Customer Reviews: Zoom G21DM Dave Mustaine G2.1Nu Pedal
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on November 15, 2011
Bought one a few weeks back and Can honestly say it is very good. I hear a lot of people always saying signature stuff sucks, But i own a line-6 hd and pod and have a tube and digital amp and it works great for both, I like the digital effects and let me say that if you put several of your favorite distortion boxes up against this you will never hear a difference! The MT2 to the MXR DS+ and MXR-OD1 all the way to the overdrives that are the TS-808 sound, You cannot even hear a difference. Has a proco RAT, Fuzz face, Big Muff, DS1, Marshall Guv nor, And tons more, The amps it imulates are top of the line in sound . Peavey 5150, Fender Twin, Mesa Boogie Mark III and Dual rectifier which i own and it is spot on with that amp, Hiwatt, Marshall 1959 lead, Diezel Herbert, Vox AC30TBX, and the good old Marshall JCM-2000. Plus Dave went all out here and put early NWOBHM sounds in here from UFO to Judas priest to early def leppard, and a killer painkiller patch that is so good it is uncanny. He goes really far on this and added 40 patches that span each of his albums, from killing all the way to his end game album. The piece sells tones are perfect and capture that record better than anything i ever dialed in. The megalead he added for those first two records is just plain cool. And he even has a devils island patch. But thats just a few. It has all the original G2.1 tones and a great metalcore type of pedal which i think sounds like early Entombed on left hand path. It can get up there in gain like the new Fullbore Metal. If you like Metalcore or nu-metal. All can be tweaked with the gain, tone, and level knobs. and has a built in equalizer. It is a terrific signature pedal. But one of the best features of this fun pedal is that "Big Four" patch that captures the sound of slayer and anthrax and Metallica in their early years. A tweakable sort of preset with that chorus and reverb to add a little spread or open type gain sound they used to use to get that classic American thrash sound. It works real well with solid state amps too. I could not even hear much difference in a tube or solid state. They both worked equally well through mine. It can also be personal preference, but i see no reason to not love this pedal. Dave obviously put a lot of effort into it. the pedal is neat and has a wah and volume pedal. You can loop and record and share tones and riffs online. Or create your own with over 100 free banks. It also has blues and clean tones as well from all areas of music. And a really great acoustic simulator. And it's made well. Tough rubber and metal. Lights up real nice and has every distortion you could ask for.
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on April 18, 2013
This is a GREAT deal at $99... it is the same pedal with a different look as to the Zoom ZG21NU Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and USB Interface but at 1/2 the price!!! the great thing is that if you want all the factor pre-loaded patches as the ZG21NU you can just go to Zoom's web site and download them and put them into the extra memory slots... and if you ask me it looks better too =) I love the different look of the pedal itself and the graphic overlay is nice to... you can not get more bang for you buck then this pedal right here and it comes with some awesome metal patches that you just can't get anywhere else... Dave & Zoom are a GREAT combo and at the price Sam Ash is selling them for you simply would half to be out of your mind to not pick this up for $99!!!
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on May 18, 2013
Very nice pedal. I'm not a metal guy, so I got this device to reuse the preset banks for other styles. The USB interface was easy enough to use and after some research I was able to download a couple dozen sound configurations off a community website for patches. You don't have to lose the original metal patches either, as they are stored in the system in a different area.

The settings allow for a ton of different sounds. To be honest I have not even begun making good use out of the rich patch-making system with plenty of options for customizing your sound. I was so satisfied with the patches I downloaded that I've stopped creating sounds and got on with playing.

So far I've tested this with two guitars, one with sweet SG-type pickups, and another with hot Strat-style pickups. These guitars have unique sounds and so the sounds coming out of the pedal are, of course, affected by the guitar plugged in. So getting the sounds just, just, just right does require matching the guitar setup to the software gear setup. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that you can't get an excellent stage-quality sound out of any preset regardless of the guitar, and then working on your patch to adjust can often yield exactly what you are looking for. I do believe the biggest part of your sound is not the guitar but the gear, and with this pedal you are set with all the gear anyone needs to reproduce all the top sounds, and create your own.

Other notes:
Shipped pretty fast by Sam Ash. Comes with charger, and it can also be powered via USB. I'm not into metal but I like the look and feel of this thing just fine.

It's hard to find something wrong with this effects box, but I'll say that I'm not quite getting the interface just yet, and that's in part because the desktop interface is such a jump up that I don't want to fiddle with the tiny LCD screen on the device. I'm sure that going over the instructions a couple of times would help too, but even without getting the hang of the knobs it is very easy to get to your sound presets and play all day.
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on August 2, 2013

I have a Korg Pandora's Box, and Behringer V-Amp. This thing blows them all away. The preset Dave Mustaine tones are SPOT ON with the right amp setup, but honestly the other presets are even better. Having all the user-customizable slots is great too, and you can get some really crazy stuff going on if you get deep enough into the custom settings.

