Has anyone been able to create a playlist on their Coby MP620? I have read and re-read the instructions on creating a playlist but so far it has not worked. I was wondering if anyone else was able to create one. Mine is 4GB. Did I just get a dud or is this a common issue?
asked by Gloria on January 12, 2011
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I tried following Donnell's instructions, but I'm not sure what was intended by "create a new file". I'm not sure what file he was referring to, particularly since I don't have any create options under my Organize tab (Windows 7).

I did find that using Windows Explorer you can create folders to organize your music somewhat. Then in the player if you want to play music from that folder go to Music -> Browser, then pick a song from the folder you want to play.

If you only want to play music from that folder, once a song has been selected click the Option button (the one on the right), scroll down to Repeat, then click the right arrow, and pick "DirNormal" from the list, then click the center button to confirm. DirNormal apparently means "Directory normal".

I also found that you can create a single on-the-fly playlist within the player itself. When in the Music -> Browser, you can click the Option button (the right button) and then select Add to List. It then adds that song to a favorites list. To play the favorites list, once you're playing a song press the Option button, scroll down to Playlist, then select My List.

Overall, the crappy playlist support is my main complaint about this device, but at least with the folder organization it's somewhat manageable. The downside is that they locked the "DirNormal" folder mode as a repeat option, so you can't combine it with random or repeat. Why there's no "DirRepeat" or "DirRandom" is just silly. But I guess that's what you get with a super low-budget MP3 player.
M. Lam answered on March 15, 2011
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It's actually a lot easier to use Windows Media Player to sync music files to the Coby player. The biggest pet peeve I had with my Coby player was the songs not being in the track order I wanted after syncing using Coby Media Player or the copy-paste/drag-and-drop method. WMP organizes the songs according to the "Album Artist" and "Album" tags, and within these folders the songs appear on the Coby player in the order that you put them on the WMP sync list. So with a little manual configuration you can organize your songs. Simply edit the songs' description tags and type in the name of whatever you want the folder to be called in the "Album Artist" and "Album" tags. So let's make this easier to follow, shall we? I've taken a liking to video game music lately, so I'll use the Final Fantasy Vocal Collection as an example.

1. Use the USB cord provided to plug your Coby player to your computer.
2. Open Windows Media Player, make sure you are in "Library" mode (click on the small icon with 3 squares and an arrow to switch between "Now Playing" and "Library" mode), then click on the "Sync" tab. You will see a prompt saying "Drag items here to create a list to sync to '[name of drive, usually a single letter]'.
3. Find where the music you want to listen to is and drag the songs onto the "Sync list" in the order you want them.
4. When finished organizing your songs as you want them, click "Start Sync" and the process of synchronizing your songs to the Coby mp3 player will begin. You will know when syncing is finished when the progress bar reaches 100%.
5. After syncing is finished, you should safely eject the Coby mp3 player by opening 'My Computer', right-click the Coby mp3 player icon, then left-click 'Eject'. You can also do this by clicking the 'Show Hidden Icons' arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, clicking the USB icon ('Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media'), then clicking 'Eject COBY MP3 Player'.
6. After ejecting/disconnecting the Coby player from your computer, go to Music ---> Browser on the player. The songs will be found under [name of album artist] ---> [name of album] ---> [name of song]. Moreover, the songs will be in the order you placed them in the Sync list. In this way, you can manually organize where you want to put your songs and what order you want them in by changing the "Album Artist" and "Album" description boxes. Changing the description boxes is easy:
a. Open the folder where your music of interest is stored.
b. Right-click your file, then left-click 'Properties'.
c. Left-click the 'Details' tab.
d. Move the mouse over where it says "Album Artist", then slowly move the mouse horizontally to the right until you see a text box.
e. Click this text box and enter the name of what you want to call your folder. Repeat the previous step and this step for where it says "Album".

As an example, let's say I want to add the song "Voyage" to my mp3 player. The album artist of "Voyage" is Nobuo Uematsu and the name of the album is 'Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I ~ Pray'. After I am finished syncing the song to my player, I can find it under Music ---> Browser ---> Nobuo Uematsu ---> Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I ~ Pray ---> "Voyage". If I decide to change the description of Voyage's album to say FFVC, then I'd find "Voyage" under Music ---> Browser ---> Nobuo Uematsu ---> FFVC ---> "Voyage".

Let's say I want to add multiple tracks from the FFVC album but I want Voyage to play first on my list. I'll add "Voyage", "The Promised Land", and "Once You Meet Her". As long as I list "Voyage" as the first song on my sync list, I will find "Voyage" play first in my Music ---> Browser ---> Nobuo Uematsu ---> Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I ~ Pray folder. Let's say that I order the songs on my sync list as follows: "Voyage", "Once You Meet Her", "The Promised Land". Then if I let "Voyage" play through, the next song that will automatically play is "Once You Meet Her".

Let's say I want to add a song from the 'Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II [Love Will Grow]' album. The songs "Voyage", "Once You Meet Her", "Have You Ever Seen Me", and "Long Distance" are from different albums. In order to put these songs in the same playlist, I will have to change the description of each songs' album. If I change the "album" description for each to 'FFVC 1 and 2' and the "album artist" description for each to 'Nobuo Uematsu', then I will find all four of these songs under Music ---> Browser ---> Nobuo Uematsu ---> FFVC 1 and 2. I hope that rather lengthy description helps. Enjoy your Coby mp620, it really is a great bargain!
Brian Smith answered on February 12, 2012
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I just bought mine yesterday and ran into the same problem. I did find the solution and here it is.

