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on March 17, 2010
Here's what you get in the box:

* Hardside Case w/ handle & wheels (all pre-assembled)
* Nylon Strap
* 6 Hard-board, foam covered, slotted Dividers:
> 2 long dividers
> 2 medium dividers
> 2 short dividers
* 3 layers of foam:
> 3" perforated, pre-diced foam sheet (this is the layer you make your custom cutouts in...)
> 2" solid foam sheet (this is untouched, NOT perforated)
> 1/2" solid foam sheet (this is thin and is also untouched, NOT perforated)

Fit & Finish:

* The exterior is finished in a plastic/vinyl like material. The color is more like a flat gun metal black almost gray.
* The edges & corners are reinforced with aluminum type metal. They are fashioned with typical punch rivets.
* The hinges for the lid seem to made of steel, although not the highest grade.
* The locks are the typical brief-case/luggage style locks. They do the job to keep the lid closed, but I wouldn't rely on them to keep a thief out!
* The hand is a mix of metal, plastic, & synthetic leather.
* The wheel assembly is mostly plastic and is attached to the case with screws. The only metal part is the extendable handle - the actual handle assembly is plastic.

Form & Function:

I would not classify this case as "road-worthy", meaning if you are looking for a case that can take a beating and withstand very rough handling, then look elsewhere - this case will not last under abusive conditions. However, if you are looking for a case to keep your gear organized and give the illusion of professionalism for a bargain, then this is the case for you.

I think the case will handle the occasional drop and mishandling, but I fear it will begin show that kind of wear-and-tear quickly. But, if cared for, you'll get some pretty good mileage out of it.

I'm not using the "dividers" so I can not comment on how well the work. I can say that they are consistent with the rest of case as far as value and construction.

Now for the important stuff - customizing the foam inserts...
1) I did not expect the 3 layers of foam, of which, only 1 is perforate, pre-diced. All 3 are removable. (Be careful not to pull up the foam backing that's covering the bottom of the case - it is the same foam as the 1/2" blanket/layer...)

2) The perforations run the whole depth of the 3" layer. So, when you start pulling the squares out to form your custom inserts, you can NOT customize how deep you need them. If wanted, you can try to cut them at the point where you want the depth to be, but I found it easier to just remove the entire section - remember, this layer is only about 3" thick anyway...

3) The 2" solid layer is removable and is laying under the 3" perforated layer. (I actually had to cut a custom insert section in this layer as well to accommodate a bigger item...)

4) The 1/2" layer is like blanket that originally lay on top of the 3" perforated layer. I've since relocated it to the bottom under the 2" layer - so that means from the bottom up, the layers are: 1/2", then 2", and 3" at the top, obviously to expose the custom inserts.


The case is a really good value. For the size, the customizable foam layers, and numerous dividers, you really get a great value for your money. Keep in mind that the case is NOT built for a rugged/rough adventure, but rather for customized organization, protective storage, and transportation of your precious equipment. I highly recommend this for amateurs & semi-pros looking to get the most bang-for-your-buck, for this I give it 5-stars!

Remember! "Measure twice. Cut once."
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on November 7, 2013
This case is a remarkable value for what you get. Paid under $40 and i was able to comfortably fit in three dslr cameras, with their original chargers, two additional chargers, 6 batteries, an audio recorder, with assorted lavaliers, a light meter. Practically my entire mobile production suite with plenty of cushioning in between each item. Feels nice and solid.
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on October 26, 2009
I was a little reluctant at first to buy this, because most of these type of cases are cheap and flimsy, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I shopped around online for a few days looking for something reasonably priced that looked good, and I'm glad I chose to look here. Most cases of this quality are at least twice the price elsewhere, so it's a good find.

