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on April 3, 2012
I have a lot of electronic devices and I have bought a lot of different screen protectors with varying quality, cost, ease of application and type. This screen protector is the "no water" application type which seems to be most common, but even among that type there is a huge range of quality. Some that I have purchased were very stiff and brittle and hard to apply because even the smallest particle of dust will cause bubbles. Some that I have purchased will show marks almost immediately and some were just difficult to apply because of how they are made (punched holes don't lay flat, top and bottom layers are hard to remove, etc.) This screen protector had NONE of those flaws. It seems very hard and durable such that it doesn't scratch easily. It is quite easy to get the top and bottom layers off in order to apply it and I like how the instructions suggest you take off the bottom layer to put it on the device and then push out any bubbles and then take off the top layer. That way, you protector the screen saver itself while you are trying to push out any bubbles.

I read a review that suggested you try using a small amt of water with a few drops of soap in it. That turned out to be a bad idea for this screen protector. It really didn't help me apply it at all (I couldn't move it around or anything once it was down) and you could see ugly streaks in the screen saver after I was done. However, rather than rip it off and go with the second one, I gave it a chance and it did end up drying after a few days and now it actually looks fantastic. I was really surprised and I think it is a positive for the screen protector itself that it seems to look better after a few days. The few bubbles that were on the edge have disappeared and a few bubbles that appeared in the top could be smooshed down and have now also disappeared so that you can hardly tell that there is even a screen protector applied at all. I also like the fact that it doesn't affect the quality of the image from the Fire and it has the same tactile feel as the bare screen and I like that the protectors are glossy instead of matte finish.

The only downside for me was the fact that the screen protector was cut extremely close to the actual dimensions of the Fire, which is nice once you get it installed, but it means you have to be very precise when applying so that it is perfectly flat and only on the glass. Just try to push the protector as close to the edge of the glass on the side where you start so that the other side will have room to lay down flat.
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on December 23, 2012
I would give this a negative rating! The directions were easy enough to follow. I cleaned the screen thoroughly with the cloth provided. I removed the first layer from the protector and started placing on the kindle screen working from one side to the other as it said to do. I used the bubble removing card provided to try and remove bubbles but it was as if a speck of dust was on the sticky part of the protector keeping it from being smooth. I worked and worked to smooth it out but no good. Finally I ripped it off and started over with the second protector in the package. Basically got the same result except this time I tried harder to keep any dust from sticking to it. I had only a few bubbles that I could have lived with but after pulling the second masking film off, one whole section of the protector wouldn't stick at all! I ripped that one off too! I'm not a professional but I'm not an idiot either. This was not worth the hassel!
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on April 9, 2012
Let's start with the end results: Even with a few bubbles, the Kindle Fire ROCKS! You have to have a protector and I recommend against the non-glare (aka pro-blur) film. I only notice the bubbles when the screen is off (which is when they makes me completely nuts); when the Fire is in use, they disappear. For all its flaws, this is a valuable product worth more than it costs.

Now for the griping: I've applied dozens of screen films on a myriad of electronic devices, so I blew off the reviews that kvetched about the difficulty in getting the screen pristine and ending up with bubbles that just don't go away. It was obvious that the folks just weren't being careful. Welllllll...

I cleaned the screen thoroughly with an approved cleaning solution to eliminate grease and fingerprints, then meticulously scrubbed the screen with the included Magic Cloth. I triple checked to be sure that neither a speck of dust nor fluff of lint remained. I STILL got bubbles that refused to be scraped to the side with a credit card or plastic scraper. I carefully peeled back the film and reapplied even more carefully, using the method I use when applying verniers - start at one edge and roll steadily to the other so bubbles cannot form. Still got bubbles, with the added bonus of a space along one edge that no longer clings. Yay.

