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Yes, it does include animeeples. Not sure where it says 4th edition but I see a 2013 on the back.
Jan 12, 2014 by Lynne startup
Well, if she likes to have a lot of kids, and keep kicking your butt to constantly upgrade the house with honey do list, then yes. Now my 7 year old daughter is fond of sheep, so she won't cook them. So vegetarians will never win this game,but they will end up with 20 sheep.
Mar 31, 2014 by Bill Biermann
Short version: YES. Longer, detailed version: Most of Uwe Rosenburg's games can be played as a solitare game (and yes, that includes Agricola). I haven't played it solo, but I have gamer friends who have (and found it fun). In Agricola, some of the cards that are used in play depend upon (a) whether playing the easier, introductory, "family" version ... or the "regular," harder, includes 7 occupations & 7 minor improvements per player version, and (b) exactly how many people are playing (so if you play it with 3 players, then 2, then 5, some of the cards will change, since the resources are re-balanced). He's a really good game designer.
Dec 27, 2013 by Jane Doe
We do NOT use sleeves for ours. I think most people only do that for card games where you are shuffling the cards a lot. This is a board game that uses cards and you just shuffle them a couple times at the start of the game. Plus, you are not using all the cards each time you play. Part of why there is so many cards is because you are using a subset of the cards each time. This gives you more replay ability and variety.
Dec 20, 2013 by Amazon Customer
Yes for the family version included in the game. I would introduce the full game after trying the family version.
Dec 1, 2014 by John Houser
The animals are actual shapes, all the resources like reed, wood, stone, wheat are round discs
Jan 13, 2015 by joe
The first couple games are longer; once you get the hang of things, the games go pretty quick. I think our games average about 90 minutes, though the first couple games were 2-3 hours
Dec 26, 2014 by pyuvii
The Caverna game is a "spin-off" from Agricola game where the farming aspect of the game became cave farming. Agricola is pretty hard to learn and master but there are less components to learn than one would with Caverna. I would recommend players to play with Agricola first before going a step up toward Caverna. Both games was designed by Uwe Rosenberg. If money is not an object, why not go after them both?
Dec 12, 2014 by Joshua Hottle
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