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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 19, 2013
Over the last few weeks I have been playing with this robotic dog at home and have to say that my daughters and I have had a lot of fun. Seeing that we do not have a dog at home (though our kids want one) this robotic dog came at the perfect time to calm some of the badgering that we were receiving from our girls.

The Dog itself was a very complex toy. When I say complex, I am not saying difficult to use, but instead sophisticated and technologically advanced for a toy. The dog comes with a list of commands that you can train your dog to perform and through some trial and error the dog will learn (as a real dog will learn) how to perform these commands. It does take some time and patience to get the commands right, but when you do the fun can commence and you can have a dog that will do some cool tricks and will even follow you or a toy around a room.

By simply touching your dog's head you are able to command the dog. Usually this works the first time you request, but there were some times in my experience where you had to ask more than once.

The battery takes about an hour to fully charge and then you can play for some time without recharging. I liked the fact that you charge with a USB so you are not dealing with having to change batteries.

If you and your family enjoy technology, or simply love dogs, this is a great gift for any youngster. Just keep in mind that unless you simply have it in the mode to do tricks, you do have to take the time to train your dog to do the tricks that you want it to do.

My family had a blast playing with this and yours will too!

*I received this toy for review - all opinions are my own*
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on December 3, 2013
UPDATE: See comments for Zoomer's Customer Service Helpline # if you need it and see how they resolved our problems with our Zoomers!


My son absolutely had to have this for his birthday this year after seeing it here on Amazon. For weeks he would beg me to come to Amazon and let him watch the video commercial! He started adding it to our evening prayers, haha. That's when I knew despite the foreboding reviews that warn of battery issues, spontaneous death, and other issues seemingly plaguing this new "hot toy" by Spinmaster, it was something we simply had to get. Kids!

His birthday came and right out of the box it had an issue, luckily not one that was a deal breaker at first. The charging indicator in the dog's eyes failed to light up, ever. You are supposed to plug him in turned on, and push down on his head to see the charge level. For us, this was a bummer but nothing we couldn't live without. We were aware it had issues, and were happy it was even working LOL. Not three days later Zoomer had a leg that didn't work anymore, so back he went for an exchange.

The second dog we had higher hopes for. It was a pleasant surprise to find as we plugged this one in that after about two tries plugging and re-plugging the indicator would work. Twice was the magic number, each time. Ok, still not perfect but hey, it worked. My son was in love, but thats about the time everything went downhill fast. Suddenly he started clicking about two or three days in, sounding like a glitch in the voice program with eyes that flashed solid slightly faded squares aka every light in the eye panel lit up in error. It has only gotten worse, where his eyes wouldn't work at all as he ran around clicking and barking like a possessed toy *snicker* so much so that I made a youtube video (Jemoiselle, channel name) of it for others to see after calling spinmaster and having them tell me it was supposed to be a chicken sound, despite my insistence that it didn't sound like a trick at all but an error sound. They were exceptionally kind when we spoke, but it took 30 minutes on hold waiting to get a human! All that even, to get off the phone, give the command for the chicken (they said my son discovered an easter egg and told us the command) to find the chicken was completely different and I had been right. They wouldn't entertain my youtube video of the glitch for diagnosis, either. Now I need to call back and wait another 30 minutes, and gosh, I really wish they had let me test it out with them on the phone. They also let me know they warrant it for 3 months post purchase date. But wait, it got worse!

Enter, yesterday. I took the glitch video in the afternoon. Not long after uploading, Zoomer flat out died! His clicking got much worse, the eyes errored out and flashed all sorts of weird displays that didn't match, sometimes only one eye would work, then the eyes flashed solid faded squares, and he just died. Poof! He wouldn't charge the rest of the day. No indicator light could be produced unplugging and replugging. I tried the wall. I tried doing it on and off. I tried just waiting for hours, nada. Dead as a doornail! So, this morning I was prepared to call Spinmaster and get a replacement hopefully. Part of me wanted to just return it and get a refund. Three months in, when the warranty expires, I can almost guarantee something will be messed up! Do I really want to throw away $80 on this thing that easily? Hmm. Well, I went to unplug it and check one more time to see if by some miracle it resurrected itself, and that is exactly what happened! So, today it works. I don't know what to do, probably just take it one day at a time and watch the warranty period closely.

