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Material Handling

Material handling products are used for many tasks, including pulling and lifting, maneuvering, and transporting a variety of materials, depending on the application. Casters are used to support and maneuver mobile items such as carts, racks, dollies, and other material handling equipment. Cable, including cable ties, and wire rope are types of material handling equipment used for pulling and lifting. Service and utility carts are also common material handling equipment, used in a wide array of facilities. Hand trucks and hand carts are common material handling supply apparatuses. Machine tool safety accessories include material handling equipment, such as guard rail posts, barriers, joining plates, and handrails. Jacks are also common material handling equipment used for leveling work in the services and transmission industries. Drum supplies, such as pails, safety faucets, lifters, covers, and drum heaters, are found in the material handling industry. Pallets, including strappers and trucks, are material handling equipment used to nest and transport materials. Material handling equipment also includes pneumatic supplies, such as storage racks, power clamps, and air cylinder arms. HVAC material handling equipment includes blowers, fans, vents, ducting, pumps, carpet dryers, and static eliminators. Hydraulic lifting pumps and cylinders are used for all kinds of material handling applications. Material handling equipment is used in many environments including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, industrial yards, and construction sites.