This case has nice corners and strong side panels. Many reviews claim that the sides are made from plastic, but I have purchased 4 of these and all are made from thin aluminum...perhaps I am just lucky. Yes, the aluminum is thin, but it's adequate protection for those planning to take care of their cases. However, If you are planning on standing on it or taking it on your next excursion up Everest, then look elsewhere. The corners are chrome plated stamped steel secured by rivets, and the grey rails which cover the panel seams are sturdy aluminum. The latches hold strong, and the handle, although chrome plated plastic, fits well into the hand. The lid stays upright when open, which most cases do not. The locks on the latches are cool to look at, but they do not off any real protection...a nail file from a set of nail clippers can be used to open them. Many gave bad reviews because of this, but who cares anyway? Are we actually expecting Fort Knox security for $30? Even if the locks could withstand a hammer and chisel , the rest of the case wouldn't, so why expect expensive locks? The colors used in this case are very pleasing to the eye and at first glance. Fresh out of the box, it looks like something you paid $200 for, which put a smile on my face immediately. The combination of chrome, dark grey, and light grey really make it look like a high end equipment case. The carry strap is very functional and the rivets which hold it onto each side of the case are very strong. I have carried nearly 60 pounds in these cases with no problem. The lid's hinge seems to work pretty good as well...hardly any play in them.

As for the interior, it is also well done. The pick and pluck foam insert is easy to work with, and easily customizes to any size or shape. Although the foam inside is diced and can be plucked, you will still need to use a sharp X-acto knife to make things easier. Also, keep in mind that it comes apart in tiny squares, so any pocket you make will have a blocky type shape to it. If you want round edges and smooth shapes, you're going to have some serious trimming to do. I made a mistake when doing mine, by making one space a little too big. Be sure to save all your plucked foam until you're happy with the final placement of all your equipment! I was easily able to make it the right size by taking some of the picked off smaller pieces and gluing them back together with standard rubber cement. Don't use super glue or it will melt the foam and turn it white...super glue can leave a white residue after it dries. The case also comes with a set of dividers for more customization, and they too can be trimmed, but you're going to need a saw for a clean cut as they are made from wood covered in a thin rubbery material.

Overall, this is a great case for the money, and shipping was very fast! I highly suggest getting one of these if you're on a budget. I'm a paranormal investigator, and this holds all my delicate electronic equipment very well. I have over $1,000 of equipment in one of them, and I do not worry about it being protected. I get many compliments from my clients, who tell me that these are very professional looking. I have suggested all my team members use these cases, and I will be buying more of them!
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on September 9, 2009
Even with shipping included this Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case came out to $36.44 which is much less than the comparable size of the major name brand. My thinking was that this would appear cheap & probably show signs of use after the slightest bumps & bruises but "who cares". I wasn't buying it to show it off. I was buying it to protect a camcorder, shotgun microphone, lens & various other items anyone of which cost considerably more than the case.

It wasn't made to survive a combat zone but I was a little surprised to find the build quality is better than I expected. This thing costs marginally more than a decent softbag. The difference being that if either were to fall off of a table or bang against a door jam you might seriously damage anything in a softbag. On the other hand the Zeikos may get marred or scuffed up but what's in it will be protected & that's all that really counts for me. The upside is that if I make even the slightest effort to take care of this case, what's in it will never suffer any damage.

The size is big enough to hold everything I needed except the tripod & I already have a bag for that. I have not cut the foam insert yet as I'm still waiting for the 4x ZOOM lens. Once I have everything I want to store in the case I will lay it out & it will be a breeze to set up form fitting spaces for each item as the foam is pre-cut.

I bought this case from an Amazon affiliate, "Electronics Club" & they sent me an E-mail saying it would be shipped on September 11th. They must have used a time warp to ship it because I received on September 9th. Over-all I'm real happy I could spend less than $50 for the piece of mind that I could protect over a $1,500 worth of sensitive & fragile camcorder & accessories.

If you're looking for a hard case that won't cost an arm & a leg, this is it.
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on December 19, 2012
If the dimensions really matter to you be aware that the description is wrong. Outside dimension are 13X10-1/4x5-1/8 and inside dimension are 12-3/8x9-5/8x4-1/2.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 16, 2013
I was looking for a case that I could easily use to transport a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadcopter and all of it's accessories/flight supplies to the flying field and back. I was having trouble finding anything that was designed specifically for that purpose that wasn't ridiculously expensive. After doing some measuring, I set to Amazon to find what I was looking for.

