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on April 11, 2012
As others have noted, while this keyboard/case is physically compatible with the new iPad (3), its magnet fails to turn the iPad on and off when the case is opened and closed. Many cases have this problem, which is due to a change in Apple's design: the iPad 3 requires that the magnet have a certain polarity, while the iPad 2 did not. Thus any case made for the iPad 2 (including, by the way, Apple's own Smart Covers!) has a 50-50 chance of working properly with the iPad 3.

However, there's an easy fix in this case (pun intended):

1. Slide the Bluetooth keyboard out of the ZAGGfolio case.

2. Inside the case, where the spacebar end of the keyboard rested, there is a thin (1/4") plastic strip. Insert a knife blade into the gap at the top of this strip and gently pry. The strip will come out fairly easily, leaving behind a few blobs of glue.

3. Looking closely at the area that was covered by the strip, you'll see near the center a tiny compartment with a bit of silver visible. That's the magnet. Use a paperclip to coax it out. Flip it over and replace it, then replace the plastic strip and the Bluetooth keyboard. The case will now turn the iPad 3 on and off, and will work equally well with an iPad 2.

If you don't feel like going to this much trouble, then don't buy the case until ZAGG fixes it. But if you already own one of these--or if you want the best keyboard/case on the market, which this unquestionably is, and are willing to do a little tinkering--you can fix the problem yourself as described.
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on March 30, 2012
I have an iPad3. I bought both the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Removable Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad 2 and New iPad (K39512US), and the Zagg ZAGGfolio with Keyboard for The New iPad 3G (FOLCARSLV101). The Kensington I bought from Amazon and the Zagg I bought from Best Buy. So this is a comparitive review of both products used with the iPad 3.

First the ZAGGfolio since thats the product I'm posting this reviw on. I'm typing this part with it now.

Here are its advantages over the KeyFolio:

The overall design of the case is not that good, but it seems to be more durable and capable of better protecting the iPad. The keyboard is also a little larger and seems more solidly constructed.

- The hard plastic of the case is thicker, harder, and would seem to offer more protection. The KeyFolio isn't that bad but the Zagg is just more durable. Overall the ZAGGfolio construction is bit more solid.
- The keys on the keyboard are larger than the ones on the KeyFolio keyboard. The Space bar and modifier keys on the bottom row are also maybe 30% taller than the other keys. Overall the keyboard is larger but neither is a full-size keyboard.
- The Zagg keyboard can be used as a stand for the iPad with the iPad removed from the case.
- Because you can use the keyboard as a stand, you can stand the iPad up in portrait orientation though you can only do this if you remove the iPad from the case.
- Overall the Zagg keyboard is more solidly constructed though both keyboards are made of plastic. The Zagg keyboard is also a little larger but I don't know if this is for a larger battery or just to accomodate the built-in iPad stand.
- The Zagg keyboard has a "Globe" key in the lower left that can be used to switch the keyboard language. If there's any way to do this with the KeyFolio keyboard then I don't know what it is.
- While lacking brightness controls, the Zagg keyboard has dedicated Cut/Copy/Paste keys. Personally I think this is pointless because the standard Command-X/C/V key combos work on both keyboards and I'm much more used to those anyway.
- The Zagg has the auto on/off magnet that sleeps or wakes the iPad when you open/close the case.

ZAGGfolio problems:

- The outside of the thing is covered with this fake carbon fiber "skin" sticker that looks cheap-o and some have reported that it's prone to peeling off.
- The case doesn't feel like it clips securely closed if you try to close it with the keyboard removed. So I would not try to carry it around without the keyboard inserted.

As for the Kensington KeyFolio:

This one seems to have a better overall design than the ZAGGfolio and is capable of being set up in a larger number of positions. KeyFolio design advantages:

- Significantly less expensive than the ZAGGfolio.
- Easier to open.
- Seems to stay closed more securely with the keyboard removed.
- Easier to insert the iPad in the case.
- The iPad3 seems to be held more securely in this case.
- There's a stylus holder! This is very important if you ever use a stylus.
- The keyboard is held in securely by strong magnets, but is much easier to remove from the case.
- The USB port for charging the keyboard is exposed while inserted in the case so you don't have to partially remove the keyboard to charge it.
- The iPad panel of the case has velcro on the bottom so, with the keyboard removed, you can stand the iPad up at any angle from vertical to a very low angle that's suitable for typing on the on-screen keyboard if you want. Unlike the Zagg, there are no fixed notches that limit you to 2 or so different stand angles. This continuous range of possible angles is VERY useful.
- While neither case is very good for typing when placed on your lap, the KeyFolio is better for this than the Zagg.
- With the keyboard still inserted, the KeyFolio is more comfortable to hold when you fold the cover over to use the iPad like a tablet. It's not that much better but is it easier to avoid pressing the keys with the back resting on your hand. Since its also easier to remove the keyboard, it's easier to switch to using the tablet like this without the keyboard.
- The KeyFolio keyboard has display brightness control keys while the Zagg doesn't. It also has a caps lock light, will allow you to type F1-F12, and has a couple of extra keys like Pause/Break. This may not matter for the iPad but makes the keyboard more useful if you ever pair it with a Windows machine device or something. This keyboard also has a separate Delete and Backspace as well as an Insert key.

