Customer Reviews: Zija Smart Mix 4 count 88g box
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on October 26, 2011
I purchased Zija Smart Mix on the recommendation of several friends. I mix one packet into a bottle of water and chill it in the fridge overnight, then drink it first thing in the morning. My appetite is squelched for the entire day, until late afternoon or later, and I find that I am not eating as much as I used to at dinnertime (not that I ate a lot anyway, but I notice a difference). It tastes somewhat like green tea, so it is palatable and easy to drink, although the bottle must be constantly shaken in order to keep the stuff from settling on the bottom. My only complaint is that Zija is expensive over time, and when I looked online to purchase another month's worth of packets, the price was at least $20 higher than my initial purchase. However, I guess the price is comparable to that of joining one of the more well-known weight-loss programs, and the upside is that you don't need to purchase special food. Zija doesn't mention weight loss as one of the benefits of the Smart Mix's use, but everyone I know has lost quite a bit of weight in a reasonably short period of time (e.g. 15-25 pounds in 6 weeks seems to be common among my friends) with absolutely NO side effects whatsoever. I am sensitive to many drugs and foods, and I haven't had any side effects either. I recommend this, along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, such as walking, to lose pounds safely, and I will continue using it for the foreseeable future.
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on April 16, 2014
I've been drinking Zija packets for about a week, and I probably will continue to order more as long as I can find a good deal. Zija isn't the miracle product that some of the reviewers want you to believe. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I tried the Smart Mix after trying a number of different meal replacement shakes, including Shakeology and GNC Total Lean. The shakes are expensive, time-consuming to make, and don't taste very good. They also were very thick, and I couldn't drink more than a few sips, especially at breakfast. A co-worker gave me a packet of Smart Mix to try. I was hesitant to try it because I had seen her drink it, and it looks like pond scum. She insisted that it had a sweet taste, and that you get used to it.

So I gave it a shot. Yes, it looks horrible. You might get some funny looks from people. Even though it has a citrus sweetness to it, I found that it was much more tolerable than a meal replacement shake. It kept me hydrated, and sorry - TMI - flushed out my system. I felt better when I drank it, and it gave me a little energy boost that I desperately needed.

What Zija will not do:

- It won't cure your asthma. As a long-time asthma sufferer, I didn't see a difference in the severity or frequency of my asthma attacks.
- It won't fulfill all of your nutritional needs.
- It won't help you lose a ton of weight in a few weeks.

What Zija has done for me:

- Suppressed my appetite
- Reduced my cravings for sugar
- Kept my hydrated
- Given me a little more energy.
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on August 24, 2011
OK folks. This won't sound like a review so much as a factual report on moringa oleifera. Zija is formulated from the plant previously mentioned. This plant is knowin in over 37 countries for it's medicinal and nutritional value. The top hit on Wikipedia for it is "the tree of life".

The reason it has this name is simple. You all know that oranges and lemons are high in vitamin C. Spinach has iron. Very few plants have high levels of ALL ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MOST ESSENTIAL MINERALS. Moringa oleifera dpes.

The USDA, UNICEF, Peace Corps, and MANY other well recognized trusted organizations recognize moringa oleifera as a vital nutritional supplement - in fact many third world countries have begun growing it to fight malnutrition.

Zija has been formulated to preserve the wholistic medicinal value of the Moringa tree, while presenting it in a palatable form. XM3 has as well. It hasn't had the nutritional value irradiated out of it as most plants imported into the USA have had done. That's why I buy zija and XM products rather than purchasing cheaper products online. (that and the concern that I want to know that I am getting what I pay for). The moringa oleifera plant is rather unpalatable to me, like eating orange rinds. Zija and XM products actually taste good. I hope this helps you

