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on December 12, 2006
As a makeup artist I have been doing makeup for weddings and special events for almost nine years now.

A vow to my clients is that I will never put anything on their face that I have not tried myself. Therefore, when clients started asking about bare minerals and whether I would recommend it or not I felt obligated to try it out.

When I try "new" products I put them through a volley of tests.

The first test I put it through I call the "photograph" test.

Some makeups have reflective agents in them that reflect bright likes such as the flash from a camera. While they look normal and well blended in normal lighting conditions they can look comically white in photographs were a flash is used. When doing makeup for weddings it is ESSENTIAL that the makeups I use DO NOT have reflective agents.

I took a photograph of my natural skin in normal lighting, then used a flash. I put on the BM foundation, came back and took two more photographs: one in normal lighting with no flash, one with a flash. I'm pleased to announce that bare minerals DID pass the photograph test.

My second test is the oil test. I have VERY oily skin and so do many of my clients. If it won't last all day on my skin, how can I expect it to last all day on the skin of a laughing, hugging, drinking, dancing, partying, kissing bride. I was happy to announce that it DID last a BIT longer than other foundations I have used in the past but it did not last as long as I would have liked. Touch ups during the day are essential to all-day wear (or a very good oil-control powder).

I really liked the way it looked and felt on my own skin but there are clients that I would NOT recommend it for.

I have a very strict facial regiment that I go through to keep my skin healthy, clear and fresh. If my skin were not in the healthy shape that it is in because of my regiment I don't believe bare minerals would be for me.

A healthy regiment is a MUST for this or any makeup. If I get a client who has not taken care of her skin I will not use bare minerals. I will moisturize the face, cover the problem spots and use a different type of foundation. I MAY brush a little over the top to give them a matte finish but it will not be my principle cover up.

Bare Minerals seems to be more about enhancing beautiful skin, not concealing troubled skin.

If you would like to use this product and use it effectively you MUST do the following:

1. MOISTURIZE! Though I recommend this for ALL of my clients it is still essential for Bare Minerals. An expensive foundation, whether bare minerals, or any other brand for that matter, will not be able to give you the moisture your face needs. Find a good moisturizer. Moisturize in the morning and at night.

2. Allow your moisturizer to completely absorb into your skin before you apply Bare Minerals. Because Bare Minerals is a powder it clings to moisture wherever it finds it. If you have any lingering moisturizer on your face it will cling to it and leave you looking caked and pasty. I recommend waiting about five minutes after moisturizing before applying bare minerals.

3. WASH YOUR FACE! Though this product boasts that it is so pure you can sleep in it, that is hogwash. Anything you put on your face for an extended period of time that cannot be absorbed (such as a moisturizer) IS going to clog your pores. I don't care how "pure" it is. Personally, I wash my makeup off with a gentle foaming cleanser and then I ex foliate with proactiv. I also use proactiv's toner and repairing lotion when needed, and I ALWAYS moisturize. Because bare minerals is a powder and not a liquid I have found it is a little easier to wash off initially, but because it is a powder and has tiny particles that CAN clog pores, my toner is especially necessary to really get down deep and clean my pores.

Healthy skin is essential to the success of any great look, but bare minerals is NOT a cure to skin problems as it boasts to be. The cure to skin problems is treatment to the best of it's ability. If you have acne, use an acne wash or talk to a dermatologist. If you have dry skin, moisturize. If you have oily skin, moisturize as well (as many times the body produces MORE oil when you try to dry it out). If you have a rash or any other skin problem, talk to a dermatologist and treat the condition. Makeup is NOT a cure to skin issues, it is an enhancement to the beautiful skin beneath it.

It is true that certain makeups can HELP your skin problems but do not look for makeups to cure your skin issues. If you abandon your skin regiment for a promise of healthy skin from a makeup, nine times out of ten you are going to find your skin problems coming back.

