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Chasing after a good night's sleep has become somewhat of a slight obsession especially after developing arthritis in my neck. The right pillow makes all the difference. Over the years I've purchased just about every pillow known to mankind - many which were very expensive; hand-stuffed down pillows from Cuddledown, memory foam (ugh the heat!), buckwheat (puffy face - allergy prone), spun gel (like trying to sleep on a sponge) name it, I've tried them.

I've also tried different shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. The bottom line is that it's not easy to find a great pillow. Until Z by Malouf! Over a year ago I purchased four of their formed talalay pillows - the odor was a bit overwhelming at first but once aired out, they provided a superb level of support combined with comfort. They have held up well and perform perfectly but I actually prefer the shredded talalay for the ability to position it "just right".

When this shredded talalay became available I ordered two king size pillows which arrived quickly, encased in the very nice carrier. Unlike the prior pillows, the odor from these wasn't as bad although a good airing is probably still in order. These do not come with a removable cover although the outside of the pillow itself is a comfortable material (bamboo according to the label). The king size is a bit odd shaped in that it is long but not as wide as anticipated. I will be ordering more in the queen size due to this variation.

Aside from the slightly odd sizing of the king size, this is an exceptional deal! Shredded talalay isn't easy to find (none of my local stores seem to carry it) and when ordering via catalog or online, the cost tends to be high. This compares very favorably to the pillows used at Weston for their dream beds for those searching for a general type of's a bit firmer which I actually like as the extra support helps with the neck pain.

For those that suffer from allergies (other than latex), this is a GREAT option! Feather pillows and buckwheat tend to leave me puffy, others with a heavy chemical can actually cause a cough and congestion. This is natural talaly, tends to resist mites and other common causes of allergies. Just remember, the talalay is NOT appropriate for those with a latex allergy!!!!

Finally, for those with a neck problem this pillow is the best solution I've encountered to date. Unlike feather pillows that pack down during the night, this remains supportive throughout the entire evening, reducing the angles that often lead to pinched nerves, circulation problems and pain. Unlike gel or foam that is often "too fluffy", this still allows compression so the head and neck are held at a natural angle.

Although I purchased these specifically due to neck problems, my spouse - who has no such issues - absolutely loves the pillows as well. Bottom line - fantastic pillow, fantastic price!

UPDATE - Ordered four more queen sized pillows which arrived with a zipper case. Unsure why the king size didn't but wanted to update review to indicate the inclusion of a nice zippered case for the queen size.
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on May 18, 2012
This is by far the best pillow I have ever purchased. However, it was too high for my neck, so I had to unzip it, tear the seams *(about 5-6 inches), and pull out quite a bit of the stuffing, then sew it back up again. It's very messy to do so, but now I love my pillow! It sleeps like a dream. Finally I found a pillow to match the quality of my bed and my usual sore neck in the morning (from the last year) is gone. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. **I recommend if you do what I did to have a plastic bag covering the hole you open ready before pulling the shreds directly into the bag. Doing it outside might be a good idea as it was messy! I pulled out almost a whole plastic grocery bag's worth. It's perfect now and worth the effort. My only recommendation to the product makers would be to add a zipper to the inner bag lining (the luxurious outer bag case already has a zipper).

Talalay is VERY expensive, so to anyone complaining about having to adjust the pillow, I would say you are getting about a $50 discount at least on this pillow, so stop complaining and put in 15 minutes of time to make it just as soft as you like it. Then...Heaven!

The bamboo cover is worth the price of the pillow alone! It's so soft and fluffy. It's really high quality for a cover and anyone who likes bamboo fabric knows I'm not kidding--that is expensive stuff! The pillow, once altered, is superior to feathers, which make me sneeze since I suffer from allergies. the pillow "feels" similar to a down pillow, yet at a cooler temperature for those who tend to overheat. There is a latex smell, but it's not a big deal and has dissipated over the week's use. Plus, it's a natural latex smell (and therefore while some may find the smell unpleasant depending on their nose--it's not actually toxic). The smell bothered me zero percent (even though I have allergies); but smell is a relative thing. Obviously, those allergic to latex should not purchase this pillow--duh.

Overall, the pillow has made a huge difference to my sleep, is really plush and cozy, has ended my stiff neck issues, and it was SO CHEAP!
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on January 19, 2013
I can see my own aches and pains in many of the reviews here - arthritis from neck to shoulders to hips to knees, myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, night sweats - countless frustrating trials with pillows of many shapes, loft, and materials. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am, at how many materials make me sweat or itch or break out with a rash. Pillow covers and pillow cases present their own challenges. Microfiber has sneaked into everything - slippery sweat factories.

I got this pillow for my birthday, a gift to myself. Queen size for my adjustable twin bed is perfect. I love the weight - no more chasing my pillow around every time I shift my position or raise the head of my bed. The heft and shape remind me of heavy feather pillows of days gone by. But this stuffing immediately conforms to however my head and neck rests on it, no flipping over and pounding needed. The "bamboo" cover is intriguing. Not the smooth, thin cover I expected. It has a thick, nappy texture that is quite soft. Like a quality cloth diaper. My first thought was to slip on a fresh percale case, but I was curious about why the manufacturer took the time to create the special cover - maybe it's to enhance the overall sleeping experience. So I tried it bareback. Very nice. Hope it holds up in the washing machine.