My advice for anyone (like me) OCD enough to really hate bubbles:
1) Do the application in an extremely well-lit place. This will help you avoid pitfalls.
2) With both covers still on the film, practice placing the film precisely. Removing and replacing is a Vary Bad Plan.
3) Clean, then re-clean. Use a bright light to ensure that nothing larger than an O2 molecule is left on the screen. Then clean it again.
4) After removing the first cover, apply the film in a single, smooth motion. Hesitation is a Bad Plan. Pulling back and adjusting in a Very Bad Plan.
5) Rush to purge bubbles. Don't wait. Start with the bubble furthest from the edge and move quickly.
6) Buy a couple packs and simply discard failed attempts and start over. These things are insanely inexpensive; your net loss is pocket change.
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on December 27, 2013
Once you get it on, this is a good screen protector. (I say good and not great because my daughter still managed to get a long scratch in it.) Getting it on is the hard part. I know a lot of people are saying it's easy, and it is when you know some installation tricks. But if you think you can just peel it off and stick it on, think again. The reason is because this screen protector is the EXACT size of the screen. And because it fits perfectly, you have to put it on perfectly. And I mean PERFECTLY. There is NO margin for error. The Kindle has a raised edge around the screen so if you're the least bit off the protector will overlap the raised edge and therefore not lay flat. I ended up ruining the first one because I took it off and on so many times trying to get it right that it got all kinds of dust, cat hair, etc. on it making it completely unusable. The second time around I still had to trim off a little bit with scissors because it's nearly impossible to get it on there perfectly just by eye-balling it.

But don't despair! There is a full proof trick to do it right. I won't even describe how to do it because the company will send you an email with an instructional video teaching you the "tape trick" to get it on straight. Unfortunately I didn't know they were going to email me so I hadn't seen the email yet, even thought it was in my inbox. Long story short, if you don't know any installation tricks already MAKE SURE you watch the video they'll send you. Otherwise you'll end up ruining one or both of the protectors trying to put it on. If they don't email it to you, then go to YouTube and look for "screen protector tape method". The video I like best is titled "(The Original) Foolproof way to put a screen protector" because it has onscreen written instructions along with the video. Trust me, follow the tape method and save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration by trying to eyeball it.
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VINE VOICEon February 10, 2012
This was hard to apply, with one label that was difficult to remove, and the film didn't want to stick in one corner. It seems to work very well once it's on. For the price it seems like a good deal.
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on January 6, 2014
This has been an excellent screen protector for my Kindle. It was easy to apply and as long as you make sure the screen is clean initially and slowly apply the protector you will get nice finish with no bubbles. I've had this on my Kindle for about 6 months and it's easy to wipe clean of fingerprints and it's so clear and smooth that I can't even tell it's there. This is a great product for protecting your Kindle Fire screen and it's easy to apply.
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VINE VOICEon January 31, 2012
This product is without a doubt, one of the BEST screen protectors I've ever used. And I've used everything from Steinheil to Power Support to Zagg. amFilm might have convinced me that I don't need to spend a fortune to get excellent results. I originally tried a different brand that costs more than twice the price of these protectors. Despite purchasing and trying that product twice, it failed miserably both times. I searched for another brand and was tempted to go with another expensive brand again until I saw pretty good reviews for the amFilm. Figuring I had nothing to lose at that price, I ordered the amFilm. Well, I can personally tell you that those 5-star ratings were well deserved. After preparing the device and installing this film in the exact same environment as the first (and more expensive) film, I ended up with no air bubbles, no raised edges (from improperly sized films), no defects (glue marks, scratches, or other visual artifacts), and it even has a perfectly cut hole for that little mysterious sensor thing in the upper left corner of the Kindle screen. No loss of touch sensitivity, no rainbow effect, no excess friction when swiping... just a crystal clear appearance with no loss of clarity. I never got results this perfect from the more expensive film that I tried first. I can't believe how perfect this protector fits and looks on the device. Not one single air bubble or speck of dust. Now, granted, you still have to have a relatively low-dust installation environment. I installed in the bathroom after running the shower on full hot for five minutes and steaming the dust out of the air. That's a trick I've used for years for other devices. I also cleaned the screen very well with a non-abrasive alcohol based cleaner and used a can of compressed air to blast any remaining dust particles off the screen just before applying film. Problem is, if a film isn't cut properly, (as was the case with the previous films I tried), you have to keep lifting and reapplying to get it to line up decently. Eventually, some dust particles are going to make their way back into the area and onto the screen during one of those reapplications. This film went on perfect on first try. I simply lined up the top edges and the sensor hole. The rest just glided down to a perfect fit on the Kindle. Success on one try. I added a picture of the Kindle with the film installed above. amFilm is THE best choice for your Kindle Fire. Take it from someone who has already researched and tried the more expensive options.
review image
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on January 7, 2012
This clear Kindle Fire screen protector fits perfectly and makes cleaning the screen a lot easier since it doesn't seem to attract as much dust as the original face. You can wipe the protector face of smudges with impunity and not have to worry about scratching it. Installation is easy as long as you start by lining up against the narrow edge of the Fire (it took me about 3 tries-lifting off each time) and then GRADUALLY unpeel the protector onto the screen as you work your way down the length of the Fire. Any trapped bubbles can be pressed out by the included cardboard applicator. If you line up the top edge perfectly, then the screen will cover 100% of the face.
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on February 13, 2012
I looked at several options for screen protectors before deciding on this brand.

