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Zyliss Corn Holders
by Zyliss
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Nothing beats plump, sweet kernels of ripe corn-on-the-cob at a midsummer cookout. However, eating this American favorite often presents multiple challenges, including uncomfortably hot corn ends and a trail of warm butter and corn juice running from hands to elbows. To thwart these small annoyances, Swiss manufacturer Zyliss offers these...

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The Story of Zyliss

In the early 1950s in Switzerland, an innovative bicycle mechanic by the name of Karl Zysset created Zyliss and began to develop and sell fruit juicers and garlic presses. In the 1960s Zyliss opened a production facility at the company's current head offices in Lyss, Switzerland. Since then, Zyliss has created more than 100 kitchen tools, each backed by a good idea executed in a smart, straightforward, and functional way. For more than five decades, the company has earned both international and U.S. popularity for finely crafted handheld kitchen tools, respected for their legendary durability, quality, and engineering. Zyliss remains committed to creating the very best tool for the task and offers superior quality and a sophisticated look at a good price. The company is known for a history of innovation and design firsts: Zyliss created the original food chopper, perfected the salad spinner, set the standard for the garlic press, created a rotary cheese grater endorsed by restaurants, and introduced new three-dimensional packaging that showcases each tool in use.

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Thanks to this award-winning scoop from Zyliss, scooping even the hardest ice cream, sorbet, and gelato is easier.

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