Can a baby poke his/her eye out with Sophie's legs or ears? I read great reviews about this product but I'm hesitant to get it if my baby can accidentally poke his eye out wight the toy (swinging his arms randomely while holding it). Does that happen? Does anyone have experience with that?
asked by Noor Shawwa on September 21, 2011
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Nope your safe! I have a 2 year old ( turned 2 nov. 30th) and a 4 yr old ( turned 4 july 25 20011) Neither poked their eye out and both LOVED them! I got one for each when they were born. They are made from soft real rubber. And have been around forever. That being said, there are going to be bad reviews as with any product. DO NOT put your child to bed to to lay down with any teething toy. There are some reports of people getting fake sophies. Then make sure your checking who is fullfilling and shipping the order! Make sure it's the actual company that makes sophie. Secondly there have been "chokings" reported. Well my oldest choked on a teething biscut when she was small and I had to preform the infant heimlich maneuver on her. She turned blue. And honestly I would say that an infant can choke on anything or poke anything in it's eye. But you just want to keep one thing in mind when reading bad reviews... and that is, does it sound like the parent was right next to the child when it happened or did they suddenly hear them choking ect. I have always made sure that unless it was a large round ball that my child didn't have anything but a paci that she could stick in her mouth while my eyes were not directly on her! So I went ahead and got them for my little ones but never let them out of my sight with them! Or any thing else for that matter. I would even remove my girls tiny hair bows while they were in the car and then put them back in when we stopped. In my mind they can choke or poke themselves with anything. But instead of keeping them away from everything we should just be smarter about it.And even then things can still happen! I was right next to Madelyn when she choked on that teething biscut. Litterly stairing at her eat it. It wasn't the biscuts fault and she was over old enough to have them. But things will happen no matter how close you are so just be prepared and understand that things can happen. But Sophies legs are soft rubber and in my opinion no danger. But you are the mom so it's your call:)
Big Shopper answered on December 31, 2011

No, Sophie is made of a soft rubber.
Nina answered on November 29, 2011
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