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Platform: PC/Mac|Edition: Game of the Year|Change
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on August 18, 2009
You wouldn't guess it from looking out your window, but the plants in your yard lead a very secret, dual existence. I'm not talking about the tomatoes and cucumbers you've got growing on the vine, which both look good and taste good. I'm talking about how they've sworn to defend you and your home from zombies. See, there's a long-standing grudge between plants and zombies. It turns out that zombies aren't much in the gardening department. Rather than discussing fertilizer and crop rotation, the typical zombie conversation is along the lines of,

"Brains? Brains brains... brains. Brains!"

No, zombies not much for repartee, and will usually just eat any plants in the path between them and some warm, gooey brains. Seeing as talking either plants or zombies is a losing venture, Popcap games have created Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) to give an insight into this fascinating and fun, little discussed world.

The purpose of PvZ is quite simple, use a variety of plants to keep the zombies from getting into your house and eat your brains. You simply collect falling sunlight and sunlight created by sunflowers to purchase other plants with which you can attack wave after wave of zombies.

Easy, right?

The zombies aren't just your every day, dumb zombies. No, they'll attack at night, when you can't count on sunlight to fall from the sky. And if that doesn't work, they'll try your back yard - as I said, these zombies are relentless. On top of that, they've got whatever items they had when they became zombies. Some crafty zombies will pole vault over your defenses. Others will launch basketballs. Some nefarious zombies will attempt to moon-walk their way into your heart, or at least your kitchen so that they can sample your tasty brains. Crafty, like I said.

Whenever you clear a wave of zombies, you are often awarded a new plant for use in your arsenal. On top of that, your stock-pot wearing neighbor Crazy Dave will show up occasionally, with words of wisdom and items to purchase which just might help in the battle. He's a good neighbor, that Crazy Dave.

I highly recommend PvZ - it is an addictive game that will suck away the hours - a full five-moose ranking. Beyond the adventure mode, Popcap have a number of other challenges types of play to keep things interesting. Puzzles, survival mode, and even a zen garden are there when you need a break from wave after wave grey-matter munchers. If I were to have a quibble with the game, it would be the robotic zombie finale? Can Dr. Robotnik be far away? Also, what about an extra-hard adventure mode where there are no last-resort lawnmowers to protect your home, or the zombies have bulked up on ZGH (duh - zombie growth hormone)?

PvZ runs on any mac with 10.4.11, 512 mb ram and a 1.66 ghz Intel Core Duo processor - it looks insanely great on my 24" iMac. The action will suck you in, along with anyone else in the room, who will cheer on your . A free download is available to give you a one-hour taste of the game, and then it's $19.95 to purchase. The soundtrack is catchy, and the music video will have you humming about zombies on your lawn for days. I'll probably have to uninstall it after I finish this review, just so that I can start getting things done again. Who am I kidding - just one more game...

Reviewed initially for the Alaskan Apple User's Group
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A few weeks ago, I bought Zuma's Revenge because I liked the original Zuma. Well, on that PopCap PC game, there were several trial games, one being Plants Vs. Zombies.

"How stupid", I thought. But for some reason, I decided to install the trial version to see what it was.

Holy cow, talk about instant addiction!

I won't describe the game because it's been done here ad infinitum, but just know this game is SO FUN and addicting! I finally finished it last night (yes, I was having so much fun that I bought the full version in a store a few days ago, even though the trial offers about 1/3 of the game), but there are STILL a lot of fun mini-games to play and unlock. These are about as much fun as the actual game! (Beghouled, a twist on Bejeweled, is very clever...)

Basically, this is a strategy game, because different zombies have varying strengths and weak points (for example, a zombie carrying a screen door is best defeated with a bubble plant). So before the game, you have to choose exactly WHICH plants you want (which also have various strengths). These plants are powered by sunflowers, and clicking on the suns they provide to grow the plants.

