Has anyone found a solution to resting an i-touch in the sing stand There has been discussion about i-pods not fitting in the stand well - With a media cord attached to my daughter's i-touch the i-touch will not stay in the stand. Has anyone found a work around?
asked by This Is By Hannah.Metarko on December 22, 2011
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We just set ours up and the itouch stays in it just fine. I put the cord down into the slot and then it keeps it in there securely.
Cady's Mommy answered on June 2, 2012
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No, but be VERY careful as my daughter's itouch fell out which led to the screen cracking. I called the company who said the mirophone is not designed to protect or secure your ipod it's only purpose is to sit it there... seems like a lazy approach since the products main purpose is to play music and the ipod is it's only source. Keep the itouch on the ground or risk paying more to get that fixed than the cost of the stand.
Lorraine Kuryan answered on May 25, 2012
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