KeyFolio Problems:

- Unlike some photos show, there doesn't seem to be any proper way to rotate the iPad into the portrait orientation while using the keyboard. You can take the iPad out and sort of stand it up being held by the bottom flap of the holder, but this doesnt hold it very securely.
- Currently I seem to be having some sort of problem where the left Shift key is interfering with the Z key. If I try to type ZAGG then I get Zagg because for some reason, Shift-Z essentially deactivates the Shift key even if you continue to hold down the shift key. (Releasing the shift and holding it down again, after typing Shift-Z, fixes the problem as does using the right Shift key.) The right Shift key doesn't seem to have this problem with neighboring keys. I'm unsure if this Shift-Z thing is a design problem or just a random manufacturing defect in my particular keyboard.
- This is minor, but the Command key is lacking the little curly corner command key symbol.
- As people have mentioned, the "new car smell" from the outgassing on the KeyFolio, right after you remove it from the box, is rather strong. I would expect this to go away once all the residue has evaporated and I plan to place it near an open window, with the keyboard removed and all surfaces exposed to air, to speed this up.

Both cases have:
- Cutouts for all of the standard ports, buttons, speaker, camera, etc
- Enough space around the dock connector to support my larger-than-normal 3rd party cable.
- Bluetooth keyboards that have a "connect" button for easy obvious pairing.
- Once paired, both keyboards connect instantly after being powered on. You will not be able to get your hands on the keys before they connect.
- Both have special keys for the home key, slide show, mute/volume, audio player control, on-screen keyboard show/hide, search, and lock.
- Both have Ctrl/Option/Command and arrow keys.
- Some way to stand the ipad up for typing or viewing video/etc, and a way to fold the keyboard side of the cover behind the tablet for tablet-only use.
- Use a standard micro USB port for charging.
- A certain look. The Kensington looks more "white collar" and the Zagg looks more "blue collar". I don't consider either of these styles to be better than the other so I've noted it here to point it out.
- Both seem about as bulky. Maybe the KeyFolio seems a little thinner just because it's softer.


Aside from the weird Shift-Z problem that might just be a defect in my particular unit, I like the Kensington KeyFolio better. The smaller keys don't really bother me, I REALLY want that stylus holder, I like the ease of removing the keyboard, the usb charging port is exposed without removing the keyboard, the velcro angle stand with infinite positions is very useful. I don't care if I can stand the iPad up on the keyboard alone with no case. The iPad seems to be held more securely (not as loose). If I need to type on my lap, this one is easier to do that with. The Kensington is also less expensive and overall seems to be a better value. Lastly, the keyboard seems to be more suitable for use with other devices if needed.

So if that stuff is what's important to you then I'd get the Kensington KeyFolio.

If you need larger keys, more solid (but not quite milspec) protection for tougher environments, better support for portrait orientation, never use a stylus, really want that auto sleep/wake magnet, and/or like the tough-looking style (vs the office management organizer style), then get the ZAGGfolio.

UPDATE: See my comments on this review for a wear-and-tear update after a month of daily use.
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on April 14, 2012
Let me start off with what I consider the essentials: this is a great case with an even better keyboard for the iPad 3/new iPad. I use it every day on my train commute to and from work and just love the feel of the keyboard. Just the right amount of clickiness--very responsive. The way it folds up into a stand and back again works perfectly. All told, this out-performs all other cases and keyboards I have tried, which is why I am giving it five stars. It is not perfect, as I will discuss below, but the fact that it bests anything I have tried makes it worth 5 stars in my book.

So what's not perfect? Initially I had the same issues as some other reviewers in that the magnetic sleep function did not work. You may or may not know that the iPad 3 is sensitive to the polarity of the magnet that sleeps it, whereas the iPad 2 is not. Zagg, like several other case makers, was not prepared for this change. However, I sent a support request to Zagg claiming the magnetic sleep was broken and they sent me a new case that fixed the problem, letting me just keep the original case. The customer support was well above average in this regard (especially for an accessories company), and is part of the reason I am giving 5 stars for a product that didn't initially work perfectly.