1. Plug your device into your computer. Once it is recognized, open the folder to view the files.
2. Click on the Music file.
3. Click on the Organize tab in the upper left of the window and create a new file.
4. Rename the file according to your desired playlist.
5. Using copy and past, you can transfer your music files to each new folder you create and thereby organize your playlist.
6. Once finished, go to your coby player and click on the Music tab, the scroll down to the browser tab and then the music tab.
7. Find the folder you created and you can play your list.
Donnell K. Wyatt Jr. answered on February 2, 2011
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The MP620 does not recognize the widely used Playlist formats used in most players. It has no "Create Playlist" function. It only has one "Playlist" and adding to it is a bit quirky. First enter the music mode and you'll see the song navigation menu with "Now Playing" at top. Move down to highlight "Browser" then push Enter. You'll then see a list of the files and directories (folders) of the MP620. Move down to highlight the MUSIC folder and press ENTER. You should see the folders (that usually have the album's title). Move down the list until you find the folder (album) that contains the song you want and press ENTER. Now you should see the songs inside that album and after you highlight the song you want press the right "=" option button (NOT the ENTER button). You'll see "ADD TO LIST" and press ENTER. You push the "M" button to back out of an album folder and navigate to another album folder and highlight the song and follow the same steps mentioned above. Now press "M" to back out and enter the regular "Now Playing" and press the "=" right option button and select PLAYLIST and you'll see the song(s) you've added. You can only enter one song at a time to the Playlist and you can't view the PLAYLIST until you return to the NOW PLAYING mode. Remember, you can only get to the ADD TO LIST while in the BROWSER mode. This PLAYLIST does not alphabetize the songs. The BROWSER mode (or filter) is the best way to play an album in the original track order (if the songs in the album's folder are named with the number preceding the title. Ex: "01 The First Song". One other note for new users is that the M260's screen light default setting is for 10 seconds. You can go to the SETUP mode to DISPLAY > BACKLIGHT and select different times for the screen to stay lit. You can even set it to stay on ALWAYS but you'll use the battery faster. It's important to note that if the M60's screen is not lit the first button pressed will ONLY turn the screen on BUT does NOT execute any key commands UNTIL the screen is lit. Ex: When a song is playing you can press the ENTER key to pause the song and press again to resume playing. If the screen has turned off you must press the (any) button to turn on the screen and then press again to PAUSE. I've had the player for two days and I can get to any song pretty quickly. The PHOTO works OK with medium size jpgs. The TEXT mode (in EXTRAS) only displays txt files and I would NOT use it as an E-reader. The VIDEO mode is useless unless you want to convert files to the MTV format and watch in lo rez on the tiny screen. I loaded up the M620 very quickly using Windows "drag and drop" to the music folder. You don't need to use the "Coby Media Manager" app found in the player's memory. After loading with MP3's and disconnecting from your computer. Turn it on, enter the MUSIC mode and select YES to REFRESH. The player takes a minute to rewrite it's directory. My play froze once (I assume) because I didn't REFRESH before playing a song. I had to RESET it with a paper clip in the unit RESET hole in the back. As an MP3 player, the M260 sounds very good when used with quality headphones or ear buds.

UPDATE: You can Drag and Drop MP3's and jpgs into the M620's MUSIC and PHOTO folders but you have to use the Coby Media Manager (CMM) to load videos. Install Coby Media Manager on a PC (there's a Mac version OSX as well). Open the CMM app connect the M620 via the supplied USB cable and wait until it's recognized. Click and "Movies" and CMM will scan your PC for video files. Right click on the video you want to import and select "Synchronize" and the CMM will create an MTV format file and copy it to the M620 VIDEO folder. Start with a small 1-5MB clip. Disconnect and turn on the M620 and wait for the UPDATING screen to finish. Enter VIDEO mode and you'll see the file name, highlight it and press ENTER and the video will play. The video play sideways to fit the wide screen. Volume control buttons are reorientated as well. The video's audio is not high quality because of the very small file size the MTV compression uses.

All in all the Coby M620 is a cool little MP3 player the sounds as good as my old SANSA and I just ordered another M620. - Jimmy "T"
Jimmy "T" answered on December 12, 2012
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A big thank you to those (Donnell and M. Lam) who took the time to explore and explain. Kind of a pain in the neck but it's good to know there's a way to get it done.
Maryann C. answered on June 20, 2011
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I have not been able to either. I tried everything.
Fierce Goddess Warrior answered on January 27, 2011
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Best thing if you can't find a solution yourself is to contact COBY at any of the following:
http://www.cobyusa.com or
1-800-727-3592 M-F 8:30 am to 9:00 pm EST Sat 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST
Movie Fan answered on November 8, 2012
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i created mine from itunes and windows media player you have to have windows 7 or better and adobe flash
Michelle Childs answered on December 10, 2012
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Making folders seems to be common solution - but that seems ultra lame because you'd have to have multiple copies of the same file to have the same track in multiple playlists. I have fought and fought with this, and I have yet to find a really good answer. It is particularly frustrating because the Coby Media Manager software presents the option to "sync" playlists, but it appears to simply copy the mp3 files into the Music folder. Under the right button's menu, the "Playlist" option seems to only support the "on the fly" playlist. It's like it is taunting us! (Glad to find this discussion thread to know that I'm not crazy though!)
Quincy.Hunt answered on January 13, 2013
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Instead of playlists, I gave all the tracks I wanted to play together the same album name, then uploaded them. It was easy to navigate to them using the album listing
Cici answered on March 15, 2014
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