Customer Reviews: Zyllion ZMA-13-BK FDA Listed Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat (Black)- One Year Warranty
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Update 2/27/14:

My original review is below. I was just reading the reviews for this product, and I saw a couple things I really disagree with, and wanted to make a comment on. I would hate to see someone not get such a great therapeutic device because of misinformation.
First, this device totally reaches every part of your neck, and it works like a charm to work out the spasms there.
Second, this is not a thick, bulky device at all. In fact, considering all the power this product has, I am surprised it is so sleek.
Anyway, I just wanted to throw my two cents in, and let you know this product is still working great. I have bought a few more for
Friends with bad backs/necks or disabilities, and they have had remarkable results with this product.
I really love this product and have had so much relief because of it!

December 28, 2013, Original Review:

Oh, where to start...

First, this massager is simply AMAZING!! Don't even think about it. If you don't like it you can return it (but that won't happen). Don't suffer another day in pain.

I have had back pain for years and I have tried every procedure and device on the market. The Zyllion ZMA-13 is heads about the rest! It is also half the price of other massagers. While searching the web, I found almost the same massager being sold at the Relax the back Store for over twice the price of the Zyllion! [...].

So let me tell you more about this massager. It is very stylish and truly a classy and expensive looking unit. It appears to be covered in black leather, with a very thick nylon type webbing over the 4 heated massage heads. The 4 heads rotate in opposite directions to deliver a wonderfully soothing timed program that lasts about 20 minutes. This is a really nice feature and if you click the on button again, the unit will start up again for another 20 minutes. The heat is also at the perfect temperature.

While rotating, the 4 balls light up a bright red (very cool looking) and appear to have some "give" to them, in the top part of the roller, so it can get into the muscle spasms better. You can put all your weight on it, and the unit doesn't have any problem at all. This unit is not only stylish, but obviously made with extremely high quality materials.

When my unit arrived, I had a headache. As soon as I got it out of the box, I put it on my bed and started working out some of my worst spasms. Although it hurts to go over some areas, the heat from the rotating massagers really helped make it feel better.
I worked my neck, head and shoulder unit and my headache was gone! I am not kidding. No, I do not work for this company, I am not getting paid to write a review and I even paid for two units myself! I am not a shill...I am one very very happy customer who would like to help other folks who have suffered like me, feel better! ☺. If you have been in the kind of pain I have been, you will understand.

I also have a lot of sciatica issues, and worked my mid back, low back, and then I worked into the glut musles (yes, I sat on it!!) and then worked my side. You have to remember that all these muscles groups are connected, and even if you start to work the knot out in one area, you need to loosen the areas around that area to keep the knots out. I am guessing you need to take time and use this unit until you really have loosened up a lot of your body.

After I finished my session, I took a short walk, stretched and drank two glasses of water. I cannot stress how important it is to drink water after you work on spasms and knots like this. What happens is you release lactic acid when you start to break down the spasms and the body needs to get rid of that waste product. If you do not drink the fluids, the acid has no place to go...get my drift? DRINK WATER!

Lastly, I have to say that this massager is really not only an Excellent value, but it is an indispensable tool to help you get rid of pain. There should be one of these in every PT office in America! I can already tell I will be able to start cancelling my deep tissue work at least half the sessions (she can still help me stretch). I would have gladly paid the price the other store was offering for this unit considering the quality and amount of power this machine gives off. However, I am glad I didn't have to!

Also, the unit came with a standard 120 v power adapter and a separate car power adopter.
If you press the button on the side of the unit once, the rollers and heat comes on. Then if you press it again the heat goes off but the rollers remain on. If you want the unit to turn off completely, you just hold the button down for about 3 seconds.

Lastly, I read some other reviews that complained about the cord not staying put. I had no problem at all. When you connect the unit, be sure to twist it and make sure it is secure.
This is not a 5 star is an 8 star massager!!

