing with make that image very clear so you can tell what your looking at with no moon that range is cut to less than 100yards with full moon it is almost as good as daylight!!! i can see miles with full moon i really need to get another with 5x lens anyways bottom line need a good affordable nvg this is a good option
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on October 29, 2010
head mount + good gen 1 for a good price is hard to find and beat this setup. You can upgrade the optics with higher magnification. I went out night hunting and these things are a good alternative to shining. I have to admit it took me a good 1 hour to really get use to them, but once i got use to them i was able to move around and spot incoming pray after calling it at night with no lights. I love em.
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on September 18, 2014
It is simple to swap the monocular over to the left eye. That puts the control buttons on the bottom, but so what. I don't have a large head (I seem to recall that I wore a 7 1/4 Bell Star helmet back in the day) but in order for the headgear to be comfortable I pretty much took two of the straps out to their fullest extent. I'm not impressed by the padding of the headgear - I have my doubts if it could be worn for hours without discomfort. But when it gives you a real edge over anything without the ability to see in IR, well, one just has to make a few allowances.
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on April 5, 2012
When I first took the NVMTs out of the box I was very impressed with the build quality. The head mount took some time to adjust to fit correctly but once I did the NVMT sat well on my face and provided a good picture through the view finder. The NVMT worked great in a closed pitch black room with the IR light on and the detail once focused provided a clear picture; however, once taken into the field the amount you were able to see and the distance you were able to see at was no better than using a 40 lumen flashlight. The depth perception was horrible but that is due to only one eye being used and the very slight magnification through the view finder. I would recommend buying a bright flashlight instead of these if you don't mind standing out. I didn't try this with the improved IR flashlight and this could make a huge difference but that is another $100.
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on September 14, 2012
i like it so far ,never had NV so i cant compare it to other all i know is gen 2/3 is bokuu $$
one thing i dont like is you cant mount it on rifle so , im trying to make a adapter to fit on my rifle which i would prefer or ill try to use the head gear then look in the scope lots varmits out at night , caught a beaver eating the cat food outside last night lol
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on September 22, 2014
I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it, his main sport is hunting so he uses it at night. He states that it makes seeing at night so much easier and the head mount fits comfortably. He said that he can see all nocturnal animals.
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on May 15, 2013
The mount works great if you have something on underneath it, but holds the device well. This does help quite well and use a red filtered light to help light up areas far away.
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on June 10, 2014
My son uses this at night as he and his friends are playing spy or hiding games. Was very handy when we lost power for a few days after a storm.
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on December 5, 2014
For a 1st gen device at this price for my purposes is perfect. Headsets are basic with chin rest being slightly uncomfortable, but otherwise fine on bare head or soft cap reversed bill, not tried on any helmet yet. Have yet to take beyond the subdivision, but very very bright with moon and ir source. Once adjusted they were very clear without magnification, they are 1x, the focus was a source of initial frustration, as I am reluctant to twist to hard on things lest they break (6'4' 265) which they do far too often. Anyway twisting hard on the eyepiece while twisting the front lens took the Yukon from fuzzy to crystal clear, I swear I could mount this in front of the right scope and hack a night scope. I plan some hunting and night fun shooting and will update to see how these fair.
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