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5.0 out of 5 stars Good Android Device and Phone
======= A few words of advice - Added on 2/20/2014 =========

* Some people who bought this phone are disappointed and complained that it doesn't work at their house while their old Tracfones worked fine. This phone and the current crop of Tracfone Androids use CDMA technology (model number ending with "C") and use Verizon network. Their old phones use GSM...
Published 11 months ago by H. Pham

80 of 85 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Won't Work Everywhere so Beware.....
Was a great phone--I had fun with if for a week. Then we traveled outside my home zip code and all service stopped!! It went back to the store and I went back to my original Tracfone. Tracfone androids run use the CDMA network and Tracfone does not buy CDMA usage from everyone (i.e., Cellcom in NE WI). Went back to my dumb but dependable GSM Tracfone where I have gotten...
Published 10 months ago by University English Department

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468 of 473 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good Android Device and Phone, October 12, 2013
H. Pham (Topeka, KS USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
======= A few words of advice - Added on 2/20/2014 =========

* Some people who bought this phone are disappointed and complained that it doesn't work at their house while their old Tracfones worked fine. This phone and the current crop of Tracfone Androids use CDMA technology (model number ending with "C") and use Verizon network. Their old phones use GSM technology (model number ending with "G") and use AT&T or T-Mobile network. Even though Tracfone may say this phone is available for your area, check with local friends and family to make sure there's good Verizon signal where you plan to use this phone before buying one.

* There are now over 700 answered questions for this phone, covering many subjects. If you have a question, try searching the Q&A and most likely your question had been asked and answered. Click on "See all xxx answered questions" below the box where you would ask a question. On the next screen, there's a box to "Search Questions and Answers". Put in a keyword of your question (gps, blinking, tranfer, music, etc) then click Go. If your question hadn't been asked before, you're welcome to ask your new question.

* If you take time to read through the comments of this review, you'll find detailed instructions on how to transfer your contact list to the Valet using bluetooth, how to find your unit balances, how to use the Power Control widget to toggle on/of Wifi, GPS, data, bluetooth, how to automate the PIN/password when calling voicemail.

Now, on with the review.......

=========== Part 1 - Added 10/12/2013 ================

I just received my ZTE Valet today. I played with it for about 4 hours and so far I like it. I've been customizing it, downloading apps and testing them. It runs every app that I have on my Galaxy Tablet and just as fast. I tested it as an Android device, using my home Wifi. Haven't activated it yet, so haven't tested it as a phone, except testing the supplied ringtones which are very few. I'll provide an additional review once I've had a chance to test it as a phone.

I transferred my contact list over from the LG840 using bluetooth. Piece of cake.

I ran a couple of aviation/navigation apps using the built-in GPS receiver. It's very good. Sitting in my house about 6' from the window, it picked up 7 satellites.

========== Part 2 - Added on 10/14/2013 ============

This part of my review focuses on how the Valet performs as a phone.

I activated the phone on Tracfone web site according to the included instructions. It went smoothly. Got assigned a new phone number with Verizon. You'll need to activate the phone with a time card, or a credit card to buy time, or transferring time from another Tracfone. The Android phones don't come with the typical 20 "starter" minutes.

I set up voicemail by holding down the "1" key on the dialpad, then followed the instructions to record my name, greeting, and select a PIN number.

I live in the city and on a high elevation. The phone usually gets 4-5 bars out of the maximum 6 (haven't seen 6 yet). Sound quality of calls is very good. The volume is also good.

The phone has a lot of features: speaker phone, mute, call holding, forwarding, conference calls, etc. There's a small LED near the top of the phone. You can set it up to blink if there was a missed call or incoming text message. This is helpful because you don't have to "wake up" the screen to see if there was any missed call or message.

When you receive a call, there are 3 options: answer, reject (goes to voicemail), or text. If you select "Text", it switches to a screen where there's a "Quick Response" message that you customized previously (like "Can't talk now. Call you back later") and you can fire off a quick text message to the caller.