My sleep experience during the first three nights has been worth the price of the pillow. I'm a side sleeper, mostly my left side, and my current hot spots are a painful left shoulder and a tendinitis in my left elbow. Which awakens me many times and sends me to my back or right side. The loft and support of my new pillow raises my neck just enough to keep the pressure from my shoulder. Amazing. I generally sleep 4 or 5 hours, in 1 and 2 hour segments. For three nights I have slept 7 to 8 hours, straight through. No sweating, (not sure if that's the cover or the pillow at work). No lingering aches. Clear headed and . . . dare I say "refreshed."

Your mileage may vary, but this pillow is well worth a test drive.

Update 2/7 - Three weeks and I'm still pleased with this pillow. It's a keepah. Ayuh.
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on April 21, 2015
This pillow is comparable to a feather pillow. I bought the queen size... I'm not quite sure what people are talking about, that it was too full?! It isn't quite full enough. I like a firm pillow, one I can squish up to my liking, this does that. It is lumpy, but I'd rather have lumpy than quills poking @ my neck. I wish it was more full. I both this pillow and the zoned memory foam in the high loft firm, I think I like the zoned memory foam better, but I then again like to squish my pillow. I think I'm going to order the z gel dough memory foam, this one only comes in the high loft plush, and see which of the 3 I like better. The zoned memory foam (bought both in queen size) queen barely fits in my queen pillow case, but this one in the queen has plenty room left. This one defiantly squashes down, but is so far fluffy back up.
Photo; the pillow on the left is the zoned memory foam, high loft firm. The one on the right is the shredded latex. The candle does not fall into the memory foam pillow the way it does on the shredded latex. For anyone struggling which to get, this will help you compare your head on the pillow.
review image
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on August 15, 2012
::YAWN:: hopefully I don't fall asleep in my new pillows while writing this...

Great pillows for the price. I use these shredded latex pillows with two regular solid latex pillows. It gives me the variety I want when I'm sleeping.

The only reason I am giving these 4 stars instead of 5, is because I still prefer my solid latex pillows for support. I know it's a matter of opinion, but I prefer these to my tempurpedic pillows.

I would like to address a few of the negatives that I have read on the comments.

1) The smell. I didn't have any issue with the smell of these. It might be eye opening to someone who has never used foam pillows, but it is nothing compared to the smell of my tempurpedic pillows. The smell from these is more natural, and no where near as strong. Memory foam pillows completely overwhelmed my bedroom for about 2 days, then the smell was still there for about 5-7 days. Washing the pillow case that comes with the pillow will dramatically reduce the smell of these. With that said, the people complaining about the smell might have received pillows that smelled stronger than mine, so I am in no way saying that it is not possible for the smell to be stronger than the two pillows I received.

2) The bamboo cover that is made from rayon. I understand that some people might be alarmed to find that a number of bamboo products really aren't 100% bamboo. They can be made with Rayon that is made from bamboo. The description on these pillows clearly states "Super soft rayon from bamboo cover," so do not be shocked when you see the same description on the bag the pillow comes in. For more info on the subject you can do a web search for an article called "Bamboozled by Bamboo Rayon? We Aren't So Sure." I would provide a link, but I'm not 100% sure that I am allowed to post links on a review.

3) The fact that you can't take off the inside cover that is holding the latex together. I personally prefer the shredded latex being in a cover that is stitched shut. The last thing I want is my 4 year old unzipping these and making a huge mess. I hate to assume things, but I think the fact that the shredded latex is firmly enclosed will help help keep the shape of these pillows. You can still machine wash the removable bamboo cover, and spot clean the inner cover if needed. If you are overly concerned about stains, then you can use a case that is more resistant to moisture to protect the cover. If you still aren't happy, then you can cut the inner case and use your own zipper case. As cheap as these pillows are, I wouldn't hesitate to cut into them and put the latex into whatever pillow case you prefer.

With all that said, thanks again for selling latex pillows at this price point. I put these in a $20 pair of 600 thread count egyptian cotton pillow cases, and for less than $80 total, I now have 2 pillows that people would spend a fortune for in most stores. As a bonus to the comfort these pillows provide, I can also rest my head on my wallet that is filled with a few extra bills now.