For those who have switched to Bare minerals and seen dramatic improvement in their skin, that is wonderful. It is very likely that a product in your old makeup was harming your skin or a certain product in Bare Minerals is exactly what your skin needed for a boost. Way to go!

Don't get sucked into the belief that a makeup will cure an issue with your skin. Talk to a dermatologist. Get your skin issues taken care of before you try the makeup and then see.

Also, DO NOT get sucked into the belief that the success of one product within a brand means that everything that brand produces is going to be as good. I get many clients who say, "I ONLY use XYZ..."

There are MANY brands that excel at one or two things but the rest of their products are substandard.

If you find one thing that works FABULOUSLY for your skin or your eyes, or whatever, by all means use it, but don't throw away the rest of your makeup and go all out for just that ONE brand, you will really miss out on the other one of two GREAT products produced by other brands.

I, myself, have over 20 brands of makeup in my kit. I'll never be the bride of just ONE brand.

Take care of your skin and you'll be surprised how many makeups WILL work for you.

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on May 19, 2011
Bare minerals may be somewhat of a "niche" product. If you have sensitive skin, are prone to break-outs or even rosecia, it is really fantastic but takes a little practice. When I first started using Bare Minerals, I looked a little embalmed, a little powdery. That was because I was not using it correctly. You really have to buff it in using the brush in circles. Then the foundation sort of melts/melds into your skin and becomes more luminous. There is never a line of demarkation. You apply it with your fingers over anything you want to cover completely first like sun spots or freckles, then as the instructions say, swirl tap and buff -- buff is the key. If the color looks a little flat or you feel you need more color, the product Warmth is not a bronzer but adds a healthy glow. It is highly concentrated so use sparingly. There are many more products in the line for every thing you need. The foundation lasts a long time. I even sleep in it occasionally and it still looks pretty good when I wake up. I use it in the summer and even get my face wet and it stays put. If your face sweats in the summer, you can just blot with a tissue and still look fine. It doesn't streak or slide. But it does take a little patience if you're new to the product. This particular seller is selling the large size -- will last about 3 or 4 months with near daily use - and it is in the new packaging with the click lock closure that allows you to toss it in a makeup bag or what ever without getting all the loose powder up in the lid. Great stuff if you have some patience in the beginning. And for this size and packaging from this seller, it's a great deal.
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on July 1, 2012
I have used BareEssencials/BareMinerals for many years and I LOVE it, but, this definitely was not an official product. Did not cover anything. I could not even tell I put it on..... I thought maybe the product was changed, but I recently bought it from Ulta like I usually did, and it's like night and day!
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on August 23, 2006
I have tried this product and found it wanting. I agree with many of the reviewers that it feels light and silky and certainly looks like you have no makeup on at all. Unfortunately, I can look like I have no makeup on at all by simply wearing no makeup. With my older (early 50's) skin, I find that it really did not help in covering/hiding fine lines, dark(ish) circles under my eyes, or facial discoloration and the luminous quality of the powders actually seems to highlight wrinkles and lines rather than hide them. If I have to use a concealer makeup to aid in hiding these imperfections, I feel I might as well buy another type of makeup. On younger skin, I can well imagine this makeup could be quite lovely but I don't recommend it for the more mature set.