The contact list has all the typical features: multiple phone numbers, email address, different ringtone, etc. You can assign multiple contacts into Groups. That makes it easier if you typically sent text messages to a group of people. You can also "join" multiple contacts into one entry. I get calls from various sales people and fund raisers. Since the phone doesn't have an "Ignore" list, I joined those people into one contact named "Unwanted" and assigned a low-volume "ding" ringtone to it.

When the battery level gets down to 15%, you're prompted to connect a charger. It takes 2 hours to bring the battery from 15% to 100%, using the supplied A/C charger. You can also charge it by connecting to a PC USB port, although I haven't tested to see how long it takes to get a full charge.

The phone appears to use very little battery when it's on standby mode. I turned off Wifi,
Bluetooth, GPS, Data, and used the Task Manager to shutdown all tasks, only the phone function is on. For the last 10 hours, the battery level went down 1%. So, it may live up to the advertised standby time of 11 days.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to post questions or comments. See the Questions & Answers and the comments below for a lot more technical information.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for my needs/wants and well worth 99 bucks, October 18, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Are there much better Android phones available right now? Of course there are. There isn't, however, anything that I would more highly recommend for a Tracfone user who wants to use it for the things that I want to use mine for. A few years ago, reps at some major mobile service providers would almost become hostile at the mention that I wanted to have a smartphone but I didn't want to have a data plan. They would parrot off some stupid lines about not using the phone to its potential or some other garbage as justification for the fact that their company would not allow you to activate and use a smartphone without paying for their expensive monthly data plans. I have had a plan like that before, and I only ever used data a few times a week. For the most part I have access to wifi 90 percent of the day, and I do like to be able to pull out my phone to check email, look something up, and use/update a few apps that I like. It

It was not worth 30-40 bucks to me to have all kinds of available data usage I would never make a dent in. I felt like someone wanting to grab a quick snack like an apple and the only options available were pricey all-you-can-eat buffets. Between that, not being super fond of texting (so I made no dent in my available texts either), and having a Magic Jack at home that I use to make any long or business type calls, even my relatively low-priced grandfathered plan from 2006 was looking like a huge waste of money. So I switched to Tracfone and have been more than happy that I did. I spend less than 20 bucks a month for 2 phones and always carry over some unused minutes. One thing I kept saying I would love was to be able to have a smartphone that I could use with wifi when I wanted, load on useful things like a graphing calculator (for Calculus class that I am currently in, backup contacts with google, and have the option to use a little bit of data on the occasions where I wanted/needed to do something and didn't have wifi available all without a contract or hefty monthly fee.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Best Buy and bought the ZTE Valet right after they because available to use on Tracfone. I typically expect to find a few things that disappoint me when my expectations are high for something inexpensive, but I can honestly say that every criteria I had come up with before buying the phone was exceeded. I can turn off 3g easily and not worry about accidentally using my data. I can download and use every app that I used to use on my deactivated Samsung Galaxy S (which I occasionally carried in addition to a cell phone needing two separate devices to be able at that time to do what I now can plus some with one), it is very fast and responsive (even if I had paid twice as much my expectations would have been surpassed), the camera is way better than the other phones I used with Tracfone before (nothing amazing but certainly good enough to post online or set as a pc screen background), and the battery life is fantastic. If I have it on but use it infrequently (maybe 10 minutes of web on wifi, 5 minutes on the phone, and 10 minutes just doing whatever) it will last several days without needing a charge. One day I used it to download apps and updates over wifi, surf the web, used the calulator for over 5 hours (you get a lot of homework in Calculus), and I had wifi turned on the entire day. This was 3 days after I had last charged it and I still had almost 40 percent of my battery left at the end of that day. I don't expect this to last forever, but this is about the best I have seen so far with any phone.