...and now it's about time to put these pillows back to use. ::YAWN::
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on December 7, 2012
I have been using this pillow for almost a week now and love it. I was concerned because of other reviews but took a chance anyways. There was a odor but not as bad as other memory foam items I have bought in the past. I took it out of the bag it came in and let it air out for a couple of days before using it. I am a side sleeper so finding a pillow that supports my neck correctly without elevating my head to much is important to me. This pillow does just that.
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on July 6, 2013
I've used natural latex foam pillows for years and was a bit skeptical about trying a shredded version. I love the resiliency of latex foam pillows and how they keep their shape, but it's been tough finding ones that aren't too thin or too stiff. Being able to adjust the thickness, while retaining the support that latex foam provides, tempted me into giving this pillow a try. As other reviewers have noted, this pillow does have a distinctive faint odor straight out of the package, but it does fade away in a day or two.
After airing it out a bit, I gave it a try. I was able to easily arrange the shredded latex foam thru the pillow casing, creating the perfect spot for my head and neck to rest. I can't tell you how comfortable it is to sleep with this pillow! It's quite a well made pillow.
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on May 12, 2012
This pillow has been a great surprise, especially for the price. I've always used cheapo polyester pillows and had to stack them and fluff them to keep my neck in a good position. I sleep on my side and occasionally on my stomach. Firm pillows are often recommended for side sleepers in order to maintain neck support, but I wanted something that was also soft and inviting.

Shredded latex was the ticket! It feels a little floppy and weird when you're handling it, but once you lay on it or put pressure on it, you realize that it has a surprising amount of spring and support. I sleep great with it. Also worth mentioning is that I've recently had leg surgery and spend lots of time on the couch... This pillow also works great laying on the back when I rest my leg.

I questioned whether a firmer solid latex pillow would be better for me, but since the shredded material was cheaper I decided to try this first. I could see how some side sleepers would want something firmer (a larger person maybe... I have narrow shoulders and lean towards my stomach as I sleep). But all in all, I think this pillow would satisfy most side sleepers, especially those who don't want to give up ALL of the softness. Plus, it's cheap enough where if it doesn't work out for you, you don't feel like you wasted an excessive amount of money... And it's nice enough where you will find someone you know who would enjoy it.

Criticisms? There is a mild latex odor, but it's faint (in my opinion) and seems to be going away. The odor is nowhere NEAR the potent smell of memory foam, which reeks. Durability isn't something I can comment on as of yet, but I feel like it will last way longer than cheapo polyester pillows that lose their girth in 4-6 months and leave you tilting your neck or CONSTANTLY fluffing. It's awkward when you pick it up to handle it, and a bit heavier than you'd expect, so I don't recommend it for pillow fights unless you're trying to give someone whiplash.

Over 2 years later, and my pillow is still great. I can't sleep without it. It's holding up just fine. The latex smell was gone within a couple of months. 2 unfortunate things to report:

1) They don't go for cheap anymore. I got my Queen size for $35 and a 4 standard size for $30 each. The price is currently $45 for the standard. Youch. Would I still buy it? Tough call...

2) I ended up buying 4 standard size pillows -- 1 for myself as a secondary pillow, and 3 as gifts -- and I ran into an inconsistency in the standard sized pillows. I gave one to my cousin for christmas, and he said it gave him neck cramps. I figured that he was simply not the type of person who would enjoy this pillow, but I still offered to exchange pillows and gave him my standard size pillow. It turns out that his pillow had slightly less latex stuffing in it, which allowed it to flatten out more easily than it should. It ended up giving ME a stiff neck! That was a bummer. I did end up keeping it, and I leave it out on the couch for when I'm leaning back and watching TV. It won't give me a stiff neck if I work to ensure that it is thoroughly fluffed up, but it's still a bit disappointing.
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on April 11, 2014
Really like this pillow. I am primarily a side sleeper and the rest of the time a back sleeper. I am a 215 pound male. I have been searching for a year for the right pillow and have tried everything from $129 Tempurpedic's to other memory foam pillows, millet filled pillow, and also the solid block of latex Z Malouf pillow (ordered and returned both the high plush, and the high firm). This one for me is the best. At first I thought it had too much loft and was going to open the seam and add a zipper and remove a little bit of the filling but now that I have used it for a couple of weeks, it seems good for me now. At some point, I may remove a little bit of filling and add a zipper. That is the only improvement I could recommend is that as a zipper be added to this pillow to give people the flexibility to remove some of the shredded latex. As far as the smell I have read on other reviews, there is a slight smell like a rubber balloon, however those people must have very sensitive noses because this is never been an issue with this pillow for me. I would suggest if you buy this pillow to remove their nice outer pillowcase provided for a few weeks and just keep it inside of a regular pillowcase to allow it to air out - the Less layers to contain the smell, probably the better - that's what I did. For me, the smell is just not a big issue. I really believe if this pillow works for you, since latex retains its rebounding properties, I believe this pillow will last a lifetime.
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on August 23, 2013
I have always made my family's bed pillows. My sons have seasonal allergies and using shredded latex was the stuffing of choice for years. At one time good quality shredded foam was readily available but no longer. Spent over $20 for the last bag and had to throw at least 1/3 of it away because of hardened bits. My new pillow has no odor. Was surprised at its weight but that is a good surprise. Regular shredded foam pillows are very light. Coming back to the love part. Pillow was delivered today. Washed the cover and hung it to dry. Put a pillowcase on the "Z" to see if it would fit. Had to try the pillow. Woke up from the best nap ever. My new pillow is soft and squishy. Was literally hugging the pillow when I awoke. What is not to love?
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