Customer Reviews: ASUS UX303 13-Inch Laptop [2014 model]
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Style: i7-4510U/8G/256SSD/GT840M/QHD|Change
Price:$649.99 - $1,999.00
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on August 3, 2015
This laptop is pretty damn near perfect.

-Keyboard is really satisfying to type with
-Runs incredibly smooth, especially after upgrading to Windows 10
-Battery life is respectable and battery saving features really do make an impact
-Wicked Fast
-Screen resolution is fantastic and everything scales well in Windows 10
-Did i mention this thing is fast?
-Doesn't get super hot even under a heavy load
-The laptop looks great (I have the smoky brown finish and I thought I would hate it but I think it's nice)
-Feels sturdy and well built
-Super portable
-No issues with hinge yet but I'll update if something happens (this was an issue with the UX303LN)
-Gaming: I haven't tested out any resource heavy games on this PC yet. I booted up Fallout NV and some Kerbal Space Program (neither of which are difficult to run) and both work great with no lag. I was consistently getting 45-50 FPS with Fallout NV. I plan on installing Skyrim to see how it runs but I'm pretty confident it will be able to handle it just fine.

-Unless you upgrade to Windows 10, you will see some scaling issues with Windows 8.1 with this particular display
-Touchpad is OK and the gestures work well but it takes a bit of effort to actually click. Clicking is also very loud. Honestly not that big of an issue for me but some people may find it annoying
-Mustard-looking yellows: I know that this screen has had issues with yellows looking "mustard-y". Well, the issue is still here but honestly I didn't notice it right away and I had to actually try and see it. I found that by upgrading to Windows 10 definitely had an impact as well as uninstalling "Asus Splendid Video Enhancement Technology". I can see this issue bothering some people but like I said, it's really not all that noticeable after making those two changes. I know a fix exists somewhere that worked with the UX303LN but I haven't taken the time to look into it.
-There are some other minor issues but I attribute them to the Windows 10 software and not the laptop. Since Windows 10 is about 48 hours old I'll give it some time. If these issues persist I will update this review.

Overall, if you are looking for a powerhouse of a laptop with a kick ass display, breakneck speeds, and great battery life, look no further.

UPDATE: I've loaded up Skyrim on this laptop and have been playing at high resolution with little to no lag and ~35 FPS. The ultra-high resolution with Skyrim does tend to lock up a wee bit but it's playable if you really want them set that high. Honestly if you want to run games at ultra resolutions get a true gaming laptop.Overall though this is a solid laptop for casual gaming!

UPDATE Number 2 (09/10/2015): Some people have said they had issues with the wireless on this laptop. I can't say I've had any issues thus far. I've used the laptop on my home router, work network, and some public hotspots around the city with no issues at all. Hinge is still doing what a hinge is supposed to do. It isn't broken yet and it doesn't feel like it's going to break anytime soon.
When I first was looking at this laptop I wasn't crazy about the touch screen. Well after having it for about two months I gotta say I love the touch screen. I don't think I realized how much I would use it. Your screen will get dirty but that's to be expected with a touch screen. I love how well it works with Windows 10 and I find myself using it more than I use the trackpad.
I will add more updates in the future!

UPDATE Number 3 (10/26/2015): So I've had the laptop for about three months now. The biggest issue people seem to be having is with the hinge. I use this laptop almost every day and I have yet to have any issues with the hinge. Like I mentioned in a previous update I habitually lift the screen from the center as to avoid putting any extra stress on the corners of the hinge. Honestly I don't feel like I have to do this since it feels so sturdy but I guess everyone else has gotten me nervous about it. Bottom line, hinge is still good.
Performance wise this thing still blows my mind everyday. It boots in 3 - 6 seconds, even when just charging after my battery died (more on battery in a moment). Multitasking is handled flawlessly with no lock-ups to date. I'm usually running simple stuff (Microsoft Office, uTorrent, Chrome) and it hasn't had a problem yet. I also run some resource intensive software such as FlowJo which locks up on most computers I've used when analyzing data. This laptop on the other hand handles it like a pro. To put it in context, the version of FlowJo I use at work is on a server with boatloads of RAM and processing power and this laptop could still give it a run for it's money. We all know Chrome can be a hell of a resource hog and it has no problem handling tabs on top of tabs. One issue I should mention which has been bugging me is video playback in chrome/youtube. Playing full HD or 4K videos in chrome works fine but as soon as you put it in full screen the video starts to lag a bit and gets choppy. At first I thought this was my network but after confirming it was not and allowing the videos the proper time to buffer, the choppiness was still there. I tried out the same videos in Microsoft Edge (which I actually really like but anything is an upgrade compared to Explorer) and the full screen HD videos have no problem loading and look great. The only reason I bring this up is because this does not happen on any other computer I use (Lenovo Thinkpad, HP Desktop). Maybe Chrome video playback doesn't like this monitor? I've been trying to find a fix to this issue and I will post something if I can figure it out.

