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on January 23, 2013
I'm giving this high rating because the manufacturer, ZRK Enterprises, went the extra mile. They have a Zipper Rescue Hot Line, and I called it, because I had two jackets to repair, and the kit did not have the right size slider for one of them. Apparently it is an off brand, made in Taiwan, with a non-standard zipper. The zipper rescue lady went to the trouble of mailing me an assortment of odd-sized sliders at no extra charge, and sure enough, one of them fit. I'm mailing the rest of them back. These people take zippers very seriously. If you have a zipper problem, they are the ones you can turn to.
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on May 4, 2013
I used this kit to fix the zippers on two jackets, and have parts left over. One slider is an exact match, the other is a different color. The whole job took only a half hour. The kit has more than paid for itself. The kit is from ZRK Enterprises. It is a good idea to check their web site before buying this kit.

My kit came with sliders for the following size zippers:
2 sliders for 3 mm YKK Nylon coil zippers.
2 sliders for 4.5 mm YKK metal tooth zippers.
2 sliders for 5 mm YKK plastic tooth zippers.
2 sliders for 5 mm YKK metal tooth zippers.

All of the sliders are labelled YKK. I don't know if they fit other brand zippers. The sliders for 5 mm metal and plastic tooth zippers look like they should interchange. They don't. I tried to install the metal tooth slider on a plastic tooth zipper because it exactly matched the color of the worn slider, but took it off and put the correct slider on. The metal slider on a plastic zipper will open and close the zipper, but is very tight.

The instructions say to remove the top stop using a pair of pliers. That job is easier, and causes less damage to the zipper, if you pry the top stop open using a pair of diagonal cutoff pliers.

I recommend this kit to anybody who knows how to use basic hand tools. They also have other kits for different zipper applications. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because the Amazon description is not complete.
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on January 6, 2012
I fixed 2 zippers in 5 minutes, and wanted more! Some of the other zipper repair kits really are poor but this has 5 sliders and great instructions.
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on December 11, 2012
You need to know that you have to completely remove the top stop of the zipper on the zipper side. Mine was plastic - so it actually broke off when I pulled it with the pliers, but that's why they give you replacements for the stop. After that it was easy - just put the new one on and use a pliers to pinch close the new stop.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon December 12, 2011
I bought this kit for Mrs. Spudman so she could repair two coats, one hers and one mine. When she eventually decided to tackle what she thought a formidable fix, she was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the fix. She would like more gold colored zippers in the mix, but there are plenty of zippers in the kit from which to choose of various sizes. The trick is to find one that fits the piece of clothing in size and color. In this kit are zippers of black, silver , and gold.

In short, the kit works and we wouldn't hesitate to buy another should the need arise.
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on January 16, 2011
I was able to repair 2 garments with this kit. My friend recently paid $20 to fix 2 zippers. I saved money doing it myself and felt a good sense of accomplishment. The original sliders were actually the exact same size, brand and color as the replacements and were rather easy to put on. I would have liked directions that were a bit clearer, however. I had to play around with them until I got it right. I realize that it's not a bad idea to save some sliders from discarded garments. Now that I know how to replace sliders, doing so would be a snap, as long as one has the correct replacements.
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on February 25, 2012
I purchased this item to in order to repair a hooded sweatshirt and a jacket, to my surprise none of the included parts fit either garment. The kit contains the following: Four pairs of zipper sliders which allegedly fit the most common types and two pairs of zipper stops for zippers with missing or damaged teeth, not very helpful unless the damaged or missing teeth happen to be at the very top of the zipper. The kit is overpriced for the contents provided and I believe the inclusion of some zipper boxes, the rectangular piece located at the bottom of the zipper, would have been helpful.
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on April 14, 2012
It says flat out in the instructions that zippers with broken boxes/pins CANNOT be fixed. This would have been handy information to include in the product description for those of us who are not zipper experts. In my experience, the box (the main bottom part of the zipper on the slider side) falling off is the main reason WHY a slider comes off, so I really question the usefulness of this kit. I suppose if you're just dealing with a broken tooth or a missing slider with the box still intact, this kit may work for you. Otherwise, it is a waste of money.
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on October 8, 2012
I purchased this kit to replace the slider on my son's winter coat. I got a quote on repair for $20, so buying this kit saved me ten bucks already, and I have plenty more sliders for making future repairs. It is important to know the limits of this kit though--it is basically a slider replacement kit. It took me a little time to figure out how to complete the repair though--I felt that the instructions should have included additional photos.
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on May 9, 2015
The kit itself comes with a variety of sliders and accessories, so good functionality. The mediocre rating is for the instructions - truly worse than useless, and that's a stretch in this age of "Chinenglish" translations. These instructions are in perfect English, clearly written by a native speaker. Too bad the author could not find the time to focus on INSTRUCTIONS. I did not buy this kit to learn about the history of the zipper...but I would genuinely liked to have known how to deduce which of the many styles of Stops to use, and how to install them. I would have liked to have known how to insert the slider (I tried pushing it onto both sides of the zipper at once, tried hand-assembling (!!!) the first inch of the zipper before sliding it on, upon finding that impossible tried against my better judgement inserting both sides into the slide upside down - which worked, but now the zipper unzipped going up instead of going down - turns out that you insert only one side, and that being the side that has the free bottom end), etc. I spent a good 90 minutes figuring all of this out when one picture (of a modern zipper being repaired along with its stop instead of antique zippers I do not and never will need to repair) and one sentence would have had it fixed in 90 seconds. By the way, I did eventually figure out that I could use one type of Stop to simply crimp-on, but the numerous other Stops that have little slotted tabs hanging off...never did figure those out.

Here's another hint: Stops are in short supply in this kit, only two of each kind but numerous sliders and pulls so you will run out of Stops right away. Well, at least for a jacket zipper, I discovered (too late) that you don't actually need a stop on the side that doesn't have the slider when unzipped; while the original zipper comes with a Stop on both sides, the second one is just for show. For a jacket (whose zipper comes completely apart, as opposed to say a pair of pants where the two halves of the zipper remain attached to one another at the bottom) it actually wasn't even necessary to remove the original Stop on the non-zipper side; had I known that, I would have left one of the two Stops on in the first place. I could have saved a Stop for later use, and now I don't have another one of that type.
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