The music is light-hearted (and hard to get out your head!), and Crazy Dave is, well, crazy! LOL My 11 year old pulled up a chair when I was playing the trial and wanted to have it. So of course, when we saw it in the store, we both lunged towards it! (He's about 3/4 through it and LOVES it. He frequently laughs out loud, too. The Garlic Plants are especially funny--zombies are grossed out by them and switch lanes...)

Get Plants Vs. Zombies. You won't regret it! It's the best PC game I do believe I've ever bought (and I own dozens).

Janet Boyer, Author of Back in Time Tarot
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on September 6, 2009
It's fun! Filled with Zombies who are after BRAINS!

I've always been a fan of monster/zombie games. When I saw this game on popcap, I was a bit skeptical as I always am when it comes to buying a game for my Macbook Pro.

This game is entertaining right from the start! And I also love the "Crazy Dave" character. He's really funny and just adds to the already-a-blast game of "Plants vs. Zombies"!

Lots of different plants are your arsenal of weapons to use to keep the zombies back from your house. There are many different types of Zombies as well. Some are more powerful than others so you have to use a bit of strategy (and economy) when deciding what types of plants to use against them.

Very addictive! I can't stop playing it. The sign of a truly great game in any genre.
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on June 11, 2010
I'm sure I'll get 'no' votes on if this review is helpful (you know, for people who HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME YET) by people who scourge reviews, making sure everyone thinks the same as they do, but after beating the game recently, I figured I'd get an unbiased one up. Yes, Plants vs Zombies is fun. It's easy to pick up and play, is fun for all ages, and the character designs will draw in fans of Invader Zim. But when I beat the game, I actually said "that was it?" out loud. The main game isn't very long, and there are other gameplay modes, but I can't help but feel like this whole thing was just a demo for a bigger version coming out later this year.

Zombies are trying to get into your house, and the only way to stop them is with plants. You start defending your house in your backyard, where zombies are trying to get through the back door. Each plant does something different, and you'll be needing to use a lot of different types in order to keep the zombies out. Sunflowers net you more sun energy, which is needed to deploy each plant. Pea shooters do as their name suggests- they shoot peas, and come in a few varieties. Wallnuts wall out zombies and take a long time to be eaten, so you can set one of these up as your offense takes out the zombies while they're eating it. Later on you'll get some creative plants, like corn that launches butter, mushrooms that act as mini-nukes, a cactus that shoots needles to pop balloons if a zombie tries to get sneaky and go for an air raid...and much more. This is one area the game shines- creativity with the plants, and even zombie types. You get the standard ones that slowly walk toward your home, a Michael Jackson one that does the Thriller dance and summons other zombies, zombies with ladders that will go over your plants, and leave the ladder there for others to climb up as well. There's even one that drives a zamboni, leaving a trail of ice behind it.

The game is divided into thirds kind of- you start out defending the back yard, then it gets a pool, then you end up on the roof. Levels are also divided into day and night, and some plants are only usable at certain times of the day, like mushrooms. And it's here where I wish there were more variety with the levels. I know you're defending -your house-, but why not other homes or stores too? I got tired of looking at the same map level after level after level. Things got interesting when there'd be fog at night, and you can only see half of the screen unless you get a clover that fans it away for a short time, but that was about as far as it went with weather conditions. Why not have clouds come in during the day, adding more challenge so that you get less sun energy? There's also a few other gameplay modes- puzzle, survival and mini-games, and they're fun too, but survival is the main one you'll be playing after beating the game. A lot of people take this game seriously, and there are many topics on what the best setup is for having an impressive score there.

Visually, the game looks ok. Animations are limited but the character designs are great. This is a bit different from the usual PopCap style, but a big part of the appeal is in these wacked out characters. There's only a couple of tracks playing in the background, and voices are limited to zombie groans and sound effects for the plants.

Maybe I'm being too hard on it, especially given the nice low price, but I would've liked more variety in level types, and a longer main game mode, or even online multiplayer where one side is plants and the other deploys the zombies. Maybe those will be in the sequel? Either way, Plants vs Zombies is definitely worth your time, but just know what you're getting into. And hey, you can get the demo and see if you like it before buying.
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on December 11, 2009
Having played many flash fort defense games and tower defense maps made by users I felt good buying a game like this.