Other reviewers have said that the case looks cheap but I don't really see a basis for that with mine. I have expensive luggage that is higher quality, sure, but I consider this to be good quality for the price. The iPad 3 also fits a little more snugly than what I would call a perfect fit, but I'm not even sure I would call that a detriment. I would rather it be snug than to slip out.
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on April 11, 2012
The change in the depth of the housing of the iPad 3 was minimal enough that ZAGG did not need to create a new ZAGGfolio specifically for the iPad 3, the ZAGGfolio designed for the iPad 2 would also fit the iPad 3, So they are now marketing is as compatible with the iPad 2 and iPad 3 (although the fit is a little tighter with the ipad 3).

However, as has been posted by earlier reviewers, some customers who have purchased a ZAGGfolio for the iPad 2 and iPad 3 have noticed that the sleep/wake function does not work. The ZAGGfolio has a magnet in the frame which activates the sleep/wake function of the iPad 2 and iPad 3. Unlike the iPad 2, the iPad 3 is polarity specific. So where the ZAGGfolio with an iPad 2 activates the sleep/wake function everytime, it may or may not activate the sleep/wake feature of the iPad 3 based on the polarity of the magnet installed in the frame.

ZAGG discovered this on the first production run and fixed it. If you have one of the ZAGGfolio's that does not activate the sleep/wake function of the iPad 3, contact ZAGG and they will send you a replacement for free.
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on June 27, 2012
I purchased this product for my new iPad 3 and have been using it for approximately one week. Overall, I find it to be better than typing on the glass screen, but there are some strong caveats. TL; DR: Once this thing goes out, I won't buy another ZAGG and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, either.

- Fits large hands well. I have relatively large hands, and I can type comfortably on the keys.
- Good typing experience. The keys are well spaced, typing on the keys does not require much pressure, and it is overall a good typing experience. Using the shift, option, and command keys while typing normally does not require stretching my fingers uncomfortably.
- Removable keybaord. The keyboard can easily be slid out of the case and allow you to type anywhere with the iPod sitting anywhere else.
- Puts the iPad 3 to sleep correctly. Apparently this was an issue for some; it appears to work correctly for me every time so I suspect they have resolved the problem.
- Handy function keys along the top (toggle on-screen keyboard, home key, lock key, cut/copy/paste, and media controls, as well as a search key)

- Build quality. The plastic frame for the keyboard portion broke in under a week: there are two thin "rails" of plastic which hold the keyboard in the case. These rails started separating at a point on the case where there is an artistic "bevel" after a couple of days and the break has spread. Soon, I suspect the case will no longer effectively retain the keyboard at all. To be clear, I have not used this heavily, haven't dropped it, and only carry it around the office while in the closed position.
- Bluetooth connectivity. Connectivity continuously drops in and out for me. Sometimes just tapping on the keys will allow the keyboard to "wake up" and get it talking to the iPad again, but it is excessively annoying to have the on-screen keyboard suddenly fly up when I am in the middle of typing notes or working on a document. Alternatively, sometimes a key which is depressed "repeats" for about 30 seconds while it's renegotiating connectivity, so you will end up with random "nnnnnnnnn" etc. in your document.
- Bulk. This case adds relatively significant bulk to the ipad, I think it is thicker than it needs to be particularly in the back. Essentially if you are going to use this with the iPad it makes it thicker than carrying an ultraportable laptop.
- Difficult to open. The snap opening latches it shut well but it is hard-molded into the rigid ABS plastic, so it can be difficult to open. Not a problem for me generally but if you have arthritic fingers it may be an issue. A magnet closure would probably have done the job better for this device.

- Have to remove the keyboard to charge it. While there are cutouts for all the iPad device inputs (power, volume, lock, and 30-pin) there is no cutout for the keyboard charger. This would be less of a problem if the keyboard rails were not so fragile: I am afraid of extending the crack every time I slide the keyboard out to charge it.
- Does not function as a standalone iPad stand with the keyboard removed.That is, it would be nice (since the keyboard is removable) if you could stand up the iPad in this case after you had removed the keyboard. Unfortunately, they integrated the stand feature half in the case and half in the keyboard, so if you slide the keyboard out, the iPad can not independently stand up either in the case or on the board. Since you have to slide out the keyboard to charge it, this means that you cannot simultaneously charge the keyboard and use it unless the iPad is propped up some other way.
- When in use, the connect and power switch are behind the iPad. This would be less of a problem if the thing didn't disconnect all of the time, but since it disconnects so frequently and sometimes I have to power-toggle it to reconnect it, the fact that I have to reach around the iPad or lift it out of the stand in order to reconnect the keyboard is frustrating.