I can't say anything regarding the call quality, so look elsewhere for that. The reason is that I just don't make many calls, and in the last 2 weeks I haven't actually used it to make any. I do see bars all day long, and I have ignored a few spam calls from some number that I recognized from answering on my previous phone with the same number. Texting works great. For me, splitting my tripled minutes into 60*3 = 180 minutes, 180 texts, and 180 MB has been great. Switching and transferring my old minutes (I had 420 minutes and got 420 minutes + 420 texts + 420 MB) was simple as well. The main thing that makes this a good fit for me is that I was already in these usage habits before (though using one phone and one Android device), so upgrade was 100 percent an enhancement. What I don't use my phone for is to constantly let everyone know where I am all day long, update and alert me about updates to every stupid thing that happens on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, check in on foursquare or whatever it's called, or anything like that. I have a TomTom in each car, but I did make sure the navigation works with google maps (it does just fine) just in case. If you are the type that actually could burn through multiple gigabytes of data every month, this phone would probably still be good, but what you care about and what I do would just be different... so you would likely find something else that better met your needs (though not while still using Tracfone).

The point of this post (as I am not going into any technical details) is to help people who might have about the same usage desires as I do to make a decision by confirming a few areas that I considered when deciding if I would get the ZTE Valet. I would give it 5 stars for what it is and for what it isn't even if I had paid as much as $300 for it. I have yet to find one thing that causes me the slightest unmet expectation. Sure, it would be nice to have a front camera, awesome speakers, HD video capture, etc. but then I would have paid a lot more than 99 bucks and I would be a lot more worried about something happening to it.

I have one piece of advice for anyone that decides to get this phone. Unless you really want all of that google stuff (like Google+ , hangout, and half a dozen other things) running because you use them all the time, save yourself a lot of Ram and battery power by disabling them. To do so you have to remove the updates first. Just hit the menu button, go to Manage Apps, scroll through to find the stuff you don't plan on using (make sure you know what things are at least though before stopping them), then remove updates and disable from there. Advanced TaskKiller or something like it is helpful too for keeping stuff off that you don't want running when you aren't using it. There is nowhere near as much of this junk as you get when you buy a phone from a dealer with a contract and it comes full of bloatware, but I still prefer to maximize my battery life and speed.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent as an Android phone but spendy for what you get., October 14, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Opening Remarks (review is below):

First I must say cell phones are not new to me. I worked in the cell phone industry and that is why I use pre-paid service. That is all I am going to say about that and I will not respond to questions about that subject.

Pre-paid is just a way to separate money from people who don't want to commit, can't commit or want the option to quit when things turn against their favor. With pre-paid you get cut-rate service at a cut-rate price. Those not familiar with pre-paid should know that when you call customer service you will not get a call center that is in the USA.

Pre-paid companies were started by the big name cell companies as a way to sell service to everyone, pre-paid companies will cut corners with service to keep their costs low. With Tracfone I suggest creating an online account with them on their official website. From there you can activate new phones, register the phones to your account and transfer your numbers and minutes to new phones you buy without having to call tim-buck-too and speaking with someone that does not understand you very well. Try to do as much as your own problem solving and customer service as you can though their website to avoid their frustrating customer service reps.


This phone is Android yes: Cut-rate Android. It is limited to 3G speed for Data on the cell network. If you are expecting state of the art you had best go straight to the service providers like Sprint or Verizon and buy a phone there. There is a wall charger and usb cable included. The usb cable can be connected to the wall charger and phone to charge the phone or the phone and computer to charge the phone or transfer files like mp3 music to the phone.

It has a single core 1ghz processor. It is not fast enough to run fast paced games or even multi-task. In fact a task manager runs in the background and closes the apps you minimize. Those familiar with Android know that on most devices apps stay open until the user "swipes" them off the screen. The app manager however will keep media apps open, like playing music in the background, while you use the device.

The GPS works fine with the Google Maps app. A little slow to update changes and position at first but I don't know if this is due to the 3G data speed or the single core processor. It became more responsive as my trip went on. I only tested it once in a Midwestern area with no tall buildings.

The Wi-Fi is fast and responsive with impressive range. It will also alert you by chime when you are in a free (unsecured) Wi-Fi area. Be very wary of using unsecured Wi-Fi as man in the middle (where you passwords and user names are recorded) attacks can happen.