If the toy worked properly AND didn't have so many serious production issues, if the company was easy to get in touch with, I'd easily give it 5 stars. It's AWESOME! My son loves it! I just cannot do that though, given my experience echoes the experiences of so many. Something is seriously wrong with this expensive toy and it's not just a few rare duds but the whole lot of them I think, in fact I'd go so far as to say the ones that work well will be the exception and not the rule. Until they get it fixed, I wouldn't buy it again even if he begged. Sad to say. For what this toy is going for right now, I'd expect more than a 3 month warranty especially given that they are having issues that are clearly their fault for rushing it through the development phase to make it for the lucrative holiday buying season.

Purchase with caution, and if you do it anyway like I did, be prepared to handle multiple returns, save all receipts and original packaging.

UPDATE 12/26/13: After this review I waited it out for a couple weeks before attempting the call of doom and braving a sitcom's length in elevator music. I managed to get through in about 15 minutes the second time, when compared to the first attempt, was a significant improvement especially being in closer proximity to the big holiday coming up! This time, I had my youtube video cued up on the worst part of what my Zoomer did, clicking wise, and played it for the agent by holding my phone up to the computer. They cringed and stopped insisting it was a chicken, and were kind enough to send me a new Zoomer after requiring me to massacre the old Zoomer and take victory photos to prove it! So, the new Zoomer arrived before Christmas thankfully, and guess what? It is completely different! It has a different personality it seems, it's sensors work nicely (no more banging into things like a mental patient in need of a doggie straight jacket!) and it doesn't click. Yay! It still does not indicate it's charge level when plugged into the USB unless i unplug it and replug it after the initial plug in, but hey, compared to where we just were in this whole process, I consider that small beans. As of right now, Zoomer has been working wonderfully, and has finally made the ordeal seem worth it. Moral of this story stands. If your kiddo simply must have one of these, be prepared for some work. However, the company is helpful if you are persistent, and always remember to get the malfunction on video if it is audible, so you can have it cued up for the call since they won't allow you to send in a vid or file. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks for reading!
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on November 23, 2013
I purchased this robot dog for my son's birthday which was coming up. I wanted to try it out prior to giving it to him just to be sure it worked. It worked for a total of 5 minutes before it's eyes started to lightly, and rapidly, blink. After about 20 seconds of that it went dead (stuck with it's leg in full urinating mode no less!). I tried charging it (with the on/off switch in both positions, Spin Master Customer Care!) and no luck. Zoomer had died. So, as I wouldn't have had the time to wait for a replacement from the manufacturer, I returned the toy and got a new one.

After doing the initial charge on the replacement toy, I tested it out, and after about 5 minutes of use, it did the same thing as the first toy (rapid blinking eyes, no movement, then ultimate death). I attempted to charge the dog in the event that the dog was just low on charge, but without success. The second dog had died the same death as the first one.

It seems odd that both dogs died the exact same way, but believe me, they were most definitely dead.

I concluded that, while I had high hopes with this toy, it is ultimately a failure. I see that some people had apparent success but, if I were you, I would be very careful buying this toy and don't just assume it's going to work because you paid 70-80 dollars for it (What a disappointing Christmas it would be for your child should their toy die right in front of their eyes 5 minutes after they start using it).

Nearly as interesting as the fact that this toy has some very serious issues is that the Zoomer customer care people respond to all negative reviews on amazon with the same canned response about how the person needed to try charging in both the on AND off positions before deciding it doesn't work. This is not helpful feedback and they might be better suited keeping their cute responses to themselves.

Furthermore, no one should HAVE to call their customer case phone number to figure out why their product is so flawed or get a replacement that MIGHT actually work. If they are willing to sell the product then they should make sure that it actually works.

Good luck with this toy!
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on December 12, 2013
My Daughter loves this toy (and was waiting for it a long time- in kids time). She made him her real pet. Once you get him working he is highly entertaining. All four kids (ages 10-3) love it.

Parents should know:
While charging eyes DO NOT LIGHT UP to show the battery level as it states in the instruction/brochure. Even if you bob the head. (Poorly written instructions)
You must plug Zoomer in and charge it for 1 hour. After Zoomer is charged, disconnect. Then you can THEN push the head to get the battery level. The eyes should light up when you unplug so youll know its working.

To charge- plug in the charger- THEN turn Zoomer on (" I" position). H is eyes will flash quickly on then off as he is turned on. (Seriously) Helpful to get a wall plug to charge faster ( like ipod/iphone adapter) Apparently some PCs take longer than 1 hr to charge a zoomer. (Zoomer ships with a USB charger. )

Zoomer will play/run for a HALF HOUR ( that's it) I personally like this 'feature' as it limits the screaming chasing yelling time with Zoomer. Some find this annoying and you must charge for an hour for a HALF hour of play time.

