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921 of 936 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very good warmer, but get two!
This is like the third warmer I've had over the years, and I really like this model best. It has very slim lines, but is still a very effective heater. If you only have one of them, you'll be passing it from hand to hand. They're much more effective if they can stay in one spot.

Also, the instructions say that you can't stop it, once it's lit, it has to burn...
Published on January 25, 2011 by Robert R. Cook

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1.0 out of 5 stars Just can't get it to work
The temperature here has been getting in the 30-40s and I work in the elements so I've been wanting to get a re-usable hand warmer. After reading reviews and looking at the options, the Zippo warmer seemed like the way to go.

I got the warmer, used zippo brand fuel, followed the directions(as easy as they are) and have not had luck with this warmer. I have been...
Published on December 27, 2012 by G. Schultz

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921 of 936 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very good warmer, but get two!, January 25, 2011
Robert R. Cook (Northern Virginia) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
This is like the third warmer I've had over the years, and I really like this model best. It has very slim lines, but is still a very effective heater. If you only have one of them, you'll be passing it from hand to hand. They're much more effective if they can stay in one spot.

Also, the instructions say that you can't stop it, once it's lit, it has to burn all the way down. WRONG! There are two ways, but this one is easiest: With the heater in its pouch, put it inside a ziplock bag and seal it. If you squeeze most of the air out of the bag before you seal it, the "flame" dies out in a couple of minutes. You don't have to refill it to go again, as long as you haven't used up all the fuel. Cool, huh? I use mine on hour long walks with the dogs, and one refill lasted almost two weeks, by putting it out after a walk.

BTW, you can do the same thing with the little dry chem heaters; just seal it in a ziploc and it will stop the reaction when it runs out of oxygen. You can start it again the next time you need it, as long as it isn't used up.

Oh, and Coleman fuel at $8.88 a GALLON is exactly the same chemical(naptha) as Zippo lighter fluid, for $5-something for 4 OUNCES!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Handwarmer is an Understatement, This thing is a Portable Heater!!!, October 16, 2010
Ankur Akolia (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
I accidentally stumbled upon this product while browsing through amazon looking for a portable heating solution. This little gadget of a thing turned out to be the perfect item for what i was looking for in a pocket heater. They say it lasts for 12 hours but mine lasted 13 and a half hours on just a few ML of lighter fluid. A few things to keep in mind while using this:

Firstly, if you are sensitive to certain odors this might not be the thing for you since there is a catalytic reaction of fuel burning internally, a weird smell like that of kerosene can be felt. Although the smell is not so prominent but for some people it can get irritating after a while.

Secondly, a carry pouch is included which is really important for safe usage of this device! Due to the all metal surface, the device gets so hot that it could burn your hand in seconds, so the pouch helps you use it more like a "HAND WARMER" rather than a "HEATER" which it can also work as provided you are careful with it. Another important function of the pouch is regulate the oxygen flow to the device so that the fuel does not just burn off before the expected time. In my field testing while using the device as a "HEATER" that is without the pouch, i noticed the device got extremely hot and the fuel burn time was a little over 5 1/2 hours after topping it off. On the other hand, i used it outdoors at night in the rain while immersed in its pouch and the heat lasted for a little over 13 hours. i put it in an internal pocket inside my jacket and within half an hour my whole jacket felt nice and toasty!

One of the reviewers was complaining that it did not get hot enough for outdoor activities where there was snow. The solution for that is quite simple! Everyone who owns a thermos knows that the best way to keep beverages piping hot is to preheat with hot water. Apply the same formula here but without the pouch. The Metallic surface on the Hand Warmer needs to reach a certain temperature for it start radiating heat in other directions. If the temperature itself is controlled from the beginning by limiting the oxygen flow, it cannot reach the heating point where the excess heat can be released as warmth. I suggest that after turning it on to leave it standing without its pouch for at least an hour. That should do the trick.

I'm going to further test it in other environments and then post another update. For now, i simply love it!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazingly Warm and just AMAZING, August 6, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
I've read most of, if not all, of the Amazon reviews on this product. I've also read most of the reviews from other websites and magazines. I decided to purchase this warmer because I am a cheap person. I don't like disposable things, especially expensive disposable, wasteful hand warmers. I was a little bit hesitant about taking every thing I read at face value. Well, upon receiving it, this hand warmer has exceeded my expectations in every way that I've read.

