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on April 28, 2000
First off, its a Henckel set - if your looking at purchasing this item you will probably already know about Henckel being the industry standard.

With simple rudimentary care in regards to hand washing, these knifes will last a lifetime. In addition, they hold a great edge and are easily sharpened with the included sharpener. This 9 piece set includes everything you need to be a weekend warrior chef. Sure, there are additional items one would need for setting up a true professional kitchen. But a chef of any caliber should love and cherish these beauties. And the discounted price is hard to beat - try purchasing these knifes individually and see what I mean.

Thus, if you ready for a truly good set of knifes, use one of your old beat up knives to pry open your wallet - break out the credit card and fork out the dough for these. You won't be sorry!
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on August 30, 2000
I have ordered this and it hasn't been shipped to me yet so I should probably wait to review it, but I did some resesrch because I know nothing about this, and there are some things peope should know. The Henckels' Pro S knife set is rated by Consumer Reports higher than Henckel's Four Star and considerably higher then Henckels' Five Star. Only the Wusthof Trident Grand Prix and Wusthof Trident Classic sets were top rated above Henckel's Pro S set, with Henckel's Four Star coming in 4th and Henckel's Five Star coming in 10th. All the top 10 knife sets, except Henckels', (these 3 lines) are termed "forged" by Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports termed these (but not lesser) Henckels' knives "Forged Style".I did dome checking up on the Internet and found myself at Henckels' homepage (which can bee accessed via AOL's Productopia if you can't access it directly). Henckels' provides a way to e-mail them questions, and because some of Henckel's other sets and lines, notably Five Star and Four star are descibed as Forged on this and other websites, I asked them about this and also what "Forged Style" means. I received an extremely rapid reply. Someone in marketing in Germany said this: the knives (presumably in these lines, he must have meant because their lesser knives are stamped) are forged if they are up to 6" in length. Exception: the boning knife which is forged. All their knives longer than 6" with bolsters are produced using S.C.T technology .He said the the term Forged Style is used because of the fact that there is a bolster indicating a higher quality knife. This was a very difficult decisiion for me bqcuse I have never spend any money on a good set of knives before--and I'm only going to do it once so they've got to be good and I can only afford so much. In addition, I have read time and agan that fully forged knives are what to buy. However this and the Four Star performed better than several traditionally forged knives,although not better than the Wushof Trident Grand Prix and The Wusthof Trident Classic, according to Consumer Reports. In addition makes this one of only four cutlery sets that it calls its "Our Picks". However it is to be noted that the product decription of this set of knives and others in this line at that website says they are "forged which is better than stamped" which is not the case with the larger knives and i don't know if the set would still be among their "Picks" if they were calling them something other than "forged" like "forged style" as Consumer reports does..Interestingly, and I will never know because I didn't order them, Consumer Reports rated the Henkels' Five Star set 10th and said that it lost points because it "was more likely to corrode than most". This is in spite of the fact that it's supposed to be made of the same metal as Henckels' Pro S and Four Star. Anyway, it's very difficult for me to choose a set that's not traditionally forged over one(s) that is(are) but these are so relatively higly rated, although not exactly top rated , that that's what I've done. I do think people should know this and appreciate this about Henckels' higher end knives. Hope this helps somebody because enough money is involved for me (I also wound up recently getting an ALl Clad Stainless 10 piece cookware set) that I sure needed some help.
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on October 30, 2000
These are fantastic knives. They stay sharp soooooo long. Whenever they dull slightly I just use that Sharpening steel they have. Works real, real good. I don't see how even the most ardent chef or anyone else for that matter could ever complain about these. I've owned them for about three years and they are still like brand new. Every time I use them I still get a big smile on my face and feel a great sense of satisfaction. One of my best all time purchases. Enjoy........
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on January 4, 2002
I bought the 9 piece Pro S set as a Christmas present for my father. I looked at all the different grades Henckle's makes and decided to go all out and buy the... Pro S set made in Solingen, Germany. I believe you get what you pay for, or at least that's the way it's supposed to work. After the excitement wore off of opening this... gift, for my father anyway, I took a close look at these knives and was somewhat disappointed by what I found.