Other than that, screen resolution on this is bonkers and it's fun to watch stuff on it. And since it can handle most games on it, you can enjoy them with this screen. I will say though that I wish it wasn't glossy. I'm not outside much but occasionally the light hits it just right and it can be tough to see.

OK battery life. It's great. As with most of my tech gear, I try and charge only when it is completely dead so that the battery stays in good health and I'm not just topping it off constantly. The only time I leave it plugged in is when I'm playing games (as I said in a previous update, Skyrim looks spectacular on this). Now considering that I use mostly office and web browsers, I'd say I could get 7-8 hours out of it just doing that. Throw in some video playback and music and that gets cut down to 4-6 depending on how much. With the power saving modes on it's possible I could get more. I haven't tested this yet so don't quote me on that one. On standby it does last for quite a long time (days).

Uhh OK last few things, I still love the keyboard and the backlight is nice, I love using the touchscreen even thought I thought I wouldn't, connectivity is fantastic (BT and WiFi).
If there is one thing I could change
It would be the god awful charging brick. I don't know whose idea it was to put the plug right onto a huge power brick so that you can successfully block all other outlets should be fired, because that guy sucks.
I digress, this laptop rocks. Check back for more updates in the future
Stay frosty!
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on February 16, 2015
Are you kidding me? I bought the UX303LN in September, which is about 5 months ago, and I noticed the hinge was broken and bent last night. I can't close the lid now, because I'm afraid forcing it to close will damage the display. It also makes cracking sound. All I have done to 'damage' my laptop is closing my laptop when I move it around or go to bed. I've never dropped it and always use the Amazon 13.3 inch laptop cover, which is very soft and protective, when I put my laptop in my bag. I'm satisfied with the performance, but not with the battery life, and most importantly, the durability.

I now have to go through ASUS warranty claim and wait days after days until they fix and send it back to me.

(I attached a picture of my laptop hinge.)
review image review image review image
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on February 17, 2015
9 months update: Hinge became loose one day with screen refusing to stay in location and the following day hinge cracked open. With so many people reporting the same issue of hinge, it clearly is a design issue. Very unfortunate since I really like this computer, see details below.

This is a very powerful computer. Comes with great features and with plenty of room for upgrade at a very affordable price. Please note that this review is for the latest version with 5th generation i5 processor. (I compared it with similar 13.3" from Dell, HP and Lenovo, before I settled on this one for my use).

Update 1, after 1 week of use: I really like this computer. Definitely highest class of 5 stars for my money's worth.
Update 2, after 4 months of use (~6 hrs/day): No issues so far. Battery averaging 5-6 hours on a single charge (95% wear level after 83 cycles). No hinge problems.
Update 3, after 9 months of use (~6 hrs/day): The hinge has become loose and now the screen moves with little motion. The unsettling issue is that the situation is cascading and the hinge is becoming looser everyday. (And the following day of me writing this the hinge cracked open making computer unusable). Confirming experience of others. Therefore, I am taking 2 star away and downgrading to 3 stars.