First off, I've read countless times that this hand warmer is so hot that without the bag, it is impossible to hold because it is so hot. TRUE. Right out of the box I was skeptical because it wasn't running very hot. The instructions say to run the first cycle with twice the measured fuel. Well I guess it took about three use cycles to break in the catalytic burner head, because now all of my skepticism is completely gone because this thing runs HOT. When you leave it out of its little baggy (for a couple of minutes to let it warm up to the increased Oxygen) it is very uncomfortable to place against any part of your body or face. Just like touching a hot pan. You can only hold it in your hand for about 5 seconds before you have to drop it. Unfortunately, when you put it in its little baggy, it barely feels warm. Again, I was originally skeptical about this claim, and I was anticipating that the reports were exaggerated or posted by people with low tolerances for heat. I have a pretty high spot tolerance for heat, and I am still suffering from the immense heat of this warmer. This also won't happen on the first light-up, like I assume most negative reviewers assumed. It will take probably about 30 hours of continuous burning before the catalytic head is broken in, and then every time you light it up afterwards, it will heat up to this temperature in very little time. Less than five minutes. If you leave the warmer out of baggy for about an hour, then it will be completely intolerable to touch. You can't even pick it up without your brain immediately telling your fingers to let go as a natural reflex.

Fortunately, when you place it in a pocket, without the bag, it is exposed to limited oxygen so it burns at the exact perfect temperature. Still very hot to the touch, and your friends will be impressed at how much hotter it is than those heavy disposable things. But it is also not to hot that you can't hold it in your hand indefinitely. For most of the time you're using this device, it will be inside an article of clothing like a jacket pocket, shirt pocket (this is the winner here) or even glove (kind of bulky but it gets the job done). This keeps it at the perfect temperature. No need to worry about it being too hot or too cold.

It is also impressive how long this hand warmer lasts on a single filling. Obviously, the less oxygen it gets, the longer it lasts on a single filling. I haven't done any timing specifically, but I can tell you that when I fill it up (I don't use that plastic cup, I just fill the thing directly until it looks like the rayon batting is saturated) it lasts for about a full day. Using the cup at full, I typically will get well over 12 hours. Probably around 15 hours. In case you were wondering, the whole bottom of the hand warmer is NOT the fuel container. It is actually a much smaller reservoir that is simply set inside very tightly. It is not removable without special tools as I believe there is some heat resistant adhesive holding it in place. The actual fuel reserve is probably about 2-3x the size of a simple zippo lighter's reserve.

The lighter does have a pretty strong petroleum smell that can be smelled within about 6" of the lighter. This is amplified by putting it in the little baggy, which I assume holds the odor like a sponge. Without the bag the smell is only about 2" away from the lighter. If it's inside of a pocket of a jacket, I'm sure it won't be a problem for most casual hunters or bird watchers.

Yes, lighting this warmer can be difficult. Not actually difficult, but just time-consuming. I usually hold it upside down over my Zippo for ten seconds even. This almost universally gets it going. I've found that the longer you leave the lighter on, the faster the warmer will heat up because you get more of the burner head catalyzing. A good solid rule of thumb is that if you actually light up the burner so long that it has its own self sustaining flame, put out the flame and you're good to go. You don't actually need to see the flame to get it going, however, and I'm not sure of the consequences of this action as far as the health of the burner is concerned. After you use the burner for a while, it gets easier to light up, so again, don't be dissuaded by the first lighting attempt. Another thing, if the warmer is really cold it sometimes helps to hold the whole bottom half of the warmer over the flame for ten to twenty seconds to warm it up. This burner relies on its own heat to vaporize the fuel to continue the reaction, so the hotter the fuel container is, the faster it will light up, and the hotter it will burn.

The plastic cup is rubbish. It's like a siphon thing and you can't control it very well, so it overfills way to quickly, and you end up getting half your fuel all over your hand and the warmer, rather than IN the warmer. I lost all the hairs on my left hand doing this... Now I just pour the fuel right from the can (or the Ronsonol bottle, or with a funnel from a small bottle of White Gas like Coleman Fuel, which is naphtha, exactly the same stuff as the Ronsonol fuel, and similar to the Zippo fuel, but at $8/gallon, vs $6/12oz.). When you see the rayon balls get soaked, then you know you have about "12 hours" of fuel, so like 15 hours and counting. Using this method, you can fill the warmer up to the top, and to well over a full day of heat OUTSIDE of the baggy! The only adverse affects of filling it THAT full that I have found so far is that if you can actually see large amounts of liquid (rather than just soaked rayon balls) then burn off the first 5-7 seconds of fuel until you can't see a layer of fluid on top of the rayon batting, otherwise it will be too wet, and directly put out the burner head by soaking it if you tip the warmer over. (Note that the fuel still won't spill OUT of the warmer, which is good, so you can transport it with extra fuel).