It's a fun and addicting game with a good deal of extra content.

I bought this game with Borderlands in order to pass some of my down time out here in Afghanistan, was really dissapointed when I opened up Borderlands, put the cd in my laptop, and found that it required the internet to install. (impossible where I am at, I am posting this entry on a community computer they set up in town at the local MWR)

It cheered me up when I put in Plants vs Zombies, had a quick install, and was ready to play about a minute later.

Pros: Fun game with a good amount of variation in strategies to defend your house from zombies (50 plants to choose from)
survival, puzzle, and mini game modes were a nice addition
The zen garden is enjoyable also. (I grew my tree of wisdom to 55ft, and am dismayed that it cost 2500 gold per ft now)
The almanac is a blast for completionists, I am still looking for the last zombie to fill in my last spot.
Good humor, can see that the development team had fun making this

Cons: kindda on the kiddy side, but it makes for wholesome fun, (doesn't bother me, and I am 23)
sometimes when you build tall plants on the uppermost lane it blocks out your plant choosing icons (a bother in survival mode where they attack you relentlessly, but not a big deal if you can remember where all your plants are in their slots)
the level progression bar on the bottom right of the screen blocks the view of some of the plants you put on the lowest lane, but it's not a big deal, I just figured they coulda moved it to the upper right of the screen then it wouldn't block anything

Overall I highly recommend this game, had to be really nitpicky just to find cons on it.
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on August 18, 2009
I don't play casual games often and never tried a casual strategy game before. I tried it out after seeing my brother play it on his computer, and I could not stop playing. I ended up playing it everyday until I beat most of it, and had a fantastic time to the very end. The humor is very well done - the types and personalities of plants and zombies are hilarious (the Tallnut, a defensive unit, sheds a single tear when it's close to dying). The gameplay is fast-paced but not so challenging that it gets frustrating. Some of the plants, which you use as weapons or defense, are not as useful as others, but part of the fun is in deciding which plants to put in your limited slots.

In addition to the main Adventure mode, the game includes four other modes: Mini-Games, Puzzle, Survival, and Zen Garden (where you grow plants that drop coins). These other game modes, other than Zen Garden, are all very "meaty" and just as fun to play as the Adventure mode (although a couple of the mini-games were more challenging than anything else I'd encountered). They are highly imaginative spins on the plants vs zombies formula, and none of them felt repetitive. I especially loved the mini-game "Beghouled", which is a version of Bejeweled where you match up the plants while fighting off the zombies trying to eat them.

I didn't complete every little piece of this game, but I did play most of it and probably took 20 hours, give or take. The important part is that not a single minute was tedious. Casual or not, this is one of the best games I've played.
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on September 19, 2009
Plants vs Zombies is another sign of just how much fun a simple concept and casual gameplay can go. Easy to learn, but with just the right amount of depth to keep you involved with new tricks and tactics as you go along. The pacing is great too, mixing things up just in time to keep it from getting too repetitive.

Adorable and funny classic 2-D artwork. Now there's a style that doesn't get enough respect these days. The soundtrack also tends to be catchy without being intrusive, and the credits song is one of the best since Portal's "Still Alive."

While the game is rather click intensive, it's good to see that Pop Cap continues to produce games to remind us why games are fun.
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VINE VOICEon February 5, 2011
Plants Vs. Zombies is said to be the number one fastest selling video game by Popcap and now I see why...I really don't buy a lot of video/computer games but this game is addictive and when I played a bit of this I knew I had to have it. The game concept is simple. You use defensive plants that are all armed to prevent zombies from reaching your house and eating your brains- A kind of tower defense concept. All of the plants and zombies have different personalities and the plants are alive in a sense. Some move, blink and all do different things to prevent the zombies from reaching your house.