(* My laptop came with a free 13.3" laptop sleeve/pouch. Very good quality material!)
1. Battery life: Great. I am getting 5-6 hrs on a single charge with maximum screen brightness, moderate to heavy CPU loads, and with wi-fi constantly being in use.
2. Screen: Beautiful display with maximum 1920x1080 resolution. Colors are great. Minor issue: If you are picky, you might find yellows/oranges a little faded. (Update after 4 months: Orange is a tad faded but I am now use to the colors, no other issues.) There is an auto brightness feature (Fn+A key) that helps control brightness based on ambient light and on-screen applications, definitely increases battery life.
3. Keyboard: Backlit and plenty of key travel. The power button is top-most right key on the keyboard -- so no issues about accidentally turning laptop on while its in your backpack.
4. Trackpad: Very good response. Has little friction, so it took me a day to get used to it (after 1 week, I am totally use to it). Fast and responsive. Fairly large sized about 3"x4".
5. Sound/speakers: Speakers are located on left/right side (almost close to end of keyboard area, where the middle of your palms would rest on keyboard). Sound is great with good depth for laptop speakers, plenty of "volume". I also tried with my Bose headphones, and the sound quality is very good.
6. SSD: Makes Windows 8.1 boot up extremely fast. Averaging about 10 seconds for me. The 128 GB disk was small for me (only 107 GB on windows partition), so I upgraded it to a 960 GB from Sandisk. Also there is a separate 12 GB recovery partition.
7. Intel's 5th generation i5 processor: Very fast and is able to handle several applications at the same time (I have Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, VMware player, and MS Word running at same time. No issues).
8. *UPGRADABILITY*: This is the best feature I like about this laptop. Easy to open (you will need T5 torx screwdriver, and there are two screws under the two square sticky pads close to hinge). The SSD is a standard 7mm 2.5" SATA drive. Additionally there is a empty slot for mSATA caching drive too (in case you want to put in a traditional HDD. No idea how ASUS software would handle if you decide to put in caching drive). Memory (as far as I can tell) is in two parts. I believe 4 GB is on soldered on the board and 4 GB is on an upgradable slot. The wi-fi card also seems upgradable. Overall, this is build for upgradability if you don't mind putting in some elbow grease.
9. Weight: Very light at 3.3 lbs, and I can easily lift it with one hand without any effort.
10. Build quality: Fantastic. For my taste, ASUS is really doing a great job with the looks and quality of material. In short, I love the looks.

1. SSD capacity. For me 128 GB SSD was small. So I upgraded it to a bigger SSD drive.
2. Fan kicks in under moderate CPU loads. The vents are located on top side of keyboard and blows warm air up between the F keys and screen area (especially on right side, near the power key). *Update after 4 months: No over-heating issues encountered, even after 8-10 hrs of non-stop usage*
3. Bloatware is present but minimum: Came with McAfee, Office trial version -- I deleted immediately. There is also Fox Phantom PDF software, which I removed because I have Adobe Professional.
4. ASUS customer care keeps answering questions here which are different in my experience. The SSD is indeed upgradable. Also one memory DIMM is not soldered on the board. I am not sure, why these answers? Perhaps the user can void warranty by opening the case (which would be rather unusual)
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on August 17, 2014
Love it!

I'd been looking at the Asus Zenbook like for a few years, but had held off until recently due to lack of upgrade options for the kits. 4GB makes it impossible to run VMs of any heft, 8GB is not much better. These ultrabooks feature a single accessible SODIMM slot under the rear, which allows for a total of 12GB when adding an 8GB module to the 4GB that is soldered to the main board. The unit also features an unoccupied MSATA mini half-height slot, and a "standard" 7mm SSD, leaving lots of options for disc upgrades.

I briefly considered the higher end model with the "i7" part, which is a similar dual-core part, but clocked 30% higher than the UX303LA. I have a difficult time appreciating the value of a QHD display on a screen this small - I have excellent corrected vision, and 1920x1080 is at the very edge of useability when working in a traditional desktop environment - the Windows 8 Metro Apps are just fine. Since I don't do any gaming on this I didn't need the additional GPU - I would like to think that a slower clocked CPU and no GPU allows for better battery performance.