On mine, it has Internal Storage (for apps and user data) of 2.34GB available to use while a tiny bit is already used from the factory. The task manager app shows 386.31 MB of total RAM, just running factory installed apps I have 114 MB free. Again those familiar with Android know that 512 MB of RAM is pretty much the minimum you would want on a device that will run more than one app at a time with 1 GB or more becoming standard on top shelf phones.

This phone comes with an SD card. Mine came with a Toshiba 4 GB class 4 card. The SD card can be used to as additional storage for ringtones, video files, etc. This ZTE Valet allows moving apps to an SD card from Internal Storage. Those familiar with android know some apps can be moved from Internal Storage to SD cards if the programmers of the app allow this and only if it is a program that does not automatically run on startup like the Facebook App, Twitter App or Outlook App do.

The camera is low end 3MP. It requires a high amount of light to get photos that are not grainy. Indoors photos looked grainy no matter what I did except for when the subject was lit well from sunlight through a window. The camera is somewhat slow to respond, I don't know if this is because of the camera app or the single core processor. I have seen slower cameras on I-phones and top end Android phones though so all in all it isn't the slowest to respond. When I held the phone really still until I was positive the picture has taken the images had the best results. The camera features a flash but no "automatic flash" option. If I want the flash to be used I have to manually turn it on. It is also not a traditional flash but simply a white LED light that illuminates the subject, at close range only, when the shutter button is pressed and continues until the photo is completely taken. In complete darkness the flash had a maximum usable range of 5 feet for me and at that distance only illuminated the center of the photo. The images of faces taken with the flash on looked white washed.

A top feature I have not seen before was an option to turn the Data (3g) on and off using the Power Control widget. A one click simple solution that makes this phone the ONLY pre-paid Android to consider. The Power Control Widget on my phone was installed on the first left screen. For those not familiar with Android, swiping my finger from left to right on the home screen reveals this screen. I removed the Android Tips widget from the home screen and moved the Power Control to the home screen to more easily use this option. This option turns off the phones ability to send and receive data over the 3g network thereby stopping any data usage when not on Wi-Fi. Of course you have the option to also turn Wi-Fi off with this widget too.

This is a feature sadly lacking in other cell phone companies, so much so that people resort to putting their phone in Airplane mode (all data flow and calls are stopped) when apps like email, twitter and facebook start using too much of their Data plan. I've gotta give it up to Tracfone for this feature. A+ on this! So, if you leave Data in the off position in the Power Control and only turn it on when you want updates on you accounts (email, twitter, facebook etc.) you can minimize how much data you use. Again I cannot stress how useful this feature is. If you are coming from another pre-paid or traditional cell phone company you may have found yourself exceeding your data plan when your phone was updating your accounts around the clock. On other phones it was possible to positively turn off your data for most apps by turning off Sync but this was often overridden by some apps and also stopped updates from coming through on Wi-Fi.

Voice calls are fairly clear with a little bit of an "overdrive" or clipping on louder setting. The rear facing single internal speaker produces loud and relatively distortion free rings and music. It is however somewhat easy to block the speaker when placing it down on its back cover (like you normally would) especially on softer surfaces like seat cushions.

The issue of "Minutes": Those familiar with Tracfone know that most newer standard phones give the buyer triple minutes. That is if you buy a 60 Minute card you get that tripled to 180 Minutes. Text messages on these phone were billed at .3 and more rarely .5 minutes per text.
I have only bought my minutes for my ZTE Valet online via the Tracfone website and this is what I can tell you from that transaction. My 60 Minute card got me 180 Minutes of talk, 180 Text messages (incoming and outgoing) and 180 Mb of 3g Data. So, as you can see Text messaging is being billed not out of the Minute pool with Valet Android but instead out of its own Text pool. For me this is not welcome. I currently work where I am not allowed to take voice calls or make voice calls. I can text. I use about 20 texts a day. On my old Tracfone that was 6 Minutes that were deducted per day. Now it is 20 texts that are deducted from my text pool. So for me a 60 minute card will last about 9 days of texts at 20 texts a day (180 Texts divided by 20 Texts per day = 9 days) but I will still have 180 of voice minutes and 180mb of Data. With my older triple minute phone a 60 minute card would have lasted 30 days of text only at 20 texts per day (180 Minutes card was = to 600 Texts and 600 texts divided by 20 per day = 30). :-/

