snow? What about when there is snow on the ground..won't it cover these lights?
asked by K. Andrews on November 26, 2010
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Actually no. The lights shine through the snow. We had a storm which blanketed my yard with a couple of feet of snow and you could still see them glowing through. I did set them up high, about 6" from the ground since I live in area where it snows a lot. They almost look better when they are covered.
gina romantica answered on December 16, 2010
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Hi - Manufacturer here. If it snows, then yes, eventually they will be covered. But as Gina stated, we have many customers who actually *want* it to snow after they are out, because the display you get under the snow is quite unique and beautiful. They glow under the snow. Obviously, if it gets deeper than 24 inches or so, they begin to be blanked out. But, what lawn decoration wouldn't in 2 ft of snow? Thanks, - Mark
Lightscape Decorative Lighting, LLC  SELLER  answered on November 25, 2013    See this seller's offer
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