This set is comprised of 6 knives, a scissors, sharpening steel, and wood block. The problem I immediately noticed is that on the six knives, none of them had the back edge of the blade, "the top of the blade," deburred. The top edges of these knives was very sharp, sharp enough to cut your finger if you rubbed or pressed your finger on them. This is alarming because some people like to rest their forefinger on the top of the knife when cutting, or like to rest the knife in the web of their hand, between thumb and forefinger, when chopping. Not only is this pathetic quality control, but it is also a safety hazard. This set of knives should never have left the factory in this condition. Five seconds on a buffing wheel would have cured this dangerous condition, but hey, if you can make a few more dollars by rushing a shoddy product out the door, at least the stockholders will be happy. They're the only ones who will be happy.
Another thing I noticed is that the sharpness of these knives is uneven. They, the non serrated knives, are fairly sharp from the bolster until about half way down the blade. However, as you get closer to the point, the duller they become. The 3 inch paring knife was the worst. The last 3/4 inch of the blade was so dull that you could press your thumb against it hard and not have to worry about cutting yourself. The grind lines on these non serrated knives, "the honed edge," were also uneven. Not to impressive...
Speaking of the serrated knives, the 5 inch serrated utility and the 8 inch bread knife; they were both slightly bent. Not severly, but they both had a slight arc to the blade. I was afraid the 8 inch carver would also be bent, because it has a thin blade like the serrrated knives, but thank "whomever," it was straight. Maybe this slightly bent condition is unique to Henckle's serrated knives. A final negative observation: the handles and stainless steel rivets on a few of these knives had scratches on them. A minor complaint, after all after a few months of use these knives might get a little "worn," but isn't nice to buy something expensive, open the box and get a perfect product? These Henckle's were far from perfect. It's inexcusable that these knives left the factory in this condition. I feel like I paid... for a... set of semi finished, dinged up knives. On a positive note, the steel appears to be of an excellent quality though extremely hard. I have resharpened a few of these knives and they do take on a very sharp edge- you can shave the hair off of your forearm - but because of the hardness of the steel, this takes about 20 minutes per knife. Tip, start with a semi rough stone to profile the blade, and finish with a fine Arkansas stone. All in all I would not buy this set, or probably any Henckles knife, for the price they charge. The shoddy workmanship, uneven sharpness, and scratches don't justify the high cost. I guess I could, or should have, looked at each individual knife before buying this brand, or any future Henckles, but should I really have to? No!
If you're thinking about buying the Henckels brand I would urge you to go to a cutlery store and physically examine each knife before purchasing it, otherwise you may be in for a disappointing shock. Thank you.
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on May 10, 2001
I'm like the reader from New York. I needed a good, stong set of knives so I looked at .... I saw all the great customer reivews on these knives and I ran out and bought my very own set.
Now, I'm a little disappointed. Overall the knives are ok, but not as sturdy as I expected. After only two months of use the plastic handles have scratches. The handle on the Chef's knife is loose and I just sent it back for replacement. I just received a letter from the store where I bought the knives and they are sending me back the knife so I can send it to Germany for replacement because it's supposed to be a manufacturing error. I have a feeling it's going to be harder then I thought just to get one knife replaced. As if that's not bad enough, I just noticed the handle on the kitchen shears are also not as tight as they were when I first got the set.And this is just from everyday cooking and use.
The blades are sharp and durable, so the knives aren't that bad. For the high price of these knives, I expected a little more durability, stronger and slightly bigger handles that were somewhat scratch resistant and a better replacement policy.
I've done some research into these knives and I know they are rated highly by consumers, maybe I just got a bad batch, but nevertheless, I'm not 100% satisfied with these knives and rightfully so if the handles are loose and scratched.