I cannot give 5 stars to this product because its single core processor, its small amount of RAM and its current price (as of October 14th 2013). Virgin Moble pre-paid (a Sprint company), StraightTalk (a Tracfone and Walmart company) as well as Net 10 pre-paid (a Tracfone company) currently have Android phones with similar tech specs for under $50. Virgin has a $35 a month plan for Android with 300 minutes of talk and "unlimited data" a month, StraightTalk has a $45 "unlimited everything" a month plan and Net 10 has $50 "unlimited everything" a month plan.

I did not deduct any stars for the new Minute/Texting pricing model. This phone is not using GSM carriers like previous Tracfones and instead is activated using CDMA carriers. CDMA carriers play by a whole different set of rules than GSM carriers and Tracfone has no control of that. I am almost sure they are the ones moving Tracfone to this different pricing model for Android on the ZTE Valet.

Final thoughts:

There is not Minute bank display on this or any Android on Tracfone. You must open a web browser like Chrome (via Wi-Fi or 3g) and go to: You will be asked to enter your phone number. You do not need your serial number. You will, after about 45 seconds, get a text message that does not seem to count against your text balance, giving you your remaining Minutes, Texts and Data. Of course if you are on 3g and not Wi-Fi this counts against your data balance. Don't forget to close your browser and turn of your Data on the Power Control widget when you are done with this or you it will continue to use 3g and it will count against your data balance if not on Wi-Fi. I have even been able to access this website on my home computer and receive the text message on my phone, thereby not using any data on my phone.

Also install Norton Security from the Google Play store. This app is currently free for its basic mode and works very well. It works better with a Norton account (access to one additional feature) and the Norton company says it even works better in the paid version but I have not tried.

If you are giving this phone to a child Install and configure Norton Family parental control. It will block websites based on your childs age and send you an email when they try to access websites that Norton deems inappropriate. I have not used this on the ZTE Valet but do have it installed on my children's Android tablets and fine it does quite well.

~~~~~~UPDATE October 21st 2013~~~~~~~~~

This is a review with the intention of helping others make a decision based on my experience with the phone and my experience with a great many cell phones from working in the industry. This review is in no way intended to belittle tracfone users as a small number of people may think.

Battery life is astonishing with the ZTE Valet when I have the 3g Data turned off. The battery is lasting at least 3 days 2 nights on standby, with wi-fi on, only a few minutes of voice calls, 3g Data turned off and about 10 texts per day (with some apps installed)! I would typically see standard battery capacity Androids getting around 28 hours of standby with the same apps installed but with the 3g data on (because on those phones it can't be turned off).

The apps I have installed are: Outlook, Facebook, Google Calendar, Astro File Manager, Chrome, Easy Reminder, Alarm Clock Extreme, K9 email and Norton Mobile Security. All apps work flawlessly. I have set my polls and updates for these programs to 1 or two hour intervals and disable Email Push.

I have had no random reboots or lockups. This is pleasant as even name brand phones of the lower end spectrum are susceptible to this.

Some odd things to report however are:

-Calendar reminders and calendar alarms do not go off all the time when the phone is asleep (screen off and processor in low power mode). This has not been a much of a problem once I disabled the preinstalled ZTE Calendar program and installed that standard Google Calendar program. If I ever get this totally worked out I will update again.
-Easy Reminder does not seem to work accurately more than 80% of the time. Easy reminder fills the gap in the Android OS where it the phone only tones once when a text message is received there is no "5 minute reminders" like dumb phones have where the phone tones every 5 minutes or so until you check your text message. With Android if you don't hear the tone the first time you're sorry out of luck until you wake the phone and see on the screen you have a message waiting. Easy Reminder sometimes misses new texts or sometimes thinks there is a new text when there is not. Easy Reminder app is prone to work in this odd manor on some phones or installs and my ZTE Valet is one of them. Reinstalling the app until it works right is the only solution for most people that want to use this app.

Cases for the ZTE Fury and ZTE Director are supposed to work with this phone. The case I got for a ZTE Fury fits perfectly.

Voice dialing has never, ever gotten my numbers correct, even in total silent surroundings. My last Android phone had an almost perfect record for dialing correctly. I am referring to number dialing where I speak the numbers I want my phone to call. Voice commands rely on a fast processor so I am wondering if this single core processor isn't the problem there. However voice dialing has always been perfect when I say the name of the person I want to call, eg "call home".

Google contacts and calendars sync by default if you enter your Google account when setting up this phone or add it later through the settings>accounts menu.

Microsoft calendars sync into the ZTE calendar app or the Google calendar app though the Outlook app. You can also sync your Microsoft contacts through Outlook and see them in the Android contact app but not edit them. I have written many articles on work arounds for this that basically tell the user to set the Outlook app to only sync the calendar and then add your Microsoft account as a Corporate account and set that account to only sync your contacts. You can then edit your Microsoft contacts through the Android contact app. This also works fine on the ZTE Valet.

Youtube videos play fine over my home wireless internet connection. No lag or drops. I have not transferred video files to the device to play so I can't speak to the ability to view those videos.

I disabled Google Handouts/Talk, Google +, Google Magazines, Google Books, GMail and Google Movies without any problems or adverse affects to the phone. This is an "expert" tweak that probably isn't even necessary given that this phones Task Manager automatically shuts down unused background apps.

Last for my update the price is dropped by $10 since I bought mine. This brings the phone more in line to what I think it should cost. If it dropped another $10 I would say this is 5 stars far and away one of the best deals.