There is no actual flame, so you can safely place it on a carpet or in your pocket without any risks of open flame or whatnot. It doesn't even get close to the temperature of an open flame, so it's really safe, just as safe as the disposable Hot Hands warmers. There is no flame or even embers or sparks, so you can't even light a gas stove with the lit hand warmer, just to tell you how safe it is. That's not to say that I would recommend this in any potentially hazardous or explosion danger situation or area like areas marked "NO SMOKING WITHIN 100 FT." At least not if the burner is exposed to air, and not tucked nicely into a glove or pocket like it should be. Better to be safe than sorry.

That said, the reaction can be stopped, easily, in multiple ways. 1. For immediate emergency OFF, douse the burner head in water or other liquid. This will take the heating right out of the warmer. The easiest way, I have found, is to place the warmer in a small Zip Lock bag and wait for about three to five minutes to starve of oxygen. The best way I think is to simply remove the catalytic heating head with your finger nails or the edge of the warmer cap and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then you can light the thing right back up again when the need strikes you.

On that note, I will leave you, my fine Amazonians, to purchase this amazing product and test it for yourself. Please feel free to leave any comments with questions or concerns.

Esteban Valle
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4.0 out of 5 stars Tricky to light but once heated, a gem., October 16, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
Length:: 0:35 Mins

Here are some easy steps to lighting the Zippo Hand Warmer:

1. Remove top piece and the catalytic burner cap.
2. Fill with lighter fluid until white insert is saturated (about 2 oz. normally).
3. Replace catalytic cap and dab a couple of drops of the fluid on top of burner cap.
4. Immediately light the cap and wait a few moments until the flame burns off.
5. Place the top piece back on and you're set to enjoy some heat!

Hope that saves people the experimentation it took me...
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4.0 out of 5 stars A classic hand warmer that you don't throw away!!, March 30, 2011
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
In our society of disposable goods, it is great to own a product that works and when you are finished using it, you put it back on the shelf and not in the trash.

I have had various zippo hand warmers over the past 30 years, and they all worked great. As always, please follow the filling and lighting instructions, keep them clean and use only top quality fluid, and you will have these for years and years.

For people who have never owned a device of this type, it requires oxygen to work - just like a "hot hands" or similar. Once activated (there is no open flame BTW), you place it in the cloth sack provided to insulate it from being too hot against your body, and tuck it in a loose pocket where it can breathe. I frequently use these in cold weather camping. While around camp, one works good in a shirt pocket or interior coat pocket spreading warmth near your body. While hiking or exploring away from camp, keeping one (or two) handy in an exterior coat pocket make for quick access to warm cold hands or cheeks. Laying one on your chest (or your backside) in the sleeping bag will get you warm and toasty. I leave it at the opening of my sleeping bag while I sleep to keep the cold air from seeping in and keeping the hand-warmer from starving for air so it will be working to help the morning ritual of getting dressed in a cold tent.

Some guys will leave them in their boots at night to dry the boot and make it nice and warm for cold feet in the AM. My wife slides them in her gloves when camping before she puts the gloves on to get a little warmth.

Filled completely with lighter fluid, these things create heat for well over 12 hours!! Start them up in the cool evening air, keep it handy all night, and wake with it to get you going in the morning.

I bought a new pair for my family, but I still use the pair my father bought in the 70's and passed along to me. When I get a whiff of lighter fluid these days, it makes me think of camping with my family and the good times camping and hunting with my father.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Highly Recommended!, November 16, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
I have used many different types of hand warmers before and I must say that this is the best, in terms of performance, hand warmer that I have ever used! I'll go ahead and just list pros and cons, since that is the clearest way for other buyers to decide whether or not this hand warmer is for them.

1. Hot: Gets hot, very the point of not being able to keep it on your bare hands without gloves on or without the accompanied pouch.

