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on September 27, 2013
Zippo lighters are the best out there, period. I have been smoking a pipe for a long time, and my trusty zippo pipe lighter has always (and continues to) work reliably. I have had a chrome Zippo pipe lighter for over 8 years (matches before that) and it still, to this day, works like the day I got it. The ony reason I got this particular one (same one, different color) is that I wanted to treat myself to a different color. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING has ever gone wrong with my Zippo, and the only things nI have ever had to do to it have been: refuel, change flint, change wick. I have dropped it, sat on it, and it still works.

There are a lot of pipe lighters out there, many will cost you several times more than this and will not last you. Go ahead and research the fancier pipe lighters out there, you will find that something always goes wrong with them. Zippo has, for generations, made a quality product at a low price, and it continues to do so. They stand behind their product 100% and, in the unlikely event that something does break they will send you a replacement part FREE.

Butane lighters are cool looking, but do not last without costly repairs. If you want consistent performance, year after year, either get matches or a Zippo, a fancy and expensive lighter with electric ignition will not last you. Go ahead, search the "main players" out there and see waht people are saying.

A few things to keep in mind:

- People complain that the lighter spills fluid, but this only happens if you over fill it. Add fluid until you see the wick gets moist (without dripping) and you will be fine.
- People out there complain that they can taste the lighter fluid. Well, I never had this issue.
- People complain they have to re-fill the lighter (DUH! it's a re-fillable lighter). A fill will last you about a week, I'd say that's reasonable.
- One thin I heard that it is absolutely and utterly ridiculuous is that you have to such the flame down too hard to get it to the tobacco. If you have to suck like a vacuum cleaner to light your tobacco, you simply do not know how to pack your pipe, period.

I will not spend 10 times as much for Chinese made garbage when I can get a good, quality product, at a fraction of the price, made in the U.S. and guaranteed for life. Trust me, you are unlikely to ever have to use the warranty.

Matches are great for lighting a pipe, but not as convenient. Bic lighters are good to have stuck in a drawer if you run out of fluid or matches. If you want a proper pipe lighter that will last you your entire life time and will be easy on the wallet, get a Zippo.
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on October 11, 2008
Pros: Does what it's supposed to do:
- Lights my pipe without going out/acting funny.
- Lets the flame burn freely when held at 90 degrees.
- Makes it VERY hard to burn the rim, and very easy to light the pipe - the flame simply gets drawn down to the 'baccy, where it belongs.
- Fits ANY Zippo lighter body. Drop in replacement for the standard cage-style 'windproof' lighter.

Con: Just something to be aware of:
- The top of the flame cage is a little bit loose at first, and may come off (just a bit of stamped metal over the wick (removable for wick maintenance). After 10 or so pipe fulls, it had tempered enough from the heat to become firmly seated.

Works VERY well, a quality product that is easy to use. Unlike torch lighters that require careful aim, the zippo flame follows the draught of air as you puff. It's just foolproof!
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on July 24, 2009
The Zippo pipe lighter is a reliable budget lighter for pipe smokers. Its pipe insert works well for pipes up to 3" deep. Because the flame doesn't touch the tobacco until it is drawn in, the result is a very soft flame. It seems that it is even softer than a match flame. This produced a very sweet smoke, just like when using matches. The Zippo makes it much more convenient to light a pipe than using matches. It is also much easier to use than lighters that you have to spin the lighter wheel (like Bic). Sometimes I'd knock my pipe when I spin the wheel too close to the pipe, I don't like that at all. The zippo rests on top of the pipe rim without scorching it and it makes aiming the flame very easy.