~~~~~~UPDATE October 27th 2013~~~~~~~~~

The data cable is standard usb 2.0 (1.0) size and the phone end is USB B micro This is the style they have used for the last few years on most, but not all phones and tablets. It is slightly smaller and distinguishable by its two small spring back prongs that help secure it into the phone. So if you have a 1 amp or higher charger with this end, you can use it.

While waiting almost two weeks for my screen protector to come the screen somehow got scratched with a brushing type of scratch. Again (not trying to insult anyone here) but with cut rate phones they use plastic screens that scratch more easily than gorilla glass screens or scratch resistant screens. Be sure to buy a screen protector. I bought one for the ZTE Fury and it fit fine.

By uninstalling and re installing the Easy Reminder app two times with restarts in between I have gotten it to work perfectly. At its current price as of October 27th 2013 I give it 4.5 stars. I don't think you can get a much better phone than this for Tracfone even in the Samsung for Tracfone.

I am a very happy customer with this phone.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Won't Work Everywhere so Beware....., November 18, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Was a great phone--I had fun with if for a week. Then we traveled outside my home zip code and all service stopped!! It went back to the store and I went back to my original Tracfone. Tracfone androids run use the CDMA network and Tracfone does not buy CDMA usage from everyone (i.e., Cellcom in NE WI). Went back to my dumb but dependable GSM Tracfone where I have gotten service all over the US. So beware--this smart phone will not work everywhere.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great casual use phone, November 19, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Let's face it. The majority of people who buy this ZTE Valet are doing so because they don't want to pay a high monthly fee or lay out a lot of up front cash for a CASUAL USE phone. After doing some extensive research I am convinced that this Tracfone deal delivers the best bang for the buck, and Tracfone subscribers now have a good entry level smartphone which has some features that other more expensive entry level phones are lacking, including Android 4.1.

One of the reasons I bought this phone was to have some Pandora smooth jazz playing over wifi while I labored outside raking leaves for a good three hours. Well, it worked flawlessly. No matter where I was in the yard the music played without a hitch, and my guess is that the farthest distance was some 70 feet from the router with the router being on the opposite side of the house. The manual says it can work up to 100 meters which is over 200 feet. Not sure why, but I'm just not experiencing the wifi distance problems that others claim they are having.

Another reason I bought this particular phone was that it allows you to move some apps to the sd card to free up some memory, and not all android phones have that option. My understanding is that freeing up memory helps the unit run quicker. I've moved a handful of apps over to a 32GB card already with no issues. Before installing a new card I think you need to copy the stuff that was on the 4GB card included with the unit over to the new card and then add apps, music, photos, etc.