One thing to note - this unit comes with display scaling - to get the sharpest image, turn it off. The tradeoff is smaller text, but I'd rather have the screen real-estate. For Linux lovers, there are a few issues. I briefly loaded Mint KDE 17, but the following issues pushed me back to Windows 8.x for the time being: A dearth of support for the touchpad included with this unit. LSPCI detected it as a Logitech PS/2 mouse, and I was unable to find a suitable module for it in the few hours of searching I did. I was able to make it somewhat tolerable by lowering the sensitivity, but no support for gestures combined with a lack of dedicated buttons on the touchpad makes Linux on this laptop a no-go for me at this time. The touchscreen appears to works fine, and is detected via LSPCI, but I am very particular about smudges on displays, which makes me highly intolerable of fingers touching my screen - so I did not test gesture support on the touchscreen under Linux.

All in all very pleased with this purchase. It is very light and easily transportable. Long battery life (I have observed 5-6 hours, but not fully tested it), and it is very snappy, especially now that I have upgraded it to 12GB and dropped in a Samsung 840 500GB SSD. The upgrade process was simple - just remember to remove the rear rubber feet to expose the final pair of screws. I sliced my finger open on the inner edge trying to pry the lid off the bottom before I realized there were two additional screws that needed to be removed. Unless you have a very specific need (e.g. gaming), or are not comfortable performing RAM and SSD upgrades, I would recommend the UX303LA over the UX303LN. I suppose if the 15-20% speed boost of the "i7" CPU will be of interest to some, but I felt the benefits did not merit the increase in price.

One other note - the unit ships with Windows 8 display scaling at 150%, which leads to soft and fuzzy image on some desktop UI elements. Disabling scaling leads to a much sharper display, with the tradeoff of a smaller image. This is also the default behavior of a clean Windows 8.1 install, so be sure to dial it down for the sharpest display if you can tolerate the high PPI/smallish display. Again, I can't imagine how this would look at QHD+ resolutions - seems a waste to me.
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on March 31, 2015
This computer is - almost - everything you hope it will be. Snappy, light, sleek, with expandable memory to boot. DO NOT BUY IT.

Defective Screen
Within 6 weeks(!) of purchase, my screen started to flicker at the slightest movement. A simple tap on the screen or readjustment of the screen's angle would result in static or black and white bars. As you can imagine, this is a problem for a touchscreen computer. The problem quickly grew worse, and after another week any movement would cause the screen to shut off completely. You can see this in action in the accompanying video.

Bear in mind, this was a gentle 6 weeks of use. The computer was not dropped or mishandled. It was moved back and forth between a table and a desk - nothing more.

Asus Repairs
The merchant I purchased from has a 30 day return window, so I was stuck sending the computer to Asus (at my expense) for repairs. To Asus' credit, the first repair was relatively speedy, and the computer was returned with a new screen.

It was roughly a week and a half before the flickering reappeared. Again, the flickering grew worse over a period of several days. Two weeks ago I sent the computer back to Asus for repairs, which is where it now sits. Asus has not been able to provide me with an estimate for when the computer will be returned.

A Design Defect?
If I were the only purchaser to report these problems, and I thought that I had simply gotten a defective unit, then I would have had to recommend the machine. As others have pointed out, there is a lot to recommend it.

But reviews on Amazon and elsewhere suggest that this is a problem many others have had. A few have suggested it is the result of a design defect. If so, it's likely that the computer will spend the next 9 months traveling back and forth between my home and Asus' repair facility, until Asus' warranty mercifully runs out.

Update 5/13/15
Asus "repaired" and returned my computer for a second time. The screen flickering reappeared after 2 days.

This, apparently, is a well-known issue. The BBB has an outstanding "alert" regarding Asus because of a pattern of complaints that report that "products sent to the company for repairs are still not working properly when returned to the consumer." I should also note that at the time of this writing, Asus has an "F" rating at the BBB.
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on September 5, 2014
This is a review for the UX303LN (i7, 256gb ssd, nvidia 840M). Just wanted to clear that up since Amazon insists on having the two different laptops' reviews together. I ordered this laptop back in early July and waited nearly 2 months to finally get it. I can happily say it was worth the wait. The processor, display, ram and storage amount all packed in for that price point is insane. This laptop on its own should make apple rethink their prices(lol). I'll break down its pros and cons by category

It is as amazing as everyone says it is, so vivid and so clear for a laptop its insane! The combination of an i7 and a discrete GPU allow the display to run lag free and beautifully. The only bad part, of course as everyone has said on here, is the yellows. But its not a big deal and I'm hopeful Asus has a fix coming soon. I will update if it is fixed in the future.