The problem with the zippo is that it doesn't hold the fluid in very well. I think I was supposed to fluff up the raydon cotton balls first before filling it, because I shook it a bit and fluid began flying out. This did not happen with my generic zippo lighters and the difference was that the raydon balls were filled to the brim. Zippos are also known to have its fluid evaporate too quickly, requiring refills. This seems to be true, I had to refill within less than 20 lights. But again, this could be due to my not fluffing out the raydon balls first. This is also why I say that this lighter is good for casual pipe smokers, as it may require more refills than decent a butane lighter. The new black can zippo fluid didn't seem to add taste to the smoke, there were instances where I tasted a hint of fluid but was gone after the lighter was removed. The new fluid still smells just as bad as the normal kind but I have not done a taste comparison.

Overall, the zippo pipe lighter seems to have a lot of good advantages over butane lighters. Unless you have a much more expensive lighter that can produce a nice soft flame, I don't think you can really beat the zippo for the price & reliability. Zippos are also very reliable and all parts can be replaced. I have a Maruman lighter from my dad, it's a beautiful lighter and supposedly works great. But it leaks butane, it needs a new gasket and the filling hole is not standard, it also needs a new coin battery and I think the lighter needs a thorough cleaning. With a zippo, I can easily repair whatever is wrong with it, and even if I had to replace the lighter, it's not very expensive at all. Highly recommended.
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on July 8, 2011
Like all zippo products I've ever owned this a is a quality lighter that works just as intended. Works great for lighting a pipe, and when using the "black" zippo lighter fluid, I have not noticed any undesired flavors from the lighter. The pipe "insert" is the same shape as every other standard insert (just the chimney is different) and can be swapped into any other zippo "case" which is a plus since I have a number of older cases I am rather fond of. Indoors I still use matches to light my pipe but outdoors this is an excellent tool to have and is a lot less work then matches. As a note this lighter is specifically designed for lighting a pipe, it must be held sideways for the flame to protrude from the chimney so unless you are intending to use this as a pipe lighter I would stick with a regular Zippo.
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on February 3, 2016
As a pipe smoker I always gravitate back to Zippo lighters. I've owned this black model and several others over the past 20yrs. Since the internet began, various persons have said on forums that zippo's impart flavor to Tobaccos and even pipes. I took this as gospel and invested in multiple angled butane lighters from $20 to $175 over the past 20 years. Most have broken. In general, I'm done with Butane lighters. They always seem to break at the most inopportune time. I've never had a Zippo break & love the look, ergonomics and reliability. Plus, knowing that Zippo employs people in my home state is reason enough to use these lighters. But again, there was always that reservation in my mind created by forum posts..."The Zippo imparts flavor". I consider myself a serious pipe guy, so therefore I should have all the right tools for the job. I had relegated the zippo as a pipe for more rustic smoking tasks - like smoking a corncob while doing outdoor chores, but had never tried it with other tobacco's or pipes. Surely if forum experts don't light their Briars with a Zippo, neither should I...Anyway, I didn't notice that a Zippo ever affected the taste at all of any pouched Burleys I smoke & I'm perfectly sure the guys that landed at Normandy who smoked pipes and happened to own a Zippo weren't debating if it affected the flavor of their tobacco.

I decided to conduct my own experiment over the month of January'16. I tried the zippo with several briars from a Kaywoodie full of Half and Half to a tinned English Blend in a rather pricey Castello. All lit with a zippo. I try to keep the wick fresh and trimmed at about 1/2 way up the height of the windscreen to avoid any rim scorch and I do not use the top insert that comes with the Zippo pipe lighters. I use currently manufactured Zippo fluid. I let the flame burn a second before touching to tobacco as one usually would. The results are pretty clear to me. Generally, I get a little taste of fluid on the charring light and then the initial light. Then Wow, things are perfectly normal. Neither Burley, Aromatic, English or VaPer felt like there was any taste imparted that impacted the experience. Progressive relights toward bottom of bowl, again a slight taste on 1st puff then normal smoking as one would expect. I did not get the sense my tobacco or pipe was tainted from lighting with a zippo several times. I will say that when smoking the most delicate of Va flakes in a more delicate pipe (think Size 2-3 Dunhill) the zippo can feel a little cumbersome. But again, these types of smokes are more ritualized for me and wooden matches are in order. But for the majority of my pipe smoking - indoors,outdoors & behind the wheel, the zippo is the way to go.