Sorry for the long review, but I am just very excited and happy to have found a device that really is helping me.
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on January 9, 2016
Item was as desribed... I took a long time to review similar item's before deciding on this one.. IT is very sturdy and powerful.. The cord is quite long and that's a plus. I strained my neck muscles and for over two moth's I was suffering varying degree's of pain in my neck and shoulder area's on my back.. I Have waited some time ( 2 month's ) to review this item so I can give an ubiased review.. Well.. It is great.. Again, It is sturdy and the motor in this thing is powerful. Tip's.. When I use this I have found that if your setting on a sofa or chair it is helpful to put a pillow behind you either at your upper back or lower back with the massager above or below the pillow depending on which area your working on.. This is because the unit can dig in too much and be uncomfortable..
Once you get used to using this you should find that the pillow helps you apply just the right amount of pressure in the area you need with no futher effort on your part. . It seem's to really help loosen up the muscles if used regularly.. If you have severe pain ( I would not recommend laying or leaning directly on this ).. The motor is strong and could cause even more pain.. You can use it in bed as well but I suggest using a pillow here too to help support your weight so your not putting alot of pressure on any one area. . They also say not to use it directly on the spine.. Using this in very bony are'a does hurt a little..
Easy to use,,,,, Hit the button once and the unit turn's on with heat, hit it once more and the heat turn's off. The unit alway's runs in 20 minute cycles .. It will turn off automatically in 20 minute's.. I would recommend this massager to anyone.. It helped me alot. It's lightweight but sturdy and just the right size to use in most area's..Makes very little noise and feels great. Works for me..!!! Good luck !
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on August 11, 2015
This pillow has been absolutely amazing for me. I bought this to help with my neck and shoulder pain, and it's been fantastic. The heat setting (there's only one) is great, I often find that heating pads/ pillows don't get hot enough for my tastes but this one does the trick every single time. The massaging motion is great, it's like an elliptical that switches directions every few minutes and will dig deep if you like, or remain's completely up to your choosing.

Now, with all my love and adoration for this pillow, I am a firm believer that even the best products don't work alone. This is why I offer my pro-tip that will seriously help anyone who is looking to alleviate some neck and shoulder pain with this pillow. Try using a bit of a cold roll on before using it, and it will blow your mind. I use ThermaChill Pain Relief Roll On Cold Therapy, 3 fl oz. - Top Choice for Arthritis, Migraine Relief, Joint & Muscle Pain - Limited Time Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free!,which is a roll on which tea tree oil, menthol, and aloe vera. It's really great at soaking into your skin with minimal rubbing and it soothes all of the pained areas, ESPECIALLY when you use the shiatsu massaging pillow afterward. This pillow is the best, and if you have pain, throwing on a little bit of pain reliever really helps relieve tension and pain.
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on March 28, 2016
Buy this! I got this as a gift from my amazing girlfriend who knows I complain about my neck all the time. We took a chance on this after I saw it and said I wanted it, after reading some other reviews I definitely agree that this is amazing. I was a little hesitant at first but once it arrived I wasn't disappointed at all. It does take some time getting use to as with anything, but it's very quick to learn your sweet spots and how to set it up in your car. It requires a connection to your 12v Outlet to be powered but other than that its good. It is extremely durable, I'm highly surprised at the build quality and the quality of the rollers, heating, and motors. It seems like it'll last a long while with much usage especially for the price.

It heats up within 5-10 minutes and changes directions every 1-2 minutes. It shuts off after 20 minutes but you can turn it right back on and it's still warm, if you don't want heat you can turn off the heat and still have the rollers. I'd definitely recommend this if you have any neck pain or just want a relaxing message after work on the ride home. I've found you can turn your head and push onto the balls to get a deeper - kneading message on a specific part of your neck to work out a knot or something, since I had an injury on my right-side neck and It's helped so much more than anything, even more than going to a message place and telling them my neck is the most painful area. The only thing different from a message parlor and this is that it can't do full body all at once but you can put this on any area that's in pain, back, thighs, calves, arms and it'll fix you right up.

Only thing I can say bad about this is it slightly gets in the way when you're not using it, sometimes a little uncomfortable when driving but it's not a big deal personally, you could take it off but I didn't mind.

I wish there was a cushion on the bottom edge cause i can feel the "edge" on my back sometimes during use and it's a bit annoying but you just have to move around a little and adjust.

Overall: 5/5
Nothing to remove a star, would recommend to anyone - makes an amazing gift!

Thanks to my girlfriend, I love you muchos <3
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on March 17, 2016
Oh. My. Gosh. This Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat is AWESOME! Let me start off by complaining about my years of back pain! Like most people looking at this item, I'm sure. So to those of you who, like me, are here looking for a solution to chronic aches and pains look no further - this little wonder is literally good for what ails ya. I've tried a variety of different massage machines to largely target chronic pain in my shoulders and lower back. I had an old Conair machine which had been my go to for a number of years, but it sadly fell to an untimely demise at the jaws of our new puppy. I hopped on Amazon hoping to get the latest model when I found this Zyllion machine. At first I was a little hesitant thinking this device wouldn't be comfortable, or fit comfortably as I am rather petite. However, after reading the reviews I figured what the heck - with Prime returns are a cinch if it doesn't work out, and I'm desperate for some relief. It arrived today and so far I have tried it, as well as my husband who is on the tall side, and we both love it! So much I turned right around and ordered a second for my husband who suffers from similar back problems as me.