It's an i7, nuff said. Handles everything I throw at it. It's clocked pretty high too (2.6ghz I think).

12gb is more than enough. I monitored the RAM consumption for a little bit while messing around on the computer and was never able to get it over 30%, even 8gb would have been plentiful but I'm not complaining.

I'm yet to game on the device. My PC gaming doesn't get past Minecraft so I probably won't ever game on it. Although with a display this sharp, you most likely need some sort of discrete GPU as integrated just would not cut it. It is nice to have it if I ever want to run something graphics intensive though.

Hard Drive:
Blazing fast, boots up in under 10 seconds. Could be less time, I'm yet to bust out the stopwatch. The read and write speeds are insane. 256GB is really the sweet spot for ultra-books. After installing Chrome, Microsoft Office, Skype and a few other applications I was left with 176GB.

Overall Build:
Extremely sturdy, does not bend or flex any where. It weighs just around 3 pounds which is just right for a 13.3 inch ultra-book. Sometimes they're too light and just feel flimsy. It does also look very attractive with the full aluminum body. The keyboard is probably the best I've on a mobile computer, it's right up there with the Macbook's. I would argue it's even better. The keys are a perfect stiffness and have a nice response to them. Trackpad is good, nothing to complain about on it but not spectacular. I commend Asus for putting a full HDMI port on this model, that was big bonus in my eyes. The speakers for sound are located on the bottom of the laptop, near the sides. This can cause them to be covered if you place the laptop on your lap. The sound is good but not Macbook good in my opinion.

Battery Life:
I'm a college student, on multiple days I have a schedule where I leave the house by 8:30 am and get home by 9 pm. The battery lasts me all day, about 6 hours use of web browsing, PowerPoint reading, Word writing and even watching a little bit of soccer. I took my charger with me to all my classes for the first couple of days, but now I just leave it at home because I'm confident that it will last me the whole day.

This reassured me that Asus does indeed build the best laptops. The value you get for that price is rather mind boggling. If you're debating between this and a Macbook or a Samsung, I assure you, you won't be disappointed with this choice!

March 12, 2015 Update:

As of today, there is still no fix for the poorly colored yellows. This long after the release and still no update makes me feel like we will never get one. It's really disappointing because that is the only big flaw I could find in this laptop and could be so easily corrected. I saw a lot of people complaining about how the hinges have given out on them. Mine are still fully functional and show no signs of wear after 6 months of use.

****April 13, 2015 Update****

I guess there is a fix for the yellows released. There has actually been one for a while and I suppose I've just been ignorant to the fact. Thanks to Deepen to bring it to my attention. Credit to him for these links by the way.

To fix it, you're going to want to download this link:
Extract it using winrar and run it. When it asks for the bin file, download the bin from here:
Select the bin from your files (probably will be in your downloads, that's where I found it) and then just start it. Should take about 1-2 minutes, the screen should refresh, and voila. The yellows are accurate, I can attest to that. It feels although that all the colors are more accurate now, but that could just be a placebo effect. Credit to Deepen once again for this. For more information about it, check this post: .
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on August 13, 2015
I purchased this laptop from Office Depot in early August 2015, and I received it a few days after. I've been using it for a while now, and I'm extremely impressed with everything.

First of all, the laptop gives off the feeling that it is an expensive, premium laptop. The purple-tinted silver aluminum screams durability and style, and the glossy high-resolution touch screen is elegant, whether powered on or off. The keyboard is extremely comfortable to use, almost akin to those found on the Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air lines. The touchpad is very sensitive, but with some fine tuning, feels like a great mix between that found on my previous laptop (Sony VAIO SVE14118FXW) and that found on a MacBook. The Bang & Olufsen speakers projects a deep bass sound a rich treble layer from what seems like inside the laptop, and on maximum volume, can fill a whole room with clear music. Overall, it feels like a Windows-based MacBook.