2. Duration: Lasts for a very long time, at least 14 hours so far for me (on a 1 cup fill). The hand warmer works through an oxidization process, therefore the more oxygen you're exposing the catalyst to, the hotter the unit will get and the quicker it will consume fuel. If you keep it inside its pouch or inside your pocket, I am sure you can get it to stay warm for around 20 or so hours. Note that it will stay at its full intensity for the ENTIRE time. It does not get hot for a few hours and then tapers off.

3. Re-usability: Simply refill the hand warmer with lighter fluid, I use Zippo, and it is instantly reusable again. I have a bunch of the "snap to activate" hand warmers around the house and although they are reusable, it's too much hassle to have to boil them before each use. I love how simple it is to "recharge" the Zippo hand warmer.

That's about it for the positives. When I look for a hand warmer, all I care about is if it gets hot enough and how long it will maintain that heat for. This hand warmer beats the competition in both these categories, which is why it deserves 5 stars in my book. Is it perfect? Probably not, but I haven't found anything better out there yet.

1. Inconvenience: Requires a direct flame to "activate." Unlike instant hand warmers and those reusable "snap to activate" kinds, this Zippo hand warmer requires a direct flame on the catalyst for a good 10 seconds or more. This is a negative because it is not self-activating, therefore you have to carry a lighter, a match or something to get the hand warmer going.

2. Odor: Has a very faint lighter fluid smell because it uses lighter fluid to stay warm. Again, it is very very faint and chances are you wont smell it unless you put your nose right up to it. However, I just thought that consumers need to know that it is NOT odorless. I use Zippo's lighter fluid so you may have a different experience depending on what you use.

3. Safety: This hand warmer uses lighter fluid and requires a direct flame to use. Therefore, you must take precautions when using this product and be careful if you ever let children use it. I have had NO problems with mine whatsoever, but it does run VERY hot so if you happen to touch the part of the catalyst that is red-hot, you may burn yourself.

Notes & Tips:

Shutting off the hand warmer: Although the instructions say that you cannot turn the hand warmer off once it's on, you definitely CAN do so! There are 2 ways that I know to do this. First method, simply pop the catalyst off and the hand warmer will turn off and start to cool down. This method may be a bit more dangerous since the catalyst is literally RED-HOT while the hand warmer is working. Second method, put the hand warmer in its pouch then put it inside a ziploc bag, squeeze out as much air as possible from the ziploc bag and seal it up. Since the hand warmer stays activated by consuming oxygen, like a flame, you can put it out by cutting off its oxygen supply, in this case a sealed ziploc bag. You can also put it in anything that is air-tight and it should work too.

Filling/refilling the hand warmer: It takes a little bit of patience to fill up the hand warmer with lighter fluid. However, there is a correct and incorrect way to do so. To correctly fill the hand warmer, make sure that you are PRESSING THE NOZZLE of either the included filling cup or straight from the lighter fluid bottle directly ONTO the cotton (so that the nozzle and the cotton ball makes direct contact." DO NOT "pour" the fluid in as if you're pouring it into a cup, the cotton will not soak up the fluid quickly enough and you will spill lighter fluid everywhere.

To speed up the heating process of the hand warmer: Is yours taking forever to heat up? After you apply direct flame over the catalyst and confirm that the hand warmer is indeed activated (you can tell by the catalyst glowing slightly red), keep the hand warmer uncovered for about 10 minutes. This will supply the catalyst with more oxygen and therefore speed up the warming up process. You can also blow on the catalyst LIGHTLY to supply it with oxygen this way. Once the hand warmer gets hot enough, you can put the lid on and then finally inside its pouch or gloves or where ever you'd prefer.

Sadly to say, I have taken 1 star off after a period of use. The reason? Reliability. The catalyst burner is not a very tight fit and therefore CAN fall off and the hand warmer WILL TURN OFF once the catalyst falls off. Any activity that causes the hand warmer to bounce around will knock the catalyst burner off. For example, if you're snowboarding, jogging or whatever, chances are the burner will come off and the hand warmer will turn off until you re-lit the catalyst again. This is a very big issue for me since I usually need the hand warmer when I do outside activities during the winter and it sucks to have to always carry a lighter or something to relight the burner if it happens to fall off.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This thing is AMAZING! Bought 2!, August 22, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
This thing is easy to light if you understand basic heat... Fill the tin, then with the heating element on the tin, keep a flame on the heating element long enough that you would think the tiny wires in the filament in the heating element would be "red hot". After that, through catalytic reactions (No flame needed! --once the filament wires are red hot of course--) The vaporized heating fluid will go through combustion, making for a VERY clean burn (practically no CO (carbon monoxide) production) and giving off CO2 (and some water vapor, only amounts to a single drop of water in a day, only noticeable under laboratory conditions). The amount of CO2 this gives off is much less than a human breathing throughout an entire day.