It's good for big hands, it's generally well laid out as a keyboard, it was easy to set up, and the row of extra keys is nice. It beats typing on glass by a long shot. That said, it is very over-priced considering its design issues and overall shoddy quality. I wouldn't recommend and won't buy again. The last mobile bluetooth keyboard I bought was a Logitech Denovo, which was much better quality and in the same price range (with a mouse, as it was for a laptop) so I know this one is just plain over-priced.
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on April 7, 2012
I ordered this product for my new iPad/iPad3. Although the title of the product states it's compatible with the new iPad, the auto-sleep/wake function does NOT work for the new iPad. I'm not sure if ZAGG is shipping the folios out, dubbing the iPad 2 cases as compatible with the new iPad, but there are specified versions of these cases on their website. I read another review where someone received an iPad 2 folio, but she specifically ordered the new iPad folio off of ZAGG's website. The customer service rep had told her the folio is made for the new iPad, but just packaged in an iPad 2 box... extremely odd to me...

I had high hopes for this product. The ZAGGfolio did everything I anticipated, slips snugly into the case (very snug compared to the iPad 2) and the keyboard was amazing. When the case closed, it felt really sturdy and it was nice to carry around. It provided good overall protection.

Sadly, my keyboard came with the right shift key broken (popped up and the spring was showing). Also, as a previous reviewer had mentioned, the carbon fiber cover on the case feels like cheap contact paper with a checkered design. The carbon fiber cover was already peeling off a corner on the case. The plastic case itself had bits and pieces of plastic shreds peeling off on the corner and sides, looked extremely cheap and made in poor quality.

Maybe luck wasn't on my side, but I'll definitely be returning this. I'd still like to give this case a shot -- might order the new iPad folio off their website and pray it's specifically compatible with the iPad 3 -- but for $99.. not sure if it's worth the hassle.
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on April 9, 2012
This is advertised as compatible with both the ipad 2 and 3, although the packaging it comes in clearly states that it's for the ipad 2, and the sleep/awake function doesnt work. Also, the fit is a bit too snug when sliding the ipad in and out of the case. It is clearly made for the ipad 2. I will be returning this product and buying the one directly from Zagg that advertises that they have a case SPECIFICALLY for the ipad 3.
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on April 26, 2012
The case is very form fitting but still add weight and bulk. I needed the keyboard for note taking and it works very well for that purpose. Still, I wish it were lighter. I have not had any issues with the iPad 3 shutting off as other's have but I bought direct from Zagg. It was advertised as specifically for the 3 so perhaps they fixed the magnet issue. My complaint other than the weight (still less bulky than a leather case/keyboard I had tried) is that there is no cutout in the case where you insert the charge cable for the keyboard. So you have to slide the keyboard out of the case. That is plain dumb. But you don't have to charge the keyboard often - maybe once per week. Having the Bluetooth running on the iPad for the keyboard does deplete the charge on the iPad more quickly so you have to be prepared for that if you use this the way I do which is about 6 hours per work day.
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on April 6, 2012
I've got an ipad 2. The case and keyboard are good. The ipad fits securely and comes out easily. That's just what it's supposed to do. The keyboard is one of the better ipad keyboards I've used.
And maybe this won't annoy you as much as it did me. The so-called "carbon fiber" cover of the case is nothing more than some kind of fancy contact paper. There are at least 2 places where it appears to be peeling off the case AND it looks crooked. It has a pseudo-checkerboard design, and the design is not square with the edges of the case.

Now, maybe that's really not a big deal, but for $100 I had hoped for better. If I wanted something that didn't look good, I could just buy an old, used beat up one from ebay for almost half the price. In fact, that's what I will be doing.
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on April 10, 2012
I absolutley LOVED this the first couple days it actually worked. Great idea, great concept. However.. keyboard is so cheaply made.. first one key stuck...then another.. now it's up to 4 keys that are completely stuck down. Can't even type on it as it randomly types repetitive letters. Called Zagg and it does have a one year warranty..however.. it will take almost another month to get one. This obviously was a problem ..since they asked me questions about the repetitive letters which it wasn't doing until a couple days after I called Zagg. Now it does both. Letters stick, and repeats letters all the time. The "offer" was..wait for a new Ipad keyboard..or get an Android one w/Android key within two days. Really? Why would I want an Android keyboard for my IPad? Quality control was obviously not an issue on this one... sooo disappointed. And I had been talking about it to so many people after I ordered it... now I am hesitant to recommend. I got the pink one and once you start using it at a standing position it starts to bubble under the fabric where it's being bent to hold in the slot. Makes me wonder if it's goint to start lifting. Really disappointed with the quality of this for $99. I hope they get another supplier w/higher quality before my one year warranty is up or I will never order or recoommend another Zagg product.
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