Bottom line: This is a great little machine that offers versatility in function as well as portability, although I have yet to try it out in the car I'm sure this will be an asset on long car rides. While the unit offers no control over direction it runs through a pattern of strokes which are very effective, especially with the heat. Overall, I'd highly recommend!
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on April 1, 2016
You will spend more than this on ONE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE. GET THE Zyllion Shiatsu Massager AND SAVE THE $$$! (This comes FROM A FORMER PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST! 😉)

Now I'm not saying never pay for another full body massage again...but if you suffer regularly from neck tension, back tension, or have another problem area (as use of this product does not have to be limited to the neck and back...I actually used it to massage my tummy when suffering from indigestion) then having this product handy is a God-send! (You can't call up your massage therapist at 2AM when your neck and back are aching...unless you are lucky enough to be dating or married to one.😋)

As far as using the Zyllion Shiatsu Massager in the car goes, I can honestly say that (for the first time ever, of course) I actually loved sitting in downtown Atlanta traffic recently, even AFTER a 4 hour car ride! Who doesn't want a heated massage when stressed and with no where to go?!

This product is made well. You can apply a lot of pressure to it, use it for extended periods, and it just keeps on keep on' on! It also come with a one year warranty... just in case. I highly recommend!
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on March 15, 2015
I get a lot of knots in the muscles in the right neck & back - they're so bad I've had physical therapists ask me how I can stand the pain! Of course, I have 2 pain syndromes, both of which many people believe are not real (fibromyalgia & CFS/ME)...but the fact is, I've had a lot of medical people examine me for complaints of acute pain, then ask me how I could stand the pain. The only relief I can get is when my son or husband massage it out, but that's limited.

Then I saw this, & figured that it wouldn't hurt to try it. I wasn't expecting too much,, to be honest. I figured I'd most likely end up sending it back.

Nope. THIS THING IS WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, GREAT, A BLESSING, & IF ANYONE TRIED TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME, THEY'D BE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE. I have relief....FINALLY, blessed relief. Plug it in, put it where it hurts, & it melts away the knots in your muscles, melting the pain away. Want heat? You've got it. Just want massage? You've got that, too. Worried about falling asleep & letting it run too long? No worries. It shuts off automatically after, if memory serves, 20 minutes.


A word of caution, though: Shiatsu massage is a very vigorous, hard massage technique & is not for everyone, nor for every situation. If your pain hurts worse, try a different type of cushion, perhaps a vibrating massage cushion. I used one of those,for well over a decade, until it no longer helped constantly like it had in the past. It helps, but not always. I noticed the shiatsu chairs at the nail salon I use felt a lot better, but not nearly as well as this cushion. I move it to where ever I want it, & RELIEF is at hand.

This thing is marvelous. Thank you, Zyllion, for making this massage cushion! It is a real godsend!
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on February 24, 2016
Received my two massagers today and used it at once! It has the power of a human massager and the heat adds up the stress relief! I'll bring it in the office for my work use and plan to buy another pillow from Zyllion for home use. I also bought the pillow for my Mom (red color) and she loves it too. This will save me a lot of money as there's no need to go to a massage spa. I just hope these massagers will both last longer. Will observe further as I use it in the next coming days,weeks and months.
review image review image
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on December 22, 2015
Love this neck and back massager! Does a great job working out knots and kinks in the neck and shoulders. Also does a wonderful job massaging lower and mid-back.I have lots of tightness and tension in shoulders, neck and rear ribs often resulting in headaches and stiffness. A twenty minute session with this massager (heat on) revitalizes and frees up stiffness. Neck and shoulder tension melt away. I find it works best when attached to a recliner style chair (with the chair attachment strap). This is the best massager I have used and far exceeds my expectations. Thrilled with my purchase.
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on November 27, 2015
The ZMA-13 is a fanastic massage pillow. I like it so much that I just bought another one for my wife.
I use this massage pillow almost everyday especially after a hard day of work. I am 6' and 190 lb, and
I put a lot of pressure against it and the motor just keeps turning. This product will shuts off in about
20 minutes, but I often use it for an hour straight by turning it back on after it shuts off, and it is still going
strong after 2 months of heavy use. I highly recommend this product.
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