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on May 11, 2003
I purchased both the Hencle Pro S and the Sabatier Grand Chefs on Amazon. After about two weeks of using and testing both sets of knives, I decided to return the Sabatiers and keep the Pro S. Both sets are of good quality, even thought I did notice scratches on the handles on both sets. But I purchase the knives to use and abuse, rather than hanging them as decorations so the minor scratches don't bother me too much. What does matter to me is performance and more importantly feel. And I gotta say the Henckels just felt more solid to me and seemed sharper, cutting thru pretty much anything like butter. The Sabatiers on the other hand seemed a little dull straight out of the box. Another factor I considered was accessibility as far as warranties and servicing was concerned. I have yet to see any stores in my area that carry Sabatiers and with the lifetime warranty of Henckel I can pretty much go to my local retailer and swap out any individual knives if needed. Basically, I think it just comes down to individual preference, and mine happens to be with the Henckle Pro S!!!
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on January 3, 2004
I bought this knife and block set as a Christmas gift for my wife. She loves it. Our only disappointment was that the block was a different style than that shown on Amazon or, for that matter, on the box it arrived in. The picture showed a block with six slots for steak knives. The block we got is the one now shown in the Amazon add. Apparently Henckel made a change in their set about the same time I ordered it. We can live with the substitution though as the knive set is now selling for $50 more than what I paid for it in December 03. I would have bought the set regardless of the block design but the steak knive slots was a nice feature that appealed to me. The knives are well crafted, have a great feel, extremely sharp and we love them. There were two extra slots in the block that accomodated another Henckel knife we already owned and one other. We also love the selection of knives, especially the paring knife and small serrated knife. Some other reviewers have mentioned scratches or uneven sharpening but we've not noticed either of these conditions.
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on April 1, 2003
I have a number of forged knives by Henckels, Sabatier and Wustof. I figued I'd purchase some Pro-S pieces open stock to get a feel for the product. I like the three rivet traditional handle
As one reviewer noted the quality control for the Pro-S line appears to be very very poor. I am shocked. The larger pieces have visible grind burrs or simple scratches. I look forward to my handles falling off as other reviewers noted. I returned one piece because there were numerous scratches and the bonding looked way off making the tang appear crooked. Every piece I've purchased had deep grinder scratches on the bolster. Also, one piece had whitening on the handle from glue that was not promptly removed. The handles are so poorly done I am truly shocked.
I tried returning pieces only to receive flawed replacements. Clearly many pieces in this line are flawed. Some won't notice these flaws especially if this is your first expensive forged set but they are serious flaws. I am sick of returning pieces for cosmetic problems so I am waiting now for my existing pro-S pieces to fall apart before sending them for replacement.
So, why three stars instead of one? Because the knives have great balance and I am counting on Henckels to replace any pieces that fail.
I am not buying any more pro-S pieces. Wustof Classic is FAR superior and prices in a similar manner. Also the Sabatier Grand Chef line is also far superior to the Henkels Pro-S. Both of these lines have nearly identical handles to this line but the overall quality is much much higher. If you don't have money issues go with Wustof Classic instead.
I am sure the Consumer Reports writers who rated this set so highly did not get any of the flawed pieces I've received.
I once had a flawed Wustof knife. They sent me a new one very quickly. I expect the same from Henckels if any of these knives fall apart as other reviewers have noted. What bothers me about the pro-S line is the replacements are flawed too. I've yet to receive a perfect Pro-S knife or see a perfect Pro-S larger than 6".
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on May 8, 2000
A few years ago, I splurged and bought this set for my birthday. I'm glad I spent the extra money to get a really good set of knives - it's easier and more fun to cook with them. The only problem is that now I'm spoiled and it's tough to cook in someone else's kitchen!
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on October 16, 2002
At least I am not alone. There are two other viewers having the same 'sub-standard' handles. The scratch marks and cuts at some of the handles is an eye sore and really makes me wonder whether I am getting a genuine Germany set. One should also examine properly whether the handles attached to the tangs are in equal size. For my Chef knife, one side of mine is 'fatter' than the other. Even though I do not feel the difference in terms of the balancing of the knife, such mistakes should not be allowed.
I'm really confused as to why scratch marks are common for a brand new set. Maybe Henckels should should secure the knives, shear and sharpening tool to a box to minimise the likelihood of them coming in contact with each other during transportation.
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