Inside, the laptop boasts 12GB of DDR3 RAM, 4GB of which is soldered onto the motherboard. For everyday uses and even for gaming, 12GB of RAM is more than enough. It also comes with the new fifth-generation Intel Core i7-5500U Broadwell processor, which is only marginally faster/more efficient than the Intel Core i7-4510U Haswell processor found in the ASUS Zenbook UX303LN-DB71T. This processor allows for major multitasking, especially in Windows 8/8.1/10, where the snap feature allows many programs to be running simultaneously. Furthermore, the ASUS Zenbook UX303LB-DS74T is equipped with the latest mid-range NVIDIA graphics processing unit, the NVIDIA GeForce 940M chip with 2GB of video RAM. Ordinary, non-demanding programs will use the integrated Intel HD 5500 Graphics built into the Intel Core i7-5500U processor, but intensive games and other graphics-heavy software will utilize the faster NVIDIA GPU. Lastly, this laptop has a Micron M600 512GB m.2 solid state drive installed in the main SATA hard drive slot. The laptop has an additional mSATA slot, which only has enough space for a half-size mSATA SSD (I believe the largest capacity I could find was a 256GB one). Therefore, the total amount of storage possible for this laptop is presumed to be about 2.25GB in solid state memory.

Performance-wise, this laptop is FAST. No laptop I've ever used could compare to this beast. The Intel Core i7-5500U processor can be Turbo Boosted to 3.0 GHz from 2.4 GHz, and can handle running your ordinary internet browser, music player, and much, much more all at once while still being extremely energy efficient. This leads to the laptop's extremely long battery life, anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours, depending on how rigorously you are using the laptop. The NVIDIA GeForce 940M processor offers graphics processing speed nearly five times that of the integrated Intel HD 5500 Graphics. It allows you to play most games from before 2013 at moderately high settings and high FPSes, but the latest games may require you to trade off visual quality for frame rates. Even while overloading the laptop, it is eerily quiet with only the fans working. The Micron SSD allows for extremely fast file transfers with 560MB/s read speeds and 510MB/s write speeds. This, in turn, lets the laptop boot up in less than 4 seconds, and allows you to be surfing the web in under 10 seconds. Even the networking chip is top-tier, as it allows you to connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, allowing beyond 6.75MB/s download and upload speeds.

The ASUS Zenbook UX303LB-DS74T has the 64-bit Windows 8.1 preinstalled. I upgraded it to Windows 8.1 Pro before upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. There are some serious scaling issues in Windows 8.1 (Pro), where some software would run at native resolution, resulting in text so small it is unreadable. Upgrading to Windows 10 fixed most if not all of the scaling issues. My settings for scaling in Windows 10 is a resolution of 3200x1800 with a scaling of 200%.

As a closer, I would like to bring up the fact that the infamous hinge problem that plagues the ASUS Zenbook series is still a problem in this model. I have yet to run into this problem, but I will update my review with the steps I took to resolve it if it does eventually happen.

tl;dr: omg so fast and shiny

10/7/2015 EDIT: The left hinge has started creaking, but there is no visible damage. Everything is still working as intended.
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on September 1, 2015
GET THIS LAPTOP PRONTO! You wont regret it. I spent a LOT of time on researching laptops before i got this bad boy and i've loved every second of it. The other laptops I was looking at were:

-Lenovo Thinkpad
-Lenovo Yoga & Flex
-Dell XPS 2015
-HP Spectre 2015

Now, i spent probably 70+ hours researching laptops until my eyeballs were bleeding every night after work from staring at a computer screen for so long but those hours were well spent and i'm happy with my decision. I'll tell you why...