One important note for those who are considering upgrading their Tracfone to the ZTE or any of the other androids. The airtime promo codes do not work on the androids. So, if you already have a non-android triple minutes phone you may want to load some airtime on it using a promo code to get some extra minutes. Then when you activate your android all of the minutes will carry over to each of the three buckets (phone, text, data). I didn't have a triple minute phone, but I had no issues transferring minutes from my old phone and adding one year of service with triple minutes to the Valet.

I've only had the phone a couple of weeks, but so far so good. Making and receiving calls with no problems, wifi connectivity is fine, apps are running okay, navigation seems simple enough, etc. Anxious to try the GPS, camera, and other features that are loaded on this phone. Like I said, if you want a good casual use smartphone for not a lotta money this is an excellent choice.
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38 of 39 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent phone!, October 24, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
This is one of 2 Android phones offered by TracFone and one of the first Android phones I've seen where you don't have to buy a monthly contract (unlike Straight Talk). You add minutes by using cards or by buying them from TracFone's website. On this phone, when you add minutes, you will also get the same amount of data minutes in megs. For example, I have a triple-minutes-for-life phone, so when I add a 60 minute card for $19.99, I actually get 180 talk minutes, 180 text messages and 180 megabytes of data. Also, whenever you add minutes, you automatically get 3 months of service. All these minutes and messages and megs carry over to the next month. (My older Tracfone has a service end date sometime in 2016 from all the cumulative carry overs) :)

Some basic specs:
1 Ghz single-core ARM7 processor
Has Android Jellybean (4.1)
The MicroSD slot accepts expansion cards up to 32 gigabytes
Camera has a flash.
The phone has hardware GPS, even though it doesn't mention it in the specs.
Separate camera button on the lower right of the phone (which means it will be upper-right when you rotate the phone to take pictures)

This phone doesn't have the usual Tracfone custom firmware, typical of older Tracfones, with a pre-paid icon for managing your account and a constant "minutes remaining" on your Home Screen. You might not even think it was a pay-as-you-go phone at first glance because Tracfone has done a great job of staying out of the way of the phone's operating system and just handling the billing. Instead, Tracfone has an App on the Google Play store that you can use to check your balance and add minutes. The App also has a widget that you can place on an adjacent home screen if you want to do a quick check on your balance. Another nice thing is that if you have WiFi access, the phone will automatically use your WiFi connection for anything Internet-related instead of your precious data minutes. (Talk minutes still go over the phone network, unless you're using Skype or something)

The phone works fine as an Android 4,1 Internet tablet right out of the box thanks to the built in WiFi. You'll get an "activation needed" message each time you start up the phone, but I was able to play around with it all day, setting up my Google Play account and trying out Apps until I got it home. I'm quite happy with it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! Its like a handheld Computer!, December 25, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I was always curious about smartphones but couldn't afford the monthly plans that they all demanded with their carriers. Once i saw tracfone FINALLY began to offer android phones at such low prices, it was time to upgrade. Of the 4 models tracfone currently offers, the ZTE Valet is the BEST and most technically up to date model. So if you're considering a tracfone model, look no further.

After having nothing but 3 "dumb" tracfones previously, the experience with the ZTE Valet is like night and day! Its a true, full-featured, Android smartphone. It has all the features of the nicer models out there, just at a lower-end(slower cpu, less ram, 3G instead of 4G, etc). So you're getting the legit smartphone experience with this unit and its pretty great!

Apps that you'll want: Once you register your Gmail account and get access to the google play store(which will auto-update all your bundled apps to make them current), you'll want:

#1- Tracfone my account. This app lets you keep track of all your minutes, text, and data easily, and also comes with a widget(basically an accessory that comes with your app) that lets you place the full display on your home screen. So you'll always know how much you have left. Only issue is it does not update in real-time, you have to click the green "update" button. After a few minutes tracfone will send you a text(at no charge), saying how many minutes/text/data you have left. And a few minutes after that, your wiget's display will update. Great app!

