About JBW

About JBW We started making bold, statement timepieces in 2006 and we haven’t stopped since. Founded on the principle that luxury can also convey raw attitude and daring edge, we continue to push the boundaries in modern watch design. Along the way, we’ve always been true to who we are and we remain unapologetic about it. The JBW team is fueled by the unruly, outgoing and aggressive style seen in today’s modern man and woman. We identify with the new generation, the generation that embraces all things sleek and sexy. We’re ambitious go-getters and we want to make our mark on the world. We never settle for less and living a mediocre life just won’t cut it. We make lasting impressions because that’s what we’re here for. Make your statement, live your life, but when you rock JBW, you’re one of us. JBW Designs Daring designs with a fearless identity. That’s what our team strives for every day, putting JBW designs in a class of their own. Our watches aren’t for the weak and timid. » Show more

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JBW Men's J6283B Multi-Function 6...

$650.00 $34.21
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JBW Men's J6284A Stainless Steel...

$450.00 $25.55
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JBW Women's J6276-setE...

$600.00 $35.71
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JBW Women's J6270A Mother-Of-Pearl...

$450.00 $108.00
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JBW Women's J6326D Analog Display...

$795.00 $197.00
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JBW Women's J6328A Helena Silver...

$1,095.00 $249.00
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