I knew that I wanted the clear vs matte option, since I don't like the look of the matte finish. I like the shinier screen; it seems more vibrant, especially when viewing movies or tv shows on my kindle fire.

I found this very easy to apply- I have used screen protectors on many phones and other electronics, so I knew a lot of things to avoid :). I also read reviews of different brands and found more hints. I will share what worked for me; hopefully it will help someone.

1. Make certain the screen is completely clean. Use the enclosed cleaning cloth, but I also used a clean cotton cloth to wipe the screen. I read a tip that suggested using a piece of clear cello tape (long enough to cross the device) and touching the tape to the screen to lift dust particles that might still remain after wiping.

2. One reviewer mentioned the need to LIGHTLY sprinkle soapy water on the screen. I had done that for my phone and it does make a difference. I flicked a tiny bit of water in the center of my screen )maybe 6 or 7 drops in all) and when I began to press out the bubbles, the water slid to the edge, bringing any tiny particles along with it. Keep a cloth handy to dab the water that seeps out. Just be sure you don't use a lot of water, a few drops should be sufficient. If this makes you nervous, don't do it!

3. Use a credit/debit card instead of the flimsy cardboard that is included in the package. You should start at the center and work out to the edges.

4. Make sure you line up the protector in the right orientation, to avoid covering the light sensor in the corner. I didn't even know there was a sensor until I read it in another review.

5. You need to take your time and be careful to keep your fingers off of the adhesive side of the protector. Wherever you touch it, you will have lifting and will waste a protector.

I read a couple of reviews that stated this protector is hard to apply, but I found it pretty simple. If you remove the first layer of the cover, line up a long side of your fire, instead of trying just one corner (which is what most of the how-to videos show), it is easier to make certain the placement is correct. I used only one protector and have no bubbles at all. I don't know how long the protector will last, but since I have my fire in a case, the edges are covered so it should not lift up for quite awhile.

I notice no difference at all in screen responsiveness. My screen looks nice and the touchscreen functions perfectly.

I will definitely buy this brand in the future. The price was right, the shipping was great (ordered Saturday afternoon and received it Monday morning), and it was easy to apply. I know the kindle fire has a very scratch resistant screen, but I like the comfort of knowing I did my part to protect it.
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on January 27, 2012
ive used quite a few different types of screen protectors on different devices, most of the time they are more of a hassle than they are worth, taking forever to actually get in place without getting dirt underneath the film. not the case with this one, its much thicker than most, which makes it about ten times easier to install because you can hold the whole thing flat while you position both ends right where they need to be, once you get it right you peel the bottom film off and smooth down the air bubbles as you flatten the film onto the screen, which also works great, couldnt tell you why but it didnt leave any air bubbles, and it didnt take any effort to get that result either. by far the best screen protector ive ever used, i will be ordering more for my other devices from this company specifically. OH! and obviously because its thicker than most it will of course be more durable.
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