This is also REALLY well-built. Like, it's a friggin' tank. Mostly metal with rubber bumpers on each end, and it has that "heavy because it's quality but not so heavy you wouldn't want to carry it around" quality. I would definitely buy again, but unless I lose it somehow, I don't think I'll have to.
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on March 10, 2013
I thought I would have to ignore the Dave Mustaine name everywhere but it turns out to look nice, the design gives it a different look than the G2.NU variants and for it being $100 less expensive than the plain G2.NU I don't mind.
Neither the G2.NU sold by Amazon nor this mentioned what came in the box, I didn't know if I had to buy the recommended $25 charger, so, This comes with: Charger, thin DM signature printed and zoom insignia printed guitar pick which melts if you drag it along the strings, a manual, a "Backstage pass"(haven't tried it, don't think I will, if it is a legitimate backstage pass and anyone wants it reply to this) and other insignificant things.
Basically, no need to buy a charger, if you don't mind the design and the barely noticeable DM signature on the front and don't want to pay $100 more for the plain G2.NU one this is the right one for you.
As for build. The buttons and foot switches seem sturdy, pedal is sturdy and sensitive, knobs have a strong feel to them.
If you have any questions ask.
It says to allow for 2-3 days for processing but for me it was only 1 day. Ordered on a Sunday, got a "package has been sent" notification the next day, Monday, on Wednesday or Thursday I tracked it to a place just outisde my city, got held up outside my city for 4 days by FedEx, and arrived the next week on Tuesday. Total since order placement: ~9 days on free shipping.
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on August 27, 2013
Of course it doesn't replace your favorite dedicated stomp box, but this thing is a zillion sounds in a small package.

And it's a tuner with many open tuning presets.

...and it's a metronome.

The greatest thing this does is bring sound and tone to you...that you have often never heard.

Lots of user-made preset patches out there too.

Think of it as a practical musical exploration tool that just happens to be a kick-but effects pedal.

I say buy it.
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on August 10, 2013
If you like to rock and play guitar then this is well worth the 100 bucks. So many choices and so much time to enjoy them. The software is fun and lets you really expand the use of this wonderful unit and after a few downloads between the recording program and the Zoom editor I was soon off to fun land. after I got the USB all hooked up and all the programs patched I was able to figure out how to switch out pedal board set ups I only dreamed about and with 100 user saves I will have years of enjoyment out of this well built device. It's so cool to have so much power in one little unit.
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on July 17, 2013
I bought this because cost/value, it was the best deal. It does tons. I am still figuring out everything it can do. The effects sounds great, the way-wah is nice too ( though it is not a cry baby). Here is a little list to go by, and I am NOT a professional:
Like: tons of effects, I can plug it up to my computer and modify effects (sounds more like a cry baby now), can download patches from ZOOM and other people (equals more effects), looper is NEAT, Dave Mustaine did a fantastic job on his custom patches, pedal looks killer, not only has tons of Dave patches but also has tons of standard stuff. I play Megadeth and it sounds just like Dave, which makes me feel like I am cheating a little.

Dislikes: wah-wah (just not that good stock), effects list (it leaves out some, but you can go to ZOOM and get a full list)

Why did it 5 stars? Dude the pedal is awesome! It has the PERFECT effect for so many things. BB King sounds better, blues has more of a old school sound, Pantera, Metallica, Deth, the list goes on. There is an effect that fits everything you need. Play Pantera Floods on the Ocean effect and it will send chills up your spine! And play old school Chuck Berry on Overdrive, perhaps Old Time Rock and Roll or a little Elvis, gotta try it. It is that good a pedal!
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on June 11, 2013
I had sold most of my guitar equipment off several years ago except for an older 2x12 marshall combo amp.
I started playing again more often than not, and I wanted a combo pedal with a few sounds to mess around with. I didn't want to spend an arm and leg for any more equipment (I realized I'm not ever going to be a rockstar). I started off with a Boss Metalzone pedal, and was thinking of getting one of those again as I loved that, but stumbled across this pedal. I love megadeth and Dave's older sound, and this pedal had more than just distortion, so I was sold on it from the get go.

The pedal is sturdy and doesn't feel like it's going to break if you drop it or step on it too hard.
It comes preset with several sounds to emulate old megadeth songs, which are absolutely awesome.
The interface is fairly intuitive and switching / setting up sounds is not as much as a chore as some other pedals I've used.
Switching between sounds is seamless, I've yet to experience any pop or delay in the sound.

Overall if you're looking for a pedal with a wide array of sounds and effects and don't want to spend an absurd amount of cash then this is what you're looking for.
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on December 10, 2013
Where do I start? I've been playing hard rock and metal since 1978 and I have never found a pedal that sound so freaking good - straight out-of the box! I have yet to tweak the pedal b/c I'm happy with all the basic presets. It does more than I ever expected it to do. All I was hoping for was a distortion pedal that would make my Crate GLX 15 sound better. I live in an apartment and I can't crank up my 100 watt Crate and my Crate practice amp sounds dull. I was just hoping for a distortion pedal that would enhance my practice and nothing more. But this thing sounds so incredible. Now I'm able to get the tones I'm hearing in my head. On top of that, it has every possible effect and that eliminates the need for separate EFX pedals. I promise that if you use stomp boxes, you'll toss 'em out the window. You don't need them b/c this pedal has 'em all and you can edit every single effect. Like I said, I've had rack EFX which were too complicate to set and sounded like crap and recently bought a BOSS ME 2 and none of them sounded as good as this pedal. Even if you are not in to metal or hard rock you can still set the pedal to suit your playing style, whatever that may be. This is the best investment that I've made in years. I lucked out, I got the pedal for $100 on Ebay. However, it's worth the retail price!
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