TOUCHSCREEN: I wasn't originally looking or a laptop with a touchscreen but i'm sure happy i got one with it. I use it more than i ever thought i would. It's just so much more interactive and sometimes simpler to zoom with your fingers than it is with the pad. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. The screen quality is also great. I have a 15" laptop from 2012 but i use this one because the sharpness of words on here makes it easier on my eyes even though it's a smaller screen.

BATTERY LIFE: Is pretty solid. If i configured it a little more i'm sure i could hit 8 - 9 hours but i let it do it's thing. I easily get through a whole day without much effort with minimum to moderate use. Web browsing, emails, microsoft word, youtube... nothing intense. I check the battery life out of curiosity more than i do out of worrying. I do wonder what 12+ of battery life would be like at times but honestly this does the job and then some. It charges at a decent rate, i don't know the exact time, but i can charge the whole computer from 10 - 100% in about 1.5 hours or less.

KEYBOARD: it's strange to say that typing on this keyboard feels satisfying. It's a combination of a solid but smooth key stroke every type you type a letter. I'm using the laptop to wright this review actually and it's a joy. It DOESN'T feel mushy like others do and it doesn't require effort from being stiff like other computers. It's in the perfect sweet spot where it just flows along but supports the weight of your fingers. The keyboard light is also a nice addition which i've never had before.

POWER: I have the i5 and.... 8GB of ram i believe. I couldn't be happier. While i don't run any games on this (i use my xbox one for that) I haven't encountered a moment yet where the computer had to much to handle. As i'm typing this review i have about 16 tabs open on one internet browser and another 14 on the second and this thing doesn't even notice. I've even had a total of about 50 - 60 tabs going at once and this thing just cruises. If you're worried about having enough power for a laptop and you plan on using it for the regular stuff, you're going to be just fine (while knowing you have even more horse power under the hood if you need it).

As many others on here have said before me, there is a serious hinge issue going on here and i'm very upset for looking over this before i bought it. The screen is starting to fall apart and the hinge cries every time i open it up to use. I'm about to send it in for repairs but who knows if it'll be worth it. I'd say save yourself the money and go with the thinkpad 450s or a macbook pro so you can at least use your laptop for longer than a year. It's been 9/10 months for me.
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on September 23, 2015
This computer is very pretty. The touchscreen is vibrant and easy to use. However, after 6 months one if the hinges began to crack open. This is a design flaw, as the hinges cannot support the weight of the screen. I will definitely not be buying any more ASUS products because of this.
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on April 29, 2015
I will start by saying that this laptop is close to perfection on paper excellent; the performance is really up to the highest standards, and I haven't been able to find anything close to this with a discrete GPU on such a slim and light laptop.

My daily tasks consists on Matlab and other numerical simulations programs, web surfing, movies and occasional gaming (lately MGS V, but also Assassin's Creed and other relatively demanding games). It does run hot in this but if you use a laptop cooler the temperature will be well regulated because of the aluminium body. Don't expect to run all games at QHD but usually mid-high settings at 1600*900 will give you a very decent framerate.

The yellow color is a bit off (very mustard like) but a patch widely available on forums will fix the issue at 90% and you'll be able to enjoy your laptop without noticing this issue. I wouldn't recommend photoshop users to buy the QHD version though because of this specific issue. Just go with the Full HD (ux303LA) if you don't care about not having a discrete GPU, otherwise try to get a German version of the LN with an FHD matte non-touch screen.

Here is when it goes really wrong;
I bought thislaptop on August 26th. I took very good care of it, no fall, nor any damage of the sort.
After 8 months of usage (guess I'm lucky it lasted more than the average 5 months), I noticed some cracking sound coming from the hinge. The screen was being wobbly as the hinge got looser too. Today as I was gently opening the lid, the hinge completely cracked out of the laptop.
Unacceptable for 1K+ $ laptop. The customer service is even more incompetent.

I finally got it fixed (they replaced the screen), but this issue has been affecting a ridiculously amount of users to suggest it is a default in the design in all of their ux303 (actually all of their zenbooks, ux31, ux32 and ux303).
You shouldn't have to deal with this after spending this amount of money on a so called high quality laptop.

tl;dr : I would recommend avoiding this laptop because your hinge will break after 8 months.
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