The tin is very easy to fill, especially with the supplied filling device (quite elegant in its design by the way), and putting it back together could be done by a small child --don't let them do it hahaha-- and away it goes!

It has gone through 3 days of heating cycles, absolutely constant comfortable warming temperatures (will be using an infrared temperature gauge later in the week after I get over how awesome it is).

The warming bag is of very comfortable material, and the draw string is rugged enough that it will last for quite a long time! (I qualify this in being very knowledgeable in rope construction and knots)

Honestly, I have no idea why every northerner doesn't have two of these, and why this device isn't a staple item (i.e. every person has heard of them, and everyone has 2 of them).

I have kept them in my pockets, and no matter what, I have not been able to smother them (even tried to under blankets, inside a pair of shorts pockets.

Once the tin heats up, which happens within a minute if not less, the residual heat will further cold proof the heating fluid to keep it vaporizing all day long! (I am still wowed about the elegant engineering of this device).

Filling with the included cup is very easy. Just know the main way the fluid gets into the tin is through capillary action with the material inside the tin, so no need to hold the tip of it above the cotton, just put it directly against the cotton and tip it a little.

I really hope this review was both informative, and at least convinces you to purchase one if you like warm hands (And feet!!! --big socks + these = awesome--)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, inexpensive warmer, November 1, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
I absolutely love my Zippo hand warmer. In fact, I liked mine so much that I purchased a second warmer for my other pocket! I would strongly suggest these warmers to people who live in colder climates, people who work out of doors during the winter, and people who have to sit down or be still for long periods of time in the cold. I have achieved as much as a whopping *thirty* hours of heat out of these warmers; nothing else compares. Even if I fill it normally (for 12 hours), I usually get 13-15 hours of heat. Simply wonderful. There is a very slight fume that comes off them however so they probably aren't perfect for hunters. I'm an amateur astronomer, and as such I'm sitting down with my eye glued to an eyepiece for hours on end. These hand warmers are so nice for keeping my hands warm for tweaking on focuser knobs and twisting knobs and such. I keep one on an inside pocket of my flannel shirt under my coat, and it really helps to keep my body warm.

Please be patient with this warmer; it is not immediate heat like the chemical pads or sticks that you break to activate (though the catalytic process that produces the heat is very similar). It will take 10-15 minutes for the warmer to build to full heat once lit. You will need to wait about 5 minutes after filling before you light it. Hold a lighter to the catalytic element for 20-30 seconds to light. You will be able to feel the steady heat coming off the element once it is lit. "Lit" is a bit misleading, as there is no actual flame coming off of the element. Also, you want to avoid having the warmer directly against your body for an extended length of time, which can cause a low-temperature burn.

Filling the warmer is a bit of a trick, but easy once you know what to do. You fill the cup (first line for 6 hours, second line for 12 hours), and take the catalytic element off. The cup has a little nozzle on it, and you touch this to the cotton pad lightly. Tilt the cup, and you will see the fuel travel down the nozzle and into the pad. The fuel is gradually being wicked up by the cotton; don't try to rush it. Also if you push too hard on the cotton the wicking action takes much longer. Once you get the hang of this the filling of your warmer will be easy and relatively quick.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Troubleshooting the Zippo Hand warmer....some thoughts., December 31, 2012
Shusaku Endo (Alexandria, VA USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Zippo Hand Warmer (Sports)
There are lots of positive reviews and a good number of negative reviews, so thought I would add my experience - positive and negative with the product and some troubleshooting tips.

TROUBLE SHOOTING TIP(S) Addendum: If your handwarmer isn't staying lit or not burning as hot, in addition to the wick trimming trick noted below, take the catalyst and over a gas stove or butane lighter, heat the catalyst until it glows red hot (the fibers on the removable metal piece on top of the hand warmer that you light). The wick trick helped, but the catalyst wasn't heating up to where it should be. This trick helped a LOT. As others have noted, it gets better with age, I'm assuming there is some sort of residue on the original catalyst or that builds up if it isn't burning properly (like carbon or something) which accumulates with time. If burning properly, I'm guessing it burns off this stuff-hope that makes sense, and is just a guess.