#2- Big Buttons Keyboard: If you have larger hands like i do, or even small hands, this app will work great to ensure easier typing. It makes the buttons/keys MUCH larger and easier to hit, and lets you adjust the keyboard's height and how much of your screen it takes up. Free also. Great app!

#3- Your phone will come with a power widget! Just a black rectangular bar that allows you to switch on/off your: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data, and brightness level also. This is another essential widget that should be placed on your home-screen alongside the tracfone display. It lets you keep track of what is on and off at all times, so that you don't waste your data and or battery life senselessly with features left on.

#4- Standard Android Browser (with the little blue globe icon). Yes, this phone already comes with this app built-in, but its out of date. So you'll want to disable that one and download the latest version off the Google Play store. This is one of the best Android browsers and makes surfing the net and watching videos a breeze! Some important tips to remember: #1- the zoom feature, which is basically placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them apart. Makes browsing pages and tapping small links much easier. You can also double-tapp on an area to make it zoom in on that spot. #2- In the menu you can enable it to "request desktop site" or the mobile version. One may work better than the other, depending on the website so keep that in mind. For example trying to play videos on the desktop version of youtube works poorly, but the mobile version plays videos great!

I could go on but overall this is a excellent, entry-level android phone. Highly recommended!
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4.0 out of 5 stars A teens point of view of ZTE valet, November 2, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Hey everyone! This is a 14 year old girl's review youre reading, because i wanna let parents and other teens know that if you want a decent quality smart phone, this is a good one to get. My parents are like most: they hate plans. My entire family, down to my grandparents, use Tracfone. With this device, you get alot for the amount. The service is decent, but the wifi isnt great. The apps are run nicely, but take this as a warning: there is no way to check your balance, unless you go download an app for it. Just search tracfone balance on the play store, and it will basically sent you a free text stating how many minutes, MBs of data, and texts you still have available. The camera isnt bad, but i advise getting a camera app. You can go on many soical networking sites too, so thats a gain. All in all, this is a nice phone that would work well with anyone who wants a smartphone. Buy it for your kids, you wont regret it. (:
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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Phone for Us, October 12, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I bought one of these for myself, then bought one for my wife. We dumped our old Virgin Mobile phones because of poor reception. We both like these phones. The reception is good (which is more a function of the carrier than the phone). It works great for texting, phone calls and Internet access. I was able to download some nice apps from the Play Store and they all worked as well as any other phone I've tried. I like that I can listen to a song or a speech and turn off the light. My old HTC would not let me do that. I like the fact that I don't seem to be accidentally pressing a button that disrupts my video. We seem to make fewer typing mistakes when texting. The phone is a comfortable size for fitting in your pocket or purse. Not too small. Not too big. My use is pretty much restricted to calls, texting, Internet access, GPS-enabled directions. I cannot make any comments on gaming performance because I don't do that. The processor is a Qualcomm MSM7625A 1 GHz so I suspect it will not be suitable for high-performance needs. I have not used the camera so I can't comment. For my money ($99), and the Tracfone program of triple minutes, everything is absolutely perfect.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Phone, For the Price!!!, November 20, 2013
This review is from: ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Hi, i bought my ZTE Valet from H.S.N. a short time ago. I bought the SuperShields, & the red silicone case. The phone is worth more then the $99.00 i spent for it. I received a great package from H.S.N. that was worth over $280.00 in perks. I was able to down-load all of the apps from the Goggle Play-store, without any problems. I had problems with trying to "port", my old phone no. and minutes from the TracPhone web-site. they lost my old no. of three years. The customer service was not as much of a problem to me. The phone does almost as much as my H.T.C. Incredible 2 that retails for $549.00 i bought mine for one cent two years ago, from Staples. They price match all adds. When you are finish gettting the phone set up, down-load a "task killing app", to disable all apps that run in the back ground. turn off from your home screen the Wi-Fi, Data, & Sync, when not in use. You can also down-load from the Goggle store the TracPhone app. That will give you at a glance, your information you need.I use DR. Web Light for my anti-virus protection, It is outstanding, plus its free! I would buy this phone again.
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