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How does it work? Does anybody have any insight into how they ensure that there's always one and only one matching symbol?
asked by Christopher L. Bowen on March 8, 2011
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It is a complex algorithm. The fact that there are only eight symbols per card with one identical symbol is what makes the game so much fun: it is quick and exciting.
The manufacturer came up with a new variation that they have not yet put in game boxes. They have it posted on their website, it is a blast!
Bob answered on March 9, 2011
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There is a theoretical maximum number of cards that can meet this constraint, for any N images per card the maximum number of cards (and images) is (N-1)^2+N, which for 8 is 57 cards/images, if all 57 cards were present then each image would appear 8 times across all the cards. As there are only 55 cards in the deck then 14 images only appear 7 times and 1 image only appears 6 times. Why they choose not to provide the maximum cards is a little strange. Exercise for the reader construct the 2 missing cards :)
Alun Champion answered on December 4, 2014
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