Start with the Zoomer SIT command - especially if you have small kids. He tends to sit when he is confused or doesn't understand the command so the kids think its working anyway- and get very excited that he is 'listening'

Zoomer really does move and bark a lot like a puppy, If you press the button on his back he will randomly do a trick. Again really handy to wow the kids until they fully train him.

Wait until after Christmas to buy as there are crazy waitlists and prices- but you probably already knew that. Good luck.
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on December 26, 2013
So my son received this as a Christmas present yesterday. I was lucky to find Zoomer on Black Friday. When I took Zoomer out of the box to charge him up I noticed he had no tail/was broken off and no extra piece in box so am assuming this may have been a return. My son really wanted him, so I decided to give it to him and would call Spinmaster to see what can be done (since there are none available anywhere). I called Spinmaster and after an hour on hold, they answered the phone. I was told this problem was not covered under the warranty because it is cosmetic and I have had the product for a month. She failed to listen that it was just opened yesterday for Xmas and that it was broken out of the box. In any event she said they didn't have any more available and there was absolutely nothing she could do. It says on the box to call Spinmaster regarding issues and not go to store which is what I did and it was a joke!!! They do not do anything to back up their own product. Sounds like from other reviews there has been many problems with this toy. I am rating the customer service very low.

As far as Zoomer, he is cute and mostly responds to my son. He has had fun training him and playing with him. He seems to be happy with him broken tail and all.
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on December 15, 2013
The following is what I sent to who is the manufacture of Zoomer.

"My daughter got a Zoomer for her birthday yesterday and loved it. I have a wonderful video to show how excited she was when she opened it. She play with Zoomer for about 30 minutes until the battery died. We then charged him up for an hour and she played with him again. Everything went great until the next morning when she needed to charge him again. She plugged him in but he never charged again. She has been very disappointed because now she has to go back to her mother's house for a week and hardly got to play with her new toy. I told her I would do my best to get Zoomer fixed before she returns for Christmas.

This is where you come in to play. I bought the Zoomer from and I need to know what you are going to do to help me make this better for my daughter when she comes back. If I need to request a new toy or if there is a fix I am not aware of please advise me.

I have tried charging with the power switch in both the on and off positions.

His eyes have never shown the charge level when you tap on his head while he is charging and the switch is in the on position.

I have tried charging him with a desktop computer, laptop computer (both USB 2.0 ports) and a wall charger for a Droid phone as well as a wall charger for a Kindle Fire.

I have charged him for an excess of 1 hour with each of these methods.

Now what can I do?"

I will let you know if they take care of us or not.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 3, 2014
It hasn't worked & does not follow it's commands. The directions said to practice & give it time to " learn", but I'm guessing it's to make it too late to exchange or return. I'll be calling today.
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21 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2013
I bought Zoomie (the pink version) for my 10 year old daughter. We really want to love this puppy but it has brought nothing but frustration to our family. No I don't have battery problems, it charges just fine. Its the speech recognition that's horrible. I can get it to understand my commands 1 out of 30 tries. The success ratio for my daughter is much much worse. Yes I have tried speaking faster slower more forcefully less forcefully to no avail. No we don't have any kind of foreign accent. We've had this toy for a week now, trying everyday to get it to respond. But what breaks my heart is that my daughter will try endlessly in getting the dog to respond to her commands to the point where her eyes begin to tear and she whispers to the pup "please...". For now she has hope cuddles the toy thinking it just needs love. Eventually that love will turn into frustration.
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on December 26, 2013
I ordered this for my daughter for Xmas and she was so excited when she got it. Unfortunately Zoomer did not take a charge then died out completely. The first time I tried charge it the eyes did not light up to show it was receiving the charge but after a while we were able to play with it. When we tried to charge it again it would not take it. I read on line to charge Zoomer in the off position instead of the on as it states in the directions and it has been working great since. The eyes do not show the charge level but it works in every other way and my daughter LOVES IT!!
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22 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on December 25, 2013
Huge disappointment! My 7 year old had this toy at the top of her list and I was happy I got it early, seeing them sold out in stores and on back order online. First, after reading you only get 20 to 30 minutes of playtime per 1 hour charge... the disappointment started. But then, to not even be able to get the darn thing to charge... my poor little girl was devastated and confused as to why Santa would bring her a broken toy. Please, someone explain how I should do that? I also will have to go trash can diving to retrieve the box and packaging and hope I can return it and try for a replacement. Then pray the replacement, if I am able to get one, isn't worthless too.

Apparently some are happy with this toy, hence the 5 star ratings I read. I would like my daughter to join the happy ones, soon!
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