But those two things help or seem to fix the problem. Good luck!

POSITIVES: Keeps me warm when I'm standing at the dog park in the winter - hands and body keep warm. I put one in my inside pocket of my coat and one in my outside pocket. Generates quite a bit of heat. If you take it out of the protective pouch (with plenty of air) it will get very hot - as in don't touch it hot, but will keep you very warm.

Cheap to buy and own. I like being able to reuse it everyday and it is a cheaper and warmer alternative than those sand filled type hand warmers that you shake. (I do use those for my feet, though, and put them in my boots.) So with the two products combined, keep quite warm.

Fairly easy to use, but can be messy (see Cons).

CONS: Messy to fill and the accompanying fill cup and funnel is pretty useless and in fact dangerous as you will spill lighter fluid on yourself and the hand warmer. The hand warmer did flame up a couple times using that method - but I was using our gas stove to light it, which is a bad idea. (seemed like a good idea at the time).

If you use a butane torch type lighter or stove, you can heat up the wick enough that it hardens like a rock. This will keep the flame underneath the catalyst from starting, regardless of how much fuel you have in the hand warmer. I'm guessing this is a problem for some people whose hand warmer 'stops' working after awhile - it did with mine.


If your hand warmer isn't working as well as it was when you first bought it, try poking at the wick inside the warmer. Is it hard on the top? Pull it through with a metal pick and cut off the part that has hardened and then fluff the wick and try again.

As in the video, upon first use fluff the wick up a bit.

If you filled it with the filling cup that comes with it, did you push the wick down so as not to spill the fluid? You might have pushed the wick down too far, pull it up a bit so its at least flush with the metal grate at the top.

* Skip using the filling cup and guesstimate fluid. You'll get better guessing with time. ( you'll just spill fluid using that idiotically designed cup).

* Press down the wick with the Zippo lighter fluid can, using the tip of the filler to press down - this will help to not spill lighter fluid on your handwarmer or hands, dangerous.

* Handwarmer doesn't work outside. Make sure its getting enough oxygen. If I put them in my front jean pockets, it will extinguish the hand warmer. If its exposed directly to the cold (outside pocket), I do believe if its cold enough outside it will extinguish the small flame. I put my handwarmer in my inside coat pocket and leave the pocket unzipped - has always been quite warm. While I'm sure the company won't advise this (and I'll say it with GREAT caution), I just leave the handwarmer out of the bag and put it in my pocket. Be CAREFUL, it will get very hot, not quite burning yourself hot, but enough to hurt if you grab onto it.

* As far as extinguishing it, I put it in a SMALL tupperware box and close the lid, that seems to work. In the video the guy pops the catalyst off in his hands, I would NOT do that, it is freaking hot.

Hope that was helpful. I'm not sure about the one star reviews, I'd like to see what they were doing and how they were lighting the hand warmers, as its pretty simple - I mean really simple and straightforward. I've recommended this to several people - who have purchased them - and they have had zero problems to date.

* ADDENDUM: Also found that if you don't use the measuring cup you can overfill the hand warmer. Experiment with it for further troubleshooting and found that if you overfill it, light it, and turn it on its side or upside down, the fuel will not vaporize and actually extinguish the flame. So, in this case you'll probably want to leave it for a day or so before trying to light it again. What worked for me was to light it and hold the hand warmer upright until it was hot. You can see what I mean if you think you've overfilled it, light it until it glows then flip it upside down with the cap off, you'll hear it be extinguished by the fluid (vapor is what burns, not fluid).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good product, February 11, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Bought 2 of these last month. They work great and look good.The burn time gets better after a break in period, maybe 2, 6 hour burns. I filled the filling despenser 1/4 the way past the middle line and got an 8 hour burn time, fill them to the top line and they will last close to 12 hrs. If you take them out of your pocket and hold them in your hand they loose heat. I think they need the insulation from your clothing and body heat to stay hot. I put one in my front shirt pocket and I feel the the warmth in my chest then the warmer blood circulates and spreads the heat through out my body. I'm happy with my purchase.
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