I do not discount others' sense that a zippo imparts flavor top the tobacco or pipe. For this pipe smoker it does not. Our senses are different. I would implore anyone to try a pipe Zippo for themself before investing in a much pricier butane platform. I'm sold on Zippos as my pipe lighting method of of choice 95% of the time.
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on January 17, 2013
I have had Zippo lighters for going on 45 years and few have been as disappointing as this particular article. Using Zippo brand fluid, I fill it up and within the waking day, it has gone dry. It is now relegated to stuff drawer and an older, battered and bruised Zippo has been called out of retirement. I do like the flat black finish and the itty-bitty pipe depicted on one side, and the special pipe-smoker's cowl over the wick would be nice if the damn thing didn't go dry so fast.
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on October 4, 2014
A great lighter. Nice looking too, in an understated way. After using it for a while, I got tired of the lighter fuel, so I got the Thunderbird butane insert. I couldn’t be happier if I were twins. Two excellent products mated together. Better wind resistance than the Zippo insert and without the smell.
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on March 2, 2016
The facts:

1) Well made
2) Lights very clean and quickly
3) Lighter fluid dries out within a week
4) If you dont smoke daily you will refill this after almost every use

- Its hard to give this a average review as the product works.....and if I smoked every day I probably wouldn't care but.....ehhh drying out so quickly makes this more of a fun product to have vs one I can quickly pick up and use any time. So 3 stars because it does what its designed to do, but doesn't actually fit my personal use without me dumping lighter fluid into it each time.
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on January 15, 2013
For a pipe smoker, lighting the pipe is a process. Matches are the best method, since they don't impart a chemical taste into the tobacco (provided you allow the end to burn up completely. However, matches have drawbacks, specifically the difficulty of lighting them one-handed, their inherently short burn time, and their susceptibility to wind. In a perfect situation, I'd use matches. But a lighter is much more convenient. And a Zippo is a great lighter. For the pipe smoker, this is a very useful tool, with some minor flaws. Here's my opinion:
Easy to light - one flick usually does it
Stays lit - don't have to worry about burning your fingers
Soft flame - lights well, with no scorching
The special chimney - allows the flame to be drawn into the bowl - just the way a match would be used

The little metal part on top of the chimney keeps falling off. I have lit mine a couple dozen times, and it has not "tempered" as one reviewer put it. Maybe it will later on, I don't know. It's not a big deal, just a minor annoyance.
Like all my other Zippo lighters, you have to be careful how much fluid you put in it. Too much, and the first time you light it, the whole thing is on fire. The fluid container is not sealed, so any fluid that is not absorbed by the material inside will leak out. Another problem I've had with Zippo's is that if you let them sit, the fluid will eventually evaporate. It's frustrating because as much as I love Zippo's, it's annoying to light one only to find out the fluid is gone. My solution, then, is to keep a can of fluid with my Zippo, so I'll always have some on hand. If I know I'm going somewhere I won't have fluid, I just top off the lighter. Again, I knew these issues ahead of time, but I still think Zippo should be able to improve their product. If anyone has found solutions to these issues, I'd be happy to hear them.
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on January 14, 2016
Great way to light your pipe. Be aware because of the pipe insert, the wind can put this one out, (due to the large hole for the flame). You can combat this I've found, by lighting it sideways as if you are already trying to light your pipe. I've also found letting the lighter burn for a couple of seconds gets rid of the fuel taste many complain about. I would say if you want your finish of your pipe to remain pristine, consider leaving it in a pocket of your pants that has nothing else in it. I keep it in a pocket with my tamper, (Scotte metal tamper) and it has left some scratches and a worn spot down to bare metal. I don't really care as I feel it brings some what of an antique feel and look to the lighter.
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