The Plants-

To name a few we have "Peashooters"- a pea plant that spits out peas at the zombies, a "Squash"- who squashes the zombie when it gets near it, a "Tall-Nut" which blocks the zombies path as he munches through it, Watermelon Catapults, Cactuses that spit spikes, bombs, mines, mushrooms which sleep during the day, sunflowers which produce sun for you to use the plants and many more. Probably around 49 different plants you can collect. You get a certain number of slots for different plants to use during each level, you can buy up to 10.

The Zombies-

The Zombies are all different. Some of them are normal zombies, which are easy to beat, some have road cones on their heads (even harder), metal buckets (very hard) and some are giants ( which carries a baby on his back), also football players, a zombie from the 70's who wears bell bottoms and has back up dancers and many more. There was another zombie dancer originally and I liked him better but they had to take him out of the game due to him resembling a certain celebrity who lets say you know as once performing as a zombie and dancing. So now that they took him out of the game they replaced him with a zombie who wears bell bottoms and basically is a 70's dancer, along with 4 backup dancers coming towards the house. We even have a dolphin zombie... Also, a secret zombie who you discover the 2nd time around in Adventure Mode. There's tons of them.

The levels include Day/Night, Pool and Roof. In each of these levels you fight against the zombies in your yard during the day, the night-time, the pool, the pool at night, the roof during the day and finally fight the big Dr. Zomboss who rides a huge mechanical zombie and sits inside it while throwing out a bunch of zombies and squashing your plants.

Not only do you get the levels, you also get 20 Mini-Games, Survival Mode, Puzzles, Almanacs and Awards. Plus a Zen Garden to grow plants and sell them to a guy named "Crazy Dave"- this guy sells you goods and plants, you can buy a bunch of stuff from him.

You can also buy an Aquarium Garden, a snail to pick up silver and gold coins that the plants give, A Mushroom Garden and a Tree of Wisdom (which grows) that you feed with fertilizer and spouts out different "tips" for the game as well as doing special things when it reaches a certain height.- For instance you can grow it to 100 or 500 feet and at a certain height the zombies will do special things in the game. Plus you can make your own Zombie Avatar and he also appears in the game itself, so far i've made three and they all appear in the game spontaneously, as one of the zombies coming to the house.

There's also a music video at the end, the credits which has the sunflower singing and the zombies all dancing/ If you listen to it a couple times it's very catchy and the songs sticks in your head.

There are many Easter Eggs in this game, different things to discover, and tons of stuff. This is like a bunch of different video game concepts in one. Especially with the mini-games. There's such a variation and if you beat the Adventure Mode, The Survival Mode is even harder, so you have that to challenge you.

This game is well worth the money considering the hours of fun you'll get out of it. I have been playing it on-n-off for a month and I'm still not finished with everything. I still have survival modes to complete, still haven't grown my Wisdom Tree enough to see them dance, and still haven't completed a mini-game.

My only complaint is I wish there were more levels or different scenes. As in we get the Daytime Yard, The Roof, The Pool and Dark. I wish there were another background or more levels to play though there is a lot....

They should release Plants Vs. Zombies 2- I would definitely buy it. It's a great game. Never would I dream up the thought of using plants as a defense against zombies but this actually works. It's absurd but it's brilliant. Highly Recommended.
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on April 24, 2012
I confess! I am a mature woman that enjoys computer and video games. I REALLY enjoyed this one until I beat it. With the different levels and mini-games, this is a great guilty pleasure. I played it through about four times and along the way acquired a healthy Zen Garden. The pros were that it was easy to learn for any age; the progressive difficulties were fun to master but not impossible; and the graphics and sound were nice for an animated game. On the negative side the game was a bit short for my taste (a sequel would be great). While the mini-games were fun, we could have used a few more that unlocked earlier in the game play to earn more coins for purchasing upgrades. My comment on the Zen Garden is that it seems to serve no purpose other than to provide coins. By the time you get plants for the garden, you really don't need any more coins for upgrades.
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on September 19, 2009
Very fun, very addictive and very challenging. Awesome graphics and music make this game really cool and the various plant weapons are great. Very origional and fun as hell, well worth the money. Don't let the zombies get to your house! Ready, set, PLANT!!
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