Has anyone tried this jump rope? It sounds perfect but I don't like buying anything without MULTIPLE previous users leaving comments. I even leave comments on items I didn't buy on AMAZON so it is strange for an item to not have any comments.
asked by Jason on June 17, 2011
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The rope is definitely great if it fits what you're trying to accomplish. Double unders, speed skipping. In the CrossFit program, you get extra points for double unders, so it can really shorten your workouts a bit if you can get a bunch of those in. The cable isn't conducive to fancy tricks that require crossing your arms mid-jump, cause it is built to maintain a solid arc the whole time. I can definitely get more double unders in a row with this rope than any other, and a friend of mine just told me he did something like 50 in a row. That may or may not be impressive, depending on who you work out with, but it impressed me.

To sum up, I would agree with your opening statement, this rope is perfect.
Mlhops answered on January 25, 2012
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