I came across the Zeikos ZE-HC52 case and liked what I saw. I have a couple of Zeikos accessories for a Canon T3i camera, and I have had nothing but good results with them. For the money, the case seemed like it was definitely worth giving a shot.

I ordered it and it arrived quickly. I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised by the look, feel, and finish of the case. It definitely doesn't seem cheap. It seems like something that should cost a bit more than it did.

When opening it, the foam inside it is very nice. It has a sheet of Pick and Pluck (I think that's the name) foam that allows you to customize the inside so that things are held in place instead of just flopping around. I found some videos on YouTube that showed great ways to get a good fit with your equipment when using this type of foam. Basically, I used pins to form an outline of the items, then pulled the foam from inside that outline. I then was able to "fine tune" the fit by removing other pieces as necessary. Remember, when doing's easy to remove more, but not so easy to add it back in, so it's best to estimate small and then make the spots larger if need be.

Once I had all of the foam plucked, I then fit all of my items into the case. It worked GREAT. The items are all secured in place and they stay there.

I've used the case numerous times, and I haven't yet had any issues with it. The items still all fit in place and nothing is coming loose.

Overall, I really like the case. If it works this well for my quadcopter, I can't imagine it not working well for just about anything you're looking to secure!!

I've added a photo of my case with the AR.Drone inside it to the user photos section. Check it out to see the case in use for something other than photo gear!
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on May 21, 2009
I love this case. It has the room I need for my camera, and other items. I will say that my one draw back is cutting the foam to fit my camera and the other items. But it holds everything in it's place with no problems. I will be buying another one soon.
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on October 15, 2011
I have a couple telescopes and several eye pieces/filters that needed one place to stay. Orion makes some great products, but they tend to be fairly pricey when it comes to accessories. This case was half the price of Orion's smallest, so I ordered it. Over all, it seems to work quite nice. It's not the most sturdy of cases, so those who're rough on their equipment might worry some (I'm pretty gentle on my stuff, however. This case comes with a few layers of foam. One of them has pre-cut squares that you can remove for a custom fit. Over all, I found this to be a rather hassle-free, economical solution. It's currently fitting:

*5 1.25" eye pieces (10mm through 25mm,)
*a T-Mount for 35mm cameras,
*a 2x Barlow,
*a light-pollution filter and my polarizing filter (in original cases.

There's room enough for a few more filters (in their original cases) and maybe 3 more larger eye pieces.
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on January 7, 2013
I purchased this item without knowing the interior dimensions, but planned on using it as a camera case. At one time the only dimensions listed were exterior dimensions (this may or may not still be the case). So for others out there I have measured the interior of this case.

Approx. max interior dimensions by my measurement are: 17.25in x 11.75in x 5in

The case isn't waterproof, but other than that it seems to protect valuable items very well.

I have purchased multiple of these cases and would purchase them again.
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on March 19, 2013
The side eyelets that hold the carrying strap in place are very flimsy have deformed already and will break it I don't do an intervention and reinforce it with more rivets. I had a load of about 20 lbs or so in it and they have bent. The shoulder strap itself is light weight and have unhooked themselves once on me already in the two weeks I've owned this. This a poor choice for moderately weigted items like a camera gear unless you are prepared to beef up these items to a higher standard.. If you don't need the shoulder strap I guess this is ok, but I think the whole point in owning this is to easily carry valuable from place to place. I may reinforce the eyelets and use a strap from an old laptop bag, but I may just return it yet and get a better more expensive case somewhere. The rest of the case seem adequate and is cushioned nicely inside for impact protection, with flexibility to customize a fit for your gear. The shell is lightweight, which is double edged, nice because it is light in weight, not nice if puncture is a concern or abuse at the airport by luggage handlers. I will only use it for local traveling in my car if I keep it.
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