In an update to this review, based on some of the responses to my post, I decided (since I still had the makup!) to give it one more try and wear it for a week or so. It could be my skin type, but I still feel the "luminosity" of the makup only managed to accentuate, not hide, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. Also, after wearing the makup daily for a little over a week, I found that it became increasingly itchy on my skin. I developed a few reddish patches on the more sensitive areas of my face (mainly around the eye area). I finally gave it away to a young person who will hopefully have better luck with it!
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on December 3, 2012
Okay I purchased this and then when I compared it to the one I bought at the BE was as if I was comparing BE to some cheap Wal-Mart brand. This stuff doesn't cover at all! It looks matted and dull on my skin. It is so obviously not the real stuff (which is AMAZING). This one doesn't cover the real stuff goes for $27 dollars each so the fact that this is only $14 should have been a red flag for me. I don't even know what this is...just go get the real thing it's worth it.
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on September 29, 2012
I have used BareMinerals for years. Got this stuff trying to save just a little money. I had to go to a business conference and took one of the new ones I bought from this seller. I wound up looking orange and as if I was wearing no makeup at all. I have rosacea and was VERY embarrassed that my co workers and colleagues got to see me in all my rosy glory. I was mortified!!!!!!!!! I ordered the same color I have always ordered from Sephora. Not only that but I have never had the problem of the BareMinerals becoming airborne and getting up my nose and in my eyes as I put it on my cheeks. I was blowing out makeup covered boogers, disgusting!!!!! If I can figure out how, I will be getting my money back and reporting this to
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on March 16, 2006
I have never worn foundation in my life. I hated being able to feel it on there, & I hated the effort of washing it off every night & how long it took to put on. This has solved all those problems. Applying the foundation takes maybe 30 seconds. I don't feel like I have anything on my face at all. Family was telling me how nice I looked, but when I told them I was wearing foundation they were surpised. It looked so natural. And this stuff won't hurt your skin if you leave in on at night. So no big hassle when you're tired & want to go to bed. The starter kit is the way to go; I was going to try just the foundation & was glad I got the starter kit. It's a really good deal over buying the things seperately as well.
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on December 11, 2013
I have used this very color before but purchased it at a salon. When I received this I tried to use it and the texture of the powder is totally different and the coverage just isn't there. This is the only foundation that I use. I am very disappointed and will not be ordering this from here again.
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on January 2, 2007
I'm in my 20s and have combination/semi-sensitive skin. I'm used to using makeup by Kose and Laura Mercier which has always worked well for me. I was very excited about Bare Escentuals Minerals foundation since it's "100% natural" and seemed like it would cut down on make-up application time.

After 2 days of using the Medium mineral foundation along with the mineral veil, I started to notice some redness on my skin, which is very strange since I rarely have breakouts like that. On the 3rd day, my skin not only felt like sandpaper, but red patches appeared on my forehead, cheeks, and chin area. There were also small whiteheads among the red patches, which became very itchy and course. I immediately stopped using the Bare Minerals product. Though my skin is starting to slowly heal, it is still red, irritated, and rough. Though I don't doubt that this product does wonders for some people, it had the opposite effect for me.

They state that it is made of 100% pure bareminerals and is free of talc, waxes, oil, etc. but they don't specifically state what is in it, which may potentially irritate your skin. Some mineral makeup contain bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth is "a by-product of lead and copper." Imagine having to buff/rub that into your skin and pores. It may well be a "natural" ingredient of the earth, but just not natural to be on your skin. That may have been the reason why my body apparently rejected this product, similar to many other customers who have used it.

This is just my opinion and my experience but I suggest that before you use this product all over your face, do a test (leave on a small area of skin and leave on for a good amount of time), to see if you react adversely to it.
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on April 13, 2006
So I think I have figured out why this product has received mixed reviews...

But, first, I will tell you that my experience with this product was... it looked quite atrociuos on my skin.

However, I have seen it look great on others!

I believe there are two reasons for this:

(1) Results will depend GREATLY on the texture of your skin. I have always had a difficult time with my skin. I don't mean acne. I mean that my skin is very dry and sensitive and the texture of my skin is not smooth. Because of the nature of this makeup, it looks horrible on those with dry or flaky skin (me), people with eczema (me), and so on. If you do not fall into this category, it will look fabulous on you, provided that you apply it as directed in the instructional video.

(2) I am extremely fair. Much lighter than the "fair" powder foundation. It was so much darker than my skin tone that even with the very light application (as directed) it was still obvious that I was wearing makeup and that this makeup was much too dark for me.

It seems that there is really no in-between here. It will either look absolutely fantastic on you and you will wonder why you ever wore anything else. Or you will end up looking like a scaly swamp-monster.

It depends.

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