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on September 30, 2014
My husband and I purchased the SuperMix from a friend. It was quite expensive but wanted to help her out. I didn't notice any physical benefits from drinking it daily...but I'm not overweight or in particularly bad health. That said, I began to wonder about the ingredients and how much of what vitamins and minerals I was ingesting by drinking SuperMix so I looked online for the values of these nutrients that is in each pack of the SuperMix. I couldn't find that info anywhere. So, I called customer service and asked them where I could find the nutritional values of each pack of SuperMix. They couldn't tell me...just said it's a 'Proprietary Blend so they don't post it'. Question...Am I supposed to just drink this stuff on trust that it's good for me and has good nutrition in each packet? How do I know I'm not just drinking fluff?
I emailed and asked the same reply. I emailed again....same...nothing. I called and asked who could tell me what I wanted to know. Customer Service said I had to email the 'Scientist'. So I did....guess reply.
Since no one at the company is interested in giving me information about the specific nutritional values in their product, I have to assume I'm drinking fluff. I quit buying it and quit drinking it. End of story.
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on March 14, 2014
I am writing this review on Friday, March 14 2014 My friends, husband's family and mom started on Zija and they lost a good amount of weight. It was great to see! I told them I was not interested at all! Well, someone on my husband's side said they just didn't like the taste of the SmartMix. so she gave it to my husband. I threw it in the back of our pantry because I was not going to use it and neither was he. Fast forward Monday, March 10 2014 and I woke up and said what they heck I just want to try it. I was starting Les Mills BodyPump and wanted something to go along with it. I am to the point that I am trying to lose the baby weight. I had tried other things and I was just over it!

I WAS IN DISBELIEF when I woke up this morning (Friday) and weighed myself. 171 down to 168. I am 5.5. and I have a wide frame body. I changed nothing and haven't even started LesMills BodyPump yet. My method so far has been to just wake up put Smart Mix in a water bottle and drink it. I haven't used any other products. I don't take it again throughout the day as of right now. I don't know that there is a need to! The first day I didn't notice a difference. I did notice by Day 2 that I wasn't completely exhausted come 9 p.m. like I usually am. I had the energy to clean and cook dinner after a 8-9 hours work day, attending church on Wednesdays, and taking care of my 7 month old. I even cooked dinner and had friends over. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

My two cents: Not everyone is going to love this product. It may not work for you like it does for others, because you are made different than everyone else. But you have to try it. You have to say I tried it and it didn't work for me or it did work for me!
I am sharing my story because I was SOO skeptical and against it. You never really know what is in products. I don't have any co-morbities like high BP, diabetes, etc. But I did lack energy, wasn't eating enough food with nutrients etc. and this has helped me in 5 days shed 3lbs! Nothing is an immediate fix. And honestly, if you weigh more than me one packet may not work at first, you might have to do it twice a day like they suggest. IT IS EXPENSIVE. But so are hundreds of other things. I have spent $250 in groceries trying to eat clean, being on Atkins, doing other nutritional plans. I have spent money on gym memberships and on Beachbody workout series (which i love!!!!) FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!! But as far as Zija... I am really liking it and I am seeing results!!!

4 stars for being a expensive, but 5 stars for the product!
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on August 21, 2011
Take this first thing in the morning. Have noticed better blood pressure, weight loss, less soreness. Got the product quicker than expected. Will continue with this going forward. My husband's diabetes is also doing better.
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on June 30, 2014
After taking this for only five days, I broke out in hives all over my body and ended up in the ER. I couldn't swallow or hardly breathe as the hives went into my esophagus . I spent a very miserable four days. Was so disappointed that this happened, but, just want everyone to know, this is not for everybody.
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on April 2, 2014
This is a low quality product that is being sold at a criminally high price. The way they label the ingredients makes it impossible to tell how much moringa is actually in it.

Seed Cake is a filler and who knows what fruit powder is? The 2nd ingredient is, "Natural Tropical Flavor", which can be anything. It is most likely artificial. The only reason to label it like this is to hide something.

Also a 32 day supply is $100! They think if they price is that high than people will think it is an amazing product. You can get a a 75 day supply of 100% pure Moringa Oliefera for like $14.

Zija marks up this inferior product by about 2000%. Don't fall for this dishonest company's clever marketing. I recommend Green Virgin Products moringa. It is the best quality and it is priced fairly.
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on February 12, 2013
With Fibro, I couldn't exercise for the past year and a bit. Now with having taken the moringa for a couple of months, well let's just say that I did 5 hard core workouts last week alone!! It feels so good to be back in control and not so much pain. I love the Zija tea too, found out about that later, have been taking it 1x/wk and feel great after! I would definitely recommend Zija! I'm NOT a distributor so I'm not just saying it to sell it. Give it a chance and you will see!
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on March 18, 2012
This is the only Zija product I am using. I drink it every morning. It gives me some energy and I have noticed in general I just feel better. It is also helping me with weight loss.
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